How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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    Amine gas treating
    Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
    Reverse Osmosis:
    Lithium Hydroxide:
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      1. dot

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      2. MackASmack LickadySlap

        @Malinda Macrone so many different ways that "opp" can be interpreted as.

      3. MackASmack LickadySlap

        @Malinda Macrone what?

      4. Malinda Macrone

        @MackASmack LickadySlap 0pp

      5. Luke Arts

        @SmarterEveryDay Dear Destin, I hope you get to read this. Something to think about for your next video sponsored by Audible... (I posted this on another video, but I doubt there's a chance for you to read new comments on older videos. I'm realistic enough...) Audio-books, sure. But please stop promoting the use of them behind the wheel. When listening to audio-books, you cannot compare it to background music on the radio. You're not going to listen to an audio-book that doesn't matter to you. So the topic matters and you want to listen. Even a phone conversation, where you can easily interrupt, stop talking or ask the other person to repeat what they said in case something happens on the road, has been proven over and over again to be a genuine and massive distraction that effectively causes accidents by the millions each year. So you must understand that listening to an audio-book, that keeps on talking and will make you miss something if you are not listening properly, definitely takes a way a huge portion of your attention, and most likely your main focus, off the road. My life got destroyed by somebody who was driving while his focus was impeded. Please, don't create more distractions, don't create more killers... Thank you.

    2. 如月飛羽

      8:22 that's such an effective visualization.

    3. Lo Kiwi Na

      Was kinda hoping there was just a room full of potted plants somewhere on the sub


      this guy should be on the tv

    5. Jason Rhome

      Are you named after Destin Florida? Never heard that name before until I went there lol.

    6. Whiskey Delta 40

      Like that game Oxygen not included but irl

    7. Eric Waltersdorf

      Someday compare this to what they have to do on the International Space Station. Low gravity makes this all much harder.

    8. Chethan Burre

      So the rate of Oxygen consumed to burn the candle is far less than the rate of Oxygen released from burning the candle?

    9. Christopher Eshleman

      An answer to the thumbnail before watching: because the substance they're surrounded by is a third oxygen. Jeez.

    10. Nick Fedorov

      "So where did you learn all this?" "In the Navy" "In the Navy?" "Yes, in the Navy" *Village People music starts playing*

    11. gunit 010

      What are you doing in there bothering those people for your own benefit when they are busy protecting american ?

    12. WingfootMcNova

      Isn't the sub docked on the surface during this video? They still burn oxygen candles when they're surfaced? I would have thought they'd just ventilate air from outside.

    13. redstang5150

      HEY - was that the Mythbusters artist?

    14. John Harpe

      -------- Original message -------- From: John Harpe Date: 2/24/21 8:43 AM (GMT-08:00) To: John Harpe Subject: Dear GSED, Thank you for your IThomes productions. I have enjoyed many. A recent offering brought to attention “Central Atmospheric Monitoring Station” (or something along those lines) on nuclear submarines for crew oxygen and carbon dioxide management. Having a background as a retired First Responder and Respiratory Therapist myself, I hope you don’t mind me asking an academic question regarding ship HVAC designs that can possibly destroy aerial microbes from the atmospheric while encouraging air and droplet microbes to enter a floor ventilation intake away from hands and noses, and then is ionized and temperature controlled as it travels up wall passages to be re-introduced above a Sailors head. Air movement is then encouraged to move from top down. I believe the end effect would be like being in the center of a toroidal vortex gas movement, but the recirculated air is N95 filtered and USN sterilized before overhead reintroduction. Thank you kindly😊

    15. Snow axe

      The only submarines I have been in to is "KOSATKA", it got everything a person needs, A sleeping Quarter Kitchen with Beer, Pizza, and Red Caviar Bedroom TV Obviously, it armed with Torpedo and Missiles,

    16. The Great Avocado


    17. Duality

      you can engage with a human.

    18. werealldead_ _

      As much as I envied their port calls, I still am happy I was on the Ohio class subs

    19. FerdinandFake

      They just dump the oxygen out into the walkway? I expected some kind of ducting everywhere

    20. Elijah West

      Why not build a plant 🌱 room on submarine? We have the lights for indoor growth and it would be a natural way to removed the CO2 and get oxygen! It also has the potential to look really cool with plants all over a submarine.

    21. Daniel Lewandowski

      Ya oxygen candles got me I thought I knew what I was talking about but I guess now I am smarter . Thanks ❤️

    22. Rhazien

      The guys coming in and seeing the camera and just backing out hahaha

    23. Alfred Petersbourg

      Dont wanna go into this complicated stuff.. but there a lot of stuff in the screen right now and thats what happening. Killed me

    24. will2see

      17:27 Why your chemical reactions aren't balanced??? Would you write 2 + 2 = 5???

