Legendary Goalkeeper Saves in Football

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    1. Alsido Football

      Congrats to the new UCL Champions, Bayern!

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      2. setiawan setiawan

        @MOURAD XZ gģģgģ

      3. setiawan setiawan

        @MOURAD XZ 8

    2. Sam Stevens

      That save in the World Cup final by Casillas is ridiculous. Under that sort of pressure 1v1, amazing composure

    3. Franklin Nkhata

      the guy at the cross bar 8;04

    4. Mahfoodh Khaled Jabr

      U forgot to put Neuer save against ronaldo that powerful shot didn’t even shake his hands

    5. Fadzlie Bell

      Buffon !

    6. HotShotInstrumentals

      This never gets old

    7. Billy Walendom

      2.46 is that a commercial

    8. Billy Walendom

      .26 is a crazy save

    9. Ahmet Raci

      Certainly there should be Muslera in this video!

    10. Huy Tran

      hay quá

    11. M

      David de gea's saves are just so satisfying to watch!!!

    12. Matko Doris

      Higuita's "scorpion kick" is not football. It is poetry, it is art.


      5:52 That fan in the front is the meaning of the phrase "never celebrate too early" 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Юрий Корчагин

      Кан, Буффон, Касильяс, ван дер Сар -- не, не слышали о таких

    15. The ArtScientist

      The fact that if the goal keepers wouldn't have made those saves, they might have been the most lengendary goals in history like this one- 1:50

    16. Сергей

      это вам не говно типа Амкала смотреть

    17. Kyonボケ

      Legendary? no Oli Kahn, Gregory Coupet double saves, Gordon Banks, and Yashin? fuck algorithm! i shouldn't click this one!

    18. Dharma Bum

      I do appreciate your effort of putting this video together and there were some "memorable" saves here indeed and fully it was worthy the time it takes to watch ... but a few of the saves were very ordinary indeed - particularly when seen in slow-motion. Yes, the shoots were hard but yet straight at the goalkeeper and should be goalie "food". PS! I missed seeing some of the incredible saves of Heurelho Gomes - particularly the ones vs Arsenal (a free-kick from van Persie) and a header from John Terry.

    19. Peschmerga AntiBozkurt

      and Oliver Kahn ?? Best 4 eva

    20. Gamingandsportking2 *

      Sometimes when I hear this music I feel like someone’s gonna get badly injured

    21. Chuck L

      Where's Marcelo Grohe Libertadores 2017 ? Best save of the decate

    22. Cyber RetriX

      De gea

    23. Ador Afra


    24. Deep Sinha

      2:47 are you comedy me

    25. I Cunt Spell

      Eww, soccer, eww.

    26. Riad Aounas

      The music 2 please 🙏🙏🙏

      1. Johain

        Neovaii, but i don't know exactly the names

    27. Ahmad Salman

      Can anyone explain what happened in 2:45? This is not a human act !

      1. Lauren Rossi

        i hink its fake

    28. I have no idea what to put here

      the 360 flip one is just flawless

      1. Catriona Burns

        also fake

    29. peter moss

      you ruin every post with your terrible, terrible music taste

    30. Opressor

      Marcelo Grohe no Gremio foi melhor que todas essas! Ele previu o chute do cara.

    31. TakeNoELS

      You can really see the evolution of Play Station in these clips😂

    32. 雷フィルム


    33. Edder Aguilar

      Watching this video really made me appreciate the early to mid 10s. These top class keepers have been the same for years, unlike outfield players where there's a change in talent almost every other year.

    34. Cain Nuke

      2:08 that was clearly a goal...

    35. Paweł Wróbel

      Whats the music ?

    36. Mattia Pardo

      In the intro should have been buffon also

    37. s baxter

      Gordon Banks v Pele

    38. Ádám Daroczi


    39. Wilfer Jhoan

      Keylor Navas?

    40. Jorge Quinta-Nova

      If there is no Yashin here, there is no legendary status.

    41. Felipe Martins

      monatro demais defendendo

    42. Alan Diamond

      Where memo Ochoa tho?

    43. Денис Каплин

      14:12 название трека?

    44. Small funny vids From RockMax

      the name of on the red jersey 😂

    45. Pablo Lloyd

      11:45 ok but what a ball from marcelo

    46. Calmarno

      This could also be called, "Legendry shots on man".

    47. ShreN

      No Joe Hart smh

    48. Basty xJiraiya

      3:20 Fake

    49. Carlos Isaac Nieves Hernandez

      I think you miss a good one, Iker Casillas vs Sevilla. For me one of the best saves


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    51. Mohammed Alawad

      so lucky here .. not even a good save! 0:57

    52. Rei Brian


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      De gea make many save because defender is shit

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    57. Shimoz S

      Its Epic

    58. diego alejandro almanza florez

      what hapenned with the epic save by jan oblak??? que paso con la epica atajada de jan oblak??

    59. Alan Martinez

      Y’all really don’t have the GOAT Casillas in here as much smh

    60. Xcraig12tera-pops

      so basically Small European teams goalies? there are way better goalies in the world than Europe by far.

    61. Rómàn Vasylyev

      Disliked because of the music, do you watch your own videos? How can someone endure that?

    62. 박세헌

      진짜 골키퍼가 선방하는 모습이 골을 넣는 장면보다 더 멋있다..

    63. TheRedstoneMagic games

      We have to remember that the best saves aren't the flashiest saves

    64. Szeguspowa Videos

      So many people dont know this: 1:07 Király Gábor broke 2 fingers for this save!!!!

      1. Szeguspowa Videos

        And after continue until end!

    65. ibby Hussain

      This is beautiful

    66. jonatan coronel

      como se nota que este video lo hizo un europeo, veo pocos porteros latinos, que hablar de centroamericanos.. y si no lo hizo un europeo pues.. un latino frustrado...navas? y ponen a de gea jaja

    67. Rafael Martínez

      Ter Stegen has about 10% of the videos xD Beast

    68. AbduThePio

      What's the name of the second song?

      1. Xandde BS

        You now the name first song? I want to know please.

    69. Arni Mar

      Can someone tell me the name of the first soundtrack in the video?

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    74. ML Mørtis

      top 10 European countries ranked for goalkeepers(my opinion. If you dont agree then tell me your list): 1.Germany 2.Spain 3.Italy 4.England 5.Slovakia 6.Russia 7.Albania 8.Czechia 9.France 10.Belgium

    75. Cléan Abzac

      Best goalkeeper ithomes.info/net/0t5uqZ1xpamDYYI/video

    76. Iktan

      Se extraña el De Gea visto en este video

    77. Felipe S Barbosa

      Only saves from European football, when there are plenty other more beautiful from other parts of the world. What a shame

    78. Lonnie Falbo

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    79. Chef Curry

      last song ?

    80. A B

      He's no Buffon, but Juve are pretty lucky to have Szczesny

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      3:24 someone please tell me this is not real game

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    85. 2D

      coming from ithomes.info/net/1JqNnNaurJtrhqg/video&ab_channel=CraigKendall and get this video recomended, YT is just savage at this point

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    92. Miles Nasenbär

      Good to c that 70 % of the Video was Neuer and Stegen lol

    93. Chantre Azur

      3:20 He brooke a career

    94. Longshot Less Power Ball High CP SD Goal

      De gea can’t save Phil jones’ super own goals..

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