Full Replay: Starship SN10 Flight Test, Landing, and Post-Flight BOOM!

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    SpaceX is set to launch the Starship SN10 prototype to an altitude of approximately 10 kilometers. A launch attempt is possible between 9 am and 6 pm Central time on Wednesday. However, as with testing, there is always a chance that teams could decide to stand down and try again on a different day.
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    1. EthanHarry Du

      10:24:27 launch 10:30:40 landing 10:39:07 launch 2 10:39:15 landing 2 and explosion. RIP SN10 you were one of the best starship prototypes ever and the first to land succefully

      1. Pol Valls

        @Erik Hendrych does this really matters? Sn4 did rud too and it was a milestone after milestone

      2. Erik Hendrych

        * 10:39:15 RUD

      3. Yugioh Legend

        @gmancolo Their excitement creates more hype around everything. I love the commentary and how much they enjoyed the flight. I'm sorry that you aren't able to enjoy it and that you're dry af

      4. Harziema Chemohddaud

        @Julià Arcau 10:30:35

      5. Harziema Chemohddaud

        @Julià Arcau 10:30:05

    2. Pedro Corrêa Neto PE

      [36:01] Beach Clearing [1:02:21] Road Closed [1:09:48] Pad Closeouts [2:21:01] Pad Cleared [2:25:53] Final Checkouts [4:57:53] Recondenser [6:29:10] Tank Farm Activity [6:40:49] Propellant Loading [6:58:00] Methane Vent [7:12:09] Engine Chill [10:23:49] T- 15 [10:24:26] Launch [10:26:36] 1ST Engine Cutoff [10:27:36] 2ND Engine Cutoff [10:28:29] Liquid Oxygen Release [10:28:41] 3RD Engine Cutoff and vehicle reorientation [10:30:29] Flip maneuver [10:39:06] Explosion

    3. mario yu

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    4. emmm

      WTF is wrong with these commentators.

      1. Ezra Starkey

        There are many good alternatives if you don't like their style

    5. mario yu

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    6. Darron Moss

      No matter how many times I see this, the pure excitement in the commentary gets me every time. And Im a candidate to go up in it!! DearMoon

    7. Eddy Alonso

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    8. Paul Block

      There's emotionally engaging with the audience and there's giggling like kids.

    9. IsaiahYtgaming

      i think this the most popular video of sn10 livestream and on the channel

    10. Huang Dylan

      10:39:06 boom..

    11. Yolosolo Northwest

      I wonder who cleans that up

      1. TimePro

        It was cleaned up pretty quick


      And so when you land on mars, exit the rocket as soon as possible.

    13. Aiden jans Gaming


    14. TheMagnificentZoltar

      *Repeatedly chants Koyaanisqatsi*

    15. Paul Gloor

      They still don't have an intact ship to varify the heat tiles BUT, they're working out the issues with sticking the landing.

    16. Haitham Hassan

      تحيه طيبه وبعد انا كنت مقيم في الكويت الحبيبه لم اقدر ان اتواصل مع كفيلي منذ ان تم عمل تمديد لي في شهر يناير والمفو ض بالتوقيع الذي اتمم لي اجراءات التمديد قال لي مالي صالح بالشركه وقد قمت بحجز تسكره سفر بتاريخ 2ابريل 2020 وتم ايقاف الطيران وهذا يدل علي انني لم انوي ان اكون مخالفا في البلد وعندما انتهت مده التمديد سلمت نفسي الي الجهات المختصة وقد تم منح فرصة لتصليح اوضاع من خالفو من فترة 1مارس فما بعد وقد حاولت ان اتواصل مع اي شخص مسؤل في الشركة حتي اقدر ان اكمل عملي داخل بلدي الثاني بدون ان اكون مخالف وقد ذهبت الي لجنه المنازعات عند المدير المسؤل اسمها ام سعد وقالت لي احسن شيء تروح وقد ضاقت بي السبل في ان اجدد اقامتي علي الشركه او غيرها انا الان في مصر وقد ضاعت مني فرصه عمل في شركة محترمه الرجاء من سموك مساعدتي في الرجوع الي البلاد الكويت الحبيبه حيس انني خاطبت الشركه التي حصلت معها علي فرصه العمل وقالو لابد من تصريح مجلس الوزاراء وقد خاطبت معالي وزير الداخليه من قبل ولم يتم التواصل معي الرجاء من سيادتكم مساعدتي في الحصول علي فرصه العمل في هذة الشركه ودخول بلدكم الحبيب في اقرب وقت اسم الكفيل مها عجيل محان الشمري الرقم المدني الخاص بالكفيله 291073000434 اسمي هيثم حسن فرج الحسانين الرقم المدني 281030115857 رقم تلفوني في مصر 00201064907630 الرقم يعمل اتصال عادي و واتس رقم تلفوني في الكويت 55061655 يعمل اتصال واتس وايمو وفيبر ارجو من سيادتكم مساعدتي في دخول الكويت في اقرب وقت انا مصر عند انتهاء فترة التمديد المتاحه من وزاره الداخليه لم اخالف الرجاء المساعدة ولسيادتكم جزيل الشكر والعرفان

