THE CASH CUP GODS (Fortnite Duo Cash Cup)


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    Mongraal and I placed 3rd in the most recent Duo Cash Cup together.. And we streamed the whole thing! (go follow my twitch) More videos to come, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and leave a like if you enjoyed the video 🧡
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    1. white_ hamel


    2. DV1_kubcio

      Kto z Polski daje like

    3. bhikhi

      What are these graphics

    4. Tigas10

      Benjy hitd for 132 and says: 180, 190🤣

    5. L2_Future

      savage watching this lol

    6. KL Tokio 女

      Benjy se trabo macizote en el minuto 17:17 jajajaja

    7. Chloe Higgins

      I miss these 50 mins vids

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    11. MFG aquaz

      this guy missed a purple scar,and a gold burst.get your eyes checked you man smh

    12. YoCazy

      Would have came first if game didn’t crash

    13. Nan Cezar


    14. Jake Gil

      you are gotid

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    17. Rezkusu


    18. くらげ!

    19. Jack Lowe

      BENJYFISHY I was in ur game once and u shit on me

    20. Miles Osmond

      Without mythics chapter 2 season 2 had the best loot pool.

    21. Idk Jack

      Unfair 1st round he crashed

    22. Myles Telemaque

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    23. cultrdd on twitch

      the game was so fun when this video took place :(

    24. Arkane Abdou


    25. clxssicswiftyYT

      Imagine someone in 2020

    26. Snoxy lol

      27:54 thats my luck right there

    27. Ismail Cigerli

      I love this guys

    28. JAydn MApl

      all i hear is bumubbmubmubmubjm

    29. _Kayozz

      Benjy if your gamę freez you must to hold Ctrl+alt+del and change user after this go back to your user where you have fortnite and i wil unfreez

    30. osh

      u and graal are insane

    31. Haikal


    32. The_SLAYER

      el3n bz a5tk

    33. Nils Robertsson

      You are king

    34. W0rried -_-


    35. edithge0

      How To Get Fortnite Download On iPhone Without Jailbreak 2021

    36. Vitoria Games

      First in 2021


      u should play in formula cups and try to win the 100$

    38. Hex

      Did mongraal just tell someone to chill? Weird😶

    39. Hex

      “Get off my loot bitch” 😂

    40. taha bechir khattali

      does anyone saw that he killed the same guy twice like at 19:04 and at 21:20

    41. Nxhemiah On YT

      I watched this whole thing again .

    42. maty gamer

      malo de mierda

    43. Summer Land73

      what does he. ddhudussaiwihdjoaioieqwdj , mean at 1720

    44. soliman Elgabry

      BEST DUO

    45. Crypto Legend

      I ain’t ever seen 2 bad fortnite players named Benjy and mongral

    46. Thomas Shwaiki

      31:32 when you shoot in sync

    47. Havoc eSports

    48. Yert ッ

      Love the scrims❤️

    49. Nム丂ㄒㄚ

      Les joueurs fortnite, je vous invite tous pour venir dans notre team sur discord vous pouvez y retrouver des joueurs du staff et on peut y recruter joueur, monteur et staff. on a accès au PP, on va passer sous la loi 1901, il y aura également des coachs donc des entraînements intensif et plein d'autres choses vont arriver ! On accepte tous les joueurs fortnite actif sur les réseaux sociaux comme sur le jeu ! ~ Notre discord ~

    50. Zia Mahomed

      Some random kid playing fortnite arena: Edits a window Mongraal: So I have chosen...Death

    51. Wexy on Da block

      Why did you restart you’re points after every round?

    52. Avelior

      I'm from germany ( -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ╦╤── And i like benjy and mongraal :))))))))

    53. Michał Paszkiewicz

      ho ho ho

    54. miroslav tancos

      wtf mongraal 19:08

    55. faze sway


    56. eseosandwich

      Who else is here in 2021😂

    57. 平良和士


    58. Momo The chicken

      barley 2v1s kid "SHIT ON SHITT ON

    59. Devesu Singh


    60. Tomáš Křistek

      lets go

    61. R

      7:41 1HPピーマン!

    62. Matias Diaz Suarez

      mongraal the carrileid the to the points

    63. Matias Diaz Suarez

      benji nubbyyyyyyyy

    64. Jimmy

      if you said u and mongraal are the cash cup gods then why did u guys go back to your orginal duo parters/

    65. Crazy Rowan

      me when im raging 17:14

    66. Luke Bennett


    67. Fluxziy

      At 21:53 benjy broke his mic xd 😭

    68. Fluxziy

      Benjy fishing can speak faster than eminem can rap 😂😂😭😭

    69. Amongst Us

      19:05 mongraal be like: *ONE HP, ONEHP, ONEHPLALALLALALALALAL*

    70. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    71. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    72. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    73. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    74. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    75. Bernardo Ribeiro

      Back to duo with mongraal pls

    76. Shots On Bang


    77. visible bhop

      what was benjy’s name before the fishstick skin was launched?

    78. Optimum7 esports


    79. ELiTE Clipsie

      who else just comes here to practice their callouts

      1. ELiTE Clipsie

        @NiTra “WAIT WAIT I SEE THIS GUY, yea yea”

      2. NiTra

        I have a good callout for u 17:20

    80. Soren SZN

      So is no one gonna talk about how good they were

    81. Vextifyy

      I don’t wanna be a stereotypical “self promoter” i just wanna get known. Can y’all check me channel out please?

    82. DefrostJay

      Best duo ever and i love how benjy said 200 dead before he even hit the guy ive already watched this but it appeared in my recommended so i watched it again....

    83. Sara Brown

      Amagin binjy mongrall and bugha trio together

    84. Wcquixzy

      A few minutes ago when I’m writing this I read the title and it looked like cash cup duo

    85. Stxrz Fn

      Jesus loves everyone trust in Jesus as your lord and savior

    86. ItsAland_yt

      22:53 SHIT ON!!!!

    87. SythLzrs on 30hz

      Benjy and mongraal should duo

    88. poizons

      This duo was so good

    89. Stephen Beaton

      “Yo wassup boys” is the most iconic intros of all

    90. Faze Javey

      Benji u do with mongraal Than u do with savege

    91. Koby Jacobs

      I think game one was the best :)

    92. Jixy Fn


    93. Justin is a sweatツ

      I hear quality gameplay but my mom just hers 1 HP 1 HP DEAD DEAD DAED

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    96. Jack Padilla

      What the f is this

    97. Gobz

      ez pakeru

    98. Brandice Blakemore

      He deserves at least 5mill subscribers

    99. 200PumpsOnYT

      Why did you guys ever split

    100. Joshua_uk

      18:43 benjyfishy- ahyeahyaeeeagetaeyyeehaheeeatre