Legendary Fighters Ryu and Chun-Li Arrive Through the Zero Point


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    Round One: Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li Square Off in Fortnite. More info: fn.gg/StreetFighter
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. i am rock scout

      I want New skin that look like Rockstar there is allready two Rockstar skin but they look ugly

    2. Mohamed Eid

      I want ninja skin

      1. doire aintu

        Bring back the sea server Slot if Asian's is suffering from 100+ ping

    3. Controllaplaya_yt

      Thxs guys so much I got the soccer skins now you guys rock

    4. Ryu-fortnite


    5. Mario and the adventures 2

      Epic I know I see you promise skins to Island but can you please add a Robocop

    6. Илья Крыловский

      Judge Dredd and Judge Death pleeeeease

    7. Totally not Jaric

      Imagine chin-li and ryu using guns XD

    8. certain Alloy

      Alright here is my two cents and this is the reason I stopped playing this game, they milk off of other icons like marvel, halo and street fighter. Probably just to keep their business a float

    9. The Glitchtrap Studios

      If Fornite cant get bettter les eliminate the oher games

    10. BRtrent

      Well um im done with online gaming Bout to go back to that gamecube

    11. Spitfire

      Epic an you keep these skins till sunday pls

    12. waters


    13. Samvel

      Why did you vault flint knocks???????

    14. Luigi23 Bro

      Imagine if they added little nightmares into Fortnite that would be pretty cool to see a Horror franchise game they came out with a sequel or a prequel into fortnite

    15. Godly Gamer Z

      Funny. I just played this on my super nintendo tonoght


      everybody gangsta until agent Jonesy lands in the mortal kombat universe to try bring in Scorpion

    17. BraimMaster


    18. Patrick james Medina

      Bring back the sea server Slot if Asian's is suffering from 100+ ping

    19. Junko’s Rangiku

      Lmao this is good

    20. RyanF7

      John Jones: these next targets are showing me how to do the shoruken and haduken but they are not helping there is a huge void between us over there is you and alllll the way over here that’s me ha well time for them to go with me I’ll just use this hey stop fighting I have something very important for you this is the future do you like it oh it was a little bright when I opened it ok well you are coming with me you can fight on the island in a place I’ll find you one man you guys look very cool in the future because you were pixelated until I broke you out of the past and brought you into the future oh I’m bringing you through a giant orb in the sky called the Zero Point now before I take you through it to get into the future why I’m doing this is because you need to not let anyone escape the loop and the loop is what you’re gonna be in when I take you through the Zero Point ok I’m gonna take you now and we made it now where is a place you can fight oh I know Lucky Landing come follow me and I’ll show you and it’s here but a we need a ledge ha found one up there ok I’m gonna go for my next target to bring here

    21. Veena Ganu


    22. Zaay

      Chun li skin is unnecessarily thick

      1. Da Baby

        why yall complaining tho?

      2. Clxckz


    23. joanne meza

      any thing:gets popular fortnite:and i took that

    24. CruiseyPlayz

      Anyone noticing how Agent Jonesy is slowly turning into the OG default Jonesy? :)

    25. TheIronRadish

      Man, fortnite ruins everything. If scout gets into fortnite I’m going to be very disappointed with valve.

    26. Mason Clark

      Come on fortnite pls make MortalKombat characters next time

    27. Rafael Marvelous George Tanudjaja

      best skin in the game know my questione epic game where atack on titan x fortnite

    28. Nobody NO1

      Yeah Chun-li got that wagon! We know what you designers doin Makin them bubble butts! Is it only a matter of time before swimsuit edition comes out with Speedo Jonesy and Bikini Penny?

      1. Zero Two

        W H A T

    29. Cruntz pro

      Fortnite if you see this put performance mode on console

    30. Itz Jimmy L- Playz ROBLOX

      I want Moblie fornite Please

    31. coolkide

      valut rpgs they are to over powerd

    32. Zila Dan

      Who buy the skin

    33. Athena Anthony

      alright don’t like street fighters anymore

    34. jackboyj78

      I can not play fortnite so I need to see the trailer on IThomes

    35. Sivilay Phoutthavong

      Are you actually going to add streetfighters

    36. Wasp AndrewWasp

      Hey Epic!!! If you see this. Is there a chance we can see a Naruto collab???? please.

    37. BF Ortega

      Fornite el sigiente casador sera galactus sera el procsimo casador

    38. Jose Bonilla

      Que John que traiga Five Nights at Freddy’s

    39. Il Condor

      please put the blaze skin in the shop for those who failed to get it 7 months ago....

