studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande

Ariana Grande

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    positions out now:

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    1. Aries Shatto

      Seriously love her tho but that auto tune damn

    2. s u n _ l i g h t *


    3. brinel hit

      I like yuh too haha

    4. Alexa Leigh Nicolasora

      this made me realize i know nothing about music

    5. itssaxv •


    6. lurking behind these prisms

      she's so talented

    7. Hi, how are you?

      The moment you relive you will never get you dream.

    8. mo xo

      you can tell shes made for this, the effort that she takes effort into what she does, theres a reason why shes at the top unlike those tiktokers w their music no hate im js stating

    9. Nathan Obas

      She’s gonna make some crazy arrangements for her team when she’s on the voice

    10. JustHannahMarie

      This is a pro.

    11. Mheng Relon

      i mean it's ariana thing, she killed it

    12. David Breaux

      The talent in that woman is absolutely humbling and matched only by her work ethic. Frickin unreal.

    13. Christoph James

      what a musical ear

    14. Igor Marquezs

      Eu fico chocado, que já tá perfeito e ela consegue aperfeiçoar ainda mais. Que mulher incrível!✨💕

    15. General dwane

      This is why respect 💯💯💯💯💯

    16. 0rb1t3r

      if I had her voice I would never shut my mouth 😊💕

    17. Blink

      She knows what she is doing.

    18. Emely L

      We need a documentary

    19. lisa marie esquivias

      what more impressive are those guys understanding the craft so well.. i wish i knew how to do that and just be in a recordig studio seeing magic happen

    20. maren’s life

      can i have a two hour montage of this?

    21. denisse chuco

      And the final result was PERFECT

    22. Emily Louise

      she is so talented

    23. Hp and Tvd Stan

      3:15 WHY IS IT SO PRETTY

    24. Corpse †

      2:47 she’s so respectful and polite towards the people she’s working with !! she needs to be protected by all the costs 😩

    25. Telly

      This called me untalented in so many ways

    26. Telly

      ✨per fec cion✨

    27. oNly ! bXtChEs

      My ears have been blessed

    28. A7Xdeathbat22

      This makes me question even more how it took eight people to write this song.

    29. Adam B

      I feel blessed 🙏🏾 I really hope you keep posting more BTS

    30. taeren

      1:36 me to ari

    31. Prisha Goel

      she is so sweet and respectful

    32. alicia shetter

      she’s so nice to the guys 🥺

    33. AG0943

      We need moree

    34. Waddaduck

      lol she legit working that hard for one part that is how she makes songs sooooo good

    35. Digs Baccon

      Ela falando e o auto tune pegando a voz dela é mt engraçado

    36. lynx?

      her engineer is so patient, and shes so nice

    37. Alli Dolphin

      I honestly wish I could see the entire thing not 5 min 😢

    38. Alli Dolphin

      “I don’t know what I ddI but I” Me: yuh u did fab

    39. its us in the bus

      And now, I’ll have to listen carefully again...

    40. Kim Reyes

      Best pop artist in the West rn

    41. Royale Adore


    42. you cherish


    43. Karina Martinez

      ✨ m a g i c a l ✨

    44. Bela W

      shes literally a human autotune howww

    45. Olivia Grace

      This is the definition of professional.

    46. sabrina c

      This is so satisfying to watch

    47. Sol De angelis

      que talentosa que es LA PUTA MADRE TE AMO

    48. Viviane Cristine


    49. Danny Guerra

      She got that talent 😩

    50. Danny LaRamirez

      I hear the melodine being used when she’s speaking lol

    51. Danny LaRamirez

      Mariah Carey taught her well.

    52. B

      So talented! Voice is so pretty!

    53. Naustin Fipecto

      She should make a documentary.

    54. Jonah Dorn

      she’s so polite fr

    55. DOOM BOT

      Ok, one more?

    56. Sauveur

      when you got the same earphones :3

    57. Jamie Ryan Storey

      "That is so fucking tight." That reminds me of a scene in Victorious. Cat: "That is so tight!" Jade: "Tight means good." Cat: "That is so not tight!"

