Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football

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    Watch highlights of the Jackson State Tigers’ 53-0 victory against the Edward Waters Tigers as Deion Sanders pick up his first win as a college football head coach.
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    Pubblicato il 3 giorni fa


    1. Ben Fulton

      Why aren't Dion's Kids playing?

    2. Patrick Carlisle


    3. bilij pdan

      I don't think people realize how huge it was for Aikman to be there.

    4. Tom Wolfe

      Did the first string stay in all game?

    5. CutThroatah

      Prime got them boys ballin

    6. Caleb David Drake

      That block at 3:34 😮

      1. bilij pdan

        Took long enough

    7. Empty Giddy

      sad he got robbed

    8. Scott Baillie

      Congrats to Prime, but I've seen better semi-pro teams than Edward Waters, they look terrible and out of shape.

    9. D Nice

      Deion Sanders need to help some of them out with a little bit of swag moves and a couple handshakes when they on the field celebrating after making a play Lol cuz they like jumping around & dancing after a TD or a good play they made. Good luck to all of them and hopefully they will have a good season & Coach Sanders starts his career in the league as Coach n does a great job at it.... Much respect to him n good luck on everything 👏🏾,,,,, try sneak him in one of the games for a play or 2 see how good is still LMAO. See if he still got it 😆😆🤣🤫🤭😉😆

    10. Robert Westling

      Too bad the clown Troy showed up. I love Deion but Troy is a no class loser. Go JSU.

    11. James Robinson

      Deion Sanders I just got the report on Tiger Woods he survived the crash everything was good do you have to use the jaws of life to pry him out safely he did have some bumps and bruises but the other victim survive nobody died when they called the unit he was not Dead on Arrival so that's a good thing incident report I found that golf is a sport maybe she play one day it's represent tigerhood cuz you already know we from the hood already down to earth real nigggas

    12. C Whiting

      Im confused why there is college football in February????

    13. Pap Master

      Neon Deion is Goat CB.

    14. clfoster3310

      Wish Deion nothing but luck. Hope he has a very successful coaching run. I would love to see the rise of the HBCUs again.

    15. R'shawn Santiago

      @5:33 How tf he thinks that it was intercepted 😂

    16. soniyu ziuy

      this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.

    17. Lucid Shotsss

      That quarter back is on fire

    18. Joseph Beatty

      How are they playing so soon?

    19. Emilio Garcia

      That wasn’t Aikman that was Jay Z.

      1. soniyu ziuy

        looks like AA high school ball

    20. booshaw24

      Is the pandemic over?

    21. Swag Mcgee

      Took long enough

    22. Jordan January

      My dad and my brothers old mumator Jackson State. Represent Dion. wish I was old enough to see my dad and wish I could've saw my brother PLAY. This ones for you dad Calvin brother Javerro

    23. Htown Boy

      Why is their football going on?

    24. Nick Rides

      This feels like a high school of luck peon Deion...

    25. Brian Evans

      Deion gone bring the Prime Time to Jackson State!

    26. Cedric Bost

      Brings tears to my eyes to see my dear ole college home on espn!! Thanks coach prime and the rest of the trailblazers on that team!!



    28. Raynaldo Rodriguez

      Why are they playing now in February and not in September

    29. Dr Johnson

      Are they pIaying now because they didn't have a season Iast year, this conference, deIayed?

    30. Refuge Kids

      Feel like I’m watching the real life version of Key & Peele’s football team

    31. Victor Hardin

      Primetime is and will always be the MAN.

    32. Torrey Robey Sr

      I thought his son was the quarterback?

    33. John Sparks

      Coach Sanders is a class act. He's smart. He knows football. He refuses to compromise his standards for anyone or anything. This man is a winner. Period. Anyone who doesn't realize we're looking at a future NFL HOF Head Coach has their head in the sand. My one and only prayer is that Coach Sanders is the man who replaces Mike McCarthy in Dallas. Deion deserves to coach America's Team. The sooner the better.

    34. Kieth Stone

      looks like AA high school ball

    35. Donnelle Bivens

      During this game the locker room and coaches office had stuff stolen from it. They’re gonna have to ramp up security.

    36. Cfo DC

      Did I miss something I thought College Football Season was over.

    37. ablk cowboy

      that's good

    38. lawrence holland

      They're playing football this time of year ?!! REALLY

    39. Jay Dee

      I'm sofa king confused it ain't even college fball season?

    40. Patrick Evancho

      So nice of Jay-Z to show up for Dions first win

    41. ourforgiveness *com


    42. Terry Grant

      Wow they beat a team that isn't even top 50 in the NAIA 1 step above JUCO.

    43. albert boersma

      they Hit the Gas and never lifted

    44. yaliso gioouy

      this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.

    45. shawn williams

      These highlights look just like deion sanders son’s team that he use too coach for I guess if ain’t bro don’t fix it but jackson state looking so good already good luck coach sanders

    46. Michael Zorn

      That was looking like a high school game lol. I know there is a lot of hype having Deion plus Aikman making an appearance. But wasnt JS suppose to beat them? Either way hats off to Prime! Good luck my man!

      1. yaliso gioouy


    47. Kerry Ellison

      I'm glad I'm old enough to witness this. Doug Williams, Deion Sanders. Now the rest of our black athletes needs to go. Two Sons are HBCU GRADS!!!