    17. Vincenzo Grimaldi

      10 over 10, well done.

    18. Ozil Gzbsj

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    19. art garrelli

      if you believe this bs u need help

      1. TimePro

        How is it fake?

      2. Drone EEngineer

        @art garrelli you be safe too bro, just saying, rockets and space exploration is an amazing thing that you wouldn't want to miss out on

      3. Drone EEngineer

        @art garrelli the rocket doesn't push air to accelerate, in fact, without the air, it actually does better! Drones push air with fast spinning propellers. Rockets use chemical propulsion. No air needed.

      4. art garrelli

        @Drone EEngineer sorry i didnt see that you were 15 ....my advice always ask questions and stand up to what you believe in.....just because most people believe in something doesnt make it true ...be safe bro

      5. art garrelli

        @Drone EEngineer i never said they didnt launch anything did i,,,,,,,,you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all of the time...Mr drone fly your drone and hoover a few feet and take a piece of cardboard and put it inbetween the ground and the drone ....it drops until air mlecules build to the push off against something now pull it out as it hovers and it will hit the ground.....with that being said dont answer because ive heard it before.....what does that rocket have to push off of in a vacuum.....be safe

    20. Renkijutsu

      My favorite moment it's when it's explode xD ! Love when it do that lol

      1. Ezra Starkey

        @Renkijutsu sorry no offence was intended. I too like exploding things, I just would have thought the actual flight would have been more impressive.

      2. Renkijutsu

        @Ezra Starkey How dare you judge my taste. I like to see things explodes ! Sigh to you and your closed mind

      3. Ezra Starkey


    21. Maks

      SpaceX: It definitely won't explode 10:39:06:

    22. John Lovero


    23. Stephen Samuel

      It wasn't a _boom_. ... It was a RUF (Rapid Unscheduled Flight) RUD (Radical Uncontrolled Defueling)

      1. Drone EEngineer

        Rud: rapid unscheduled disassembly

    24. Ил Жив

      Маск и команда! Мы гордимся вами!!! Вы ведёте человечество в будущее!!!

    25. cesar tabilo

      Quien grita como niña?

    26. KyusPats

      Anybody notice the hop at the landing...

    27. bilishu aliss

      "So did they land this one or did it RUD again?" "Yes"

      1. Ezra Starkey


    28. Pj X

      Utter bullcrap!!!!

      1. Jack Whitlock

        Just like the flat earth

      2. bilishu aliss


    29. It’s Bob

      Did the People die ob th ship ?

      1. TimePro

        Yes. 20 people died in this PROTOTYPE TEST. Its a test, do you really think they would put people inside that thing?

      2. alexn310

        There were no people in the starship

    30. Charlie Allensworth


    31. Barış Esenli

      7:24:01 Abort

      1. alida flus

        Тушить многомиллионное сооружение одной струйкой воды - как то глупо.. Илон Маск - отлично, так и сделаем!

    32. Pprudencio

      Is no one gonna talk about the amount of foreshadowing from Chris right before the boom? “If it was a leak the whole ship would’ve blown” “The first starship that sticks the landing will be the one that sends ‘shockwaves’”

      1. alida flus


    33. Crown Love

      Fuck working on going to space. We need to save our planet first.

      1. Cat McNugget

        We’re too deep in the hole to get back out. Work on leaving earth, or humanity goes extinct and we lose everything

      2. infinitelyExplosive

        Here's a novel idea: we can do multiple things at the same time.

      3. Bloody Evolution

        Bruh, SpaceX is founded by the same guy who founded Tesla...with the push for renewable energy.

      4. alexn310

        Absolute and utter smoothbrain

    34. hoiy vinosa

      industry. Well here we go March 3 2021! " 10:39:04 Thats some foreshadowing ability!

      1. Ezra Starkey


    35. H M

      Nice try though, one step closer!