    40. Tolga K

      Rip 2 legends

    41. Red Fox te da alas

      Sr pelo on Fortnite?????? XD

    42. Rodrigo Gomez Mares

      can you give 1000 v-bucks from valeintain´s day

    43. annamarieke van der luijt

      Hey epic show my map wild west fight in a hub

    44. A L I J A H


    45. Lucas Meza-Ponce


    46. lįl Ⱥrnie

      I swear all y’all do is colabs I don’t even remember the last time you made an original skin

      1. Zero Two

        Galaxia,Vi,Tess,Llambro,Sica,Lexa,Orin,Kondor,Party Trooper.

    47. leonardo García

      put talion of war shadows is an excellent hunter and best of all is that he is immortal





    50. Glow Games

      fortnite pls can you add banner skin to the game

    51. ChaosXBrigade

      In the first 5 second of the video u can hear someone typing

    52. DrumStyx

      I bet the next skin will be killmonger

    53. sokin jon

      Jones: “So, are you in?” Kirby: Boy-o!

    54. Lukas Lilley

      Why couldn’t they add lobby music of the stage music, they could at least add the Ken or ryu stage

      1. Lukas Lilley

        *Ken or ryu theme*

    55. rick morty

      Dragonball next

      1. sokin jon

        good good NICE!!!

    56. Jack Jackson


    57. Jack Jackson

      you should add dragonball z to the game

    58. StevenUnigod47

      For Fortnite's next GAMING LEGEND SERIES skin should they add Link from Zelda or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat?Vote now by replying to this comment.

    59. Joel Cora

      ca you gift me halo please i had to refund it to get the battle pass 😟😟😟😟😟😭 my epic user is Joel cora its true so please gift it to me

    60. Sarah Thompson

      Fortnite you should do scorpion from kombat game from Sega

    61. Land _crock

      Why would capcom do such a thing Whats next doom

    62. Allan Espinoza

      Bro fornite is sleeping in naruto add him already

    63. Sarah Rehberg

      At FNAF into fortnite pls!!!!!!

    64. Сева

      I'm waiting for MK11 skins)

    65. Giraffe Gaming

      The face isn't even close so disgusting

    66. Kevin Scott

      I may be 9 but sweaty 13-16 years old know nothing about ryu and that double ko

    67. theslayergamer214

      hey can you put a anime outfit like one pice or naruto?

    68. Failure to Life

      I wanted to kill myself

    69. Steve Bressler

      Oh my god

    70. Grayson Stillaway

      ryu and chun-Li yaaa

    71. Gokuツ

      good good NICE!!!

    72. Syphon Member

      They making a whole area 51 raid here 💀

    73. Miltiadis 178

      Ryu is officially the first person to have visited both the minecraft and fortnite universes

    74. xXArchwayXx

      Well now street fighter is ruined

    75. Small head


    76. aahil_starwars

      Ryu in fortnite doesn’t feel right

    77. CombatRex

      Next week: Steve Arrives Through the Zero Point

    78. Top Hat

      I think someone will be in you see the coins it could be Scott Pilgrim I hope

    79. Squiddo Tortillo

      Okay but mortal kombat x fortnite hear me out

    80. your mom

      This literally ruined my best childhood

    81. x Coconutt

      They got Ryu from streets

    82. Chris Baxter

      Add machine pistol back in game please

    83. Regdu Geht

      This is a groundbreaking moment and I am here for it! Gonna buy for sure :D

    84. Simorgh 2020

      fortnite can add Crysis game skin in the Fortnite

    85. Kira Yoshikage


      1. Regdu Geht

        Addd sonic the hedgehog to fortnite please and robot ik frome sonic the hedgehog movie its shode be a bundle

    86. Markus Vatsel

      Thanks epic old guns is back

    87. Cat YT


    88. Angelo Garcia

      Street fighter

    89. xXBereShadowXx

      They need to stop Doing This, Ruining Other Games Ain't Fun.

    90. Emil Valenzuela

      Next can you search up fatal fury cuz if you did then it will be the best day of my life and add terry

    91. Jude Gabrielson

      pls someone tell me where i can find the music to the opening part of the vid

    92. Cooper Kaschok


    93. Kingcharlesthelll

      God why

    94. Nicholas Echeverria

      wow fortnite really cum on

      1. Zero Two

        CUM ON IM DEAD

    95. kidfury killer

      Would be pretty nice to be able to split screen party royale and creative just saying epic

    96. Marc Rajaram


    97. ooshbear

      Can you fix split sreen

    98. Dragons Light

      Ryu doesn’t have brown hair even though he has it in the first game

    99. gopher

      day 1 of asking fortnite for a wandavision collab

      1. WifiRouter99

        @gopher nooooo

      2. gopher

        @WifiRouter99 yes

      3. WifiRouter99