Oden vs Whitebeard | One Piece

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    Ep 963: Oden attacks Whitebeard while begging to join his crew! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OnePiece
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    1. ben fl

      I was about to ask what film this was from... then I realized it just from the normal series :O

    2. eioshen boboi

      And this my friends is why Big Mom said "Even Whitebeard"

      1. A-Y


    3. BATpixi

      Oden had a headache after this fight. 😅

    4. Slash Guitar

      oden era muito louco!! rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

    5. gabthegreat01

      I dunno why, but Oden’s scream at the end is just funny to me!

      1. eioshen boboi

        Dam toei is doing a great job with the wano arc cant wait for the war

    6. zick zoldyck

      Wwwwóooooooooow épica fighter

    7. Azael Arauz

      I want to see Oden vs Kaido!

    8. Black Kakarotto Gaming Official

      Oden at 0:01 I Am Speed

    9. Drago Yordanov

      My heart is melting seeing One Piece anime at that quality 🤧😳

    10. Dominic Kaplan

      look at the first clashes with 0:5 speed there you can see how nimble ad skilled Shirohige were and i quite like the green color of his Gura gura no mi power as it symbolize that he is still full vitality.

    11. Burak Ali Ergül

      I got spoiled by youtube(wasnt whitebeard dead:(()

      1. ZackstaDaxta


    12. Yoel Jonathan

      God, the animation has been amazing.

    13. Derpy Droolz

      You know a fight scene is good when you can feel the testosterone emitting from the screen.

    14. Ryan Doherty

      This was everything I wanted... more whitebeard

    15. Bujaboy

      The Animation is incredible

    16. Bujaboy

      Everyone gangsta untill Roger arrives.

    17. M. Ali

      This just shows how much stronger whitebeard is than kaido since Oden would have killed Kaido were it not for him getting distracted.

      1. annoying Asshole

        I hope you're factoring in that was young kaido....

      2. Bujaboy


    18. F K

      Oden didn’t miss leg day Damn Buoi!

    19. Ichimaru Gin

      Dam toei is doing a great job with the wano arc cant wait for the war

    20. imma treetard

      I just realised that oden is in the exact situation that the people who followed him were in

    21. matt

      How did oden tank white beard's punch? That was the same punch that almost killed akainu.

      1. yugi oh

        Odens built different

    22. Lee lee

      Jesus loves you repent to him

    23. Don

      Oden underrated if he could fight prime whitebeard like that he deserves far more credit

      1. bocoy noiu

        I thought this Arc was already over like, 1-2 years ago.

    24. Raitoningu Sutorēto

      1:15 "Wuryaa" Heihachi Mishima winz.

      1. bocoy noiu

        One punch 😂

    25. Alex Under

      Оден крут тут спору нет Но увы........ Белоус вьебет в ответ🗿

    26. Giuseppe Naccarelli

      Oden ❤️

    27. Awesome fight. Whitebeard is my favourite between the original 4 yonko. You can clearly see Whitebeard's style of fighting like on Marinford, but with less strenght and more speed.

    28. Karim El Abiad

      Roger defeated Oden in the same way as Whitebeard WITH ONE PUNCH, this proves that Roger and Whitebeard are the strongest pirates in all one piece, even in the future.

    29. atomic toons

      i can fight them with one hand

    30. Kingler25 pokemaster

      why s whitebeard called whitebeard when he has no beard?

    31. Gustavo Henrique


    32. ShadowWolfBeastBoy

      Fun fact nobody could keep up with white beard but him

    33. Diego Alves Rodrigues

      TA PORRA!!!

    34. Deluxery

      Oden got send flying like team rocket xD

    35. Jeff The KiLLer

      The difference was clear, just don't see anyone who doesn't want it, freaks like O WB and Roger have always been placed on another level in their golden times in anime, always even before younkous, so I don't know if it was intentional or not but not me it seems, the oden uses Haki is Edward nor needed only brute force and skill in combat and a punch using the gura-gura to take down.

    36. Gucci Dragneel

      Oden is Not stronge lol

      1. Abdul Risark

        He is Whitebeard just built different

    37. higor felipe

      One punch 😂

    38. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

      I thought this Arc was already over like, 1-2 years ago.

    39. Anthony Mukoko

      Damn , chill Newgate, he said he wants to join your crew not go to the sky islands 🤣 besides , I noticed WB is the only OP character with a power that doesn’t have any named technique . He doesn’t say gura gura no or any shonen trope, just engulf his fist with 4th wall breaking power and proceeds to punch reality away

    40. Luiz Krause

      Akainu vs este shirohigue joven y poderoso sería realmente un microbio y el muerto seria akainu facilitó

    41. BadGrammarBeLike:

      I want to see more whitebeard and shanks fights

    42. Peter Hans

      One Piece Animation has been really lit in Wano. If only the pacing would improve...

      1. Jacob Harris

        Peter Hans No problem. Your English is actually pretty good, all things considered, unlike a lot of the illegible comments I see on the internet, presumably from native speakers.

      2. Peter Hans

        @Jacob Harris yes exactly. Unfortunately, English is not my mother tongue, so I was not sure how to spell it 😅.

      3. Jacob Harris

        Man too He meant biweekly, i.e. an episode every two weeks.

      4. Man too

        @Peter Hans its is weekly, i wished they put out 30 episodes year and gave each epiosde 2 chapter and high quality animations

      5. Peter Hans

        @Man too yeah, it is indeed a looot better than whole cake. Nevertheless, I feel like the series would be better if the episodes would be produced byweekly

    43. IExosticDemon

      Animation goes brrr

    44. Tony Box

      Esa parte de shirohige mandando a volar a oden se ve muy poderoso

    45. Bambi

      1:20 no OG quake quake sound from old whitebeard why live?

