Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

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    The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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    Pubblicato il 9 giorni fa


    1. kavin adarsh

      That was amazing but i am really sorry, ***k you guy for making me to wait until 2023, seriously i am dying inside.

    2. Missster Longggslonggg

      Whoever edited this needs a raise...

    3. Jawad

      bruh they forgot to add Loki

    4. Margoob Qureshi

      Waiting 🥺

    5. Jan Brzuśnian

      You make me cry watching movies, you make me cry watching trailers... HOW?! Love you MARVEL!

    6. lafrek

      Hahaha no way, I opened the descriptions just when he said the quote -sry for bad English.

    7. Dawn Soberanis

      When you love something you fight for it

    8. KingNinja 101

      Its beautiful I've been watching this for 5 hours now

    9. Rocking Rithvik


    10. Ferdinand Harris

      Im so hype for the New movies

    11. Bobby lachance jr

      If this didn't jack you up check your pulse. This was epic. A true celebration of 11+ years of excellent film making.

    12. Michellaneous Me

      I want to shake hands with whomever made the soundtrack

    13. Aryan Sonthalia

      There will be people liking this comment when all these movies are released.

    14. Helin Özalp

      İron man ❤❤❤

    15. Bmanlegoboy

      1:41 all rise for the national anthem

    16. Cyanoxay

      c'est le trailer ultime

    17. FILM SPOT

      Cant miss any of your movies 🥰

    18. FILM SPOT

      Ay yo I am so waiting marvel 🤪

    19. Too Many letters

      Bucky barns was a USSR sympathizer who executed multiple hits on the communist opposition in the name of the re-distribution of wealth

      1. Mr Critical

        He was under mind control and couldn’t control his actions

    20. Imagine

      This just brings all the hype back!!

    21. Nishanth Gadad

      op montage

    22. Bocah Achirulzaman

      Nice... I like tis

    23. Miguel D

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    24. Alene Torrefiel

      i'm sobbing

    25. Declan Bernard

      Ngl when i first heard stan lees voice i cried

    26. Hemin Gandhi

      Why tyere is no avengers??

    27. Ben Wiles

      Dang right.

    28. Patches Matches

      every time i watch this i get goosebumps from excitement

    29. Kariux


    30. Thorium

      Wait this is not your first time here.

    31. aditi deshpande

      Marvel is always great 🤘🏻

    32. Emiliano Spidey

      Im wait for: Spider-Man No Way Home Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania Guardians Of The Galaxy. VOL 3 Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever Thor Love & Thunder

    33. Liviya Dimitrova

      The music is so cool. I can't wait! ❤️🦸‍♀️

    34. Prathamesh Badak

      Hats off to video editors, music composers and mainly the real hero..... Stan Lee! wo created this beautiful and epic universe for us!

    35. Prathamesh Badak


    36. TheUpdateGuy

      Marvel is there to make the life a Happy & Exciting one. Thanks Marvel.

    37. Jordan Sentosa

      Hey Guys Sisu The Dragon in ShangChi and Princess Namaari in Eternals This is Raya And The Last Dragon Casts

    38. Nasaba Bora

      As you can see Spider-Man Away From Home hasn't left the editing room, this clearly shows that movie is going to be a marvelous spectacle.

    39. Tech Art

      Stann lee' voice give me hope

    40. Henry Kuhn

      I will see you in the movies. 😉

    41. Hand SANAtizer


    42. premdeep Kumar

      Please dubb the iron fist in hindi

    43. Shahidul Alam

      Real fun begins at 1:41

    44. Anjali Raj Nishad

      The way Stan Lee plays small roles in each movie is amazing 🤩 R.I.P. Stan Lee Thankyou

    45. nalgonda film nagar

      OOOOOOOOOOMMMMYYYYYYYGGGGOOOOODDDDDDDDDD my dream for work with Marvels...❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Movie Shaukeenz

      Journey was,is and always will be Unforgettable ❤️

    47. ZoNAr X Music

      Goooooossseeebbbuummmmpppsssssss baaabyyyyyyy

    48. RGN

      Valimai update😢

    49. hitendra puwar

      Harish patel ❤️

    50. Alvi Khan

      Please bring back ironman🙏

    51. Alvi Khan

      Please bring back ironman🙏

    52. Poultry Man

      Imagine if marvel hadn't announced any of them besides black widow and Shang chi

    53. MCDragon012

      Can't wait to go back to the Movie Theater!!!

