Luka Doncic INSANE trick shot 🤯

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      1. RemDog Litty Army

        Yeah right and I’m Mickey Mouse

      2. Gibby

        Yeah okay bud, sure

    2. elite fortnite gaming

      Luka hof.. Best european player ever

    3. insert name here

      I asked god why is luka so perfect and I'm still waiting on a response

    4. Paul Jones

      They all want to be curry.

    5. Ricky Gutierrez

      Curry cant do that

    6. Alec S

      Dude Perfect dudes be like, “WTF, it takes us 300 tries to make one!!!!”

    7. Warren Baxter


    8. Peace Peace

      You can tell that he grow up playing football ⚽️.

    9. Richard Striebich


    10. Mick Care

      What was the jump at the end

    11. Uros Marinkovic

      Curry who?

    12. 小天龍

      I think it's a fake

    13. Morgan Isabelle

      Le prof de sport l’aurait soûlé

    14. Deeshot


    15. Kirbe Rosales

      Labay tae

    16. Hassani Abderahman

      iHala madrid

    17. руслан коновалов

      Дончич ещё и футболист, оказывается скиловый!! 👍

    18. Matthew Murdock

      Ho ho ha yeah huh haw hoo pah -commentator 20somethin

    19. Love Music

      Trying to be steph curry😂

    20. Jackson Cothren

      That guy just gets better and better. He started out at unbelievable.

    21. Bojana Kovacevic

      O Shit

    22. Jamal Mcwilliams


    23. Naruto


    24. David Steyer

      Luka is the beast.




      I mean he did play for Real Madrid

    27. Nik Miklavec

      Lets goo 🇸🇮

    28. Big Glitch 704

      I swear he's the white Michael Jordan

    29. やっぱドカバト信者


    30. Victor Henry

      Hala doncic

    31. Josh Spontak

      Yo that’s fucking legit I thought this was gonna be clickbait. What a steeze.

    32. Quiava Moore

      That was fake cause there is no way. He madebit

    33. Clinton McCool

      I don't think you know the meaning of the word "trick" ...

    34. Chavez Dinejad

      Ekspresi guru olahraga kalo basketnya ditendang2 bilek : 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬👹💣💣💣 🧨🧨🧨💥💥💥💥💥

    35. Aleksandar Filipovic

      Srbine,legendo ❤🇷🇸

    36. obitobi tan

      Thats insane luck

    37. Mr Jack

      And Lebron always bricks wide open 3s LOL

    38. Roady

      Another mj in the making

    39. Marcos Mendoza


    40. Screwed_Up

      Not really a "trick shot"

    41. M@


    42. rich case

      Dude a legend already

    43. Billy G

      He's really not as good as ppl claim he's above the average player. Hes just way way way better then everyone on his team so ppl notice it more

      1. Ezekiel Espinosa

        Js put some respect on his name Luka the Don. The new 🐐 coming soon 👀

      2. Ezekiel Espinosa

        Wrong. He is that good and soon to be way way way better then every nba player period 💯

    44. Jorge Espiritu

      Bro juggling a ball aint even hard, if u think other wise u dont play soccer or u literally just suck ... 😂

    45. Жека т

      Профи !!

    46. くるーざ

      あれだから、 アメリカナンバーワンな訳だ。

    47. DR. SOLO

      Snow offs like this, are the ones who exposed the NBA. I mean normal ppl making ( half court ) shots at half time. Ball's getting stuck on the rim. Not the backboard part the round Circle . 🙄 Can we all say 🏀🧲

    48. Patrick


    49. Alexis Somoza

      El luka curry

    50. realOMNIslasher

      So invitational

    51. Ou J Saechao

      Oops wrong comment my bad

    52. Rick

      Sheesh legs for days man

    53. Daniela Lara


    54. Chizano

      Luka is just good at anything

    55. joshualei98

      Wow thats an Incredibly difficult shot. This should be a challenge called “The Luka challenge”.

    56. Yhtoo

      Ref: he kicked the ball, tech on doncic

    57. Trm

      Football ⚽️ Eggball 🏈

    58. Furkan34

      Amazing player

    59. R

      Does literally the greatest trick shot in history. *runs away like a little girl*

      1. Clinton McCool

        greatest trick shot in history? are you really that stupid?

    60. สมชายงานวัด

      How good do you have to be to play in the NBA?

    61. vali vali

      P.E teacher: yes nice trick shoot now GET OUT OF HERE BECAUSE YOU KICKED THE BASKETBALL

    62. 420Knowyour Grow

      That hop at the end😂 this guy is enjoying life

    63. CJ_BerriES

      That jump at the last second...

    64. Matija Cindori


    65. Gwendal O

      Un fenómeno!!

    66. Ethan


    67. Sharief Foort

      The next curry

    68. Peter Ung

      MVP !!

    69. Kenneth Pabilonia

      I cant even make a 3 😅

    70. Equinox57

      He proves his Skillset every night against the Best In The Business. The Genuine Article.....

    71. Jiraiya Sama

      Yup. He's European for sure.

    72. Truth Spewer

      Turning in his magnet before the game too. That's how you know he's the chosen one.

    73. Steve Haynes

      This guy is amazing

    74. tHE-ARTilect

      That's incredible... 👀

    75. Ra EL_13

      Magnetic ball.... LIFE IS SUCH A CIRCUS BOA I'LL TELL YOU!

    76. Roshi Panda


    77. James Cristobal

      He reminds me of stephen Curry's routine trick shots


      He be bugging thoo

    79. tanner sharp

      A frat guy turned white MJ...

    80. Jorge Marquez

      -3 pointer

    81. Marquez Quevedo

      Imagine if someone else shot at the same time and the knocked his ball out the rim

    82. Malicse Team


    83. OmenPlays - Games

      Everything other than the throw at the end was pretty basic unfortunately, but good for him! I'm not great at football/soccer or whatever you wanna call it but I can still need at least 50 kick ups and juggle it like that.. as for basically? Yeah no good job on the throw

    84. Joshua Jackson

      Trying to be like Steph😂

    85. David Decker

      “This is pretty tough here. The footwork” Look on IThomes and you will see thousands of 5 year olds doing it

    86. Luis Tavares

      It's time for some lakers or warriors

    87. Johnny Lion

      Anyone know what brand and model his shoes are

    88. David McCracken


    89. Wilfried Ghoir

      He build different

    90. Puneet Sandhu

      It is impressive but go watch Jokic. He does it aswell and for a 7 foot 2 dude its just about the coolest thing ever.

    91. Alex

      Who’s this rookie?Let him playing

    92. Jason Blood

      Who gives a shit

    93. Darren Washington


    94. Younggeeking Spectrum1#1rapper

      Luka is unbelievable, you that young and being that great that's very very impressive man!!!

    95. B A

      Nah, I’ve seen that before...

    96. D’Angelo The Great

      How Sway!!!!

    97. Charlene Scott

      Sorry for me it was his jump like a 3 yr old at the end 😅, great shot in basket

    98. Trucking Out Da Mud

      Luka is "THE 💩💩"!!👀🤔🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣😎😎💪🏽💪🏽👏👏

    99. Alex Starks

      In Serbia everyone’s nice at soccer and basketball

    100. Chris Bussard