      1. Ezra Starkey

        @hoiy vinosa bot

      2. hoiy vinosa

        They need something bigger than water guns to put out fires:)

    36. Alfred Markovic


    37. Ethanace

      Am I the only one who thinks it is a massive shame that the media persistently focuses on SpaceX’s explosions and mishaps rather than the incredible feats of engineering and the groundbreaking work they are doing for the future of space travel and humanity?

    38. Adrian Schmidt

      My wife works at Axis Communications, who made that Mars Cam, and writes code that is probably running on that camera 😊🤩 We didn't manage to find the model name though. @NASASpaceflight could you please tell us what model that camera is?

    39. wnnalis cioov

      can I just say, his is going to be in a 'don't celebrate early' compilation within the week...

    40. Butterfly world


      1. TimePro

        I don't think you know what mars has to offer but okay...

      2. wnnalis cioov

        degradation. They need to move sideways slowly until fast descent it stopped, then slowely decent to landing.

    41. swillm3ister

      Sounds is evil.. so cool

    42. GenaMatogen

      Чё за восторженные идиоты комментируют. Такое чувство что один чуть не кончил от восторга...

    43. LEO 8


    44. 风吹鸡巴蛋狂摇


    45. juniornews juni

      nasa probes are an absolute success for science, yes! On the other hand ... The fate of Mars is beyond adventurous billionaire entrepreneurs whose goal is to gain global notoriety. 'Ambition and space exploration do not survive hostile space' The universe is not merchandise Respect!

    46. Spencer Neilan

      It looks like a grain silo with some fins attached.

      1. Ezra Starkey

        I mean... kinda is 😂

      2. sokin jon


    47. Ricardo Pereira


      1. sokin jon

        "that was aawesooomme" hahaha

    48. Костя Подрядов

      Тушить многомиллионное сооружение одной струйкой воды - как то глупо.. Илон Маск - отлично, так и сделаем!

    49. alida flus

      There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds

    50. KennedyApproach

      It landed, twice. Now do it with 450 ppl on board.

      1. alida flus


    51. C

      They need something bigger than water guns to put out fires:)


      y'all should just make a show where you blow shit up. ppl like explosives

      1. Ezra Starkey

        They are not governed by SpaceX or NASA.

    53. Евгений Евгений

      По виду мой ботинок изящнее летит в нагадившего кота! =)

    54. sokin jon

      Absolutely amazing, thank you NSF team. Next up, SN11

    55. Addala Karthik

      How come the wow came a second before the blast

      1. NASASpaceflight

        Because the person controlling the cameras (me) was surprised. I have a preview monitor where I can see all the incoming video about 1 sec before the server (so I can decide what feed to show), but my audio is real time. Suddenly, my entire monitor turned orange. -Das

      2. sokin jon

        wooow space X

    56. jamjimmie

      This is the same problem with helicopters. Rocket is desending into its own induced hole in the air. Even with two engines next time it may have same performance degradation. They need to move sideways slowly until fast descent it stopped, then slowely decent to landing.

    57. carlosrrs12

      10:36:50 10:39:00

    58. Jean Hantman

      Guys guys guys

    59. Ranaghast Gaming


    60. Esteban

      "that was aawesooomme" hahaha

    61. Harziema Chemohddaud


    62. Paul Baratta

      5:33.18 - 5:31.00 (hours) Axis Communication IP Camera!

    63. himagainstill

      1:00:26 foreshadowing

      1. Harziema Chemohddaud


    64. David murray

      April 1st, got it.

      1. Ezra Starkey


    65. Harziema Chemohddaud


      1. Ezra Starkey

        Pretty sure ur a bot.

    66. Fred Flintstone

      Uncle Kenneth, I'm taking away your NASA shekel allowance and giving it to McDonalds to buy working ice cream machines in hell.

    67. Александ Штирлицын

      хорошая ракета, но больше похоже на паро швабру при посадке может ей садится мордой для остужения задницы

    68. lisa joy

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    69. hydro

      rolling marbles in a bucket...

    70. Большой Брат

      10:39 не благодарите...

    71. The Bermuda Nonagon

      Anyone with extensive technical and engineering training can spot the reason for the explosion a mile away - the vehicle did everything that was asked of it and it was patiently sitting on the pad waiting to get a treat. It never got one. : /

    72. tde02021

      Mars Cam fanclub!

    73. Milagros Cuevas

      Vehicle Safing Or not

    74. Michael McClellan

      The commentators are as excited as children at Christmas! Heady stuff!