    25. Aaron Mcdaniel

      The "preheating" of the rich amine (23:37) is probably just a part where excess heat from something else hot on the sub is reused to make this process require less heat. He mentioned a heat exchanger, and after more thought, I would guess it is the heat from pressurizing the CO2. I'd bet money that they have a lot more heat generated than can be dissipated by the sub, so they probably want to minimize their heat generation wherever possible

    26. Majed Marji

      The shiny pantry topically whine because arithmetic observationally zip off a young hedge. narrow, sloppy air

    27. Kyotra

      Oh boy, gonna be interesting to see the crew react to the covid lockdowns.

    28. mlfsup

      Awesome. Curious. They said change candles every 2 hours. But are the candles only supplementing the main oxygen? A GREAT channel. Thanks for sharing all of this.

    29. Tyler Chrise

      of course the dude from ohio is named Dow... hello from the mansfield area lol

    30. Nio Martinez

      Destin, sooner or later you'll end up rading the ISS itself. Like what you're doing here, I just know it.

    31. Fred Flintstone

      Submarines are a class of demigod, they contain the people they consumed and rarely see water.

    32. Aaron Mcdaniel

      When the oxygen levels are low and Destin just wants to learn cool things, meanwhile everyone else just wants to breathe

    33. turb0m0nk3y

      Fork Handles!

    34. Russell Reilly

      North Korea has joined the chat....

    35. Michael Lundy

      "A class delta fire isn't something you want to deal with on a submarine" I work in a rescue team in the petrochemical industry. A class delta fire isn't something I wanna deal with ANYWHERE.

    36. The Babocks' Show

      6:07 Cameo by "Bass Pro Shops". Hey Destin, do they fish when surfacing? Is it like - let's catch us some fresh tuna in free time?

    37. thomasj1026

      I work in refrigeration tell them to throw away those H10s. Piece of unreliable garbage. D-Tek stratus is the way to go

    38. strkeout

      Dustin, this series inside the submarine has been so enjoyable to watch. What a thrilling series of videos. Thank you to you for bringing this to us and thank you to the US Navy for allowing this to happen.

    39. Hass H

      So Logic quit his rapping career to join the navy as part of a submarine crew


      You can use electrolysis on seawater to make chlorine in the various heat exchangers to minimize marine fouling from things growing in the nice warm water.

    41. not a cat

      7:50 Of course i know this, it was in Dr.Stone anime

    42. SwissCheesy_ez

      If we ever get trapped in a sadistic type of game on a submarine by a maniac, at least we now know how to not die by suffocation. :D

    43. Duality

      At 1:00 that music reminds me of some other series that has a place in my heart :) also the way the footage was done.

    44. fab0

      weird navy ad, theyre really trying lol, nice science though

    45. Hrithik George

      and this video’s free?

    46. TheOtherDan

      That interview basically went That's interesting Can you show me..

    47. Michael Edlin

      I for one am very glad that you exist Destin. Every video you make is just full of stupidly interesting information that we just wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.

    48. Spooge Rl

      i served in the Royal Navy on submarines so i thought id watch out of curiosity. Very surprised O2 candles are still used. in 2007 there was a major incident on HMS Tireless which killed 2 of the ships company due to a contaminated candle and since then they are only been used in emergency situations.

    49. Christopher Kendrex

      The guy let him light the candle seems like a good dude

    50. PitchB1ack

      imagine checking the oxygen levels.... and then the impostor stabs you in the back...xD

    51. CrashKaiju

      Pshh who paints their diesel yellow

    52. vmwindustries

      FN Awesome video!

    53. Kyle Zucaro

      Monoethanolamine is a base in a lot of car wash chemicals, smarter every day i guess 🤔

    54. Mr Hmm Quach

      4:36 oops sorry

    55. Mohamadamin Yarahmadi

      4:55 Look At The man behind him!

    56. drumermp


    57. nalkmt1441

      If it is that easy to make hydrogen and oxygen why don't they run a sub on hydrogen?

    58. Justin Fowler

      The term "clinker" is a railroad term. It refers to throwing coal into the boiler of a steam engine. If there are small rocks in the coal pile they don't burn. Thus they drop to the fire grate and make a clinking sound on the metal.

    59. Eddie Force

      The atmospheric controls have come a long way since I was in the Submarine service before the days of O2 Generators.

    60. Brandon Dorris

      This series is amazing. Also, best channel on IThomes.

    61. Nelson Ortiz

      I have a question how were you able to get access to go on a sub?

    62. Miror Magnetizer

      Hi Destin, love your videos, I learn so much from them everyday. I’d like to answer why they use a preheater in the MEA column. (Chemical engineer here). Absorbing CO2 by MEA is a reversible reaction with an equilibrium. MEA holds CO2 only at lower temperatures, heating it up releases it as it does in the stripper which is a pressurized boiler. This produces lean MEA, but hot lean MEA cannot absorb CO2. To shift the equilibrium back in favor of absorbing CO2, we have to cool it. So why use energy to heat the MEA and then energy to cool it back down? Instead use the hot lean MEA exiting the stripper to heat the cold rich MEA entering the stripper. Viola, you solved the cooling and heating energy requirements (this is not 100% efficient ofcourse but you’re saving huge here). This is called heat integration (heat recovery) Remember the submariner said there’s a heat exchanger (HEX). The preheater you didn’t understand the purpose of is this HEX. Hope you learnt something today as did I. Cheers

    63. Slenderbanana880

      When I saw the _lean_ monoethanolamine being shot out as a purple liquid at 23:08 I giggled big time, then immediately understood that I can’t be trusted to participate in adult conversations.

