25 Kills on 57,000 Arena points...


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    About: Mitr0, is a competitive Gamer from the Netherlands, who currently resides in Europe. He is well-known for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. He is widely known for once breaking the second world record of the most kills in Fortnite, having 42 kills in the new Siphon LTM mode in Fortnite (you get no heals, but get 50 health back after eliminating an opponent).

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    1. Mitr0

      like this for new highlight video

      1. Ayaan


      2. Nick Mercs

        Bro your cracked love the vida

      3. Fawzi Masannat

        @xJavi3r قبليلثبلقاقفققس stress def raggedy Ann sh d feel

      4. Fawzi Masannat

        @Abdallah Awni فبىبرلقيلثببيبيل

      5. José Des

        show your settings and full handcam

    2. ハムハム


    3. The Thunder CZ :D

      You GOD Player Bro

    4. Chronic Nightmare

      I thought they took out the charge shotgun

    5. Jean oliv


    6. Alan Brala


    7. Sudarshan Jagannathan

      Anyone know the intro music?

    8. KING Knoxie

      How was in this game charge shotgun if are in chapter 2 season 4 only combat and pump??

    9. Neymar fan


    10. ItzFleeezy


    11. bear grizzly

      А ты русский лайк нет подписка

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    13. Wolfish我 _W

      Mitro makes a video* Automatically video: Do YoU WaNnA PlAy LiKe MiTrO

      1. Muffin Mora


    14. diamond

      Nederland oow Nederland

    15. Mxtske On YT

      Jij komt toch van Nederland

    16. TTV_jorge_10 _

      hi mitro you are so good at this game boy

    17. Ηλίας Τσαχουρίδης

      How do you have charge. Charge left the game

    18. CloudzFN

      3:18 that boy got SHIT ONNNNN

    19. Siwela Mgaga


    20. Timo Timo

      Wie gehst MITRO

    21. Sebastian Capraru

      Shotcut or hitfilm b

    22. vaond

      kinda cringe bro

    23. Mattern FN


    24. Pro Riot

      absoulute goat

    25. Brawl stars Robbe

      Mitro jij bent zo goed kan ik training krijgen pls, 🥺🥺🥺

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    27. ahmet Ula

      Handcam please

    28. mqro1tz

      669,696 views... what a coincidence

    29. Nick Mercs

      Brooooo what the fuck was that addd broooooo

    30. crozzy L2

      Te re viola king

    31. JustDarwin

      Man so fast he made the flash seem like an turtle

    32. Shourya Kashyap

      Best kill 3:18

      1. sultanZXC


    33. Kioツ

      Under rated

    34. Toniq

      3:18 🤯

    35. 19kSxftyClxuds

      so are we gonna ignore the 0 ping

    36. rockyfn

      3:19 u already know that’s a clip

    37. Jacob Parker

      Mitro is the god of hitting headshots

    38. su A13

      i have onli 700 p0ints of arena

    39. s1lender xd

      topsun mitro

    40. Mlok1s

      How did u do that sounds in fortnite

    41. Ceos Bn

      Hoe is je aim zo goed

    42. ricardo alves


    43. Léopaul Mercier


    44. Marlene Dantes

      Yo Mitr0 did you know That The Charge Shotgun Got Vaulted

    45. Will Courtland

      Behold the most powerful weapon of all... The Pepper

    46. Thejhors Non

      Tengo un Problema con Patio de Juegos no me sale el Botón de Volver al Centro, solo de Abandonar Partida Help me alguien que me ayude nesecito Ayuda

    47. thomas games

      Mitro be like and again a arena win its SO boring me be like: Super happy with a duo win. En Mitro een vraagje: welk potje was het begin van je fortnite carieëre?

    48. Didar

      What skin is that?



    50. do pe

      How is he walking so fast?

    51. Maxx Blom

      Mitro doe nou normaal met je kils🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    52. Fendi -ω-

      Nobody want to mention how godly he performs with those key binds ?

      1. Dragos Stanciu

        These are fake key binds i have them too

    53. Shawn Abecunas

      can you had me i am a noob sorry if you don't want to play with me but plzzzzzzz pretty plz you are relly good

    54. Thui YT

      Castrin and markola have 100,000 arena points

    55. Alice Mihaela ILIE

      hooooooooo wow

    56. L i a m .

      You are good at fortnite

    57. Fatima Usman


    58. Pader

      mitros aim is just way too good lol

    59. Norton


    60. Okeerz144hz Okeerz144hz

      Martoz is writing...

    61. Caleb Nyamwea

      Mitro had more damage in this game compared even to his Arena Points. Maaaad bro

    62. Says

      godeto pa

    63. 悪まちゃんだよーー

      wow you are great

    64. NAX

      How does he have more points than Mongraal but the kids are worse in mitros

    65. Cláudia Patrícia da Silva Carreira

      Eu sou português

    66. María Sol Biscay

      Minute 2.25 he kills moongral

    67. Waytys

      Les gens qui veulent voir du fortnite venez sur ma chaîne je fais des highlights !!

    68. AzeBlazeツ

      Bruv change ur keybinds cuz f keys are literaly not the way

    69. arieliwnl

      Heart if you think mitr0 is best EU player

    70. Lunoy

      99% of people wont see this but for the 1% i hope you are all having a wonderful day and i hope you all reach your dreams. i am a small youtuber and my dream is to hit 1k subs

    71. Dreams

      3:19 Clip

    72. NxghtL

      Goddamn Mitr0

    73. saucy.37

      I’m sad intro wasn’t an ad I was wanting to skip😞

    74. marko petrovik

      Why does this dude build on f1

    75. Tariq Ziad PROS

      GOD 😻😻😻 wow

    76. Potato

      When you think you got a noti from mitro But you Get a recommended noti from miro :( I was so happy for a sec then my heart sank F


      Im your biggest fan💪💪

    78. Killz Biggie

      Why does the audio sound like that

    79. ωaω i'm HeyiiCyii シ

      Mitro : 50k points are easy Me : OH MY GOD 2500 ARE SO HARD

    80. imokbrin

      Keith Allan in the beginning ok ok ok

    81. Fawzi Masannat

      2r getsgtddddcdcc في بابعلغ لهم غ احاول فار

    82. NøŤ ŤřýHĂřĐ

      You are the best player

    83. [Insert Name]

      You’re my favourite pro player, you don’t shake you’re setup around and don’t scream like ever rest of them

    84. TataGames

      imagine being that good with F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 building controls

    85. Blur72

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      1. Blur72

        Killz Biggie

      2. Killz Biggie

    86. DCU Rawa

      I love how mitr0 not even speaking whell he is 200 pumping

    87. fishy Yotton


    88. Bubbese Octopus

      You are so fucking god bro

    89. Dr Hervé

      Only headshot

    90. hwnez

      Idk if it only look so because he is so good but your enemys play like 3k i kann get 4k because i only Play vs 13 k arena points and 900pr guys WTF can somebody explain this

    91. ゲリアンのほくろ


    92. astuto


    93. Its Syft BTW

      Mitro is such a clean name may gahd I wish I had that name

    94. Nada Editar

      2:56 WOW 😳

    95. Mohuncut

      thats next level satisfie video

    96. HAS SAN

      On top

    97. Thomas

      This video made me using his code

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      Hoi mitro