Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver

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    Adventure awaits again.
    The third installment of the RPG series -
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    Pubblicato il 7 giorni fa


    1. Joel Haver

      This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

      1. A Hol

        Hilariously, in making commentary/humor about RPGs, you've created an RPG story more satisfying than 80% of actual RPGs.

      2. Pezzdoctor

        Hoping to see much more of this content and story :) great work

      3. Abe McG

        I am curious, how do you pull it off?

      4. ChrisDimensions

        This seriously needs to be it's own series, I want to see more of what the Adventurer will do and is Marshal is truly dead!

      5. Bordoy

        @The Angry Tank tru... tru

    2. westside

      "the women.. the children.." "Is the town rat okay???"

    3. internet person

      Marshal cannot be saved without turning evil and getting a gun, yet killing him harms others emotionally. What is Truly better? To cause others such pain, or to save them from a gruesome death?

    4. nasu hero

      This was way too good

    5. Daniel White

      NGL i didn't really get this...

    6. kenny nguyen

      This is wholesome It's better if watch the first one first

    7. Poil à gratter

      Take notes, Bethesda! It's better written than the main plot of Skyrim and Marshal is more threatening than Alduin.

    8. mustardo mano

      The best ending

    9. Damous X

      2:04 I just realized that's probably the dog he snuck up on and killed 😂

    10. Daniel de Andrade

      "Adventure......... awaits" Why did that gave me an "Avengers Assemble" vibe? Still pretty epic tho

    11. Benjamin Destanovic

      I fkin lost it when I saw the town on fire and all the chaos, caught me off guard hahaha, so good :D

    12. Firing Left Hand

      What story is behind this rat and the kingdom? Was he a fellow retired knight or a veteran of the underground?

    13. carlangas world

      That adventure awaits was actually pretty epic ngl

    14. LOLManen batman

      I have no idea what I just looked at but I love it

    15. James McGuire

      1:45 : my mom checks my search history

    16. Thomas Jess

      I would totally play a rotoscoped animated video game like this. Dude, please consider doing that, Steam would be your oyster :D

    17. Rawly121

      Masterpiece. Undertale vibes 100%

    18. Gwifitz

      ''Adventure... *pah* *pah* *pah* ... Awaits... huzZAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH' Why was this so inspiring?

    19. JJ Jameson

      I love these stories how did you make the animation Green screen?

    20. Ajiz

      Dude i love your animation style. Its so gorgeous and simultaneously unnerving

    21. Ishootnoobs


    22. Headshots4Hope

      This RPG series is very good, I hope you make more. I like the idea of an adventurer constantly screwing up because he keeps misreading the situation. His initial enthusiasm was very funny and juxtaposed well against his dawning realization that he's a murderhobo. Looking forward to more appearances by Jacob the """Hero""". Also, what kind of game designer makes a game where health bars only appear above people who are enemies *to themselves?* That sort of philosophical depth was pretty funny.

    23. Bababooey Bababooey

      There was a reason marshal released him...

    24. Danny Alves

      I watched this before First Time and it's even funnier now

    25. Andrew Nagengast

      “The town of Townton is on Fy-ah. Oh man, I’m coming!” That change in accent gets me every damn time!

    26. Forte224

      Life is not about the mistakes you make, but rather, it is about how you respond to those mistakes and learn from them. Our friend Jacob seemed to come to understand that over the course of his adventure, as evidenced by not starting another New Game despite having the ability to do so.

    27. rEd vamp .

      This unedited is probably comedy gold

    28. H3rry118

      This reminds of of that old half animated half live action lord of the rings movie. I need so much more

    29. Smotheryaxe 1414

      Always remember: Adventure... awaits.

    30. Little Devil

      speedrunners be like:

    31. Diet Dr. Pepper Fan Club

      this is literally just undertale lmao


      oblivion ost

    33. Luis Orihuela

      Had to come back for the third time to admire this artwork.

    34. HatWearingCRUSADER

      whats the title of the soundtrack that starts playing at 2:47 i know its oblivion (if im not entirely stupid) but i cant pinpoint which track it is

    35. Chubby Lemon

      'Takeshi 69 has no moral compass, he is a rat' beating a dead horse with that joke

    36. hoody coo

      0:14 “keep on keeping on” *low roar plays in the background*

    37. The Empty Bottlez

      I hereby declare myself your first cult follower

    38. markponicki

      I also pooped on a dragon once. Weird how you put that part in here, but I respect the dedication to work it in so seamlessly.

    39. Corpus Colossus

      The subversion in this series just keeps on surpassing expectations. Pure gold.

    40. Galante

      Stopping to make Drayloth feel good about himself is much more important than getting revenge on a rat

    41. Campbells Soup

      "He has a gun" so funny

    42. LinZhi Chen

      i really can't explain it, but this is amazing

    43. TheKingGoblin

      Man I love your acting the dude is just so pure it's kinda the best!

    44. Dozaemon

      Why Marshal? WHY?

    45. Lemon

      we need more of this, it can develop into so much and it's already great to keep going!

