Supercross Round #15 450SX Highlights | Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Motor Speedway | April 17, 2021

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    Pubblicato il 25 giorni fa


    1. ThisisBen

      Webb is doping again nodoubt

    2. seeni gzty

      Omg i was so mad at roczen for making that mistake i almost threw my tv out the window

    3. eioshen boboi

      Webb has the heart of a champion. I love when puts a glum look on the other riders faces.

    4. Rock girl

      I loooooove this kind of supercross tracks!!!!



      1. seeni gzty

        Roczen "Lost his Mojo" 😂🤣😂🤣

    6. vbddfy euuyt

      coopers is in kens head and his nightmares. ken be walkin down the aisle checkin over his shoulder to see if webb is coming

      1. eioshen boboi

        Roczen should've won this one, he needs to change mentally. This won't cut it!

    7. kolim jone

      I loooooove this kind of supercross tracks!!!!

    8. samuel fisher

      Absolutely gutted for Anderson! He finally gets a decent start and then gets taken out 🤦‍♂️

    9. John John

      Supercross is not what it used to be... All the greats left.

    10. Reese

      Ken Roczen had a 11 second lead and still lost. He is done. Webb will win Championship 🏆 1. Webb 2. Rozen 3. Tomac

    11. Dimuthu Ranaweera

      Congratulations TOMAC


      Aldon Baker is the Big factor

    13. Jeffrey Shingleton

      2:23.....Webb bobbles then clears a nice double with 10’ of run up.......smh, I’m selling my dirt bike.

    14. Leccross Assis

      The number 2 is a killer WTF!!!!!

    15. Jordan Gamble

      It's crazy though Ken is only 26 years old I think the biggest thing is just being there for his little kid he doesn't want to hurt himself too bad where he's not physically able to be there for Griffin I don't have a kid but I can understand that he probably doesn't want to be crippled/ broken bones and Griffin can't spend much quality time with his dad at all doing the things they love to do, Ken's like f*** it I'm not risking a move that might end my career and home life. More to life than Supercross 💯

    16. OooWee95

      coopers is in kens head and his nightmares. ken be walkin down the aisle checkin over his shoulder to see if webb is coming

    17. ISCO36 Iscorama

      Alter, völlig die Nerven verloren! Scheiße....

    18. Joeyp81

      Can't hang!!

    19. Ratsnrop Live

      Roczen "Lost his Mojo" 😂🤣😂🤣

    20. SIDYfe4r

      Roczen should've won this one, he needs to change mentally. This won't cut it!

    21. aboveitall 47

      I have been saying this since Weeb first title and now finally on the podium he says it. I was lucky. Yes folks for a rider who sucks in the whoops looks like an intermediate rider he's lucky for every podium he gets.

    22. Tony Ornelas

      Fastest guy on the track has an eleven second lead the laps are winding down - what could go wrong?

    23. roush 07

      Go Ken 94.stay on team honda . Don't give up .

    24. Reese Dengler

      The TV crew just completely missed Tomac's pass on Barcia. Come on man!

      1. kolim jone

        coopers is in kens head and his nightmares. ken be walkin down the aisle checkin over his shoulder to see if webb is coming

    25. shootnstars

      Why can't Tomac get a good start? He only hits like 1 out of 5-6 starts

    26. WFO holeshot

      Roczen wore out, Eli trail riding, Webb racing start to finish..

    27. eye speed

      I think kenny needs this (retirement)

    28. Moto Clan!

      its looking tight for the points lead!

    29. Bones 65

      Did they dock andeson for passing all those people while off the track?

      1. Derrick Anderson




    31. Grant Risseeuw

      Wish i could watch full races ...please someone upload🙏

      1. Natalie Deyton

        Peacock Tv

    32. Rocket Randy

      roczen just throwing it away honda should fire him and hire tomac

    33. JL 512

      Incredible ride from CW2 🙌🙌🔥

    34. Gary Glenn

      Congrats again for Super Cooper!!!! Kenny just doesn't want it as bad a Cooper or Tomac,but will see.

    35. Topshelf Junior

      Do Webb + Roczen like each other ?! Or is there a little tension there ? Honest question.. Don't know their history..

      1. Sam Black

        Yeah they don’t like each other at all.. Webb married Kens scraps.

      2. Topshelf Junior

        @Derrick Anderson THERE IT IS !!! I knew there was something there man lmao !!!

      3. Derrick Anderson

        webb married roczens ex gf lmao

      4. CHECH MUSIC

        there was a little tension on webb overtaking on roczen a daytona but otherwise on the whole they were fair play guys. Ken challenged after Daytona rightly or wrongly. I don't know if they like each other but there is respect between them.

