first game with MY SKIN



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    1. Jumaal Salim

      Code LAZAR YEET never forget those words 😈😈😈

    2. Matthew Bucud

      this video is first on trending rn

    3. Brandon Vazquez

      What’s the song called it sounds good

    4. Avery allard

      Lazar i did you proud and got a victory in the lazarbeam tournament by memeing

    5. PWR Zash

      y u sware

    6. RL Srayon

      Congrats mate

    7. Yoosef Khosrowjerdi

      Use code lazar

    8. My Name


    9. Konrad Rutkowski

      Wouldnt it be great if he played stw?

    10. Michal160sk

      First 10 seconds ia so good LazarBeam sac:Lazar

    11. Pedro pony p

      Closet we could get to a gardern skin

    12. TS Swagis0204

      Here is too Lazarbeam he is true blue He is a piss pot threw and threw He is a bastard so they say Ment to go to heaven but he went the other way he went down down down down. sip sip sip

    13. David's Fever Dream

      #1 Trending

    14. Teresa Pinones Hidrogo

      You gave 500 hundred dollars to typical gamer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Matt Dean

      u alwen my fav youtuber n now u have a skin im so proud of u :)

    16. Omg Austin

      He do like The build though👷🏻Builderbeam👷🏻‍♂️

    17. Denki Kaminari

      I’m on smoko so leave me alone

    18. fluffy tiger

      lol. lazarbeam got demonitized beacose he curse in the video

    19. Benyamin Mazlaghani

      Lazarbeam your skin is awesome 👌

    20. FG TWIN


    21. RandomMartin

      The amount of times he said “skin” 😂

      1. naruto Seven deadly sins


    22. Aliasgar Dhorajiwala_7_BatchB

      I can't get it but he took his In a different way and I respect him for that , to pay respect to your originas

    23. Dizney

      Which skin will you buy? Lazerbeam skin - (when it comes out) Or the fresh bundle skin.. Congrats lazerbeam 🙃

    24. ben harris

      Lazarbeam is the biggest bloody legend out of all

    25. logan watts

      flee occupation hesitate hold employment rhythm familiar architect russian around

    26. Tamier Hamilton

      Thought your skin comes out on March 4th

    27. London Richards

      When he said baby Ginge I thought he was gonna say Baby Jesus 😂😂

    28. withEZ vlogs

      What if his backbling was a pet and it was willeh

    29. CEO of annoying

      R.I.P gingy skin :(

    30. ben harris

      Lazarbeam why aren’t you accepting your friend request

    31. Yegor Dolinsky


    32. Nathaniel H Gettman

      #1 on trending what a legend

    33. Cooper Foltz

      You deserved this mate

    34. Fire_fang337

      #1 tending pog. awesome livestream btw

    35. Ambiguous

      i started singing the national anthem when it came on...

    36. Amer Jasarspahic

      LazarBeam is now the 3rd most subbed channel Chloe Ting passed him :(

    37. Noah Miller

      I wish I could support you but don’t have the money to buy your skin in fortnite😥😥

    38. Chwy

      im mad bro i was 40 places from winning the skin great game mode though

    39. Alessandre Alvarez

      love the content

    40. Brad Goes Boom

      6:36 all British people just died of laughter

    41. Luca Bellato


    42. Dripz


    43. Robbie Campbell


    44. Heather Bendele


    45. Matthew Vitharana

      lazarbeam i have a code lazar and yeet but one opposite arms :) congrats so much on ur skin we love u lazarbeam till the end of yt ends now we sing the song Here is too Lazarbeam he is true blue He is a piss pot threw and threw He is a bastard so they say Ment to go to heaven but he went the other way he went down down down down. sip sip sip i love ya i movin to aussie soon and i wanna see if i can visit u u are my favorite youtube congrats :)

    46. XxJokerKing7


    47. Chris Jurado

      Hey who is going to buy the skin? I am

    48. Kiishi FAMADEWA


    49. david costello


    50. david costello

      Lazarbeam should do a video with marshmallow and travis Scott icon series trios it would get over 30 million views

    51. Frank coco

      yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss LazarBeam Skin

    52. Ricky 16_8

      Al principio se me hizo fea la skin pero la veo en el juego y se ve fresca y humilde💪😎

    53. ፕዘቿ ዘሁክፕቿዪ

      #2 On trending the legend still has it in him ㋛︎

    54. PadfootOfficial

      2 on trending lets gooo

    55. Xyu Pho


    56. Sweet Nebby

      yoooooo number 1 on trending lets go

    57. Ghosted 08

      Wait what can you do whith your old skin ginger

    58. Ariel Mulliez

      This man deservs it.he made me a loyal memer

    59. Cody Tang

      1 ONE ON TRENDING??? good job lol

    60. Renzo Mabale

      Guys lazarbeam is on smoko leave him alone

    61. Albert Reno

      Who else realized that every youtuber that gets its skin goes in a match and there is always someone who wants to team with em.

    62. GoodGame GAMER

      Congrats lazar

    63. aboodoo 2008

      Use code : Lazar

    64. Oliver Moan


    65. ScoPez Brthers

      Lannan Don't demonizite me yt IThomes here Lanan demonitized

    66. FFB3AST

      Petition to bring back yeet


      Number 1# on trending dang

    68. annick youmbi

      Bob the builder

    69. Evan Rodrock

      Hi lazar I like your skin

    70. Emiliano Gonzalez Cuen

      why do you ot give the skin to grefg?

    71. Michael Peric

      Mate you gotta make a tribute for good old Holden closing

    72. adam Collins

      Ngl this looks sh÷t

    73. Damaris Gigante

      Code Lazer o love your skin i will use code Lazer when I buy it the skin

    74. Super Q Master


    75. Chloe Long

      Yea he deserves it

    76. Harri Dinosaur53

      How do I start a video Arizona iPad what app

    77. Charles Heggs

      QQ The first bit made me laugh


      Use code lazar

    79. Jammygamer 123

      is that the music that plays when u emote or not pls reply

    80. Ohno complete

      I love ur vids my epic ohno_complete

    81. Tammy Mota

      Lazerbeam I'm big fan and I got your skin to 😃

    82. Jae Jae S

      It’s number 1 trending

    83. Harri Dinosaur53


    84. Itz naz

      how does he get bot lobbys

    85. Silly

      It looks like Mike Nolan

    86. Gwxn.crack. zx

      How can i get it

    87. Alison Alipaz Alpire

      Quien sos vos

    88. PcectrlFreddy

      Not gunna lie the tournament was so hood

    89. Marcus Escamilla


    90. teaks

      Dude really got #1 on trending

    91. KombatGuru3137

      I love the hard work you put into ur videos its amazing

    92. Jaydenthaboy unable

      Much deserved such an amazing achievement and person the legend HIMSELF lazer beam.

    93. Paul Harbinson

      Wasn't the LazarBeam skin supposed to come out today?? is it today or tommorrow im confused now... :/

    94. Tim Vredeveld

      OMG a real fortnite gamer

    95. Nineteen Hits

      Number 1 trending 👀

    96. Night King 48

      #1 on trending let’s go!!!

    97. Alexis Sandoval-Nonato

      Dad LazarBeam Or Dad I dropped from high school followed you footsteps

    98. Liam Setowy

      Who watched when he got insulted by tommyinnit