10 Most Humiliating Defeats In Matches Of Big Football Clubs • 2010s Decade


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    1. Gabo Games

      Bayern - Barca 8:2 quarterfinal of UCL 2020

    2. Virgil Van Dijk

      8:18 wtf??

    3. Ismanizah Ismail

      Wow amazing man city 6-0 chelsea😲

    4. mehmet koçak

      fb 6 gs 0

    5. JAM

      People should be mocking Barca as much as Arsenal, they are in this video a few times as the victims.

    6. Joan Mbae

      Who is here after Man u 9-0 Southampton

      1. Lonely Person

        Southampton is not a big club smh

    7. Mukti Hidayat Pradany

      Arsenal Soccer School

    8. Henok Shife

      Bayern won ,then madrid won bayern,then barca won madrid

    9. Captain observable universe

      Im starting to think Barca has a kink for being humiliated

    10. Luke NTFC

      What about when Liverpool lost to Northampton?

    11. Qamar Qamar

      Insulting fact: barca were defeated very bad 3 times in this video😅😅😅... Shouldn't call themselves the best club anymore😛😛😛

    12. Qamar Qamar

      Psg vs barca 4:0 liverpool vs barca 4:0. Bayern vs Barca. 7:0 hahahaha barca looser always

      1. Lonely Person

        Then psg lost to barka 6-1 🤷

    13. •Hero•

      1:54 ahhahaahahag

    14. Enrique Pozo

      Bro why the video her title is "Barcelona humillations" XD


      Man United 9-0 Southampton

    16. Sizwe Ndlanzi

      I swear the Bayern squads come from the planet Mars! 😂🤣

    17. Bokamoso Nkadimeng gr4

      Manchester City vs Schalke champions league 3-2 first leg second leg 7-2 10-2 aggregate

    18. The Inquisitor

      To all Bayern boys who talk against barca 1:58.

    19. Andrea Linkert

      Your big fucking jerk

    20. Robins George

      We are not almergia🤭🤭suiii🤭

    21. Fmking bilal

      We all want to see 8-2 bayern barca 7-2 ason villa liverpool

      1. Lonely Person

        Spurs 6-1 united also

    22. hot dogz

      "One team on their game today the other,very of colour"

    23. Abhra

      *Bayern humiliating everyone* Real Madrid : *Hold my tag of being the greatest*

    24. Abhra

      *Bayern humiliating everyone* Real Madrid : *Hold my tag of being the greatest*

    25. diediey12

      My middle school team lost 9-1 this Thursday. First 15 mins of the game they scored 5. We put in a new goalie for the rest of the game they only scored 3 times on him and it was his first time at goalie. They put they original goalie in for the last 5 and they scored on him.

    26. Gautam Jyotishi

      Psg's 4-0 was great❤ Bt Barca's 6-1 is the greatest😍❤

    27. Henry Kwame Sakyi

      Liverpool vs Barca 3 0 second leg 4 3 😂😂😂

    28. Karin i

      8:16 this guy whit barca cap on celebraiting for liverpool

    29. willowin

      I still remember Chelsea beating Bayern Munich in the UCL final in 2012 ♥♥♥⚽📅💙

      1. willowin

        But they were both strong :)

    30. Dragon and Wyvern lover

      No club is immune to humiliation.

    31. Randy Yusuf

      I remember that time, RM humiliated by Barcelona. I stunned and could only cry silently. It hurts.

    32. martin hanssson

      3.53 rosicky knew that rooney will score that freekick lol

    33. ProGameUs

      0:15 Corner taken quickly ORIGIII !!!!!!

    34. Juan MANAS LUENGO


    35. Juan MANAS LUENGO

      The 10:2 from bayern was an amazon clip 😆

    36. Juan MANAS LUENGO

      Les Goo Rooney

    37. ousmane Balde

      Lol I feel sorry for barcelona support


      barcerlona are legends to come back from 4-0 down yo psg

    39. Morpheus

      What about 2-8 in Quarter Final ?

    40. Renere Svendborg

      2:30 mhhhh i think i have seen that celebration before ohhhh yea Bruno Fernandes hahah

    41. Addison Lewis

      8:18 why is that fan celebrating a liverpool goal when he's wearing a barca hat?

    42. Blessing Onyenma

      my most favourite defeat is Real madrid 5-0 bayern

    43. ꧁༒ĮЌξR*༒꧂ benavides

      14 24 muller mando acomer bein a uno del barca serca del roben

    44. Juan Sebastian Lopez

      aaaa barcelona que paso dos humillads del bayer en total 3 himalladas que le icieron a barcelona en el partido de Liberpol fue lo peor Iva a ganar pa final pero le salio mal iva ganar su 6 champions

    45. Hanne Rasmussen

      Barcelona pulled off a sensational comeback and the PSG manager was unai Emery and 3-6 months later arsenal got Emery and he was absolutely s**t

    46. Sarah Laishley

      Penes is so juse

    47. Nayro Polo

      Falta la goleada del Bayern al madrid en el 2000

    48. john cao

      The mature property morphometrically steer because parallelogram broadly wrap above a alike lift. symptomatic, picayune wire

    49. Gingy Foreal

      Man I was only vibing when it was barca and PSG😭😭😭🤧🤧

    50. James Ainomugisha

      Gerard Pique's own goal was savage asf 😂😂

    51. Idan Talker

      7 - 1 Germany Brazil....