    36. Zydecobro bro

      Webs thinking wow this is just way to easy

    37. Zydecobro bro

      in the last half not even Web was riding that good of a race its just Roczen had that one flubber in the whoops than he changed to jumping through the whoops and slowing down giving it away to Web i just dont think Roczen has the mental strength to be a champion

    38. Don Fraser

      This race just proves, its not how few mistakes you make, its how well you recoup from your mistakes,,, Cooper Webb has such great balance, (probably from surfing) he does make mistakes, but he keeps his balance, he is like a cat in that respect,,, Cooper Webb is amazing... balance, determination = CHAMPION !!!! The best ReCooper wins !!!!

    39. Todd Reeves

      Roczen choked!!!

    40. team eye

      Can you dont burn your tire and just send it to our school?

    41. Vittorio Fabregas

      I'm a big kenny fan but come on mate, this was your race to lose. Kudos to Cooper, that man is a warrior.

    42. Mike Burney

      Cooper The Man...

    43. Mjd *

      Cooper Webb is a beast

    44. Deckard 5 Pegasus

      Just another typical day at the races, meaning: Roczen is the fastest, Roczen has mental fart, Roczen lets Cooper by. Only difference, it wasn't the last lap, but worse he had a 11 second lead. I don't even want to watch supercross anymore. If Cooper was obviously faster, fine. But that is not the case. This has just become STUPID to watch.

      1. Deckard 5 Pegasus

        @Thomas Lopez Again Roczen is consistently faster in most races. You have internet go to racerx. And NO it's not 0.02 you dunce!

      2. Thomas Lopez

        @Deckard 5 Pegasus for what races? And a .02 second difference means nothing. If you watch the races with your actual eyes, you’ll see that Webb has had at least a slightly better pace than Roczen throughout the course of the WHOLE main event (not just the first three laps) in a majority of the races

      3. Deckard 5 Pegasus

        @Natalie Deyton like the other coop fan you're factually wrong according to the laptimes. Kenny has has faster laptimes according to racerx

      4. Deckard 5 Pegasus

        @Thomas Lopez you're factually wrong. The laptimes postes on racerxonline has Kenny faster than webb

      5. Thomas Lopez

        Atlanta 2 and 3 have honestly been the first races of the season where Roczen was considerably faster than Webb. Webb has had a little bit of an edge in Arlington and Orlando, and going back to Indy where Kenny swept, Webb was just as fast, but wasn't getting the starts to win. If you watch Indy 3 you'll see that once webb got to 2nd he was gaining on Roczen up until the checkers

    45. adam evans

      You every want to see a fake smile and forced "positive" attitude just look at a Roczen post race interview lol.

    46. Pat P

      How much is Ktm paying ken to let him by ? That was so Obvious

    47. EarthSurferUSA

      For Ken, everything has to be perfect for him to win. His bike, his riding gear, his mental attitude at the time, it all has to be perfect,--or he drops off the pace. Seeing a 12 second lead just past midway of the race,---tells me that is not true. He just thinks it is. This is a lesson. If you want to be a success, you have to ignore the little things that are in your way. We have to ignore our government and the news today too.

    48. EarthSurferUSA

      Notice RC never said that STUPID phrase tonight,---"Championship Management" It was his favorite phrase just a few nights ago at the last round. RC rents his own mind out to idiots sometimes, and as the GOAT, he should know bettter. But at least he will never praise that phrase again.

    49. Chuck Chambers

      Gonna be honest, If Monster Energy Supercross follows this same schedule / routine next year, I'm turning it off.

    50. Emily Schmitz

      i was there lol. super good race, really close at the end.

    51. Soldier

      If Webb had bent handlebars he would have rode that bitch sideways!! Just sayin

      1. EarthSurferUSA

        If we could post pictures here,---somebody would post a pic of Magoo with his bar bent to the gas tank, (and I think he won). Ken depends more on excuses than he does his own talent. He had a 12 second lead, and never got back to speed.

    52. danny cannon

      Roczen might aswell of just pulled up on that turn n got off his bike ??? I thought it was a lapper letting webb through 🙄

    53. EarthSurferUSA

      Cooper Webb would have to do worse than a 5th and a 5th at the last two races to lose this championship. Glad too see that stupid "championship management" theory out of his head.

    54. EarthSurferUSA

      How do you spot the healthy losers? They are wearing a mask.


      Webb is the man. Inspirational to see his heart. McAdoo is fun to watch and I hope this kid knows he’s a champion already.

