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    Hey guys, in this video I show YT the FIRST EVER 60 Elimination game on Warzone. I played Solo Squads, beat a Juggernaut at the end and it was INSANE, if you enjoy the video please leave a like and let's try to hit 60,000 likes on this one!
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    1. Josh Craven

      You better hit 60k likes

      1. Colin Lindsay

        Hes a cheat. It was a bronze lobby he done this in. The bottom 9% of players.

      2. Aaron Oliver

        There’s 80 more k likes on the vid for what you asked For

      3. Aaron Oliver

        Lol at 9:52 wdym oh my gosh dude he was in the open hiding like a girl being a noob

      4. random clown

        I can't bro ur trash whit ur wh.u needs to be banned 4ever.

      5. MirZa

        Even more

    2. Bleached MEAT X

      Hacking bronze lobbies. GG.

    3. Abel Tantani Ramos

      Faker, fraud, it would be different if you face professional players and not handicapped and nubs

    4. Jose Campusano

      Dunno if he IS cheating or not, sick game tho.. this dude is a living breathing Cartman lookalike

    5. TobiasBIG WEEB

      WTF BRO

    6. Koji Arakawa

      Y’all act like this isn’t impressive no matter what kinda players he’s killing

    7. Holli Johnson

      Stop you talk to much

    8. Giwrgos Georgiou

      playing with 23ms what is your house next door of the activision servers? :P still trying to play with 70+

    9. Paul _

      Stats don't lie, reverse boosting performance is cheating. No Record.

    10. Colin Lindsay

      Reverse boosting. Bronze lobby it was, proff is there.

    11. Thirty Rolls

      My picture is you as a child

    12. Thirty Rolls

      Everyone you killed had the awareness of a wet fart... REVERSE BOOSTED 🚮

    13. BillyThaaKiid

      Straight bot lobby but still clutch plays

    14. Josh spanton

      I it’s world record for a bronze lobby. No way your getting 60 in a diamond lobby

    15. Josh spanton

      What was there kd 0.2 or 0.6 max 😂😂

    16. Charlotte Avery

      Jesus Christ my ears they bleed kill my stop screaming

    17. Eduardo Goitia

      Must feel good to be on pc

    18. Tobias Ebner


    19. Isaac 15

      What’s the shotgun called he is using? Please tell me

    20. xavier harrell

      This is gay.

    21. Tyler

      Insane. Unrelated here....if you'd speak a little quicker with a little more excitement, you would sound just like Schmidt from the show New Girl

    22. Easton Rha

      im still proud of my 5 kills

    23. Lam Du

      Look 2:58 he's looking at another screen and knows someone is coming. CHEAT

    24. JackStowage Gaming

      13:08 best fuck I ever heard omg I'm dying

    25. Dani m

      Nice but I’m poised You got like half your kills with a shotty but still damb

    26. Cyamma

      9:27 is the most retarded shit I’ve ever heard

    27. Bartek Wisniewski

      World record vpn. Nice

    28. jier65

      Playing against bronze bots.

    29. Ace Torres

      bot lobby

    30. Sean Stamm


    31. Demir Gökçen

      60 bots in 1 sw

    32. M3RC3NARY 730

      Brooo how the fuck u move like that shit is crazy!!!! Good job

    33. nirvanazombie1991

      God damnit your screaming is so cringy

    34. Odin Son

      New UVC ULTIMATE VIRGIN CHAMPION. Next achievement, get laid!

    35. Daryl Chartrand


    36. uh o a

      Hey ¿todo bien en casa?

    37. Junior Garcia-Segovia

      Y'all wanna talk about how his lobby was made up of noobs?

    38. Parwa Nashtefani

      Bich rocking r9

    39. OllyFoRealz

      This is why SBMM websites are good! Expose these guys reverse boosting! 4.88 KD player in a bronze lobby.

      1. OllyFoRealz

        @Ivan Cornejo II so you think he purposely plays bad in his previous 5 games to score a bronze lobby?

      2. Ivan Cornejo II

        Not only that, he only has a 4 bc he’s in bronze. I’m always in diamond 1 and this gameplay is honestly average. Even though this is like 6 months old, this is pretty much how good an average diamond player is, that’s not even the counting the good ones. Gee I wish I was put in the bottom 4% of players😌

    40. dudas12100

      With how good he plays, i find it hard to believe his kd is 1.08. Reverse boosted like a chump

    41. Bartosz Lewandowski

      Great success playing against people who don't eveh shoot back.... But yeah wow world record on exploited lobby good job man you rox!

    42. Emilio Pelaez

      what camouflage does he have?

    43. Keno Rosalejos

      13:26 idk why that aim tracking feels so weird but hey, he got 60 kills

    44. bojans88

      What sensitivity do you use?

    45. Shad Villamora

      1:53 can someone pls tell me how to do this!

    46. Riival CoD

      play one hour one EU server and you know what real lobbys are

    47. Sebastian Flick

      why are u so gay ???

    48. cipriano gonzalez ortiz

      How he get bot lobbies?

