HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5



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    Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    1. Vivziepop

      HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► ithomes.info/net/s9Cay7Kropebh2k/video Episode One ► ithomes.info/net/ydCYs6ehfZp-gm0/video Episode Two ► ithomes.info/net/z9Sn2ragaGpseoY/video Episode Three ► ithomes.info/net/tsuh1sukkH-ZmJw/video Episode Four ► ithomes.info/net/lb5_1smShqGfdaA/video


        The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

      2. vermelon

        Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

      3. Carmen Angulo

        0 l Prv^¿*^^

      4. Slyuniform


      5. Alisha Fox


    2. Robert Murphy

      I love how viciously the Imps fight. There's no holding back, just going straight for the jugular.

    3. PlayinSmashBROZ

      Minecraft Witches be like 12:14

    4. MeMeStAr64

      5:44 it doesn’t count if they don’t find the bodyyyyy

    5. Chase BERRY

      Who is the voice actor for the owl dudes wife

    6. BlindBunny


    7. The Latiator


    8. Carmel Pancake

      Im sorry but seeing how moxxie try’s to impress her parents for their approval on him just makes me tear up-

    9. Саша Отт

      Скоро ли будет продолжение „Отель Хазбин" ?????

    10. Nerfed Nash

      Why did the part with Moxie getting elbow dropped by the shark leave me in tears?! LMFAO

    11. Ian Antonio OSPINA O'DONNELL

      WHAT THE FU !!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Alivia Martz

      so on instagram there is one pic of Moxxie and Millie dressing up as phantom of the opera characters and i was wondering if you could make little video of them dueting one of the phantoms songs, and blitz just rushes in a ruins the whole thing

    13. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

      Luna is such a team player, she managed to let the assassin escape just by... appearing.

    14. Vanesa Lo Dico

      I just learn through the comment section that Striker's VA is Norman Reedus from the walking dead which is amazing because he did an amazing job.

    15. Eleonora Bilokin

      Wait if female imps have black hair and male imps have white hair then... What's up with Blitz is he like secretly not an imp or by imp standards he's like bald?

    16. Cornelia Chase

      Not me simping over Striker-

    17. sam

      13:45 THE ANIMATION 🤌

    18. Moon_lord 4321

      Blitz is kind of gay and this episode

    19. Anton Enn

      this is banging (on my door please help)

    20. TLT_Instrumentals

      1:36 The animation got a bit choppy XD

    21. S Constantinople

      Striker is Norman Reedus? That's pretty impressive.

    22. Chavvy

      big norman

    23. muhammad farid surya utama

      From Indonesia. This cartoon is NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

      1. Ctrl Alt Del

        no shit

    24. Oishi_Sammich

      3:56 took me a while to realize but this is pretty funny

    25. Manokrome -

      This is way too good

    26. DittoJack

      *Norman Reedus being badass in The Walking Dead* *Voicing Striker as a cowboy*

    27. Samuel Hayden

      you can't shoot a hole into the surface of mars

    28. XskyX

      It’s cool there’s a character that’s trans!! :D I think millies sister is now my favourite character now lol

    29. Merlin Titouan

      1:10 At this moment, for one second, Stolas looked childish and cute. Then it came back to Stolas.

    30. M4ng0 Cr0w3


    31. Bendynation


    32. cassie v

      7:29 Thats what she said Blitz: AND I TOOK THAT PERSONALLY

    33. James Minigun

      Vivziepop should remake the 2003 clone wars show. Fight me.

    34. Heide Warrior

      Hi i. Loona dad joor nat mine rel ded

    35. Gladys Herrera

      Megusto este vídeo👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥♥♥

    36. FlowShow Studios

      Look how cute Stolas is in the blanket!!!

    37. Miraculous Junebugg

      I love that had a trans woman play a trans Imp

    38. dj is bad


    39. Cristian Fernandez

      Man that was unsatisfying as hell

    40. ♡;;Chocolate-Popcorn123♡

      13:55 - 16:00 this scene: *Exists* Me: *Oh my lord, I think I simp for Blitzo now-*

    41. Aika Lane

      Why was the owl lady talking about killing owl guy right in front of him? I don't know their names lol

    42. Jordan Green

      am i the only one super surprised they managed to pull Norman Reedus for striker?

    43. Lucy UwU

      I think think the reason why Striker hates overloads so much is because in his past life he was branded by Valentino or some other pimp I’m saying this because he has a gold fang like angel dust

    44. moesave 95

      I like how striker made a song about him winning even tho he got a tie for first place

    45. Leila Laila

      Okay but Blitzø getting mad and feral biting when Stryker tried to use Blitzø's gun and shot to shoot Mox. We gonna let that slide? Moxxie baby you don't know how lucky you are two have two feral imps looking out for you, even if ones a crackhead 😩

    46. Audrey Heise

      When you're in history class and you can't have the sound and so you turn on subtitles: Let's hope it actually works this time When the autocorrect hits and changes 'blitz' to 'glitz': What in the-

    47. R3D_M4SK

      The fact Blitz purred when caught

    48. Lissi

      I wish TV cartoons were as good as this shit.

    49. Annon J.

      Can’t wait for the guitar tutorial for so I can play it to my friends

    50. why do i exist?

      I loved the episode, action-packed, fast paced whilst still keeping its fun theme about it. Definitely my favourite episode so far, please keep up the amazing work.

    51. ariannee


    52. Aimee Pérez

      6? If u want

    53. Esther garcia

      Octavia jamming give me life!

