Jannik Sinner v Roberto Bautista Agut Highlights | Miami Open 2021

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    1. sehhi vooty

      We were able to see greatness early on with Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, and Murray. Sinner I believe is in that league.

    2. bcvbb hyui

      Amazing 15 years old kid

    3. ceerw buty

      5 7 3 3 0-40.... Honestly I thought was over. His concentration and mental attitude may let him become a top 10 player soon.

    4. kolim jone

      He's so great mentally even if he's just 19!

      1. sehhi vooty

        Sinners are grinners. Hand him the title now. Take picture with Kodak.

    5. mijuo roui

      The sheer controlled violence with which Sinner strikes the ball, combined with his temperament.... it’s like if Berdych had a brain plus better movement

      1. bcvbb hyui


    6. Soinas Doyi

      beat Sinner, you need to be ultra aggressive.

      1. ceerw buty

        I hope sinner succeeds his dreams of being the best ever. I think he can do it

    7. avramenkoable

      Nothing "sensational"

    8. gtoss chddy

      5 7 3 3 0-40.... Honestly I thought was over. His concentration and mental attitude may let him become a top 10 player soon.

      1. mijuo roui

        Ha già trasferito la residenza a Montecarlo. Ha già capito tutto. Farà strada.

    9. raffaella gandolfi


    10. Maffettone GABRIELLA

      Sinner , fortissimo non si arrende mai ...

      1. Soinas Doyi

        He is the New #1

    11. Fernando Bassoli


      1. gtoss chddy

        On this road he will be the future number one for sure 🏆🥎

    12. ricette arabe Meryem

      Spero che mi seguirete. Faccio grandi e facili ricette di cucina araba orientale. Grazie

      1. gtoss chddy


    13. AUDIOHOSTEM187


      1. gtoss chddy

        He is the New #1

    14. Ann Bart G

      Maybe he Is future nr one but today hes gonna lose

    15. Simone Buralli

      who made the highlights hasn't watched the match: on both 2nd and 3rd set, the 10th games (5-4) have been crucial and they have benn skipped by the author. Anyway...this young guy is AMAZING

    16. Eddy verita

      sinner è un giocatore molto forte ma diventare numero uno secondo me devi avere delle qualita che gli altri non hanno. basta tener presente federer nadal e djokovic. federer ha giocato un tennis talmente perfetto che sia nel passato e che nel presente nessuno è riuscito a esprimere. nadal ha sempre giocato un tennis in top spin e in difesa completamente efficace e nuovo da far tremare tutti. Djokovic è stato sinceramente il piu grande atleta nella storia del tennis . i suoi movimenti in campo sono perfetti e ha una personalità in campo molto valida .sui campi veloci nessuno gioca meglio di lui.

    17. ophelia5100

      Love that pastel attire as well.

    18. Eddy verita

      io siceramente dubito che potrà diventare numero uno e spero di essere smentito. penso cosi perche per diventarlo devi essere un marziano specialmente se il gioco è da fondo. dovrebbe inventare un mod per scendere spesso a rete e fare punto altrimenti dovra accontentarsi di essere solo tra i primi dieci.spero di essere smentito ma questa è la mia sensazione.

      1. Mónica Uribe

        @Eddy verita Your approach is clearly that of a person without any quality to be a champion. You would stay on the road as one more mediocre. That of focusing your energy on others, raising your challenges in terms of third parties. The lack of confidence motivation is evident. , that's what differentiates a champion from a mediocre like you.

      2. Eddy verita

        becker e sampras erano dei fenomeni edberg un po meno mentre chang e wilander erano dei motori da fondo campo che avevano un intelligenza tattica fuori dal comune

      3. Eddy verita

        @Utente007 ricordo che chang a 17 anni ha vinto roland garros becker sempre a 17 wilmbledon wilander a 17 anni roland garros . edberg a 19 anni australia open sampras a 18 anni us open

      4. Utente007

        Ha solo 19 anni , un’anno fa giocava ancora i challenger . Bisogna dargli tempo ⏱ È già tanto se a questa età si trovi a giocare una finale M100

    19. Peter Hutton

      Sinners are grinners. Hand him the title now. Take picture with Kodak.