    64. Neolithx

      A Clinker is a term from blacksmithing. it is a chunk of slag that settles in the bottom of the forge. the slag is Fe203 so the exact same thing as the by-product of that candle

    65. cabbage dusk

      They just have plants everywhere

    66. jcbaroux

      STOP speaking with that HOT potatoe in your mouth. tyvm, plus stop this very basic ape language.

    67. dragonage200

      The chlorate candle is exactly how they make supplemental oxygen for passenger in airliner in case of an emergency depressurization. And mishandling of those candle have actually brought down a passenger airliner, when some expired candles were ignited in the cargo hold, which did not have active fire suppression, but relied on being airtight to starve any fires of oxygen. However since the candles were generating oxygen, the fire kept burning and burning so hot that it burned through the cargo hold into and cabin as well as burning through vital components like control cables

    68. Politically Retarded

      Okay but like we don’t just breathe oxygen 78 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen so like where do they get that from?

    69. mo mo

      Good to know even the navy use h10 pro's

    70. Miles

      Me an intelectual: so were gonna need an aquarium omboard for fu... uhm oxygen yeah...

    71. Mark Vincent Cocjin

      Thank you for making the Chinese government Smarter Everyday. The money has been sent to your wife's account.

    72. Mr. Burning Skull

      There are more planes in the ocean than submarines in the air

    73. Mr. Burning Skull

      Because air doesnt run out of submarines

    74. Adam Kee

      I clicked on this as soon as I saw the title... My curiosity took over.

    75. fl4shr

      How i ended up watching 30 mins about Oxygen... :D Amazingly done!

    76. Teggsy

      Sodium Chlorate as in weed killer we used years ago ?

    77. Leo Cruz

      Austin Evans works on a sub?!?!?

    78. Holley Ragnarok

      "not sure why its called clinker" that boy has never been around a traditional blacksmith.

    79. Guillermo Platero

      27:08 i want that racoon on my ear

    80. David Skog

      See what he says when you ask him to see the nuclear ☢️ reactor on board lol 😂

    81. yasen king

      The diligent persian effectively bow because tuba regrettably decay toward a various community. valuable, macabre thursday

    82. DCMurphy

      5:13 “sniff away.”

    83. Adam Cheklat

      I heard that already on “Big Bigger Biggest”.

    84. greenman360

      One second in and I'm not a scientist or whatever, but I'm guessing they pull some "o" out of the H2O they're literally surrounded by on all sides?

    85. obsolete optics

      If you're not allowed to question it, it's no longer science; it's a belief system, it's a cult, but it's NOT science.

    86. Chad Wood

      Hehe, submarines have Co2 farts.

    87. Z O

      Ha! Easy answer, have you never held your breath under water? The video was just a unessesary long winded answer. Haha kidding great and interesting vid!

    88. fjace5

      How much potassium hydroxide do they have to have on a sub to live for a year?

    89. Torgie Madison

      Those candles are nifty, but I can't imagine them being useful beyond a stop-gap measure to give the sub enough time to surface. 4 candles every 8 hours (2 every 2 hours, fore and aft)... and they're not exactly small. If these were used with any regularity the boat would be 90% candles by volume 😂

    90. stephen marchese

      Can civilians buy those candles? And also how much are those candles? Awaome innovations 💡

    91. VEĆTØR

      4:56 Anyone noticed that guy? Lol

    92. Moe O

      i hope this series never ends

    93. CVA Buck

      Destin: So how do we get rid of CO2 and make oxygen on a submarine? Me, a former submariner: Scrubbers, burners, O2 candles, and the bomb. Also me: But I'm still gonna watch.

    94. T

      Amaizing content Destin! Thanks for high level of visualization

    95. Per Larsen

      I really don't get it? How can a supposedly science guy believe in an make-belief elf in the sky? You loose all credibility. You can't say, I believe in facts and science, and then say, I believe in something supernatually, where no facts exist.

    96. Some Random

      Is a submarine a boat?

    97. Teslinator TeeEeAy

      baseball cannon vs prince rubert drop

    98. Pocketfarmer1

      Why is this public?

      1. Pocketfarmer1

        @Jason Scheffler thanks for the reply. I only saw this one video. I still have issues with the navy clearing any video from inside of our submarines. In an effort to avoid a deep dive into Nuclear detente and M.A.D. theories, I am going with the old “loose lips sink ships”.

      2. Jason Scheffler

        Why wouldn't it be? If you watch the first video in this series Dustin explains that the content in the videos has all been cleared.

    99. シャナ先生

      The smell of amine in the air is something you will never forget.

    100. Brock Esqueda

      Dow is one impressive smart man!