Game Recap: Lakers 127, Jazz 115

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    After closing the overtime period on a 12-2 run, the Lakers defeated the Jazz, 127-115. Andre Drummond recorded 27 points, eight rebounds and four assists, his highest scoring performance as a member of the Lakers, while Dennis Schroder added 25 points, six rebounds and eight assists in the victory. Jordan Clarkson (27 points, five rebounds, four assists) and Joe Ingles (20 points, career-high tying 14 assists) combined for 47 points for the Jazz in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 35-22 on the season, while the Jazz fall to 42-15.

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    1. King Higgins

      It doesn't matter How The come A Win is a win

    2. shahin Pioneer


    3. azul claudio asuncion

      I love you Lal

    4. Tasty Anxious Beef

      see the diff between bench vs bench to starters vs bench xD lol lakers poop w/o lbj ad, period xD

    5. Fralbj39 23

      There aren't Lebron and Davis, but Schroeder and Drummond compensate👌👌👌

    6. Chee Pin Ang

      Schroder's performance is down compared to OKC time.


      Ersan ilyasova 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 20pts 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    8. gangsta 7

      Ilyasovaaa turkish thunder

    9. gangsta 7


    10. Lukas

      Ja ja Lakers 😍👌👍

    11. Francisco Brea

      Vamos Lakers 💪💪💪💪💪💪

    12. Sandi Eržen

      Cool AD2 ! & me21 in (NYK). 2023/24

    13. Malcolm Renier

      These teams still good without 2 superstrars (L.A) and 3 all stars (Jazz)

      1. Cristian Heredia Dimas

        That what I tell everyone lakers have alot of young good one that been there for a while and some good older and they have up and down but they could when even without lebron and david to say there good every with them or not just like the dogers

    14. Hermie Casido

      Solid Lakers🏆

    15. Chrispack 93

      Schröder is evolving like crazy at the moment🔥.

    16. janell Ramirez

      Será porque hizo la canasta que empató a 110 e partido?

    17. janell Ramirez

      Porque Kzuma con apenas 13 puntos se considera el héroe del partido?

    18. Martin XOXO

      Look at Schröder man, so inspirational

    19. Мартин Бранков

      Good win for the Lakers!

    20. Michael


    21. Reyes Dave Abrah

      Drummond looks like James Worthy...

    22. Asımcan Çalışkan

      Without donovan utah is a such a weak team

      1. Tasty Anxious Beef

        you better check the latest one now mr. analyst 😂🥲

    23. Tole Knez

      You forgot to put Caruso's dunk in the highlights 🤦🏻‍♂️

    24. Griffon

      Drummond was a great pick up. Him and Schroeder are the only good pick ups. Pls trade trez and gasol for Danny green who been ballin and Dwight. You need some rim protection and insane dunks.

    25. João Praia

      Did anyone notice during the TV transmission a teammate of KCP body sliding towards him thinking he was doing some elaborate celebration?

    26. akeme rofako

      This team is clicking right now. Please leave lebron on the bench, he is a bust.

    27. Nathan Millan

      Good thing Lakers got rid of Clarkson

      1. Tasty Anxious Beef

        say whaaattt ill wait for your comment ont the latest game 🥲🤣

    28. El Pibe de Oro


    29. Only Facts


      1. James Hirrard Balonda

        Actually lebron is not season mvp but finals mvp he will carry to the nba finals first before beating the nets or 76ers

    30. Christon Reneau

      Great win

    31. Amazing A The Dreamer

      When the Lakers were struggling to get going in the 4th quarter, I thought they were gonna blow it. It was harder than it shoulda been, but a win is a win. 🙂

    32. Haassan1

      Erbody was/is happy with Trezz, but I dont think he brings enough to the team.

    33. Δημητρης Δεληγιαννης

      Lakers with out lebron and davis is a sleeping team and I call lazzzers but they take andre drummond and back

    34. Ramzy-10 Sa

      lol no ad and james utah did not have conley gobert mitchell 😂😂😂

    35. Liam Gaming

      Well played

    36. Emirhan Eminsoy

      Go lakers

    37. Ale

      Goatmentator&KCP 💛💜

    38. Greg ZorkenNacon

      Lake show 🟣🟡

    39. The Truth

      NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma

    40. Akbar Taufik


    41. Milos


      1. Milos


      2. mecnun çınar

        Vuuuvvv bir Türk

    42. Nəzrin Həsənli

      Why does LeBron James play?

    43. LuNtaXe_24

      Ersan "Turkish Tunder" İlyasova🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. worm namdor

      Soft defense of Oneal on Schroeder on that drive in cost the Jazz the game..Oneal gave Schroeder space instead of sticking on him like glue..

    45. Sel


    46. Popol 08

      For me the impressive player in this game, is JC, he came from injury but still, he surpasses his team with his 27 points, schroder only got 25points

      1. Melvin Harris

        Whatchu mean only?? That’s a 2 point difference. Tf?