    52. 屋テ Nerfer テ

      Where is the 8-0 that Madrid did to a club ? Abd the 10-2 that madrid did to rayo ?

    53. emmanuel eh

      ive watched my childhood club get batterd 2-8 i think i can handle this

    54. Trond Sidén


    55. Danny Austeen

      u forgot arsenal beat bayern under unai emery

    56. JOEL S M

      6-2 barca real. 8-2 Bayern barca

    57. Lakshya Jain

      add barca vs bayer 8-2


      Real Madrid vs. Bayern see Ronaldo's free kick be tried to do it like Ronaldinho and he did better than Ronaldinho


      RIP to any team that faces bayern🤣

    60. fa elger

      SooooooOOOOooo the moral of the story is?? don't play Bayern...they take things personally? or what do you want to tell us with these thrashings?

    61. 낭만은 무슨

      4:35 박지성 오우ㅑ

    62. Miki Laziale

      United Roma 7-1

    63. Orapeleng Motsumi

      Man city beating united wow😍🔥

    64. Rupan Mondal

      You peeps call these most humiliating matches? Should've seen me play against the AI in FIFA in legendary difficulty against classic XI 😭😭

    65. S40 Blogs

      Bayern vs arsenal 2nd leg - Arsenal: take the lead and celebrate Bayern: so you have chosen death

    66. HBO furqon

      very nice 0:03

    67. Connor Wishart

      this isn't a great video you'd want to watch if you're on the losing side of any of these teams. Me on the other hand though...

    68. Həsənağa Seyidov

      6:10 How referee defeated PSJ

      1. The Ti

        You look like you could cry some more

    69. Siphamandla Nkwanyana

      Skipped the Arsenal v Man United 1, have never watched it till this day so not about to FUCK UP Tradition. Lmfao

    70. Landonsgaming

      Aston Villa vs Liverpool 7-2

    71. AMC Kabel

      very nice 0:03

    72. Mārtiņš Vanags

      Manchester was the best BACK in days

    73. Meliodas{Joshua} Ferguson

      Real Madrid 😔 our only kriptonite

    74. مساعد

      مين جاي من جلوري

    75. Yaswanth reddy

      busquets: i have the best assist in the history of football evra:hold my beer

    76. Ana Aini

      Bayer muncen adlah musuh alami barcelona Barcelona adlh msuh alami real madrid Real madrid musuh alami bayer muncen..

    77. Alican Gün

      0:14. Iniesta, is that you?

    78. Zorian

      Don't worry- the 1.5k dislikes are FC Barcelona and PSG on different accounts

    79. Filippo Frasson

      8:18 perché sta esultando il tizio con il capello del barca

    80. Peter Craveiro

      2010s? No love for Portugal? Benfica won 10-0 against Nacional, just as Benfica, Nacional plays in the 1st Division of the Portuguese league, Liga NOS :( And yes, in a single game.

    81. WOLF Herox Op

      6:11 this is the best time to take revenge against PSG and they didn’t broken any hearts of Barcelona fans in the stadium🔥🔥🔥.

    82. 1 1

      City is good against bayern.

    83. Abdullah Rafik

      Half of this video about barca getting humlitated😂

    84. Ag Warren

      Bayern is too strong for Barcelona when the face against

    85. Ag Warren

      Sr4 2goals in 4min being a defender...brilliant

    86. RATT

      i always cry when i see the germany v brazil match.

    87. chuggggggy

      That 6-1 from Barcelona was a robbery, that's why they lost by 3 against Juventus in the next round. The second 1-5 from Bayern vs Arsenal was also a robbery, that's why they lost by 3 against Real Madrid in the next round.

    88. Bean-Berry Hodzen

      The various cable conversly close because pharmacist prospectively mug minus a nonstop mini-skirt. one, accessible giant

    89. DarK ReapeR

      Aston Villa 7 - 2 Liverpool

    90. Olusayo Isola

      Can everyone just stop and look at this editing Its fabulous

    91. vajarr27

      Name : arsenal Fetish : masochist

    92. Emmyboy_metro gaming

      To me I believe the best club's are real Madrid and Bayern Munich

    93. Joseph Urbina

      Agueto was offside in his 2nd goal

    94. Henok Shife

      madrid 4-0is not that much humiliation

    95. vaidik bhadiyadara

      Vidic missing vs Manchester City

    96. Daidi Fanta

      I'm glad that we've embarrassed each of the traditional top 6 in the last decade. 1-6 win @United, 5-0 win vs Liverpool, 5-1 @Spurs, 2 consecutive 3-0 wins against Arsenal within 4 days, 6-0 win vs Chelsea.... unfortunately we haven't embarrassed any quality side in the UCL

    97. Bitec Don

      7:15 bro was offside

    98. 바이어 뮨첸

      7:0 8:2

    99. Kingsley Frizzell

      Thanks guys for calling arsenal a big team

    100. ASSASSIN

      Huh my guy man city won 10-0