    75. Azyz Ellala

      Music outro ID plz ?

    76. Brian St. Onge

      Success??? Yeah, about as successful as the Titanic!

      1. Ezra Starkey

        Its like asking someone who knows about music theory to be able to play the violin perfectly first try.

      2. Joe Nolan

        The Titanic wasn't a unmanned prototype at the very beginning of an iterative testing campaign.

    77. Азат Янбаев

      Опасно будет летать на таких короблях

    78. arjuna ramsay

      5:22:24 I go to that school, and im in the sixth grade. I remember watching this in class with miss Caldwell

      1. Harziema Chemohddaud


    79. Азат Янбаев

      Это провал он не добьётся успеха

    80. Татьяна Николаевна

      Россия вперёд!

      1. Александ Штирлицын

        да России нужно меньше отвлекаться на всякие мкс катая всех туда сюда, а занимается такими делами между тем

    81. Ignatios Nelson

      Is this meant to be a joke? GTA 5 does Kerbal Space Program. It’s truly and thoroughly incredible. As in, not credible.

    82. Greg Forkner

      The problem is the raptor engines are flawed. They have to replace too many of them after just one static fire. Had to change out a couple on sn9, and remember they did that today swap on one of the raptors on sn10 to get it ready to launch. Sn9 lost two raptors on landing, and sn10 develop fuel leaks from their raptors before landing. I don't know if it's the cryogenics that's causing the metal to crack in the plumbing or what.

      1. Drone EEngineer

        @Greg Forkner as the testing campaign continues, the raptors will become more reliable.

      2. Geoff Roberts

        @Greg Forkner Yes, I read something about a stuck bleed valve, wonder if that was it.

      3. Greg Forkner

        @Geoff Roberts you can see it venting like crazy on the way down. This fire started right after raptors 2 and 3 shuts down.

      4. Geoff Roberts

        @Greg Forkner Did notice that, unsure if that was venting that ignited or the beginning of the problem. We'll have to wait for SpaceX to tell us what went wrong.

      5. Greg Forkner

        @Geoff Roberts nice, although go back and look. It was on fire 200 feet in the air before landing.

    83. HahThatsWhatSheSaid

      That was hands down the best touchdown celebration of 2021!

    84. Ally

      The commentary on this was like watching Mystery Science Theater

    85. Art Tor

      Elon Musk rockets have a self-destruction system after landing so that no one steals his ideas.

    86. Joshua Adams

      Hello, i thing one of the engine during the landing cause a depressurize of fuel chamber. Landing pads malfunction? Or they check if they can go without them ?! They was sure they land so soft that landing pads will be no need ? Or they test of if this part will malfunction landing still be possible ? I think is a Big win .. that landing give possible future crew enough time to get of from starship to safety! Normal person see this as failure ... but really for all humanity is a big step , give us so much more data we can work on to avoid many more future problems :) . GO SpaceX , anything is possible!

      1. Joshua Adams

        i notice depressurize cause rapid temperature drop in this condition any metal is fragile !

    87. Daniel Jordan


    88. Elaine Palome

      Axis camera-yay!

    89. Pablo Guida

      I knew you would lose the best shot of the explosion. I was so hoping to see the explosion from the shot you said you would stay with. Why? Why? Why? :)

      1. NASASpaceflight

        Pssst, watch the recap video. We had all the shots rolling. -Das

    90. Joel Williams

      Did Elon hire Michael Bay to direct the landing? I swear Elon had a clacker in his hand and said "alright, now let's give the people what they came for"... BOOM 💥

    91. Burt Curtis

      We need to keep SN10’s wreck in a museum.

    92. Solar Wind

      вперед Америка! у вас все получится!

    93. Glory Walters


    94. Chaos Bouncer

      To the Firmament... Don't crash lol.

    95. xpltd1

      i could be very wrong but in a video i saw when the engine went from 3 to 2 ignited the other 2 engines appear to have sucked in plasma from the 3rd engine shutdown.

    96. drunkensessions


    97. Hongliang TanHongliang

      starship SN10 bottom down blow up Gas fuel burn Damage

      1. Drone EEngineer

        I had a stroke reading this

    98. S R

      I've got bad feelings about this Mars idea. I think a lot of people are going to die. The whole idea of rockets is so primitive. It's just brute force, and something is always going to break under strain. No spare parts in space. !

    99. NullElement

      Bet you anything Elon had a remote control with a big red button on it for that ending ;D It's one way to clear the landing pad for the next test 🤣 it ain't a space x test flight without a happy ending!