$68 GUCCI Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!


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    HAPPY NEW YEAR and HIIII, How Are Ya??? Today we're doing the first makeup review of 2021!!!! It's time to test out Gucci's brand new Fluide De Beauté Natural Finish Fluid Foundation! It's Gucci's first foundation in years and I actually reviewed their first attempt at one on my channel years ago. They are back with a revamped line and I had to put it try it out. I also test their new mascara and do a 10 hour wear test. Will the products be Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop?? Watch and find out. WANT MORE?
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    1. Sippie xoxo

      Karma will get you.

    2. Sydney Shaw

      Jeffree, lets maybe not point the barrel at everyone while discussing the importance of gun safety 😂

    3. my_name_is_cicci

      Missing the old studio videos

    4. youngHOLLYWOOD1991 cesaravalos7

      that, pink 💗 🔫 though. 🤩🤩🤩

    5. queenk.c smith

      This is why everyone who follows him need to stop now wtf he is an evil evil person why give him money or FAM don't even by his make up he trash.

    6. Coolandbored 282

      money can't buy happiness ❤️

    7. Taslia

      Money can't buy you a decent personality what a shame

    8. Coolandbored 282

      I love this comment section 😂 say goodbye Jeff 😂

    9. Ahsan Shahid


    10. Ahsan Shahid


    11. Sydney Day

      Ur disgusting

    12. Rachel Parker

      The only bullies are all the people in this comment section right now....you would think that Trisha had never bullied other people before. Now I'm not condoning bullying obviously but guys just scroll past instead of leaving hateful comments you're all stooping to the same levels of what you're hating on....

    13. Doris Stevenson

      I used to really like you Jeffree Star. And I loved your make up. I used to take what people said online with a grain of salt because there’s always three sides to a story. But holy shit the stories never stop I’m so done with you how disappointing you’re your own worst enemy. I will use up the make up I have of yours but will never ever buy your shit again , it’s too bad because you make some good make up. No wonder Nate and your assistant left you. Wow you are such a shitty person. Tatti ,James and Trisha and countless others didn’t deserve what you did to them.

    14. Ksenia Soldatenko

      This is the throwback to the content I signed up for

    15. Octavlan

      Hey guys! Let’s eat 🥩🍗🍟🌭🥓🍳🍞🍆🍞🥝🥞🥒🍟🥔🥩 who’s down to eat some of the rich too?

    16. Madeline Hager

      Jeffrey is an amazing an upstanding woman she is one of the best makeup artist in the world, and gorgeous thank you everything do you do you make my day better everyday I watch you.💜💜💜🙂🙂🙂💐💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹💜

    17. Shane Gignac

      Look he acts everytime he talks. How can u live such a fake life.......MONEY thats y

    18. It’s Miffy

      Like anyone in the pandemic can afford £68 on foundation

    19. It’s Miffy

      How about apologise to trish

    20. Rovs Jewelry

      How come youre losing subscriber??

    21. julie sweven

      Could somebody explain this to me? I dont like trisha nor shane or jefree but im confused about this drama.

      1. DaphneReloaded

        all of them use and sell dollar store quality make up - thats really all you need to know

    22. Nira N

      Lmao i like JS i didnt keep up with all the drama and still dont understand it but i see like a lot o hate because what he said to trisha.. i m not here to defend or deflect his former actions but u people act like trisha is a saint when she did like a lot worse stuff but ok people hated JS anyways the thing with trish is just u putting water into the ocean of hate towards js As i said i dont love js anymore i just in general dont have the energy to keep up with the beauty community drama. I nver likes trisha so he dumping her is fine by me but as i said i dont know what happened, so if someone want give me a short recap then maybe i will loo at it differently

    23. MissT

      Hi Jeffrey how are ya 🙂. I know you probably won't see this comment or have time to reply but I have a question. Your lips always look fabulous even without lipstick. Did you get your lips tattooed? Just wondering because I was thinking about doing it myself and am looking for some feedback on it. Thank you for your vids, they always make me laugh and you are fantastic with make-up ☺️

    24. Wass Ko


    25. Khadija Ihsan

      I first hated him but when I started watching him I just fell in love with him. I like his honest personality ♥️

    26. Chancis Green

      I dont understand how he has fans lol. he literally looks down on all of y'all

    27. FriskyDingo


    28. julia jones

      you are gross.

    29. Rosè- a -Bleu

      Hey Jeffrey! You can keep deleting my comments and all the dislikes you want but it’s not going to change the fact your a horrible person and so are your “friends”❤️

      1. Ahsan Shahid

        my last 3 comments were deleted

    30. Kayla Davies

      I thought you’ve been canceled since u said the n word and then acted like it was no biggie. Now you’re making fun of people skin and weight like just leave the internet already. At least trish holds her self accountable u should learn to do the same.

