Most Emotional & Beautiful Moments in Football


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    The most emotional, dramatic and beautiful moments in football. #Respect. Salah, Messi, Hazard, Van Persie, Liverpool, Ajax, Tottenham and more ..
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    1. Kuchenasiate

      Fußball ist so ein dreckssport

    2. Joban Dhear

      13k dislikes unbelievable

    3. Mark Railton

      Pathetic scouse shite

    4. Mihir Vinay

      Girls: Can't believe he didn't cry watching Titanic, do boys even have emotions? Boys:

    5. Bünyamin Kiliçarslan

      Fenerbahceli olarak gurur duydum bektas kardeşimizden👏

    6. Mariel Leferink

      Je maakt echt hele mooie filmpjes



    8. Angel Diez De La Horra

      These types of videos make me remember why I love soccer, not only for what the sport is, but for what it represents.

    9. hameed han

      Son 🥺❤️

    10. Эдуард Шурыгин

      Всем добрый день !!! Желаю хорошего дня и отличного настроения !!! Надеюсь вам тоже очень нравится !!! Спасибо вам большое !!! ✊✊✊

    11. Gary Hardman

      Stunning. Thank you football.

    12. Trilla NY

      seriously why would u sack poch? spurs were literally in a champions league final.

    13. seeker

      When children are happy the universe is happy.

    14. bear tiny

      Just beautiful it’s a culture more than just a sport

    15. ぽんず山


    16. David Hachen

      Lo que me duele todavía lo del liverpool

    17. Werder fan

      Thumbnail looks like a hostage situation

    18. Randomy

      Son looks like such a genuine nice dude

    19. Jonny

      2:13 what a pen

    20. Marcos

      De arrepiar esse início

    21. Tim Terror

      I love football ❤️

    22. منتضر كريم

      علم العراق العضيم

    23. Peti Kocsis

      More than a sport

    24. rayhan ruken

      Ajax team unbelievable

    25. TUNI G

      Bundan dolayi futbolu seviyorum

    26. Krishnanshu Virang

      Football is itself an EMOTION

    27. BI GI

      Peccato che ormai il calcio sia solo soldi e sponsor, di emozioni ne rimangono poche

    28. Alfredo Franco Garcia

      A muchos le parecerá aburrido lo que voy a decir pero que bueno que con la energía y entusiasmo con la que se canta,grita e idólatra en los estadios se hiciera para Dios... las cosas en esté 🌏 serían diferentes...

    29. odion yu gi oh

      5.27 top

    30. れんじ


    31. Jose Reyes

      Mauricio pochetino one of the best coaches in the world rn

    32. Cholponay Parpieva

      Music is so coooool!!!! Thank you for video

    33. DJ R&W


    34. MelvCODM

      Bruhh I miss fans ingame 😪😭😭

    35. Roberto Barrera

      Sta chido!... Vientos huracanados! Épico lo de Liverpool!

    36. Гизатов Елеусин

      Тоттэхмен великий

    37. EMIL

      Where is bvb malaga

    38. Angel Avila


    39. Manchester United

      Ynwa gives goosebumps this is what football is about the fans create every iconic moment much more iconic

    40. Paul Sheppard

      This is why I love this sport. Entertaining but when need to be everyone comes together as one no matter what your background or where you come from. This is football!!!!

    41. K S

      when I watch this I think about the human scum that wants this to be gone, and for what for their own pockets to grow. I know the ESL has been disbanded, but it's not over. it can happen again at any time. I say it's not over until the human garbage is taken out for good. we need to get them all out of football. #50+1

    42. 순둥이쥬연

      영어로 되어있어서 무슨상황인지는 모르겠다... 그저 아무도 다치는사람이 없기를..

    43. an jai


    44. MK Entertainment

      this video is enough to make a grown man cry

    45. Thijn Mulder

      I was live with Ajax its my club u know i was crying and a week i didint go to school bc of it🥺

    46. Marc-Andre Ruppert

      Football is for the PEOPLE!

    47. GrandioseG

      All gone.

    48. Aziz correctly


    49. Merlu Benitez

      Mierda de video

    50. humberto castro

      Muy hermoso ver los estadios a reventar.... Dios quiera y se normalice pronto esta situación mundial🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    51. issouk


    52. Alan Sunny

      Everything has changed now! Damn!

    53. _ Kernae _

      I’m sad because this is the end of football😢

    54. La Revolucion Del Bitcoin

      Muy emotivo mis felicitaciones

    55. Володимир Іванюк

      RESPECT ✊

    56. さぅぇあ

      All of this is gonna be for money

    57. Im Amine

      Who's here after that European league shit

    58. MER. 12

      Sad day for football fans 😢 Rip football

    59. chris vardias


    60. Markos Bontozoglou

      This Super League takes away all these moments, think about that for a second.

    61. Léo Signoud

      Who watch this video for remember champions league before the super league?

    62. awachi16

      Anyone watching this after the horrible news?

    63. Maria

      Enjoy this moment before the Super League destroy football 😭😭😭

      1. ÆGON


      2. Falconer

        @Jose Reyes yup UEFA AND FIFA is more like a mafia and monoply

      3. Jose Reyes

        If u actually knee abt football and thought more from the clubs perspective u would see that the super league is trying to save it, euefa are the ones that are trying to ruin it with their stupid restrictions they want to make.

      4. x 3

        Y would that happen?

      5. Thijnhuts

        Super league is goneee

    64. WeeeWriter


    65. Tiago André


    66. Uzoma Mba

      Use this as a "I'll miss football" button

    67. sebastian zucchet

      we’ll never see this with the super league

    68. Riyan Hindi

      R.i.p beautiful football 😭

    69. YUNG ZUH


    70. Alex Sultan

      Anak asyu iklannya segala mendesah mana kedengeran lagi ama ortu lgsg di "ehem" in gw cok volume full soalnya

    71. Eija Ariandi

      Arsenal forever

    72. ANDEX

      2:04 Peñarol siempre respetable 🖤💛🖤💛

    73. Khamisi Ngao

      Nice sound effects

    74. Stefan Cvetkovic

      When ajax lose even im from Serbia i cried and been sad for 5 6 days

    75. Joel Brewster

      That Liverpool game as a Liverpool supporter was the best I have ever watched. Still gives me goosebumps now.

      1. FG SentxnelL

        Yeah and as a Barcelona fan, this is just pure humiliation

      2. Junaeid Jaeen

        Same here.

      3. genie girl

        Me too!!!

    76. Tyler Benoit

      Robin Van Persie walking off the pitch one last time😭😭😭😭😭🥺

    77. Carlos Sanz

      El hombre, como la hierba son sus días;..Que pasó el viento por ella y pereció..Mas la misericordia de Jehová es desde la eternidad y hasta la eternidad sobre los que le temen, Y su justicia sobre los hijos...que guardan su pacto, acuerdan de sus mandamientos para ponerlos por obra.(Salmos 103:15-18) Escucha el testimonio del pastor Eugenio Masías Corbacho, es extremadamente impactante. Dios se manifiesta al hombre y le señala su camino, aun con voz audible. Lo librará del camino de sombra de muerte y lo llevará por el camino que conduce a la libertad gloriosa de los hijos de Dios. Lee la Biblia, versión Reina Valera 1960

    78. Max von Raben

      .........und heute dürfen sie vor leeren Stadien singen! 😫🤯🤦‍♂️

    79. majinbuakaw

      What is it about ajax vs spurs it looks like they projected ajax as arrogant but ajax yhe youngest team in cl at that time was the best thing in that year in cl

    80. Салим Деревягин

      Для чего, в таких видео реклама?! ((

    81. Segun Lawal

      LFC for life

    82. Manuel Vazquez

      Por eso amo!!! El fut bol. Wow

    83. Troy Hayder

      Look how bent they are... Their all wearing thigh highs... Its so fucking bent...

    84. Valerio Morini

      Manca l'addio al calcio piu triste di tutti i tempi...quello di Francesco Totti

    85. Uchizi Mhone

      If this doesn't live You in tears I don't know what will

    86. Wolfgang Epp

    87. luis couto pereira

      Si palabras. Las imágenes valen más que cualquier otra expresión vocal, todo está en el interior de cada uno de vosotros y nosotros. Saludos cordiales desde Barcelona.

    88. Francesco Carbone

      Tifosi, invece di bisticciare e fare danni a cose e persone, siate allegri e rispettosi e divertitevi durante le gare sportive

    89. OrB1T_Shadow

      Mate, that ajax team was so inspirational

    90. Antony Rodas

      Cual es la cancion que canta los aficionados del liverpool al principio.....

    91. S kevin Subba


    92. Liverpool Forever

      Liverpool one love ❤️

    93. aysel beyaz

      I love messi

    94. Marek Ježek

      I am Czech thank you for šural.

    95. WeyterPoint 120

      Llevo con una diarrea explosiva hace 2 dias :"c

    96. GRY I ZABAWA

      Super film 👍

    97. İrem Nisa Örnek

      Türk kanalınında türk yorumu bulamamak

    98. ED - 05PS 808682 Jefferson PS

      mo salah's injury hurted me and hes so kind

    99. Fernando Leer

      I watch this probably once a week.