FIFA World Cup 2010 All Goals

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    1. aghemhen lucky

      Waoo!!!!! I enjoyed this, like someone who just finished 2 rounds.

    2. Hannes Haag

      Where is San Marinos 32 goals?

    3. Ryan

      The best world cup ever.

    4. Jan Macháček

      Legends say Drogba is still celebrating goal which wasn't scored

    5. mel spyropoulos


    6. Danny Woods

      Just me who kept seeing a car score fucking Honda is everywhere 😂

    7. Prakash Chakraborty

      This was the best world cup so far....... nostalgic

    8. Vito ILPS

      siapa yang nonton 2021

    9. Lucius Somberlas

      the whole of Africa was angry when Ghana lost the Qfs in that manner bloody hell sad memories

    10. Yamnaya Seed

      1:58 dedication to his forefathers :-)

    11. Elite Class Gaming

      These World Cup were Legendaries....not like our shitty ones of nowadays

    12. ahcariel

      Amazing not even Capello could sort out that horrible England's defence

    13. paata chlaidze

      fack its 2010

    14. راشد افغانی


    15. BUY BERRY

      😙🌶 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

    16. Umer Fattani

      Believe me if David villa was not playing this world cup,Spain should have been disqualified from round of 16

    17. Faris Gago 96

      I miss year 2010 💔

    18. PumperNickel

      Those goddamn vuvuzelas were a crime.

    19. Don S

      I hated those damn vuvuzelas

    20. Røckstar Ghøst

      I miss this years.. how sad now we all on covid 2021 how the time flies

    21. Павел Бурмако

      Poor Asamoa Gyan

    22. Kristopher Schmid


    23. Hashtag

      Never seen brazil trailing donno why they just go careless in the dying stages Man whatta team

    24. LAPM Package

      R,y,y,yyy,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,t,t,t fzถืถ, ก:

      1. LAPM Package


      2. LAPM Package


    25. LAPM Package

      R,y,y,yyy,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,t,t,t fzถืถ, ก

    26. Hashtag

      So many scrappy goals man whatta crazy tournamnet

    27. 名侦探小新

      When I was young, OMG.

    28. villunior pedro

      Diego Forlan, mejor jugador de ese mundial

    29. junior lopes

      1:55 Thomas Müller fuck nazist

    30. the mentalist

      Crazy how spain almost won every game 1: 0 by goals of villa , iniesta or puyol. They just had the best defense

    31. val vincent

      Too many long shot goals... Part of it because of the skill of the players, such as van bronchorst and forlan, and another part because of the ball, which is too light, as many GK complained.

    32. kiki sugi

      shabarara Gole performance love japan FK 2 goal Japan pride

    33. The Call

      Tsabalala goal was iconic.


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    35. Chilli-bee

      USA should just forget about football, shit I mean soccer

    36. RODDY RIAS Game Channel

      Все голы этого ЧМ канут в лету, в памяти останется только одно - адское гудение вувузел! 😊

      1. RODDY RIAS Game Channel

        @Peter Dobrynin это точно!

      2. Peter Dobrynin

        Как же они достали. Даже через ящик башка трещала

    37. Jonney Silver

      Ronaldo's goal against Korea, just gold... 10:22

    38. Ramazan Akbaba

      Sneijder,Villa,Forlan,Vittek perfect

    39. ZΛRD ZUMI


    40. Michael Cox

      Worst World Cup

    41. Vanatice


    42. AEVO Project

      It was happened during my college year (Monday 4am Australia timezone), and I was rooting for brazil. When Iniesta scored against the one defeating Brazil, I was satisfied What a good memory

      1. Dasea Frate

        What about 7-1?

    43. Juan Fernando Arevalo Benitez


    44. Muhammad Fikri Hernandy

      Best world cup ever

    45. Channel 676

      Best in 2000 era is world cup 2002 and 2006.

    46. Muhammad Ibrahim

      Who are the names of the commentators?

    47. Tofa Canser

      Diego Forlan

    48. Musa Al Yaqubi

      4:47 says "Park" there are legit 100 players named park who play in Korea Republic national team

    49. Señoritas Top's

      could be better organized

    50. Lap Lap Ricky Fung

    51. Lanang Bagus

      Thomas Mueller 👍👍👍

    52. shifu the chipmunk

      David villa😍

    53. Şaban Öztoprak

      vuvuzela fucking

    54. FLORİDA 92

      eski erzurumlu shabalala

    55. Othman Benma

      the best tournament of world cups so far 🤤🤤 Forlan's goals, Ghana honoured Africa , that game between Netherlands and Uruguay , Suarez's satanic hand , Lampard's disallowed goal , Brazil 7 0 North Corea ,

      1. villunior pedro

        Suárez y forlan. Lo mejor

      2. Othman Benma

        @Rodrigo Benavente ah keyboard error thanx

      3. Rodrigo Benavente

        Portugal 7-0 North Corea

    56. Rizqi Tobil

      Best world cup

    57. LM47

      1:58 wait..