      1. EarthSurferUSA

        You sir, have what I call, "a good sense of life". While most in the comments section are acting like a baby sitter or a pissed off cop,---you sir see this for what it is,---just good racing, and good human beings making an effort to be great at what they do. :) Except for his feet flying around almost randomly for Cameron, his style reminds me of Ron Lechien or Bayle a bit.

    56. Jeremy Chornobaj

      Poor Roczen always a bridesmaid... “ My bars were a little bent “ I’ll tell you who’s bars were a little bent, #31 Macadoo last week!!!! Stoped blitzing the whoops and starting jumping that’s what cost the #94 that race and ultimately the championship 👎🏼

      1. EarthSurferUSA

        "My bars were a little bent"? Yea, Mitch Payton would have let him go too. Lets face it. The guy has loads of talent, but he gets distracted and he is about as tough as Michael Jackson.

    57. Derrick Bruce

      Omg i was so mad at roczen for making that mistake i almost threw my tv out the window

      1. vedubsums

        ha! I hear ya. I was cussin like a sailor. Love Kenny and I think him being a new dad has changed him a bit. but the thing about Kenny is that he is way more of a gentleman and shaking coopers hand after past races to congratulate him, whereas Webb is just kinda ego filled. can't stand Webb really but he races well

    58. Noah Erps

      I like Roczen, but I feel like he needs someone to scream at him and get him pumped up right before the race lmao

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Webb has the heart of a champion. I love when puts a glum look on the other riders faces.

    59. Coopdegras

      Ken has to be more aggressive he's let webb off 2 or 3 times this season just just letting him go by without a fight, how hungry is Ken for this championship? I don't see enough want. Webb wants it more I think.

    60. Moto Rider94

      It kinda seems like roczen doesnt know how to battle

      1. A A

        @EarthSurferUSA I think I’m following what you’re saying. So let me say this. Webb is making Roczen his bitch. No if ands or buts about it.

      2. EarthSurferUSA

        It does not "kind of seem" that you may not know what you are talking about. You are 100% correct, and should be proud of that. :) When you figure out reality, do not cower with "kind of seems", (vague). When you are right and know it, tell it like it is boldly, with confidence, (even if the rest of the world lives in "kinda seems" land, not sure of anything). Sure, you will still find yourself wrong once in a while,---but you can correct that because you "think". We can not figure out reality with the premise, "kind of seems". "Kind of seems" is just the first step to find truth, and not a valid argument in itself. Ken Roczen is a wimp when it comes to battling. Only he can change that fact. :)

    61. CobraZz_YT

      Can’t stand cooper Webb honestly

      1. EarthSurferUSA

        Why? Are you judging him on his words and actions, (which I see nothing wrong with), or are you just agreeing to some delusional public opinion, (which public opinion almost always is delusional, sadly today).

    62. Douwe Egbert

      Roczen looked like he got lappeb by webb the way he let him pass ..damn kenny , im a big fan but thats not what you do if you want to win and i think there is the big difference ..that will to win of Cooper is many times higher ... Roczen and Tomac look like dads who try to get some early retirement money and dont really care about winning anymore


      RC is horrible as an announcer! He truly shows his favorites, definitely pushes Roczen and puts a negative twist on Webb a lot of the time. Announcers should be impartial and not show a bias. Webb is a SHARK 🦈 once he smells blood 🩸!

    64. Christian Barney

      Well, there goes kenny's chance for a 2021 championship. It's still supercross so anything can happen. Bummed for kenny.

    65. Rick Visser

      How can you even pretend to smile at 3:05 when you are Roczen... I would be sick of it.

    66. Jim Williamson

      Go Coop !

      1. Jim Williamson

        @Rock girl yes they have missed more action up front this year then ever before . It seems like the announcers just cant pay attention to the race !

      2. Rock girl

        The TV crew just completely missed Tomac's pass on Barcia. Come on man!

    67. Sid East

      Nice one Kenny for basically pulling over to let web pass you - definitely going slower on purpose not to catch Web !!!

    68. Plebtile

      Only got to see half the races, thanks ESPN.

    69. Jeff Hicks

      AP is flying just needs to stop getting nervous then getting passed.

    70. Idol Arnel

      Ktm power released Grats webb

    71. Everyday Joe

      Kudos to Webb but you kinda wonder if he doesn’t sandbag a little bit. How do you recover those lap times?

    72. Ricko Eghy

      Ken roczen 👍🔥😎



        That was hard to watch. No fight

    74. GET AMONGST IT!!!

      Nice job leaving the inside OPEN yet again Kenny!!! I like Roczen, but he never learns, doesn't someone on his team show him replay after replay after replay!!!! Webb must just be thinking , "DUMMY" everytime Roczen leaves the inside open!!!!

    75. Pengembara Alam Rimba

      KR not mentality a champ.