    20. David Caleo - Gossip Vip


    21. Matteo Illoldi

      I hope sinner succeeds his dreams of being the best ever. I think he can do it

    22. INTER NICK

      Sto creando un canale interista e chi volesse potrebbe venire ed iscriversi, mi aiutereste tantissimo, grazie 🖤💙

    23. Dario R

      Ha già trasferito la residenza a Montecarlo. Ha già capito tutto. Farà strada.

    24. Darmadi Darmawangsa

      He is the New #1

    25. Marco Napolitano

      On this road he will be the future number one for sure 🏆🥎

    26. Global Rally Network TV


    27. Francesco Ieva

      Sinner the Winner... e finalmente abbiamo un erede del grandissimo Adriano...

    28. Miguel

      Just look at that backhand... my goodness

      1. Greg Aurora

        I preffer he's package. I'm gay too 1💋

    29. Nicholas

      Was literally questioning if I had this playing at 1.5x the whole time

    30. Pavel Petkov

      I think springboard for all of Jannik's progress this year was his quarterfinal run at Rolland Garros last year.... Can he go deep in tournaments on clay with Rafa still around? Not really sure...

    31. Mohammed Abdullah

      So Sinner is the next champion in GL.

    32. James Park

      this guy is a stable marat wth

    33. Gennaro Amoroso

      Can you believe ... he was Italy's Skiing Champion at 11 years old. "He's not human!"

    34. marco marco

      Sinner will hold the trophy,no doubt

    35. vigneshwar kesavan

      Ever since the first time I saw him vs Nadal on clay, I have been amazed by this guy. I really really hope he keeps up the drive and motivation. Would love to see him get up there and beat the big boys. Go Sinner!

    36. Eliton Simoes

      "Ele só tem 15 anos"

    37. Moorish Brooklyn

      Sinner's game has gone up many levels.

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    39. LOPIKO LI


    40. Lala Gaming


    41. Giuseppe Di Lorenzo

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    42. Med90


    43. R_ A_ F

      Forza Sinner !!!!

    44. Ari 348

      Daje Jannik, vinci sto torneo! Tutta Italia tifa per te

    45. TerraSai

      Sinner got them angles 👀🔥

    46. Scott G

      Sinners bh 😍

    47. tony

      Grandissimo. Una tecnica ed una testa fuori del comune. Appena si struttura un po' fisicamente tra le nuove leve non lo vede nessuno

    48. Ricky Darmawan

      Would appreciate it if anyone could tell what shoes Sinner was wearing. Cheers.

    49. Angelo Marcovecchio

      Bautista are solid but he met iron-man

    50. hassan shahzada

      So atlast we have the real mental strength (from the books of big 3) player... Looks even better than Thiem

    51. Ud U

      Can this youngman go ahead to win Miami open and French open.....what a dream that will be in 2021

    52. Paul Mccartney

      Sinner,Berretini, Mussetti,Sonego !!! 🌍🌎🌏 Complimenti ragazzi.

    53. SOULKING

      Good boy, great example above all of seriousness and dedication ... I am proud of you as an Italian ... 🙂

    54. easyscore

      besides incredible talent, Sinner like Sampras very stoic and determined at 19. High ceiling. Very high

    55. Mikael 79

      Beautiful graphic XBoX Series X 💪🏻

    56. Giuseppe Rinaldi

      SINNER ❤️

      1. Greg Aurora


    57. alberto ponti

      The Predestened Italiano 👍🏻🤝🏼🎾

    58. kik locus

      I really hope this guy can take the torch from big 3, want to see someone else winning grand slam other than big 3 hope that's this guy

    59. Dark matter

      The Austrian kid is unbelievable!

      1. Antonio Androsiglio

        Who's the Austrian? Sinner is South Tyrolean

    60. Zimbabwian Jesus

      The highest quality match of the Miami Open 2021. Hubert will need to serve out of the world to beat Jannik in the final because this kid can go toe to toe and beat anyone in a rally with his game.

    61. ballboy

      His name is Winner not Sinner

    62. montecarlo 99

      Ammazza che bolidi tira Sinner...Non era facile fare un controbreak al terzo set con un cagnaccio come Bautista, che forse non é un fuoriclasse ma é un ottimo giocatore, ostico per chiunque. Sinner mi dà l'impressione che sia in crescita anche fisica, data l'età. Fa ben sperare!