    58. Diego Bausada

      This was the best World Cup ever

    59. Alexander The Great

      Guys do you realize this is the last World Cup before the world absolutely went to 💩? Social media hadn’t rotted peoples mind to nothing and there was no tik tok or stupid social media trends yet. 😞

      1. Sven Schwingel

        In 2010, Facebook was already around, though. As were the first iPhones. We witnessed a world that was about to change.

    60. Mister Trousers

      One of the best penalties I've ever seen 20:08

    61. Agus priono Priono

      Inggett msa lalu

    62. Jehu Sebastian Reyna

      I still think that the level of the goalkeepers in this world cup is one of the worst I've seen

    63. Loc Vu

      This is the worst worldcup evee


      The best world cup

    65. Draxist Draxer

      Germany is scary.Most of the time they win in dozen goals.

    66. Daz Macca

      Those bloody horns ruined a great world cup

    67. Arenla Walling

      This will bring tears to many people who lived in that era. That year... Who enjoyed...

      1. Virgil Blaze

        Who lived in that era? About 95% of the current world population lol, you make it sound like it was played in the 50's 🤣🤣

    68. Michael Mike

      I could not watch the South African World Cup because of that stupid noise they create during games. STUPID. South African fan ruined the World Cup that year for me.

    69. Huss Shaiq

      Why so many adsvertisements? Annoying!

    70. Ramadan Karim

      FIFA World Cup 2002 2006 2010

    71. diego millan

      Esa eliminación ido que Claudio bravo mejorará a lo que hoy en día chile pudo llegar más lejos pero el fútbol es muy repentino aveces gana el que mejor concreta

    72. banned for nothing

      I can literally see the ball behaves strangely with every goal

    73. Daniel Paez Sanchez

      What the hell happened with France and Italy?

    74. Kaushal.Gote Btech2018

      It sounds like bees buzzing.

    75. Jamal B

      Arguably the quality of football is superior in the champions league but the World Cup will always be the superior football tournament.

    76. UrViechAlex

      The only unbeaten team of that WC was ... New Zealand!

    77. Bartosz Patela

      1:58... :D

    78. Steven Cooke

      Despite that goofy ball some great goals were scored. And ten years later the vuvuzelas sound almost quaint.

    79. Steven Cooke

      Despite that goofy ball some great goals were scored. And ten years later the vuvuzelas sound almost quaint.

    80. Thabani Ngqondela

      The video tittle says "all goals" but no they are not all included. Where's Van Persie's brillian header🤔, just to name one...

    81. Andrey Sladkova


    82. Giorgio 8

      2:04 one of the most memorable goals of that Mundial. Cacau w/ Germany

    83. rcmanization

      some of the angles used for the goals are just so so bad. almost as bad as the vuvuzela noise during that world cup lol


      Villa caried spain haha

    85. 김태형

      Do you know jspark??

    86. Huseynov Yasar

      11 years later 🙄🙄

    87. MNHS Channel

      In fact, new zealand is the only team not lose in the tournament

    88. Reus Arul

      The best world cup in history ❤️❤️

    89. Santiago Morales

      Muchos goles no pudieron ser atajados por qué el balón era demasiado ligero

    90. Kadirou KAKI

      فعلها ابن بلدي حروزة الفنــــــــــــــــــان...وأسكت الفرنسيين بباريس سان جرمــــــــــان ...وأذهل الــــــــروم والـرومـــــــــــــــــــان...وثأر للبايــارن ســـــيد الألمـــــــــــــــــــــــــان...وكان فخر العرب والعربــــــــــــــــــــان...من الجزائر مرورا بمصــر الى باكستـــــــــــان...ومن لا يشهد لك بالفن فهو من الرعيــــان...ومن يقول غير ذلك فهــو من العميــــــــــان...أنت جوهرة الجزائر وكل البلــــــــــــــدان...فأنت ساحر وملكهـــــم لكل الولــــــــــــــــــدان...💪

    91. Mustafa Kanbur

      Fuck Vuvuzela fuck african Football funs

    92. Helgi Hörvatsonn

      My heart aches for the Dutch...Love from Croatia you orange giants.

      1. Ruben Koning

        sending love back my friend

    93. Apik Rosick

      This should be diego forlan world cup. But pity for him uruguay finished 4th

    94. Chung Đoàn Thành

      Cháy quá !!!!!29-4-2021

    95. Tuấn Vinh

      FIFA world cup wonmen

    96. Apurba Adhikari

      1:58 muller with nazi salute >>>>>>>>>.

    97. Leónidas Ron

      Alemania estába como siempre fuertísimo

    98. ranbowNSPSP2I

      The times when almost all the Nationals had, at least, 1 star player..

    99. Ayie Zack

      Spain , only Villa , iniesta score?