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    aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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    aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Ahari Shay


    2. Brandon Mansibang


    3. Ahari Shay


    4. Ahari Shay


    5. Ahari Shay


    6. Ksheetija Bantawa

      54Mdone now let's go to 55M Fighting!!!

      1. BLACK- POP

        Asepa members Tiktok collection please

    7. TahiLalatNya_Echan 06


    8. Ahari Shay


    9. Ahari Shay


    10. aespa stan

      아야 야 야 야 야 야~

    11. Fahri Sit

      Jatuh cinta ama vokal nya ningning Jatuh cinta ama kharisma nya karina Jatuh cinta ama body nya Winter Jatuh cinta ama cantiknya giselle

    12. OhHerry

      Winter Ace

    13. Nazilah ella26

      Semangat 100 viewers MYNE

    14. Mhwylm

      Ayo gais trending 5 kan..full powerrr

    15. Nrara 179

      Ma Ma Ma triple Mamba one Aespa, more My, ofc and Myne too for 55M

    16. Muhammad Ijwan Achwan

      Nonton lagi

    17. Sri Muryanto

      JYP ada ITZY SM ada AESPA

    18. nyimas asifah

      Sm stan here..

    19. Sri Muryanto

      AESPA adalah adik nya RED VELVET

    20. SM stan Entertainment

      karina kutuk aku menjadi adek mu hoho

    21. Kim Jisoo

      Diosassssssssss... 😍

    22. nhá»±t Minh

      Top 1 Trending

    23. claudia añazco

      Síganme en Instagram: _claudiaanazco_ (guión bajo al principio y al final) y envíenme un mensaje q son de IThomes dndbdbdb

    24. nhá»±t Minh

      The queen kpop

    25. nhá»±t Minh


    26. nhá»±t Minh

      Tuyệt vời

    27. nhá»±t Minh

      Bắt tay quá

    28. nhá»±t Minh

      Hay quá

    29. El AMP ON

    30. nhá»±t Minh

      60M iss coming

    31. XxSilent_NightPhoxX


    32. Chaoyan Liang

      Anybody think the same with me that Karina strongly resembles Sohee (Wonder Girls) not only in appearance but also her figure?

    33. SM stan Entertainment

      Yu sore udah 55M yukk

    34. ᄋᄋ

      근데 솔직히 노래 개잘뽑음;; 중독성 쌉오져

    35. Nana Tylee

      Korea-japan-Taiwan-thailand-america multinational kpop group Under Swing ent Julie hann. 00. YG Koeun. 99. SM Hina. 00. SM Songhanhee. 99. NEGA Natty 02 JYP/SWING Sanhee/Xani 00. SWING Heo yunjin 01 PLEDIS Sheen wang 01. TPG/YWY2020

    36. N Ha

      Karina visual 😍

    37. Helen Vilella Kim


    38. cinz xxa

      Who's your bias? Mine is 'Ning ning' and 'Karina'.

      1. Hello Salma

        Winning hahaha>

      2. Tiong Jie Ying




      4. ipseeta biswal

        Winter Giselle

    39. MY_ Ningning

      54M !! Soon 55M Keep streaming guys!!♡

      1. MY_ Ningning


    40. Aeri Kim

      Reasons to HATE AESPA First of all they hate AESPA coz their DIFFERENT than what they have USED TO. "I'm THE Aespa, there can't be two" - WINTER Second, they HATE AESPA 'coz they're BREAKING NEW RECORDS in korean or international charts and looked for holes to spread fake rumors, they actually make every single thing controversial. There's a lot of articles about AESPA even they haven't debut yet, and haters are mad for it. "I’m addicted endlessly talking to me, my aespa." - KARINA Third, THEY HATE AESPA, A ROOKIE GIRL GROUP COMING FROM SM ENTERTAINMENT BECAUSE THEY CAN'T ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY'RE SO PRETTY, THEY'RE SO TALENTED AND WILL BE POWERFUL AND SUCCESSFUL IN THE NEAR FUTURE. " I’m at the center of the world " - NING NING LASTLY, they hate AESPA 'coz they find many baseless reasons to HATE aespa. They have no proper promotion but the girls managed to enter music charts, got millions of views, nominated as first place on THE SHOW, and made people hooked on them. " I’m exhausted, your existence has grown" - GISELLE Their song BLACK MAMBA tells it all. I HATE MA MA MA MAMBA - AESPA