    54. Marco Killingsworth

      stan lee brought this together and there for he made one of the worlds most loved movie company´s

    55. Navaneeth Sagar

      2:51 I think, Antman will learn new quantum abilities like Superposition, Entaglement, Tunneling in this movie... (I hope Marvel will do deep study on Quantum Mechanics and apply those properties of Quantum Particles to the fictional characters who go to Quantum Realm)

    56. Akindu Dasanayake


    57. Venu Nagaraj

      Marvel I want iron man back

    58. KK's TechArt

      Every time I get the Goosebumps

    59. John Paul Tamayo

      Excited for all the movies, even Fantastic 4, which may or may not be good, but still, excited.



    61. Genni Glassglow

      💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

    62. Rushat Dubey

      Because that's what Heroes do ❤️

    63. Binita Kumari

      So excited for new movies,new stories,new heroes and new villains.😃😃..Love U Stan Lee Stan and Chadwik are together in heaven

    64. O C E A N M A N

      I have spent thousands of dollars (literally) in one day trying to book all the tickets

    65. Hasaan Abdullah

      I got little bit of tears 😭

    66. Brent Ford

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    67. Captain Eri

      When you realize this list doesn't include Venom 2 and cry....

      1. cosmic byte

        It isn't part of MCU but it is part of MCU

      2. yolol

        Its not part of MCU bruh

      3. Alberto Rojas

        Venom: Let There Be Carnage is not part of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe.

    68. kyree smith

      Rip Stan Lee and Chadwick Bosmen

    69. offtv50Hz

      o kurwa!

    70. Jorge Rosales

      Most hyped I gotten in a while

    71. Tech

      I hope I live to see all these movies xd 😂

    72. dragon tepes


    73. MID

      Marvel: Tell them, we are ready F4: No, we dont

    74. Hogwarts Is my home

      I’m crying. Happy and sad tears

    75. Marcos Arias

      Was it me or did everyone do the black panther sign or just me

    76. freeisalwaysme

      Its been a week and still gives me goosebumps.

    77. Jason Lee

      An amazing promo...very emotional...and I'm not even that much of a Marvel movie fan.

    78. Zainuri King

      2:57 fantastic four

    79. Kenneth Korcsog

      This gave me chills!

    80. Samuel Murrill

      Anyone else IN LOVE with the musical progression that stems off from the Marvel Fanfare from 2:00 to 2:25?

    81. Isabela Vasquez Melgoza

      this makes me cry

    82. Neurotyc Game

      That 4... 👀

    83. Webz Gaming

      Covid is waving

    84. CT TOM4TO

      Chadwick's "Wakanda Forever" will always be special.

    85. geiming king Bulgaria

      Please tell me that thor love and thunder And is need to be at

      1. Mr Critical


    86. Matus knotek

      This hit differently Sadge


      Who else noticed the fantastic four logo on the Avengers A symbol 2:54

      1. 1 1

        That’s not avengers symbol. That’s just f4 symbol

    88. Saud Khan

      2:56 Captain America 4 Not Fantastic Four

      1. Alberto Rojas

        In the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, MARVEL Studios announced it was developing a Fantastic Four film for the MARVEL Cinematic Universe.

    89. Joanna

      Marvel really said "Good day gentlemen, I am here to change the future"

    90. TANMOY DEB

      I think Natasha's mom (Rachel Weisz) is Taskmaster. Mark my Word!!


      Wish I could have gotten to meet Stan Lee

    92. GrindStone


      1. Joanna

        Hey brothas and sistas👋🏽


      I love Marvel movies

    94. Rawda Dahshan

      who cried watching this? i know i did.

    95. Saba Khan

      This makes me sad to see everyone gone :(

    96. bapan digar

      And this is the reason to live . Thanks Marvel ❤️

    97. Dania Murtaza

      EPIC. Thank you Stan Lee for all that you've done! :D

    98. Optilfine


    99. Aflah Muhammad

      2:23 camera guy on the far left side. 😂