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    Mankind was raised on The Skeld... it was never meant to die here. 🛰️
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    1. YouTube

      For the record, Orange is still looking SUS.

      1. Matthew Kelsey


      2. 1000 Подписчиков без единого видео


      3. itsHaris

        Omg yt comment on my yt video 😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      4. Kenneth Michael


      5. Spin OX

        @ЛаЛаЛоТ dkdkdodmr

    2. Aqilah Althafunnisa


    3. All About Code

      99 impostors and all are dumb

    4. Rajarana556

      Bruh why did IThomes comment on this video lol

    5. SyzFire

      This is fake

    6. Jahney Avrienne O. Springer

      This is the apps he used: game booster & among us

    7. Adi Wibowo

      Pixel kingdom, There's an ad where It uses a part of your video

    8. Kyah & Zara Kilmartin


    9. Yeetonidas the great

      how to abuse trends 101

    10. Annie Calvo

      How u do this? ♡

    11. bubot nelliug


    12. victoria abigail granados pantoja

      En serio todos eran impostores😱😱😱😱😱🚅🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

    13. Ce W

      actual footage of me running away from all of my haters 😂

    14. Guadalupe Arriaga

      oops i meant guees

    15. Guadalupe Arriaga

      huesos who got a need sub

    16. SimsUplier

      tbh i think this vid is genius

    17. Joseph Stalin

      It’s all fun and games until someone hacks

    18. Luciana Lopez


    19. Jason Dean

      Lol cool anime

    20. Quirkz

      a. hundred. sixty-six. million. views. holy crap.

    21. The Wink


    22. Ozan Önder

      Acil Hikayeme Bakın

    23. JL Aprende fácil primaria


    24. Bety Flamenco

      Estubo mío bueno😊👌

    25. GD Player [old channel]

      Saw your video on an ad.

    26. Kay Vin

      steave is also imposter he vented

    27. Ff Do Júnior


    28. Alfredo López

      F x Steve xd

    29. Random Kittycat

      Wish you had that option for 99 imposters

    30. ElFe MédiéVaLe

      Mc do puis Smiley après 😞 Pub Donald et requelords ⚡🎴 bad 😀😁😂 . .⭕🌐

    31. Pumpkin Ruby

      this is not real,how can crewmates change their walkspeed that fast? 0:19

    32. Tong Yean Yee

      Among Us 100/100

    33. Tong Yean Yee

      Among Us 100

    34. Maja Tempel

      Hey, someone is using you’re Video for an advertisement

    35. Fee Ioane

      I m sorry for that guy

    36. Blixer corruptor

      An app called booster master stole your WHOLE vid. They didnt even edit anything


      Hey pixel someone used your vid to create a ads name:game booster I think

    38. leen 8627


    39. leen 8627

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    40. A L E M A N FF

      put in spanish

    41. Poison

      The Last day at school Homeworks:

    42. Doudou Douaa

      Is this game right or cartoon

    43. Itz Izzy


    44. Kristy Greenhill

      I can't even survive 1 impostor how does he do it

    45. Magnus Montoya

      if the skeld legit broke this what wopuld happen

    46. Oliver Diller

      They should make this a game There is on crewmate among ten people The cremate has to finish his tasks while imposters can't see him do those tasks if they do they can kill him if an imposter kills an imposter they both die The crewmate can sabotage lights and doors Mettings are disabled

    47. Ivan Cortez

      Among us imposter game

    48. DotDotDogo

      crewmate snack is great!

    49. FinnLeafHead

      It’s Like Minecraft Manhunt But In Among Us

    50. Venkata Sathwik Vutukuru

      1:38 you can see a bed crap army in the coms

    51. Keith Fan

      Kari. I robve kush e loz ket loje

    52. Venkata Sathwik Vutukuru

      Lol Steve only had one task what if he just did that task then he would win

    53. Crystalz Galaxy

      That is why wearing seat belt is good for you!

    54. Адик Терлоев

      От быстро и крае о

    55. bOnKeRs rEvErSo

      I know you said not to be bothered but Did you actually write all of the messages? Like no help at all?

    56. Jennifer Reyes

      Among us

    57. Melissa Reese


    58. Gamer

      Katiller Birbirini Öldüremez

    59. mo mo

      GG..? "

    60. Reuben Blocks

      It crashed on the among us game on earth 🌎

    61. Mario Rivas


    62. celestin cm2


    63. Август Майский

      Крутое видео. Кстати у меня есть телеграм канал,где я публикую качественные товары к Новому Году @aliexpressshoprussia

    64. Gabethebom Is cool

      If there where 99 imposters they would win by default

    65. Family Of 6

      Steve survived from 99 imposters

    66. Nelson Adolfo

      99 imposters versus one crewmate the crew mate is very lucky from making this shit go down and destroyed self and make the impostors kill their selves

    67. GiGi


    68. Aida Nicht


    69. ツYumiko Sam

      Jaja! Me gustó el video, pero si eres español comenta aqui :). Yo espero

    70. Masroor Ahmad

      Anyone notice a flying box in storage

    71. Rajesh Nair

      2:06 Dead bodies are crashed in MIHRA HQ

    72. •Cold soba• O.o

      That’s hard to defeat tho-

    73. Sabiha Kara

      2:07 usually,the crewmates die,but this time the 99 imposters died and the ONLY crewmate survived!! WOW!! You are lucky.Anyway everyone knows that there is no such thing as “99 imposters” you are only allowed 1 2 3 imposters.

    74. Wendy Gonzalez

      No puedes hacer eso en el verdadero a mong us

    75. Kalpa


    76. Kalpa


    77. Apodis Moncada


    78. freezey freezey

      Why so intense

    79. Roman Gonzalez

      I like how coms is full of bed crabs

    80. Caroline Lauridsen


    81. nicolas yaipen

      q miedo guey

    82. Rocklana Santos

      Sou brasileira

    83. Gabriella Bananga

      100000000000000000000000 playes

    84. Android_Gamer46

      Tuff luck

    85. Momena Begum

      Copyright free video ?

    86. Kishor Raut

      How to do this place plz tell

    87. Bubba Chub

      If u think about it Steve is the real imposter because he killed everybody

    88. ꧁ ツღluna_princess catღ ꧂

      SON hacks tu e ves cara de estúpida / They are hacks, you see a stupid face

    89. Satya Dev

      Damn bro it was seriously hard

    90. Rosalinda Zul


    91. Rosalinda Zul


    92. Jaqueline Sanchez Lopez

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    93. KN Developments

      As the crewmates lock yourself in a room and stay there till the end

    94. Jaqueline Sanchez Lopez

      Ya gergerse el baño

    95. Jaqueline Sanchez Lopez

      Bueno Boy lan baño

    96. Kaysan Ali

      that is halariouse

    97. Mudkip150

      ja se mamo