      1. DaphneReloaded

        tHe En WeRd

    31. Kayla Taylor


    32. Christian Garcia Cueva

      you're so done girl, you're disgusting.

    33. Onion Kitti

      Y’all are fucking sensitive lmao not like jefree got songs with BOTDF😂 that says enough already

    34. Erik Schmidt


    35. Ankisza F. S. Gordon

      Love the gun! Absolutely stunning. Will you do a Valentine box?

    36. Bella Sabino

      Can he be cancelled like Shane already ?

    37. iiNeigo

      Make up and money can’t hide a rotten soul

    38. Katiem 2406

      hey jeffree i want to et this maddie ziegler palet but not if its not jeffree star aproved will u review it please

    39. Celine Terra

      Still trying to figure out what’s so good about jeffree. Dude is somehow never the bad guy 👀

    40. Alarni Cherrison

      This video still has more likes than dislikes...

    41. Alarni Cherrison

      Not him acting like nothing happened.

    42. Cheyenne Wyatt

      Unsubscribed & Subscribed to Trisha 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    43. Lovely Musume

      Well there goes 2021 for you, what a trash start! I mean, weren't you making fun of trish all last year too?! Why you had to bring that bullsh*t into this year?! This should have stopped the MOMENT it went down. But I guess you really didn't change. Same old Jefferee with just new sh*t to sell 💀💀💀💀💀

    44. Alarni Cherrison

      I don’t like him no, but I came here to tell y’all that you are here on the video giving him money.


      From indonesia buetifful

    46. Amber Christian

      I'm not into makeup all like that, but I hope Jeffree has a makeup line called Lethal at some point. It would be pretty cool

    47. RC

      I better NOT be seeing you guys switching up your game after Jeffree makes a statement, comes out with a new palette or “apologizes.” You guys better god damn learn to have a back bone and be genuine and hold people accountable. I don’t give a shit how many times he apologizes, it will never be enough, because he’s proven time and time and time ...AND time Again that he is a shitbag human. HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE and stop taking him back like a shifty ex boyfriend.

    48. Ryder Bond

      I’m just surprised he likes guns to be honest

    49. Toys Nfun

      Everyone just unsubscribe that’s the best way to voice out how you feel. Don’t waste your time paying someone like this who hurts people

    50. BrittDawggg Arf Arf!

      Oh wow this is difficult dude. I’ve been following you consistently since I think 2006 and although you’ve said and done so many questionable things in the past... I looked passed all of it and just told myself “he’s ultimately a good person I think so I can do my best to separate the person from the content and I’m sure nobody this beautiful and gorgeous is that shitty and ugly and rotten on the inside” In my opinion you’re just a nasty, mean-girl, bully and that’s freaking how middle schoolers act, not a grown-ass adult HOWEVER... How you treated Trisha on that Valentine’s Day trip? And how you didn’t apologize for it and also how obvious it is that you have no interest in even attempting to change and become a better or even slightly good person. This is so so sad and disappointing but I gotta unsubscribe and do my best to not encounter mention of you in my life because I am starting to realize how damn toxic you are, my dude. I hope someday SOON you realize all of this and attempt to be better. Nobody is perfect obviously but damn, why do you want to contribute to how shitty the world already is? You have the pull and power to improve this planet or to at the very least treat those around you well? Ugh. This is just horribly depressing

    51. mars rose

      I loved you and your products but honestly after all of this has come to light I can’t support you or your brand anymore. Step the fuck up Jeffree.

    52. Pad Enoki

      Imagine being a horrible human being... OH WAIT. YOU ALREADY ARE JEFFREE. Gross.

    53. Mahnoor Afridi

      you should be ashamed of yourself honestly

    54. B_Jaylo

      Yaasss Jeffree queen

    55. Rose Lee

      Nouveau Rich Vibes. So tacky Jeffree. But money can’t buy you class.

    56. oiuet souiu

      I don't care who you are. It is NEVER okay to make fun of someone. Especially when it comes to their skin. That will break a person down.

    57. Caitlin Easton

      Can't wait to see the fake drama you make to come back from this xoxoox

    58. tori

      I have saw 18-20 year olds with no money, in college and no support give back to people in need more than you have in your entire career. You have the platform to do good, and you degrade and prey on the mentality ill and poor when you came from the same situation. Have you advocated for lgbtq+ rights ever? Save the children, BLM? Anything?? You claim your self made but only have the money you do since of the fans you have/had. Maybe repay some of them, and donate $$ and start a movement to help. You don’t deserve a platform. Period.