    48. John Knudson

      Is this the same Troy who denigrated the military flyover?

    49. SenpaiChevalier

      Deion Sanders is now the GOAT in sports history. No argument

    50. D V

      The USA is a black country, the filial of Africa

    51. Benja Matt

      I heard his valuables were stolen after the game. I would like to know who would do a thing like that

    52. ruben gutierrez

      Good game Prime Time! They fronted on you at FSU, Coach Sanders! The Seminoles should've hired Deion Sanders!

    53. ruben gutierrez

      That's cool! They're playing spring football to make up for the missed games from the fall. Spring football actually means something in 2021!

    54. Locker-Room Dwarf


    55. Enno West


    56. Vince Styles

      I bet he's a great coach for these kids.

    57. Paul Valentine

      Mr. Sanders, the rare combination of a good man and a great man.

    58. Teflon Smile

      Memories playing Maden 98 on Sega...Dion Sanders 🙌🔥 Anyone?

    59. Colej And

      This feels like it’s about to be a NCAA dynasty

    60. Sincerely Yours

      It's a win lose situation when your players steal from you and the Jackson St administration lies about the program.

    61. mike mike

      BOOKIE GIVING BACK on IThomes go follow BEST I’ve ever seen🍺🥃

    62. John Thompson


    63. Notafratdude

      Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven, Like so more people can see this.

    64. Joshua Keiser

      I go to an HBCU in southern WV called Bluefield State College and we just opened our football program. Last time our school played a football game was in the early 80's.

    65. Kyle J

      No lie they look like a JV HS team. They're really small

    66. Jp

      Deion went to a hbcu to coach 💪 ion think y’all realize what’s about to happen in the next few years

    67. Foreign Cease

      Jackson QB got a needle threader. And the WRs turning around just in time

    68. huttio srreu

      Awesomeness.. Can't wait until they play SWAC conference schools. That will be the litmus test. It really starts with Grambling!!

    69. Michael G

      If I were a college football player, I'd love to play for Deion!

    70. evoKarl

      Why is this game in February??

    71. Lil YouTubee

      4:21 The PAAAIIINNNN

      1. huttio srreu

        Racism is so deep and crazy that people don't understand the complexity of it. Just 50 years ago schools like Bama and Clemson didn't even ALLOW black students to come

    72. Mr E Top Channel - 700CC Game Play

      he going to attract a lot of good players, and a lot of money to that school

    73. Mr E Top Channel - 700CC Game Play

      Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

    74. Predator Productionz

      I selfishly still wanted him to coach at PV, love this move for the SWAC but more importantly HBCUS! Would love to see HBCUS in contention with Power 5s one day.

    75. Tr3y

      Bearly squeaked away with a win

    76. Faheem Clinton

      Great execution by the players! Congratulations to JSU coaches, staff and all involved!

    77. v w

      Is there football on tv? I thought we were in the season when there are no good sports on tv.

    78. Sam Yaza

      Isn't there some kind of mercy rule? This is a curb stomp

    79. I3lackbird—

      Why the refs keep trying stop them from celebrating. Let them enjoy the moment.

    80. 1motorcitychop

      Soon as I saw Troy I smiled ear to ear

    81. Michael Redhan

      Is Sanders Jewish? We all know Jews are renowned for their athletic prowess.

    82. Joey D

      Aikman is really going with the whole “white Jay Z” look😆

      1. The Dave Hud Show


    83. Haste And Fury

      Well good, because his Subway commercial was a complete utter joke. Bad actor. Ok coach, I guess.

    84. Jeremiah Martin

      Man who is Edward Water????? Wait til you go in SWAC versus PV, TSU, Grambling and see what they

    85. don dizzy

      Troy Aikman aka JayZ

    86. NU Will

      Racism is so deep and crazy that people don't understand the complexity of it. Just 50 years ago schools like Bama and Clemson didn't even ALLOW black students to come to their schools now they are bowing down to them to come to their school to make them money ultimately. If these players really understood they'd go to an HBCU much more often and bring the money to the black schools. Sad reality.

    87. john john

      Great win but some lowlife stole stuff from coach's locker

    88. Tad Kowal

      Good Luck, "Coach Prime".

    89. NU Will

      I truly hope and wish more great coaches go to HBCU because that would attract these great players. If the best black players go to an HBCU instead of a PWI that would be a game changer for black schools. They don't even understand smh.

    90. Kenny Ray

      Congratulations Coach Sanders

    91. The Real Magoo

      Washington Addition

    92. mik carvon

      Deion is always about Deion. His behavior doesn't surprise me. He could've handled the situation differently and he didn't. Perhaps he might want to consider adding security cameras around his office.

    93. Shorthealz Music

      Prime Time back with the game!

    94. Jazz Man

      What about the defensive side of the ball I want to see some defense equal opportunity cameraman editor

    95. Spadez HF

      5:42 he said “ intercepted “ 😂😂

    96. IMO

      *What is this, spring football?*

    97. The Life Of Me In Poetry!

      Wait I thought college football season was over?? Is this a pre season?

    98. Kevin Otero

      5hey will leave that conferance FL has a lot of talent

    99. Kyle Nicely

      Wait I thought the football season ended????

    100. Zayno 1k

      We coming we want all the smoke