Mini Crewmate Kills 8 Friday Night Funkin' Characters | Among Us

Damn Seconds

Damn Seconds

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    1. Damn Seconds

      for the people who haven't played yet👇 (not a promotion)

      1. algiss svaug74

        @Kyrie Wilver sogye7bs8h7

      2. algiss svaug74

        @Kyrie Wilver siu

      3. Angelica Hernandez Valdes

        @Brian un

      4. Shylynn Jones

        @Brian p

    2. mr sun gamemer

      Vs trevor

    3. Neko C.

      0:10 full ver?

    4. Julyun Scott

      I killed boyfriend lol

    5. DeadPool

      0:43 LeL

    6. Unique Neko

      she said left then she left

    7. Deejay

      _L e f t_

    8. minemoments

      0:11 be like: /kill @Pico

    9. кОТёН0К - GoodGame

      Go part 2

    10. Sad Boy

      Nobody: Me:See Dad/Mom Minipostor Is Vibing Too

    11. Jumy Jamy

      Titokers: OUR ANIMATION

    12. Mha Fan


    13. MisaMarioPlays

      Hey stop dislike guys!

    14. Xinder

      Cool 0:10 0:28

    15. нарезки-эд катя жопа


    16. Damian Radomski

      I like the pico one

    17. Emolga

      I feel bad for lemon demon, he never got an iPhone..

    18. Ravil Khalikov

      Girlfriend just 0:43 the game.

    19. algiss svaug74


    20. kyl's Blind Bags!

      R.I.P Pico😛

    21. Manuel Callirgos

      0:06 can someone explain this reference pls??

      1. 知ってノボト

        Spooky month made by sr pelo

    22. _Hono _

      Imposter is sus

    23. Liv me

      0:25 I always thought ligon was chicken)

    24. 한비

      너무해 ㅂ바바바바ㅏㅂ바ㅏ바밥

    25. Hare-Somme PARATA


    26. Shaun Jones

      Listen to the dad first part cuz it sounds like he's saying something bad

      1. Vickаs


    27. Iker Trevizo

      why kill fnf caracters i love that game

    28. Kevin and Rachel Young

      You forgot whitty

      1. 「 Nekozumi 」

        Whitty is a mod

    29. Murilin gameplays ._.

      I only realized now that the up and down arrows are switched

    30. the cool congle

      Um... I'm sorry, that was seven, not eight.

      1. the cool congle

        @Daven Sidher then that would be nine

      2. Daven Sidher

        what bout Skid and Pump ya they died together but still technically two separate characters?

    31. Sofia Tristan

      8 BITS 4 BITS 2 BITS 1 BITT

    32. C Alex

      I forgot to say that pico isn't from fnf it's classic new ground character and skid and pump isn't from fnf too

    33. PaahNicco Pereira


    34. Landon Mason

      Before gf disappeared her last words were : “Left”

    35. ꧁ღ Onii .-. Owo ღ꧂

      but hey girlfriend's parents are not demons but boyfriend He sees you as a devil

    36. bellafqih


    37. Beto Hdz

      Me gusto la muerte de pico y girfren bailando

    38. R V


    39. Thian Gianna


    40. Jack Bushey's Videos hosted by his dad Chris

      Gf: LEFT *actually goes left* Me: HOL UP-

    41. Nivel Zaqueu


    42. Alabama And Washington

      Lemon Demon: Cut in a thousand slices, bake you until golden brown Mini crewmate: no you Lemon Demon: NANI?!?!?

    43. [oChocolate cerealo]

      It look dad up ^.........................................

    44. SeeMyEvil


    45. RatStuffAlt


    46. Potato Mother

      Whitty: How did you escape that red dude? Girlfriend: Well I just *Left~*

    47. Zedhan Zahi

      “Oh wanna eat my gf?” “HOW BOUT I EAT YOU FORST”

    48. Six

      0:05 no spooky dance

    49. that one persona in p5

      I like how senpai actually just had that look like " please don't kill me i saw what you did to the others i won't say anything just please don't kill me"

    50. Weaksauce T.T

      Gf has LEFT⬅️ the chat

    51. Fun - Sized - Whitty

      Everyone talking bout who wins... don’t think about why most of the characters are on the LEFT SIDE?!?!

    52. Awesome Channel

      i liked the lemon demon one

    53. Erika Turková


    54. ꧁Mocha ꧂

      Girlfriend:this is fine.

    55. Мишутка Грициенко

      0:28 16 8 4 2 1 0,5 bits

    56. Diana Flores

      Siiiiiii gane ganennnnnnnnnnnnn

    57. Montserrat Elena

      Ok this is obvius I hate this

    58. Spooky Man


    59. как скачать спор Таукчи

      Тут нету бомбы

    60. EnzonSix FAKE

      Gf ( cualquier otro)seguro que otro lo hara Gf (bf)no mams yo mejor me voy

    61. unapologetically canadian

      Senpai has a scared expression

    62. Maxlon Sanchez

      I wish to hire the red mini crewmate... for a special reason

    63. DANEtheMAIN

      This is so funny, I forgot to laugh

    64. ADMIN

      1204bit omg

    65. ARTYmations

      This was on a stupid ad TvT I'm so sorry, creator-

    66. •Avani•

      Rip pico

    67. Nitrous Racer

      the pico one made me laugh

    68. Beatbox Hogg

      0:10 is my fav part

    69. Maria The Bold

      I love how the mom just burns the cross with laser vision.

    70. Potato Pug:3

      POV:your reading this and your beautiful

    71. Skylander

      This is a really good animation

    72. Star Kid

      Dum guy took ur vid and used it for a dum add for imposters to talk to each other 😡😡😡 and I really like this vid and taking it for credit is dum and I love this 😃😃

    73. Richard Vargas

      I like how you counted skid AND pump

    74. Галина Матвеева

      амонг ас говно

    75. majkat 654

      Gf bee like LEFT Reminded me of the "imma head out' meme 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    76. João Carlos Games

      0:35 favorite part

    77. Tania Clews

      Just saw this video on an among us call imposter add.

    78. 你Whɪttꪗ.

      *A M O G U S*

    79. Armin Alert

      I think evil boyfreind will loseee by imposter

    80. TheStupidPlayer R

      **Mini crewmate kills Boyfriend** Girl friend: *L E F T*

    81. 33BossMode

      pico your not the only killer here (sorry im late)

    82. Pico_ Niwsgraud pwp

      I just oof

    83. ZetoGravon3000

      At end, Gf *left*

    84. Zero Night

      this is cringe

    85. Việt Yên Nguyễn

      Hey anyone noticed that the arrows are placed in the wrong order?

    86. farhad sidiki

      hahaha Friday funkin

    87. Neptune

      A Heads-Up Bro Someone is Using your video for an Advert of: "Video call and chat Imposter of among us" without Permission. Made by agofun712 Its a cheap Game Just letting you know 👍

    88. a huge star yes

      Bf: * dies * Gf: alr im out *_-left-_*

    89. Rodan the fire boy

      Why ⬆️⬇️ arrow is swapped

    90. Ma.Calynka B. Lumanas

      I love the pico part its so cool

    91. Karter’s Channel

      There has to be a among us mid for FNF with the moves

    92. Charizard

      Nobody: Gf: *LEFT* flies into a wall to the left

    93. Thone Rock

      rip skid and pump

    94. Felix White

      What about whitty?

    95. Alex Quiniou

      0:43 she has the right to left 😏

    96. FatimaZahra Boudouane

      0:20 :_(/%) - ==+&&&$/%=+%= (0:20 ah so you have chosen death)