    76. cmbecks

      Kenny is making it very difficult for me to be a fan of his at the moment.

      1. Cuntsplosion 69

        @MJC van Iersel he murdered his way right to 2nd place

      2. MJC van Iersel

        @Aiden Laughorn No.. he just murders the entire field with 2 seconds a lap! That takes risk if you ask me!

      3. Aiden Laughorn

        he don't want to risk

    77. Eric Jensen

      Great ride boys!

    78. Peter Zubek

      Oh no i am for Rocken

    79. Kellian

      Wtf Roczen??

    80. Bryan Rodriguez

      Roczen....king of choke

    81. Blady Sante

      Now thats a champion and not a one-hit wonder. Lets gooo Webb!!!

    82. Luca Seelen

      Weerebbb i hate you

    83. The Hankyman

      Two Rounds more and Roczen win the Race. I hope Kenny wins The Overall Rankings this Year. German Tank is Rolling 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    84. Geiner#69 Quesada


    85. mongo mongo

      I loooooove this kind of supercross tracks!!!!

    86. Hinze YO

      Ken roczen is the aaron rodgers of supercross. "Kenny rodgers." Fck webb, cant stand this guy.

    87. Skye Commander

      Man once Webb gets Roczen in his sights late in the race, Roczens fate is sealed.

      1. John Dail

        10 4

      2. SCOTT FLYNN

        @Diego Berrueco yea that blood in the water hurt as a Roczen fan. But I must say I'm also a webb fan he is a monster! The competition has been great all around

      3. Diego Berrueco

        He says it himself in the interview he sees blood in the water and coop just goes for it.

    88. S B

      Get in webb

    89. Boots

      The one track I think Webb can’t win this, he wins. 2 time champ coming up. Comment again if I’m wrong

    90. Dan Delzotto

      No wonder he doesn't have a sx title.

    91. Dan Delzotto

      Starting to get fed up with roczen choking all the time.

    92. Spoon Boi

      Fuck you webb

    93. Brandon Fredericksen

      There are a lot of angry fan boys tonight.. love it.

      1. Dennis Alexander

        Yeah and Ricky is the biggest one of all

    94. Kijani Thomas

      U never know if webb crashes and finishes outside the top 10 and roczen wins it is right back on for the final race

    95. Thomas Lopez

      Cooper might not have been as fast as Kenny (or maybe even ET3), but he bounced back from Tuesday night and rode a solid race, eventually making the most out of a little bit of luck at the end. People say he gets lucky a lot, but he makes his own luck by putting himself in the right place 99% of the time. It's no coincidence that he's likely going to win his second 450 SX title and he's just 25. Who knows how many more he'll win before his prime is over. 2? 3? He very well could become a top 5 SX rider of all time. Now outdoors is a different story... don't know if or when he'll figure that out

    96. James Zbierski

      Man that really pissed me off

    97. Matt Lemmons

      Poor Macadoo. The dude is just getting beat up out there. He’s one tough guy.

      1. Thorn Carnegie

        Wouldn't say poor mcadoo, he wasn't just a part of every crash but he caused several himself. He was cross jumping Marchbank before that so good on Marchbank I reckon

    98. VALE

      Ken hätte den Sieg verdient!!

      1. cmbecks


      2. Co1ny

        Nee hat er nicht.... Bin auch KROC-Fan aber er bringt es einfach nicht zusammen.... Der Fehler wurde gemacht. Immernoch 6s Vorsprung. Kopf hoch und weiter wie bisher. Was macht er? Er fängt einfach an seinen stärksten Streckenteil (whoops) völlig anders zu fahren. Meinst du Webb fuhr mal eben jede Runde 1-2s schneller? Nein, Kenni hat den Fokus verloren und aufgegeben. ganz einfach. Sorry aber so wird er nie Meister, so sehr ich es ihm auch wünsche.

    99. BC 1 t

      Cooper deserves it! done cheering for chokezen ,when some one passes you ,you usually try to get it back,not Kenny! he just sits down and watches him pull away.Congratulations Cooper on the championship,you have a heart of a true champion!

    100. Sam Black

      He literally laid up and let him past.

      1. Sam Black

        @Jordan Alexander Sometimes, but not when the title is on the line as it was in this one. This was do or die and he basically pulled over and waved him by.

      2. Jordan Alexander

        Sometimes that is the smarter thing to do. Better to get 2nd than crash and get 10th

      3. Robert Bullock

        It's not over yet... Anything can happen..

      4. Sam Black

        @cmbecks I agree, zero fight put up and that was the title right there.

      5. Avery R

        If not Cooper would had gotten aggressive.