    59. Romina Jahn

      You go on fat shaming people when your body is not even goals...you're a snakeeeee

    60. Romina Jahn


    61. tori

      You came from a broken home and being literally broke to having tons of money, and you couldn’t give back once to the people who put you in that situation? You’re not self made. You pulled a sob story, and we all ran. Have you ever advocated for any kids that were in your situation??? Fuck I hope you get the karma you and your team deserve.

    62. tori

      When have you used your money for good? Either then throwing it in your fans faces, and flexing on the people who save up their money or continue to support you? Help the people who were in your situation when you were broke, and had nothing. It’s the selfishness for me.

    63. Linda Green

      You should be cancelled

    64. Brigitta Nagy

      You are rotten inside..

    65. michaela Strole

      Not that you care but you just lose a huge fan. I loved watching you and seeing all these things come out suck

    66. Malene

      How the actual fuck can someone be such a disgusting person and tell a supposed 'friend' to jump off a balcony AFTER she told you about her suicide attempts?! You literally must be the devil because that is some cold evil shit. You only care about yourself and money and that really shows.

    67. muy e vo

      How can he be ugly inside and out 🤣

    68. muy e vo

      🤮his face

    69. Ebuje1

      You need to change quickly and be humbled otherwise you are going to die a lonely person.

    70. Benedict Cumbersnatched

      You’re not gonna get away with this anymore hunnyyy

    71. Elaine Van Loo


    72. Alliya Harris

      Can you react to jelly fantasy press on nails?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    73. mohamed shreef

      are gay or not

    74. cancer light

      Can you do a full face pat McGrath make up Jeffree! Id like to know your opinion before i invest x

    75. Poshie Poo


    76. weird

      yass gaga spill the the TEA sister all us foregiven YASS GAGA

    77. Av Gaut

      You get worse every time

    78. Y2ksophia


    79. Dan Bellchambers

      Just leave.

    80. Authent1c Beauty

      I have stacks of jsc makeup, I have a killer merch Shane hoodie and t, I have videos on my channel unboxing your stuff and genuinely believed you were trying to do better but now all this with Trisha... it is disgusting. You are disgusting Belittling someone because if the weight, skin or finances... CAN'T RELATE.

    81. katie doyle

      we stan trish

    82. Victoria Lee

      Sick Vlog 🤘😎

    83. Sam Stars

      You’re clearly obsessed with drama. You clearly see yourself above everyone else. You clearly use your words to hurt people. Why do people support you? Please I don’t even want an apology because I know it will be out of fear for losing your money. Fake asf. You’re sick.

    84. Davor Ivanovic


    85. Sam Stars

      Imagine hanging out with someone who threatens to physically hurt women. And you obviously see nothing wrong with it since you’re clearly still friends with him. Byee

    86. Sam Stars

      Brrruuuh seriously. I fr hate you so much. The amount of people you bully is sickening. And James didn’t even deserve it and tbh neither does trish. You should never comment on somebodies weight, tell them not to eat, make fun of their suicide attempts. GIRL BYEE

    87. Usual Weirdo

      Its about time we had a counter culture to all this glam and brand ideology. I wish grunge would make some kind of comeback. Jeffree used to be a part of that back in the day but now I feel like he's just a part of the "Instagram idiot" crew. Everything is all about being completely plastic and materialistic.

    88. Courtney Ruiter

      Can't believe kanye cheated with this wow

    89. Leilani Zamora

      I swear this man is the fucking Antichrist💀

    90. angie07kinp

      I new you were an ugly person and finally the truth comes out, its so sad but I’m happy your true colors came out. Finally you are exposed and we see what an evil person looks like its you.

    91. TheYanGarciaa

      girl stop uploading

    92. Emily

      I'm not here for Regina George. I'm just here to dislike. We all know JS is a terrible person. To add mocking and encouraging suicide while breaking down a woman's skin, weight, and wealth to the long list of his transgressions has just been the last straw for a lot of people.

    93. HannaH


    94. i am bEnj

      Why not wear mask when going out?..

    95. slush puppy

      please tell me the se*ual assault alligations arent real, i dont care about any other petty drama, please prove your not a predator. you were my idol.

    96. Haley T

      Everyone hates you btw

    97. redheadedfreckles2

      Lord Voldemort is cancelled and has lost another customer ! I used to really look up to you . Not anymore

    98. guto

      how is this snake rich amd i’m not

    99. Paulibug

      He's cringey.

    100. Med Chouat

      He is too brave to not disable comments