TOP 5 in SOLO CASH CUP ($1200) | Flikk


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    How I placed 5th in the Paradox Solo Cash Cup winning me $1200. I am feeling super confident going into Trio FNCS this season with Th0masHD and Anas. Cant wait to upload more content to you guys! Please drop a like if you enjoyed the video.

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    1. Flikk

      can we hit 1k likes?

      1. Filip Petersen


      2. B8

        self bro

      3. Chronus

        Yes we can

      4. Pxndxx. 69

        selvføligelig Flikk :)!

      5. reconjulicraft

        No😅 2k😈

    2. Villum Søberg

      Du er dansker

    3. FRANCK

      improve aim bro

    4. Christian Castro


    5. Christian Castro


    6. bluer

      bro all i can say is that boogie bombs are so imprtant

    7. Mr Kweku

      Big brain plays dude nice👌

    8. Aurixel

      The 2nd game, the guy that killed you was rodlin, he's goated.

    9. David castro

      benjy top 6 flikk top 5 THE G.O.A.T

    10. Mohammed Games

      you are so underrated

    11. Tryzex

      4:59 rage quit

    12. Khaus

      Omg you are so good

    13. Chronic builds

      Ur senes are to high


      Does top 5 mean 5th place?

    15. Sychology Ellixrr

      If I was u just some advise I would work on my shotgun aim

    16. Damarquieys Jenkins

      9:33 piece control

    17. Rodriguez Toxic


    18. VIP

      Good job mate keep up the great work buddy we r in await for your second cash cup all the best

    19. GRIM TORKIL.

      Flikk er du dansk? -Nordmann

    20. Avatar Salty

      Can u guys check my yt its Avatar salty

    21. Lassed_Byhugo

      In what región does it play?

    22. Ylectrix

      Wow, u outdid Benjy and wolfiez

    23. Ylectrix

      Just gotta work on clutching up and winning those final 1v1 in endgame.

    24. Shotz

      What sens do you play?

    25. Not_ A3YOUSSEF


    26. qolly

      which res >???

    27. Pro Gamer

      Imagine being this good 😉

    28. cahp on yt

      Is it just me or is the vision pickaxe biger here

    29. Zack Worswick

      Absolutely abuses boogie bombs all tourney

    30. KillaB

      57.5k??? How is he this good and only has 57.5k like he should have at least 1 million subs. Dang and I thought I was goated. 😂 Cracked

    31. Shnawn Bennett


    32. noxh


    33. Frito FN

      Will you join flames

    34. Plexah

      is top 6% any good in a solo cash cup?

      1. m00n

        ye its really good

    35. Chronus

      Cracked af

    36. Lars Lund

      You kill me i Got shit on

    37. morten wadskjær

      Du er så sød når du snakker engelsk! No hate.

    38. Ruyssd Crack.


    39. 2e Clan

      1k like

    40. Oskar Juel Thomsen

      U are the Best solo player in Denmark and u Thomas and Anas are goated

    41. Oskar Juel Thomsen

      Holy shit u bulied everyone in stark

    42. ZackaHD

      Du er så fucking god

    43. Luka #2

      so good omg!!!!

    44. snipedexx


    45. IzzyClappz

      Great stuff, just grind kovaaks and you can place even higher

      1. Zeflr 1҉2҉

        kovaaks is stupid, you like grinding bots

      2. Katalin Bánságiné Balogh Katalin

        @Odil 56 he has the shittest aim of all time

      3. Odil 56

        Wdym he has absolute god aim

    46. Justin Peyton

      3:53 wow they did you dirty there

    47. chris Budhoo

    48. Relaxrr

      the fact that he misses easy shot but never miss a flick

      1. Relaxrr

        Oskar Juel Thomsen lol

      2. Oskar Juel Thomsen

        Thats why his name i flikk

    49. KYZRO 0

      Check my Faze5 video everyone pls if use don’t want to it’s fine

    50. Cheater Aidan

      Your insane

    51. HjalteV3

      4:51 how did you place a cone in his box?

    52. nalow

      i like ya cut g 8:12

    53. Carlos Daniel Contreras Franjul

      Right now you are my favorite player you are INSANE

    54. W1x & ChopperK


    55. Kanninn

      Nice duo fncs with anas and thomas >(

    56. ItsScare

      Every game he had mats and height but he dropped down and died

    57. A Chenah 24

      The best german player

      1. FredDP

        He is danish

    58. corbin hopkins

      Ur amazing dude but u need to work on some parts of your aim. Like your flicks are amazing but you need to work on your direct aim no hate.

    59. Nick Hardenberg

      Yesterday I saw you in leaderbords keep it up man ur good

    60. deagle2c

      the best

    61. AJAMIZ Btw

      Worst Imposter EU

    62. MagneticEU

      Yo flikk i hope you win trios FNCS I have high hope for you anas and Thomas keep up the grind my man

    63. MiXed Garrr

      Holy shit du vinder Word cup

    64. Marie-Louise Ekelund

      10:35 oof

    65. 4k.Zaplayzz


    66. Henriiq

      Hey Jarvis 11:34

    67. zerfix.


    68. Hammel ay non

      Leavet Wave flikk ;(

    69. Marianne sacht

      what is your color blind and strength

    70. OR

      bro you kill me its me nintendofinjan i was 1 hp and 0 metirials

    71. lol

      To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name btw

    72. Loko Flipz

      Good stuff man you're insane. But you should change your name to "I-Use-Boogies" so many kids were probably triggered during the making of this video.

    73. aqu


    74. Fuzznum

      Well played man

    75. Satan - BTD

      you’re so amazing :)

    76. crash_bobo 10

      The fact that he beat benjyfishy... Dude ur insane

    77. BlemFN

      You just too good

    78. its teteu

      So good

    79. TANGOZ

      well done

    80. verxcyy

      Flikk your insane

    81. Greezy

      Flikk best player in the world (sorry for killing you the over day) xd

    82. IceT

      i placed 67th i hope i get noticed one day to GG THO

    83. Pred1x

      Cracked 🔥

    84. Cleezty on IG

      please show all games next time

    85. Flec

      best danish player

    86. Legendenharder FTW

      If you play kovaaks you going to be the best player

      1. Twixez

        not if you have dogshit mousepad

    87. Jehnks

      Its soo sad to see just flikk in ur name :(

    88. Fear

      You could have gotten first place but you made some mistakes

    89. Oliver Christian Hansen

      Hope your gonna win FNCS 😀

    90. Dawxnl

      Your insane

    91. Arox ک

      You just shit on me at 9:28 gg

    92. McDaBeast


    93. Hawq Backup

      Your just too goated it makes me wanna quit

      1. Gxlxctic


    94. Jay plays Hockey

      Hope y’all win next time

    95. ProxxyFN

      insane flikk

    96. Crackzy

      Code Flikk#ad

    97. Astlm


    98. SeylonEU

      twitter noti

    99. Vxrtical

      Best FN Player

    100. younglyl is a bot

      Flikk godd