Top 35 Legendary Goals In Football History


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    Top 35 Legendary Goals In Football History ft. Ronaldinho, Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Zinedine Zidane etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!
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    1. Mo Zealous

      i really hope 1954 winning goal and the wembley goal are there edit: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    2. Salva46

      CR7 bicycle goal vs Juve has to be added.

    3. İbrahim Bozkurt


    4. Amir Taheri

      Maradona.he was betterthan all of them

    5. Hamzah_21

      golnya parada jelek

    6. Kenan Karataş

      Van basten king Ronaldinho maradona

    7. CLRY_Fes

      0:50 kut goal

    8. Naisha Lubega

      I just found out through this video that Kaka is Ricardo

    9. Naisha Lubega

      Unpopular opinion :Netherlands has some great goals here!

    10. Naisha Lubega

      Who's here after Agueros failed panenka vs Chelsea 😂 😂 😂 😂

    11. Hristo Ninov

      more than half of the goals do not belong here.

    12. راشد افغانی


    13. RoHiT


    14. Edison Cavani


    15. Toon Willaert

      Maradona needs to be higher

    16. Enes Sukurica

      Sramota Piksijev Volej Sa 25 m Pa Sušić mihajlović prosinečki Sramota

    17. Raffaello 44

      You didn t whatch soccer

    18. iman .b

      wher is goal deived becham in 60 meter free kick evry day in 1000 goal f...k you

    19. Stijn van Arkel

      Why the english commentary at bergkamp

    20. Rifet Mujic

      Ronaldinho Gaucho sccored the most beautiful and attractive goals in football history

    21. ankan Paul

      Who was the commentator of Messi's goal?😂😂

    22. Filip Jania


    23. kacab Khan


    24. Dhruv Jha

      We all knew that Encara Messi will be coming.

    25. McMakky Gaming


    26. Jaysun B

      Great editing. Goosebumps.

    27. keyz sketch

      the iniesta goal was just thrash

    28. marc uliartievo

      and in this 35 goals compilation there is not even 1 from an Italian player? FUCK YOU

    29. Arfen Malik

      Ronaldinho has another very crucial goal against Chelsea at the Nou Camp Golazo, a moment of genius.

    30. Antonie Griezmann

      Angara Messi angara Messi 😂

    31. alireza Ebrahimi


    32. Jonathan Troth

      Roberto baggio 90 World Cup

    33. Behzad Bejtovic

      To much England 🤔

    34. Erik friskila

      Rip Maradona 😵🥺🥺🥺😪😪😪

    35. Vincent Swärd

      OMG you get goosebumps when you see Maradona play😭😭, there we talking real talent

    36. Cream Gelato

      Just think of how many of these goals never would've happened if keepers were more paranoid

    37. Go Run

      And Savicevic 1994 ???

    38. iulian marius

      Hagiiiii !!!

    39. ARA GAMER

      Subscribe me

    40. Ana Maria Dragan


    41. Leonard Goduni

      There's plenty more missing from the list 🤒

    42. Alessandro Massi

      Still wanking at Weah's goal...I was there 25yrs ago...i've seen it Gandalf...when the Verona's defence failed.

    43. Bhola Modak

      Ohh you tube, world's top ten sports ratings, football is number one, but no is!

    44. Gautam Babu

      Where are Francesco Totti's goals?

    45. CPLGDR

      Foreigners: Great at playing football, atrocious - truly atrocious - at commentating it

    46. Onise DaNiieL

      HAGI through Romanian Maradona

    47. Paddy le Blanc

      Glad you included Van Basten

    48. David Need

      Gianfranco ZOLA MAGIC BOX ???????

    49. TheBeatverse

      Legend has it someone watched this video without getting shivers

    50. Umberto Nocera

      Sorry but Roberto Baggio???

    51. tij

      Diego 🥇

    52. Abdul khaliq

      🌎World is left with two amazing legends in football. Ronalino🇧🇷(GOD OF DRIBBLING). Ibrahimovic🇫🇮(GOD OF BYCYCLE KICKS)

    53. Ștefan 69boss Rusu

      And ronaldo nazario

    54. Ștefan 69boss Rusu

      Yes maradona is my favourite 😭😭

    55. Zamira Akhmedova

      Goal of George Weah- one of the best

    56. Juanpaa

      2:17 THIS is the best goal ever.

    57. Christian Bertozzi

      The best gol di that of Maradona...gol of the century

    58. Vince Wijnen

      I fk love football man

    59. Dinho Dinho

      Макси Родригес не стоит

    60. Mark Anderson

      savicevic for milan, cl final?

    61. 순무

      8:54 legend of legend

    62. Bırakın Bende

      6:53 Roberto Carlos very hard 😳😳

    63. the big dumb

      press f to pay respect fot diego maradona

    64. Raji Ammal Chettiar


    65. enzo lisa

      Racist not even one of Italian football

    66. Tiago83

      We're is Van Basten?

    67. Zulkifli Ismail

      Johan Cruyff the best

    68. Rashid Khan

      rip maradona and emiolio sala and cruyff

    69. Tino Steenbakkers

      R.I.P Jhon cruyf

    70. marsetuhoo

      Where is hand of god?

    71. liljezzz

      That goal scored by Hagi 🙌🏻🇷🇴

    72. Karin Breuker

      Where is ronaldhino debut

    73. Devadasan Ut

      Adrianoo where isss

    74. Duc Jai

      Missing: Ari Haan's 2 40m goals.

    75. justaguyonyoutube

      Where’s the goal of Van Persie vs Spain? The flying Dutchman.

    76. MediaSock

      Roberto Carlos: "scores goal" 6:52 Teammate: "here's a face full of sweaty ballsack"

    77. Dalan dsouza

      Cristiano Ronaldos 2.8 jump goal?

    78. Joye Wu

      Wonderfully compiled!

    79. Iced Træs

      These are the moments that define football

    80. Music Education BD

      বেল বাটন দিয়ে পুরো ভিডিও টি দেখে গেলাম অপেক্ষায় রইলাম 🙏

    81. Ratattuy

      Witam 6i xd

    82. Dashe Burner

      The sincere middle recurrently scatter because goat temporarily hope in a four frail okra. superb, wise fridge

    83. Валиджон Ахмедов

      Goal of George Weah one of the best in history

    84. Teme SK

      messi vs bilbao cup final goal was also amazing

    85. football forall


    86. The Cool M4n

      Wayne Rooneys goal was absolutely brilliant

    87. DeliriumElectric

      Prosineckis goal vs Jamaica has to be up there. Very unique

    88. Leonardo Penciu

      Hagi 🥺🇷🇴

    89. Pontus Åberg

      where is Zlatans goal in Ajax? Surely that has to be top 35...

    90. 현상원

      Zlatan and Carlos's goal are the best ever

    91. Torben Namdal

      3:33 When Messi celebrating Ronaldo’s goal

    92. Danish Op

      8:54 The competitors are too op😂

    93. Sahasra M

      ryan giggs midle name is hairy

    94. stalin dd

      Goat maradona

    95. Rithish Balaji

      Me,a CR7 fan crying in the corner as his bicycle kick against Juve were not added! Ah,where r my manners,who's gonna bother about whether I cry or.... didn't get a rhyming 😅!

    96. Pilz Trails

      Robben's goals vs Dortmund in 2013?

    97. Lorancy julien

      Roberto Carlos le plus beau but même barthez sait pas où aller 😁

    98. Gojo satoru

      You didn't keep Roberto Carlos legendary outside curler free kick

    99. quen

      9:05 golgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgol