The time I challenged a trash talker to a $1,000 1v1 in Rocket League


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    Today, I tell the story of how I challenged a Rocket League trash talker to a $1,000 1v1. He wasn't too toxic, but we still had to squash the beef with a musty vs spoodah best of 5 1v1 match. 😳. The match was hosted by @JohnnyBoi_i. Let me what you thought of the video!
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      1. Aqux_Edits

        @amustycow hi I'm a big fan

      2. Aqux_Edits

        Hi musty I'm a big

      3. Rosita Abarquez

        @DØM no you shut up and stop being rude

      4. Rosita Abarquez

        @eZGaming GC ya how much

      5. Malik Khaled

        amustycow me Malik ok amustycow 1v1 amustycow fickle

    2. Psycho Santa-_-

      Who ever knows how to fast kickoff like this

    3. StarKiller 907

      You like the best player or something?




      spoodah man got trashed on

    6. Peckaut

      I don't get it 💀 yeah hes an amazing player but he didn't flick on him he just flicked on an open net how was that impressive?

    7. SSJ GR

      Musty uses air roll right?

    8. Amustychicken

      Musty: whenever you buy a dis plate a tree will be planted in the ground Me: where else would it be planted?

    9. Csongor Rádai

      Best part: 14:45

    10. delmi catalan

      Why are y’all in a diff map

    11. Amir Bajrami

      U sound like ninja🤣

    12. Fade Made

      What dose musty mean by working in a gym you need to go to free play to be good

    13. Ernie Tuppen

      Spoodah is a melt

    14. Flicks on 1hp

      Is it me or the pitch switches with Jonny Bois stream😬😳

    15. George Chambers

      hol up y is there two differetn maps?

    16. Rabiya Bhamjee

      GREATEST 1V1

    17. Smear Reflexx

      Spoodah is 🗑🗑🗑

    18. Raging Whirlpool


    19. Millz - brawl stars

      Video idea: 2 grand champs v 2 plats but grand champs don't have boost

    20. GF_Estebanquito YT

      5:45 Athena flick

    21. Kevin Lopez-Mireles

      Musty do horse but there is this guy named foir in twitch do horse do with him

    22. Nataniel

      name of song in outro?

    23. JayForce Gaming

    24. nelis de schildpad

      I love how I can say my little 11 year old brother is better than you to trash talkers. It makes them even more angry and its even true. He's in plat one and I'm a gold 1 so he will probably beat all of my opponents Edit was a typing error

    25. LoRd_FrOsTy

      Video starts a1 3:15

    26. xDermix 187


    27. Xerxes Cortez

      Are u on xbox cause I add u on xbox ima big fan and have always wanted to play at least a 1v1 against u

    28. Cat

      14:45 man's talking faster than eminem

    29. HeHeBoi

      Lol the end was funny

    30. Jackson McBurnett

      Amustcow how long have u been playing

    31. NeoKizz

      He has Russian Monitor

    32. Jaseem Playz

      bit late but didn't he say pull up to Mannfield?

    33. lopezbrotherz

      il be ready

    34. lopezbrotherz

      be cus it won't let me be cus you are in max number

    35. lopezbrotherz

      you inviters me but make me party leader

    36. lopezbrotherz

      be cus your so so good

    37. lopezbrotherz

      I wish I was playing with you

    38. lopezbrotherz

      hi musty you are good at rocket league

    39. Speed :0

      Talk slower bro

    40. C T P

      Where’s the last goal?

    41. Stepbro Unix

      Well the fact I’m watching this on your IThomes kinda spoils who wins

    42. Unknown

      Musty make merch you’re my favourite IThomes

    43. Joe C

      8:03 Musty lifting lose heavy weights with outstanding form

    44. Sean Brincat

      Musty why won’t you use the musty flag?

    45. Etherion

      well, the displates are cool, but since they cost $40 - $150 each + shipping, it's quite a bit expensive:D

    46. Henry Weinroth


    47. peely boy

      damb musty is garbage

    48. BORDER MAN

      Yo the ending jeez

    49. Kade Olivani

      Musty is correct the ragin gummy fish fuel flavor is the best I just tried it

    50. Fear A Rooney


    51. Gigit Fr


    52. Tag Boy

      Musty is talking like a teacher, but this teacher has a brain tho! Lmaooooo

    53. firebro 345

      imagine having fun in roked legue

    54. Albania

      Je pallosh

    55. Jane Packeer

      Can you please give me a fenic I have nothing

    56. Ryan LEMAY

      I have a good sponse

    57. Mary Fitzgerald

      That fake was so funny

    58. Henkeletto

      How are there manfield and forbidden temple in the same game,?

    59. Trxth2be

      This is just like me watching *beyblade burst turbo* because this is high quality.

    60. Time travel

      Is it just me or is he better at rocket league math than real math?

    61. Thom Maathuis

      Musty make a part 2 of I did a kuxir pinch with every car in rocket league: wich car is the fast but than with every car that it’s not standard pls

    62. Guillermo pro7777_1

      Ez win

    63. Mr.PraneethPlayz

      oh god that was intense


      Musty hyping up the biggest goal and then just bouncing it on lmao

    65. Anderson Mejia

      This will go in history fr though.😁

    66. yo me


    67. Declan Speedie

      Round four was crazy

    68. Declan Speedie

      Third round was un lucky

    69. Riley Flynn-Sims

      0:35 lmao you hypocrite you did the same thing to squishy

    70. Declan Speedie

      Second round was looky

    71. Declan Speedie

      First round was good round

    72. HK Boba

      Who edited this? The extra shot cinematics were so good

    73. The Wes Gaming

      Why won’t he upload

    74. Ïþż _ßçøřpīøņ Ğäčhã

      ez claps and the fact that he uploaded this vid right before my birthday lmao

    75. Voidy

      the end tho, dis mans rapping today

    76. Matthew Goddard

      luv ur vids keep it up!

    77. Aur0ra Gaming

      At the last much I was just like CMON MUSTY

    78. Jaden Vobby

      Fun fact they didn’t use mannfeild

    79. Devin Lucas

      Musty: Spoodah is the best player in the world... at avoiding my demos Spoodah’s reaction: 😐😦😯 ☹️😟😔

    80. Devin Lucas

      Spoodah: I will not get musty flicked Round two gets musty flicked

    81. ZKY_Darky

      isnt jhonny boy norweagian

    82. Ali Kirtay

      Can I get a car from you

    83. Ali Kirtay

      Hi musty

    84. Cracked Sam

      montage time bois clip that omg controller playa 😂

    85. Jackson Innit


    86. Lolkm9797

      Musty can you play with me

    87. PUDDLES

      Musty I did a must flick

    88. ysmf Boomer

      9:17 got me laughing lol

    89. Hamish Matthews

      my kickoff is literally goated

    90. Exgecko

      This is entertainment at its finest

    91. Thrakgorshun


    92. NakedJonRL

      This was pure entertainment! Literally thank you!!!

    93. Da'Vion Sanders



      wdym its time to turn on your monitor does that mean your sweating?


      5:23 his eyebrows are crooked


      musty todays video is sponserd by- me skips 30 seconds 😂

    97. Thiago Omg

      I will musty flick

    98. Benyamin Baigi

      I have a video idea Get 2 people who has never played rocket league before and hire 2 pro trainers and the 2 trainers will train the 2 diff newbies who has not played rocket league before for 1 week, after the week is over the 2 ‘newbies’ who has been trained will 1v1 the ‘newbie’ who won proves that trainer that trained him is the better trainer and will win some money

    99. MERTZY

      that skirt was real i had to replay it just to make sure it wasnt real