the greatest FNCS week of ALL TIME?! (Week 1 Opens)


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    From 10 hp and no mats to a WIN in the FNCS WEEK 1 OPENS!!!! A CRAZY Match history from these games, Hope you all enjoy the video, sorry for the late upload but wanted to get it out 🧡
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    1. Erik Espinoza


    2. Cai -fishy

      Benjy has 200IQ

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      Who else loves Benjy

    4. pp on adderall

      who else thinks letche does better against trios than solos

    5. Christian Sandwall

      Only real people watched the whole thing

    6. SkyZzz 667

      Ou kill B Gn Gn Gn Gbggb Tkt

    7. Wylie MotoGP

      Benjy is so cracked 😱😱😯

    8. Qt Rogue

      MrSavage doesnt have much of an accent. Benjy can you confirm😶

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      Hi benjyfishy l . love you very much your follower from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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      2:38 ?

    11. Koji

      I have two questions: 1. do u use double edit binds? 2. Can i be in the fishy clan? ( i need permition from the fish god himself)😁

    12. Jack Lyman

      Is Cesaro super-human? Check out what went down on SmackDown:

    13. Polina Syzrankina

      24:48 look how the game take a breath

    14. 5ensei Ryze

      I wish i could perform this good on a nintendo switch

    15. KameliPotta99

    16. KameliPotta99

    17. KameliPotta99

    18. DOLPHIN

      I "feel" so fukin pro watching pro players play this game

    19. Nathan Logan

      i love you benjy 🐟❤️

    20. AyaanTV

      Wird wild SCHAUT ALLE AUF MEINE SEITE VORBEI WÜRDE MICH FREUEN MEINE FORTNITE FREUNDE ❤❤❤ Lass ein Abo das damit wir in Zukunft gemeinsam Spielen können.

    21. qxàck

      Anyone have any tips I just switched to pc

    22. Jack Lyman

      24:48 look how the game take a breath

    23. Lan Pahovic

      33:32 oh thats a tree

    24. KANROO

      Who else saw that the vid is 54 min long 😂😂

    25. rede 08

      benjy make a videos of 50minutes fans >> at the final for the result

    26. Enes KocakABİ

      38:53 savage : i have no mats ! Benjy NİCE

    27. Hh Yy

      lowkey be saying someone is weird he is good at the game


      32:15 my favorite play


      Brasil servers are way easier than European.

    30. ZayLiZ On 1 ping

      Are you fishy army

    31. Rasmus Høyer

      33:06 what did i just witness!? ur the best!

    32. Zapple

      I don’t get it. How come 1 hype gives you $1,350 but 10 hype only gives you $800?

    33. Jamesisfatguy

      What pickaxe is was that called when benji was using it and it’s a kanata


      Benjy I am lagey on 14 ping Me I got 15 ping wtm

    35. Miracle

      G CD I tutukruriyh to r r hertehu the rug r to

    36. Savan


    37. 優男と言われた花鳥さん

      すごい! nice

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      Can we play trios hers my epic Rawbert3235 or Anyone

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      my fish

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    43. Theprogamer17

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    45. NRG_aceuon2finger CD

      Benji fishy Bugha and clix Would be the best trio

    46. Rehz


    47. 20T Louis

      Benjy have wick sniperpro gekillt

    48. Jr Mosquito

      I love how benji does not cut out his mistakes because I have became a better player in late game, thank you

    49. Leonel ponce

      Pasa que shooooo vengo de alla donde hablan con che

    50. KIKUYE

      28:29 Soft aim? .... I don't think it uses soft aim but some safe program uses

    51. まあっくぅ


    52. RyZe !


    53. DuhyunFN

      I am girl can you say wassup girls too?


      i from brazil brow

    55. saprs software

      I have working softaim discord is linked in my latest video!

    56. Capz-999

      Can someone tell me what pickaxe that is

    57. assaultfnr

      Ur being a real fan if u watch the whole video

    58. Norman Henry

      33:32 That's a tree

    59. ツElectrizzety

      Benjy: yo wassup bois Viewers: we need more

    60. horix

      yo prolly should'nt switch the sens bro

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      Yo wassup bois

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      To the 1% who see this, may God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    65. Lu cas


    66. Lu cas!!

    67. Lu cas!!

    68. Darkest Venom I killed benjyfishy team last video

    69. Picca B9

      argentina padre

    70. SMALLY X

      What’s the song in between games

    71. BH Pumps

      Benjyfish: your on your own Savage: hes low Benjyfish rushes him

    72. Martí Benito Serrano

      eres un bot

    73. Andrea Destefano

      Benjy FISHY

    74. Andrea Destefano

      Y don’t u wear the fish skin

    75. The Beast

      Benjy’s kid in 2035: Dad how did you get famous. Benjy: Well son I wore a fish skin and played in the Fortnite World Cup. I also made quite a bit of money. Benjy’s son: Wow Dad you made money from video games. Benjy: Yup...........The good old days😌

      1. thicc ol billy

        shut the fuck up

    76. Lepor

      Best fncs? king literally got 420 pints and won 11/12 games soooooo yEAH

    77. Dou

      Benjy: 200 puntos top 1 King: 11/12 wins 500 puntos top 1

      1. TORRI

        estas comparando el servidor de brasil con el de eu? XD

    78. NotLaZyyy

      “Dead dead dead dead” that’s all I heard😂

    79. بلال عبيد

      mr.savage is really 200iq+ 3rd game

    80. zykitez

      Yoo wassup boiiss

    81. ッIzhar TM

      the mind of benjyfishy: Only rush, only rush...

    82. ッIzhar TM

      progression of "wassap boyys"

    83. Claudia Arbex

      Benjy is the best youtuber in the planet he his best than mongraal

    84. Rrahim Zena

      pinned this cm benjy if you think you are the best💙

    85. zaty on 75hz

      Thank u benjy for helping me get through all my hard school work me watching you play is so amazing keep us the good work u god

    86. Mr. FOCUS

      i love you bebgi

      1. Mr. FOCUS


    87. Lemon Tyler

      in the endgame scenario i realized i had already watched this from savage's p.o.v. cuz i remember watching savage spectate letshe bandage gunning benjy for help out of storm lol

    88. Vesper Owl

      He is definitely winning the next world cup

    89. Juan Ignacio Pennella Duplaá

      Gg benshy gg bro gg

    90. Tomas Iparraguirre

      Hahahajahahhahahahjahahahahahha You watch the 12/11 kings wins? Xdxdxd

    91. MASON __FN

      U inspired me to make content just started plz like my new vid and sub it would mean the world to me

    92. Soy

      Why people watch benjy -gameplay -movement -because he’s good at the game Why I watch him “Yo what’s up boys”

    93. Agustín Gomez

      The greatest week was the week 1 of king #FaZeKing

    94. Nautica

      The calmest Benjy has ever been in a tourney❤️🤣

    95. Leann Zapata

      king 11/12

    96. Oliver Hall

      People now are saying that they will spilt after they didn’t qual for week 1. This shows that if they make it off spawn they are an insane trio and that’s what letshe said in his stream too. He said that their only problem was spawn fights

    97. Udo Drawert Sainz

      2:22 benjy soft aim lol

    98. FoolishFN

      14:37 highest iqeve0r

    99. Vezety

      This is how many times Benjy said "good shit" | | V