    41. maria ahmad

      MYs!! please keep streaming we gained less than a million v13ws today, we need to be getting at least 2 million v13ws per day to break the 60m record! please stream MYs, it will also help aespa on music shows! 11.17 - 5,728,540 11.18 - 21,464,110 11.19 - 8,845,983 11.20 - 4,321,510 11.21 - 3,972,283 11.22 - 3,415,532 11.23 - 3,056,458 11.24 - 2,312,288 TOTAL - 53,116,704

    42. Syifa Nuraeni


    43. Johnny Suh

      what does kwangya mean tho, like it's also on 90's love so...

      1. Ara Starlight

        Maybe kwangya its mean the place of their live

    44. Itzy16 luvBlackpink

      NingNing is queen for her vocals and her talent and for typing with her nails 💅

      1. MY_ Ningning


    45. its blacknblue

      still waiting for the dance practice:---)

    46. Jennie Winter

      AESPA makes their debut on 4 Billboard Charts: #5 World Digital Song Sales #19 LyricFind Global #100 Billboard Global excl. US #183 Billboard Global 200 -Faster Debut MV to reach 21.M 1st day -ALL VIDEOS ARE TRENDING WORLDWIDE -AESPA MEMBERS NOMINATED BEFORE AND AFTER DEBUT ON 1 SINGLE DEBUT MV PERIODT. SO HATERS GO AWAYS

    47. Sind Chan

      1 week and still trending in Indonesia \>

    48. jaehyunmariesta official

      Dari trndg 7 jadi 6... ngeri ngeri

    49. Trusfrated Mochi

      The screen time distribution was not at all fair , y always karina

    50. Selah Hierro


    51. Arini Dwi Lestari

      gue liat mereka berempat serasa ngaca avv

      1. Ara Starlight

        Heh ㅠㅠ

    52. TreasureMaker to SONESNSD

      Even I not Stan them like I Stan SNSD, I will support them cause they are SNSD junior...fighting

      1. TreasureMaker to SONESNSD

        @Ruto Sahi hai teume..hehe ..I here cause want use interval channel..and stream treasure MV again..haha

      2. Ara Starlight


      3. Ruto Sahi

        Yeassshhh & also MMM

    53. Ci Ci

      cevvat 55M!!!😡

    54. 이은서

      레드벨벨 보다가 에스파를 보니까!!역시 레드벨벳 언니들이 겁나 이쁜거였구나 이생각함!!

    55. Shim Chung

      So pretty

    56. Shim Chung

      100 m

    57. Aquarius gurl

      Let's make 100M !!

    58. Arini Dwi Lestari

      lagu sm emang kaga ada obat

    59. asdfghjkl

      plis kalian fans aespa jangan jadi bocil toxic deh, aku liat banyak banget fans aespa yg mulai komen sampah di lapak rookie lain, tolong respect doang ke semua rookie lain kasian tau, aespa itu dari agensi besar jangan bikin malu ih

      1. Rxqavyoリー

        @Laura Beatriz fans aespa yg spam dikit sih,msih banyak blonk sama exo-l 😭

      2. Rxqavyoリー

        @Laura Beatriz okk:")🙏

      3. Laura Beatriz

        @Rxqavyoリー dilapak æspa jg banyak blonk bun, jd santai aja klo liat begituan jangan mudah percaya🙏

      4. Muslima Taylor

        Entah kenapa mereka selalu bawa bawa aespa , padahal kita disini saling suport buat str3m19 sama vot3 : (

      5. Laura Beatriz

        Terus loo percaya itu fans æspa? Santai aja klo liat begituan bun, dilapak sini jg banyak yg bawa² idol lain tapi w yakin itu bukan fans idolnya, mereka mah mau adu domba doang...Jadi selow aja klo liat begituan~

    60. Samal Ibragim

      0:46 это плагиат! Танец из Itzy-Wannabe Aespa у вас уже плагиат.