    58. Ben Borenstein

      I’d love to sit around and harmonize with her for hours and just freestyle

    59. NohLantí

      I wanna know who her producers are!

    60. Isis Neves


    61. NUMBER 23

      2:16 hear the auto tuned voice🤣🤣

    62. NohLantí

      Bruh I never even noticed these vocalssssss💋💋💋💋. She’s a queen herself

    63. BunnyLouis

      when Ariana said, "Ooooo I love that!" It lightened me up =)

    64. Ivan Hangad

      this is why i love herrrr

    65. Mai Lee


    66. liliane.

      esse vídeo é tão satisfatório

    67. dancingwiththedevil

      omg she's so cute i love her with all my heart

      1. Ariana Grande

    68. dancingwiththedevil

      the way she tries over and over again to do her best 🥺♡

    69. Carla Margo Nelson

      yuh yuh

    70. DelilahZoe

      I AM DYYYYYINGGGGGGGG. Jaw dropping the entire time, watching her BUILD this section. Here I thought it was just copy > paste > pitch up/down via computers. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. She is sitting her recording AND she's doing a-***-ton of adlibs so freaking fast. No direction. On her own. Creatively harmonizing phrases and notes SO FAST. Oh my GOD, Ariana is not just a drop-dead gorgeous, amazingly gifted vocalist.....she is a production GENIUS

    71. travishunterbrown

      This world wouldn't exist without brilliant, quick and compassionate sound engineers like my man here!!

    72. Darren Gito Longcop

      I want a whole documentary of this, its so satisfying mwehehe

    73. citrusmeme

      i want more like this please 🤚🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻

    74. Erika Jauregui

      Lady you are so... AAHHHHHH💘✨

      1. Esa

        @Ariana Grande shut up

      2. Ariana Grande


      Oh I can watch her like this for lifetime.! 😫🤍🕊.

    76. Royalty Approved

      She sounds so good even without any music

    77. daniellebriannaxd

      If you want record this process for every song I’d watch every one 🥺

    78. SMarie

      YESSSS... I love this

    79. Samira Hosein

      3:08 that was my favourite😭😍

    80. Samira Hosein

      I’d watch these for all her songs

    81. Shev. Marshall


    82. Ariana’s Cafe

      ily ariana 💕🥺

    83. Ariana’s Cafe

      Wooo 🥳

    84. The Sassy Nerd

      She should do more of theses videos I love to see the construction of a song, it's so interesting. More than the song in itself 😭😭

    85. Daniel P.

      Ari how you doing girl?❣️

    86. Arg 7BeatifulBoys

      Buenardo amigo. Amo. PD: el arrem (el quim nam chun/yun) estuvo aquí, io lo c.

    87. John Paul Balvez

      She knows what she's doing y'all! She's the record label itself 🖤

    88. Cher Lee

      you're a monster! a genius of music! I admire you very much ... you dedicate all your time to create your beautiful songs .. the way you tune every single note, how you combine every sound with each other is something magical and absurd !! love you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    89. Shiloh Ferguson

      she is so cuteeeeee aww adorable she said pwease :((((((((((((( aww

    90. kate elaine

      I’m so happy that I ever got to see her in concert, she’s literally an amazing person and SO FUCKING TALENED

    91. hayven lafrance

      you can hear the auto tune but she doesn’t even need it her voice is perfect😭

    92. MR Beast shorts


    93. Keithani The midget


    94. Poppy Cronin

      Can you bring back the vlogs

    95. NEVERMIND nothingelse

      Thats pretty incredible! 🤘

    96. Shashank

      4:32 - Ari - "that's fu*king tight" 4:34 - Ari - " yeah "

    97. ViTiN

      it's incredible. ariana really see a music and try to re create what she hears in her mind. Awesome. The only thing I was waiting for it's the high note

    98. Evan Melchior

      me waiting for her to add on the "fooOOorr yoOoOouuuU" at the end of the bridge

    99. Gabryel Batista

      I can’t stop replying it

      1. Ariana Grande

    100. qopoy dnon

      is so talented. She just doesn't make music. She is music.