    49. GYPSY KING

      I can barely kill a hole squad aydan is cracked

    50. GYPSY KING

      Real ogs remember when aydan usta be the best solo squad player back when he played fornite his aim is nuts

    51. ANIMES D1KU

      Eres muy sesi

    52. Marc Hernandez

      Pros get in lobby’s of bots smh

    53. Monfer Brunt

      Aydan fake

    54. sepp melone

      half the time he looks at a second screen

    55. Mystyco

      60 kills with 4.8 kd in a bronze lobby with avarage kd 0.70 check sbmm warzone and click on his record. Pro player my a$$

    56. random clown

      How u can die whit wallhack? Ur so bad :)

    57. random clown

      Trash kid whit wallhack:D stop cheating fortnite kid

    58. Michael Ibarra

      Everyone is talking about how those where nothing but bots lol HE JUST MAKES THEM LOOK LIKE BOTS. 100p y’all couldn’t squad wipe any of those teams he wiped I can put money on it. You’re a bunch of haters who ARE 0.90KD players lol

    59. Andre Bowser

      He tanked his kd just to pop off disappointing


      ايدن الأسطورة ❤❤👑

    61. J

      Gtfo with this video man. You ain't killed a hard lobby. You killed some bots who play warzone once in a month after their golfmatch. Gtfo and change your title in: How i reverse boosted and killed 60 bots.

    62. J

      Playing in a bronze4 lobby with bots. How that with a k/d of 4.88 bro? My k/d is 1.47 and i'm only playing in diamond lobby's. Do you have to tell us something? Oh wait... We now all know why you dropped a 60bomb and have a 4.88 k/d!

    63. random clown

      140k likes for wallhack.comeon

    64. random clown

      Its nothing for me.u set this record whit wh:)

    65. random clown

      Stop cheating :) u needs to be banned.clear wh

    66. random clown

      How much u can do whitout cheats? Ur trash kid

    67. AJ Chwski

      Jeez I had headphones on and almost max volume 9:27

    68. Chan Giles

      Killed multiple low levels.. you wack

    69. Chan Giles

      Straight playing my 8 year old brother..

    70. David walford

      THE SBMM showed this game to be Bronze level 4. Honestly mate you may as well of shoved a controller into my deads nans hand and got her to play. What a lying loser.

    71. Francis OfFilth

      Do all these dudes have the same editor or are none of them at all original. All these cod dudes are identical. All tryna be nickmercs

    72. Pgh boost shop

      Who’s still watching this? Best run thru Berra so ever. I’m personally more of a zlaner guy, Evan is a tad much sometimes with his rapping and whatnot but u gotta give the man credit. This is insane

    73. HarryRugby19

      14 people under 0.4 KD, and 40 (give or take a few) over a 1.00 KD. Aydan is a 4.88 KD which i get not everyone is but SBMM's purpose it to protect new players. How is a 4.88 KD being match made with 110 people under a 1.00 KD? Let alone about 5 or 6 were in the 0.1 - 0.2 KD bracket like WTF! I'm not saying he's 100 percent revere boosted etc as the game is pretty fucked as it is but it certainly is a bit dodgy and i wonder if other big content creators adopt ways to get in these lobbies? Who knows it could've been pure luck

    74. Mchapelle

      Any UK, PS4, aggressive players out there wanna play together? I'm a 2.94 KD, 125+ wins. Would love to get some high kill games going!

    75. RBHN7

      Nice reverse boosting.

    76. Bakabon Cabe

      Dr.Disrespect : WTF this game dude?? This game so terrible..!!

    77. Rosababy

      Set up

    78. Handecapt

      Get out of Bronze 4, lowest 6% of players in Warzone sad get in a real lobby

    79. Jerónimo Mayorga

      Did u also used the gaming router on this one?

    80. Ryan Da Man

      Man this guy clearly has some type of aim bot or boosted controller. People like him ruined this game.

      1. GYPSY KING

        No lmao you know nothing about aydan he usta be a fortnite pro and one off the best in comp and he got big cus he had some off the best aim in the game

    81. Marco Hajetschek

      What do people mean with reverse boosting i dont understand 😅😞

    82. Marco Hajetschek

      The aim looks like cheating😅

    83. Marco Hajetschek

      Ever played with nickmercs warzone?

    84. Marquis A.

      Wonder how many kills I’d get with 1000 FPS 🤔

    85. Lë Böb

      people be saying "THESE ARE BOT LOBBIES" like, there is literally no chance of getting a kill record like this against mid tier players

      1. A Fan

        Finally someone with brain cells.

    86. TheseSnipersOnly

      you were in a .4 kd lobby thats why

    87. Sasukz_

      9:11 i was wearing headphones 💀

    88. Eliott Milner

      You people are so dumb. He did this in a bottom 9% bronze bot lobby full of noobs with KD’s of 0.50 or less. Of course he can drop kills like this. Any decent player could if they exploited the matchmaking system like he did here.

    89. Eliott Milner

      Aydan - I saw this on the sbmm warzone site. Bronze lobby bottom 9% ay? I just caught you exploiting the matchmaking system to the max.

    90. WASHOTV

      Dude all of your lobbys are just robots lol, what are you proud of, without your wallhack and reverseboosting youre nothing.

    91. Ali Sawli


    92. Chickenandbroccoli

      The funny thing is that imposter guy you killed was hacking lmao has a 9kd on tracker

    93. Chris Music

      I bet you cant do this without the fucking shotgun so annoying

    94. Tam nk

      I came here by accident. Im a cod mobile player. I think the lobby in this game meant to be for noobs (rookies) i dont know why i have this feeling

    95. Javier PIU

      60 kills ajajajajajajaj ...... Bots ,bots bots ......

    96. OGSandyPoole

      Bruh you went crazy. This like the 10th video I like in 10 years. Congrats

    97. Björn Koivisto

      9:27 Jesus christ stfu

      1. No u


    98. Michael Andres

      una mierda tu record contra kda menores a 1,0

    99. IBBY Ali

      7:55 he is hacking

    100. CODS HYPER

      Reverse boosted lobby