    61. Your Bæ810

      So, apparently, they're enemy with mamba but friendly with Boa? lol interesting

      1. Sun Star


    62. Arvie Villanueva


      1. Hello Salma

        Don't make emoji please:)

    63. Maria Ahmadd

      if we achieve 3m v13ws everyday, we will be able to achieve 60m in 10 days!!

    64. Teh Poci Eps.2


    65. anita rachmawati

      When i try to sleep, my brain be like : ayayaya black mamba

      1. Hello Salma

        Me too haha>

      2. orange&lemonXmYbluepetalZelfX

        Maybe because you keep on watching this😂actually me too.

    66. Murphy Martinez

      I'm curious as to who did not have any surgery in this squad?

      1. Sweet and sour

        Why does it matter??

    67. Lynette Juames

      i love ningning's high notes i love giselle hair i love winter's visual i love karina's dance they're so verry talented

    68. woops moodz

      *Leave a like if this is not your first time here.*

    69. Maria Ahmadd

      MYs!! please download mubeat and whosfan. make sure to vote for aespa and stream their performances + mv on those apps.

    70. Maria Ahmadd

      MYs!! let’s try to reach 60m vl3ws in 10-12 days! the fastest kpop debut mv achieved that in 14 days! so let’s make sure that aespa breaks that record and the 70m, 80m, 90m and 100m record too!

      1. Sun Star

        With the current stats, I think we can achieve 60M by Nov 30/Dec1

    71. Aila Byun

      They are look like K/DA group

      1. Ara Starlight

        Different baibih

    72. Kite Higg

      We need MORE! C'mon str3am harder MYs

    73. kpop things


    74. aespa stan

      wOw 54M (☉。☉)!

    75. Avrina Yoomina

      Pertahankan tr3nd1ng... ayoo semangat str3am1ng MY

    76. kimjunguwu

      The fact that ningning turn into jennie in a minute

    77. Daniial

      they probably don't know anything about kobe bryant

      1. Tiong Jie Ying

        I'm pretty sure they know. Kobe is a legend everywhere.

      2. Ara Starlight

        It just concept ㅠㅠ

      3. Ruto Sahi

        What's this kobe bryant thing?

      4. Evan Hong

        I’m pretty sure Giselle knows

    78. hana 06

      Ma ma ma mamba oeoeoe ma ma ma mamba oeoeoe

    79. Chalsa Silalahi

      aayoooo semangatttt ayooooo buat 100juta sebelum sebulan rilissss bisa yok!

    80. h h

      Determined more than ever... let’s go 100m

    81. yunita eka miladiana 031

      seminggu betah wae nangkring di trending neng💖

    82. Lesly Martinez Jarquin

      I really like this video.🥰

    83. Sheena Pasion

      Aespa, FIGHTING!!!!

    84. Dianty • 9-4

      Semangat str3aming ya semuanya!

    85. Ara Starlight

      Tenang guys klo komenan dibantu ama hat3rs kita naikin v13wer nya aja yaa

    86. Ramdani reksawijaya


    87. Mollera pelona de Jin

      Mi amiga y yo cuando vamos a chismear

    88. Student Aespa

      55 wani gak, Myne, My? Gaaaaaaaas...

    89. Hasna Fatin Nabilah

      Masih semangat ga ni guys

      1. san


      2. Ara Starlight

        Yuhuu masih dong

    90. dheandra savira

      54 020 422

    91. Karen

      BoA comeback?

      1. Ara Starlight


    92. LYRICS

      Let's get 60 million vi3ws (^-^)

    93. san

      Gass pol gaes

    94. KPOP FAN

      I'm not interested to their face but the talent wow absolutely amazing also to the camera its better than the music show or wht. Hahaha

    95. Black Jack

      Just reminder that your are not alone for str3aming this MV ;) ... let's make it 70Mviews before 2 weeks!!!!

      1. Sun Star

        70M is somewhat not feasible but hwaitinggg 🥳

      2. Aespa dominating the world

        Yes pleasee

    96. Alia Lee Soo Hwa zZz

      str3am lagi dan lagi

    97. Ghina QN

      Ini sehari cuma 1-2M doang ni?:(

    98. Km Berdosa

      GO 55 M