    47. Marcel Joseph


    48. puni sher

      Lowww without gobert and michl? Hmmp

      1. Tasty Anxious Beef

        @KentOy Senpai thats the point its just bench vs bench ;) lakers bench will never beat jazz starters lol check out the latest game w/o mitchell still 🤣 no OT and shit 👍

      2. KentOy Senpai

        lakers without bron and AD too HAHAHA

    49. Abby Idarnis Abad Avila

      No entendí nada de lo que dijo, pero ok.

    50. Raylance Orbe Matabuena

      Jordan Clarkson 🔥👏💯

    51. Jhuneng Magturtur

      its obviosly no match the jazz to lakers if lakers team is fully helty with Bron & A Davis

    52. A A

      It’s alright lakers not winning the west tho

      1. A A

        @Blue Coca Cola because teams have figured them out they won’t make this year

      2. Blue Coca Cola

        @A A I asked why not

      3. A A

        @Roel De leon lollll hell no

      4. Roel De leon

        Clippers will lose .at the 3rd round

      5. A A

        @Blue Coca Cola clips winning it

    53. Kenette Aguiran

      lakers depth is scary. Knowing without LBJ and AD they can hold on their own.

      1. worm namdor

        Yes they can , Harrel, Drummond, KCP, Schroeder and Kuzma can start at any given team... while the Jazz lost 3 starters 1 backup center in Favors.. What would you expect? Lakers bench arent scary, they just got lucky the Jazz has no Center to guard Drummond

      2. Envision

        Bro jazz had their top 3 guys out

    54. Lakers4thewin

      Lessssss goo Lakers great layup Schroeder

    55. Joseph

      benta yung depensa kay DS sa layup na pangtabla.

    56. Janel Logroño

      Why kusma is in the thumbnail

      1. Tarik gezer

        @all video game coupons simple answer lol

      2. all video game coupons

        Because he played

      3. alias doro

        I think they don't have an image of drummond with lakers suit

    57. Polite Cat

      With LeBron, Davis and Drummond healthy, the league is fucked.

    58. JC Travel Experience

      I love to watch Clarkson put a three point shot. Just a little bit short..for the win.

    59. Alex Jason

      @kobe Bryant 😭😭

      1. Nicolas EW


    60. mücahit alp

      Ersan ilyasova the turkish thunder 😎

    61. Yudho Pe

      Eventhough remained not played, both AD and LJ have been on the bench

      1. Chrispack 93

        @Omer Vaqaas "Mystery injuries" you do know that KD tore his achilles dont you? And therefore its not unusual for him to sit out a few games, because even a little strain can go a long, bad way after this type of injury. Kyrie on the other hand has been out due to family issues most of the time, and Harden played almost every game. Besides, even if they decide to put their stars on the bench, where is the issue? Thats actually really smart. Why would you risk hurting them in the first place, Brooklyn has won the East anyway. Considering how much bad luck Brooklyn had in the past, its only understandabel that they dont risk any of their stars at the moment, because they dont have to in the first place.

      2. Omer Vaqaas

        They are also clearly injured unlike these mystery injuries happening in Brooklyn. They seem to be just casually sitting out games, and chilling out till the playoffs like it's already in the bag. That is just so disrespectful to the rest of the east and to the fans. I know Lebrons Miami team was hated around the league for joining forces and what not but at least they all showed out and put on a show for the rest of the world week in week out. God damn it even now at 36 LBJ wouldv been trying to play all 82 games

      3. Yudho Pe

        @Tally James pls see LeBron James Twitter...he used account @LJlakers without "B"

      4. Tally James

        You don't say LJ you say LBJ then its clear

      5. Yudho Pe

        @JC Travel Experience ...few match before both AD and LJ were not in the list...if now they are in the list..that mean very soon AD and LJ will play...they have been fit to play...a good news for play off

    62. The Midnight Sessions

      Aw no gobert

    63. The Gamer

      Imagine this team when Lebron and AD come back🔥🔥🔥

      1. Ang Storya ni Shaun

        lol utah gave lakers a theyre own homecourt

      2. Isa Hajat

        @Only Facts LBJ played 55 games in that season - the lowest of his entire career.

      3. Only Facts

        when AD comes back...LBJ is overrated...he played with 2 players averaging 20 POINTS per game and couldnt even make the play-offs in 2019-- and dont blame the injury because at that time they were 6th with just 2 more wins then the 10th place...

      4. V Stan

        @Isa Hajat ye but the whole argument is about this guys comment saying that this team is good and with LeBron and AD it's even better, latter is true,but I completely disagree with his comment.

      5. MHD Abdeen

        @Isa Hajat exactly

    64. Chang

      🔥🔥🔥🔥Andre Drummond!!!!!

    65. messi chiquito

      Schroder and drummond 🔥🤑

      1. Esfink

        Que onda Messi

    66. Алекс Просто


    67. Scott Wilson


    68. ajani ashby


      1. Gerry Besanao o luma yas kana pwede lang

        Tang inang mg payer yan koting sagi injuury agad