    54. Muntean Andrei

      Is nobody gonna talk about how Norman Reedus voices Striker?

    55. zLost

      Luna: Thats what she said Blitz: WAIT WHICH BITCH HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT ME? *luna is a memer confirmed*

    56. Irongirltoni

      The tea is P I P I N G tonight yall

    57. Amanda Dane

      I haven’t seen any real comments on this, but the fact that Striker doesn’t bully Moxxie because he wants to get in Millie’s pants, but because he’s just a jerk that views anything different than being a manly man as something that shouldn’t exist is sort of refreshing, due to the fact that bullies don’t bully their victims out of envy or wanting to date a girl he is interested in. Bullies bully people because they hate their victims (generally, due to some difference in interests that is different than acceptable or more commonly, because their victims fall under a minority, such as being disabled or black). That needs to be shown more often.

    58. mitko muglenchov

      Olll shit bro xD

    59. Emmanuel C.R

      I would like him to continue making Hazbin Hotel, and they will have a lot of potential since a video that was from Hazbien Hotel is the most watched on the channel, it is exactly Addict's musical

    60. •Lena dragonne• UwU

      Rendez vous 🤣

    61. Johnathan Adams

      3:55 😂 moxxi's face

    62. Frst

      I like how there's always things going on in the backround

    63. jamesthevenom

      Imagine what was Normen thinking while singing and telling Moxxie to go F*ck himself

    64. Victor Vazquez

      Awesome work. Love this episode. I’ve watched it like 10 times. I hope we see more of Stryker. He’s kinda evil but I hope he gets like character development. He’s super badass

    65. Mohamed Hamdy

      بكل اللغات العالم 🙏 🇵🇸 #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح 🇰🇷#셰이크_자라_지역_구하기 🇯🇵#シェイクの近所を救う。 🇬🇧 #Save_SheikhJarrah_neighborhood 🇺🇸 #savesheikhjarrah 🇷🇺 #Спасти_район_ШейхДжарра 🇹🇷 #ŞeyhJarrah_mahallesini_kurtar 🇩🇪 #Siehe_SheikhJarrah_Nachbarschaft 🇫🇷 #Sauver_le_quartier_de_SheikhJarrah 🇪🇦 #Salva_el_barrio_de_SheikhJarrah 🇮🇹 #Salva_il_quartiere_di_SheikhJarrah ‎‏#ŞeyhJarrahmahallesinkurtarın ‎‏#SalvailquartierediSheikhJarrah ‎‏#RettedasViertelSheikhJarrah ‎‏#sauvezlequartierdesheikhjarrah ‎#الشيخ_جراح ‎#حي_الشيخ_جراح ‎#لا_لتهويد_القدس ‎#أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح ‎#لن_نرحل ‎#القدس_تنتفض #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_الجراح

    66. Xayle Music

      15:18 best part lmao

    67. LK YouTube

      10:41 this is giving me huge owl house vibes

    68. Tristan Russell

      Please make a new episode

    69. charlotte

      Oh shit

      1. charlotte

        @bowen voowy it is

      2. bowen voowy

        ok, striker's voice is SOOO awesome

    70. Zoe Forrester

      I only just found out that Brandon Rogers voice Blizto and he is one of my favorite IThomesrs

    71. SuperDarkschadow

      I love your stil. I can no wait for the next episode 😍

    72. * Identity_Crisis *

      no... its not as good as the last 4...

    73. Lady Darkness

      Like why can't norman do more voice acting I'd pay with my fucking soul!

    74. Lady Darkness

      I love millions and moxie but.....fuck norman reedus just fits him so well! I need more of him please!

    75. Zerry Borger

      Moxie defending Millie is the best

    76. CARIAS

      I knew striker's voice sounded familiar

    77. sonicx059

      I know who I want to cosplay and I need a guitar.

    78. sonicx059

      Instant love for her sister.

    79. Midnight Wolves

      Striker:I failed to kill the target at the festival” Stella: OH REALLY? I THOUGHT I WAS EATING WITH A GHOST! Also did anyone else see strikers face when blitz said “oh f***k me” like 📸🤨

    80. Mr. Drip

      Ha ha haaaaa funny

    81. Luigi 123

      Usually I watch sonic for hire but this is fantastic

    82. Nighty Blues


    83. Namelessg1911

      where the hotel at?

    84. Sushii bun

      i just realizeh millie has a wierd accent

    85. alvarox951

      ok, striker's voice is SOOO awesome

    86. Julio Cəsår

      Caraca todos os ep ultrapassa os 10.000.000 muito mais

    87. Birdly The Bird Kid

      Those fight scenes were just *chef's kiss*

    88. Michał Kowaleczko

      Norman reedus

    89. Jacob Varner

      Everybody needs a Millie in their lives

    90. Ngân Lú


    91. Michał Kowaleczko

      Stolas makes me question my straightness

    92. Lady Darkness

      Welp now I'm simping for striker.....FUCK!

    93. Eurossia

      Perfectly cut scream:9:07

    94. M. Muradbasic

      Am i the only one experience severe framerate drops?

    95. Cheryl Adams


    96. Nautica Atlantide

      Stolas is french Interesting...

    97. Charlie Bell

      The shots have gotten more ambitious! Also the jokes are still landing which is always good Fantastic job

    98. Nuclearcatpotatoe

      ~Transgirl devil~

    99. TSM_Tomaat

      make s2 or episode 6

    100. Alisha

      Brandon : I said it on tape Joe: I did.. show the tape but it on your website Brandon: oh you mean eatmyassjoe.org