    46. Willem the Cool

      I love how if you look for this message, you can find that even if you could go back in time to fix your mistakes they might not be the best decisions so you must just continue on and make the best of what you have.

    47. Lord Henry

      I just noticed that the end is a reference to Endgame: 03:10 ADVENTURE...(long pause)... awaits... (screaming)

    48. Why Just why

      The animation horrifies me

    49. Mr. Hst

      I’m crying and shaking rn marshal would never do this

    50. Lila Forenzo


    51. Tandemic

      I never thought a sequel could be better than the original. "It's nice."

    52. Finnmega26

      Ah all is well and good... Except when the vacuum from the not that corrupt king dying leads to a new king being crowned who is that corrupt

    53. Giblet

      this is why you can't trust rats people

    54. Paradox

      ...the fuck is this...

    55. Herbert-Ken Ümera

      That ending skit with the giant. It gave me a chuckle in the heart rather than outside. Thanks.

    56. Velociraptorhunter

      thats soo goofy I love it XD

    57. sarahbojangles1

      That ending 🥲 ... 👏 ... 👏 ...👏 !

    58. MEME GOD

      Here`s some good news :

    59. Fusrodog

      "ADVENTURE... awaits... HUZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" has the same energy as the endgame "Avengers! ... assemble."

    60. Galathius89

      Adventure awaits, Hussar!!!

    61. I Need Help

      Marshall has no moral compass. *He is a rat.*

    62. NoXiOuS BiShu

      I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE ANIMATION and the way it compiled is pure beauty ✨❤️

    63. Gandalfs Mistress

      Marshall ain't going out like no punk in this one.

    64. Mikhailia Gacesa

      The Butler did it, and the Rat is a rat...go figure.

    65. David Murray

      Make more please!

    66. p**a*# h***

      Please tell me this isn't the end

    67. Lizzy Behr


    68. LethoLeto

      So, um... What the fuck is this?

    69. Alex Ouimet

      the good ending

    70. Zandor Clegane

      "No. you are lye"

    71. Bruh

      If rezero was realistic:

    72. awe921

      the adventurer loses his bar the moment he exits townton, showing he has accepted his mistakes and is trying his god damn best to fix them Deepest Lore.

    73. Byron R

      lol Marshall was like 5 centuries ahead with that gat

    74. durpy

      this is amazing

    75. -R [Dasher] The Viral

      Thank you, this made me very happy! :D

    76. statelessmars

      *A health bar doesn’t show who’s an enemy to you, it shows who’s an enemy to themselves.* Fuck

    77. Jacob Smith

      The good ending

    78. Glenn Jose Christman

      Moral Lessons: Dont kill someone, don't let her/him loose either, keep her/him tightly (by right means of neccessary) in/on/at the right place, just tell and/or show people (who wants to see her/him) to where she/he is.

    79. Zant Fluffingtons.

      How did your throat feel after all of that? All of that screaming?

    80. meme man

      So what you make a game that every time you play it again it's lightly changes so you could never actually expect the unexpected

    81. Biggus Riggus

      shook seeing my name as the hero's

    82. Vicente Hernandez

      I’m still a bit troubled by Marshal’s betrayal, but at least Jacob did get a happy ending

    83. Kilkarik


    84. sloop

      Can we start an occult following for this film?

    85. Gothic PC

      The rat is Donald Trump everyone.

    86. Scoundrel 666 SFB

      The most human thing I've ever seen is when the hero, is when he realizes his doom and destiny.

    87. Vincent Productions

      Dark Phantom Martial has invaded.......

    88. sloop

      Acid was most certainly part of this production.

    89. Reality 101

      1:50 Me trying to stealth ANY game.

    90. Laguz

      When the true end requieres a second playtrough.

    91. JustGemThings

      I hope Jacob the Adventurer and the "blue" Adventurer meet from the giant video while capturing the freed criminals.

    92. Ryan Nowicki

      "if only there was someone there to stop him" too good lol

    93. mirrorman95

      Is there any way we can see the unfiltered versions of these animations; without scanlines, chromatic abberation, frame bleeding, interlacing, and visual distortion?

    94. Back in 'Nam

      You know how when the last episode of a show is about to end and they play the first opening one more time, maybe even a bit slower tempo, and that hits super hard for some reason? That’s how that final “Adventure Awaits, Huzzah!!” hits. Same energy.

    95. Ethan Strydom



      This should be a tv show

    97. Lame Hick

      This is ART

    98. Rose Hall

      The dislikes all have health bars and are an enemy to themselves

    99. Роман Бойко

      Good video, btw there is a small windows loading icon on the bottom right here - 4:01

    100. Dude

      Hey, it's me. Your guy. I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing ok. I know that a sudden boost in popularity can sometimes make content creators become their own enemies. If you ever feel like maybe your getting burnt out, getting imposter syndrome, or any of the social anxiety syndromes; it's ok to take a step back and take a break. I don't think anyone could disagree with that. Also, enjoy what you're doing. Anyway. Be safe and if you feel tired, pull over on the side of the road and take a nap. Remember, driving tired is just as bad as driving under the influence.