    63. sileight84

      we are in front of the next tennis world wide dominator for the upcoming 15 years. The Italian phenomenon

    64. bryan S

      Sinner's real strength is in the head

    65. MegaOrange555

      Qui si gode 🇮🇹

    66. Rico_Chill4x

      Italian pride ! hopefully jannik in the top5 sooner or later! #believeit

    67. agradina

      bweee bweee bweee vs sinner in the final

    68. Corrado Di Perna


    69. Alessandro Solla

      Io che nn mi stanco mai di vedere questo video

    70. O7 OFFICIAL

      Mind Of Federer + Style Of Djokovic + Mental Toughness Of Nadal = Jannik Sinner

    71. Andrea Ratti

      🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

    72. Roberto Cairo

      A new boss in ATP circus

    73. Andrea Boggione


    74. Sext Empiric

      Why did you show us Sinner's points only?

      1. Sext Empiric

        @smazzok What a dumb answer. Bugger off!!!

      2. smazzok

        Cause Sinner landed 25 more winners than the spaniard?

    75. thorium222

      Looks like Sinner totally deserved this win. He took it into is own hands when it mattered and made it happen.

    76. Emanuele 78

      I love this !

    77. Massimo Galeotti

      ITALIANS DO IT BETTER 🇮🇹 Grande Jannik 🔝

    78. George Clarence

      Guys how good was that last game from sinner...

    79. GRAFA boys

      Let's go sinner ❤️🇮🇹

    80. Din Djarin

      Jannik winner.

    81. Yonas

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Baby-faced Assassin.

    82. sunyoung lee

      Beautiful Sinner!!!

    83. Lbais 11

      Ultimo game ( di risposta ) celestiale. Un game che se non l’avessi visto non ci crederei. Fenomeno.

    84. Moh'd Salmen

      He's the silent slayer, reminds me of someone rarely heard him grunt while dropping bombs all over the court! I hope he stays fit🙌

    85. Antonio Piva

      Bublik said an important thing: "Sinner rejects the idea of ​​defeat". It means that he plays with the same intensity and mental clarity all the shots. In this it reminds me a lot of Nadal's mental strength

    86. BALON Plus

      I T A L I A ❤️

    87. maxinum70


    88. max power

      Predestinato!!!vai Sinner!!!

    89. Irfan Suhandi

      I've never seen such a cold blooded 19 years old before. Even fed was a hot head at that age. What a time to emerge as well, just when the old guards are declining. Everything is looking good for this kid. With some improvement here and there he could set a new level of height for tennis just like fed did in the 2000s. Now let's just wish he stays injury free.

    90. KimiRai 2007

      Completely deserved for Sinner. Bautista Agut did nothing, he doesn't even try to hit a winner, that's boring. Sinner played forward and tried a lot more.

    91. Gianluca Botti

      Sta facendo passi da gigante, non va dimenticato che ha 19 anni e che gioca da sessanta partite appena nel circuito atp: con una personalità disarmante, sa sempre leggere bene le situazioni, mentalmente ha la solidità di un carro armato, è veramente incredibile, contro Bautista poi che aveva battuto Medvedev... l Italia ha finalmente un talento su cui puntare per gli anni a venire, era ora 🇮🇹

    92. AAMR S

      The best Italian tennis player ever in my opinion.

    93. Negrean Andrei

      Oh my god!! Watching RBA playng is much more voring than watching grass growing😱

    94. Gil Das

      Very tight match ! Exciting to watch! At 4-4 in the third set, they both had won 90 points.

    95. Kevin and Jackie Gunn

      Well no 'big 3' and the 'next big 4, (Zverev, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Rublev) lining up for their big chance.....and not one of them could do it! Too much pressure and expectation on themselves and from others. Hurkacz and Sinner under rhe radar, no pressure came through. Please no pressure on Sinner now!


      Favorite tennis player after Rafa Nadal

    97. InspiraTalk ID

      The star is born. Sensational game from Sinner. Respect for RBA for his consistency in tour

    98. Rob K

      Just bludgeons the ball, holy shit

    99. T Clipse

      ATP has to learn how to do highlights better ugh

    100. Kir Sol

      Продажный теннисист