    46. Berkay Kamaci


    47. julioclip

      This white beard would completely dominate the war on marineford all by himself

      1. Logan Brown


    48. shonndel marryshow

      whitebeard absolute monster in his younger days.If he was still this strong in marineford war things would have turned out different.

    49. Kevin Bejoy

      Dude this shows how OP Whitebeard is, The man didn't even use haki and body slammed Oden. Pure Strength.

      1. Pirate King

        @Chile Abuede he only used his devil fruit. You can tell cause of the same circle from marineford that is surrounding his hand

      2. Sir puss

        @Chile Abuede That’s was his devil fruit. I think? Maybe not. Looked like it.

      3. Chile Abuede

        he used haki lol they always use haki. Doesnt have to be visible. U cant stop a sword with a hand and not use haki.

    50. AdãoCardoso Neto


    51. Gregory Wright

      You no what I realized watching this Oden and zoro use similar sword play

    52. Dacoye Owens

      This season had the best art

    53. qopoy dnon

      This art style is absolutely insane

    54. Ama Jang

      Goatbeard: Here we go again.

    55. Hashi

      Stonecold Steve Newgate

    56. Aru Pol

      Why this show still exist

      1. The Real Deal

        Because its the most popular show? lol

      2. Jazz Mazz

        Because its popular?

      3. Aru Pol

        @Man too so that’s why this show still exists it’s because of people like you lol

      4. Man too

        What a loser, why do you still exist. That can never be me, when whitebeard vs roger comes out, the world will be watching it

    57. N K

      1:27 "Looks like Team Rockets blasting of agaaaaaaain"

      1. qopoy dnon

        Alternative video title: *Whitebeard CRACKS Oden*

    58. مصطفی حسینی

      im tired of back story

    59. Danilo Santos

      Simoisme perfeito essa animação quali, vou assinar.

    60. Danieru

      I think....I shedded a tear.

    61. cheesecakesization

      " let me ride!" :o "on your ship" *phew*

    62. Zerog Games

      Toei has really stepped it up in recent years, just like the Broly movie, this is some pretty God-Tier animation.

    63. larimax


    64. Cameron Jackson

      Whitebeard ran oden's fade.

    65. Felo Rivera

      Feels good, seeing whitebeard!!

    66. si

      Like: Oden comment: Shirohige

    67. Rian Zex Gamer

      Haki vs Devil Fruits Power

    68. JEWnior

      Wait One punch man? Thought this was One Piece!

      1. annoying Asshole

        You do know Luffy is the original one punch man ?

    69. Destinee Weaver

      Their fight is amazing.

    70. saranaciyemustafa naciye

      Whitebeard best forover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loveee one pieceee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Vantastic Jackson

      Alternative video title: **Whitebeard CRACKS Oden**

    72. Studio online K

      krl que socasso na cara

    73. Duane Scott

      I literally thought he broke his face 😂

    74. D3SH

      Whitebeard didn't even need to use a named and announced attack, that's how much stronger than Oden he actually was.

    75. PopPunkGamers

      I’m honestly okay with this filler at the moment but cant wait to get back into the meat and potatoes of wano

      1. Electro_Yellow

        It's not filler it's important to the story

      2. ZackstaDaxta

        All canon.

      3. A-Y

        It’s not filler

    76. MatySalshisha

      One piece la mejor serie del mundo

    77. MatySalshisha

      Buena pelea

    78. MatySalshisha

      Comento para que este video sea mas reconendado

    79. MatySalshisha


    80. MatySalshisha


    81. MatySalshisha



      Equipe Rocket decolando de novooooo

    83. Cristian Wright

      Team rocket blast off again

    84. vinsmoke sanji


    85. Selui

      I LOVE IT!

    86. Hajoo FM

      He is like zoro body right?

    87. Marksman StarFall

      Oden is so strong he took a Hit from White Beard in his Prime.

    88. Uncle Wavey

      Just seeing this whitebeard in his prime, with out using haki against oden makes you think just how strong: The rocks pirates, Roger pirates and Garp were.

    89. Mexican With a Hat

      imagine if bleach had animations like this

      1. DefiantBoss941

        Bro Bleach had great animation back then for itself especially the last arc which was amazing. I hope the new arc will do it again like it lol

      2. Man too

        Bleach has good animations for its time but its writing is really bad. Bleach was the biggest wasted potential in anime history

    90. samuu br

      Taporra MÉNO , QUE SOCÃO NA CARA

    91. Dino Bravo

      This is better than all OP movies combined

    92. Saleh Ali

      you need 2x 3080 rtx to handle the frames in this video

    93. Sekknia

      My boi Oden got Team Rocketed

    94. Brandon Dilts

      Only whiteboard can make oden look tiny lol


        exaclty haha he made him look like a fking kid ... oden is huge still

    95. Michael Angelo

      Oden is actually putting up a decent fight against prime Whitebeard🤔 i could only assume that his powerscale is slightly above Katakuri ?!🤷🏻‍♂️ u guys agree..?


        oden literly 1vs1 kaido and won ... hes yonko level at least not katakuris lbl lol

      2. Drew and The Scarlets

        Way higher Keep in mind Oden put a scar on Kaido

    96. Ali Yahya

      Sound Woooooooow 1:19

    97. Thunder Claps

      My fav is whitebeard kinda suks how he die

    98. its-RobZen

      Don't get me wrong: One Piece has been great ever since when it comes to its story and characters... but for the anime... imagine how unbelievably great it would've been when every single eposide was drawn and animated the way wano is right now.... damn...

      1. Man too

        One piece is still not peeking yet lol, just imagine the final war in 2024 animations

    99. Vicious Sen

      No doubt about it he was the strongest man alive in his prime. Rest in paradise Shirohige-sama 🙏🏼