Oden vs Kaido | One Piece

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    Ep 972: Oden finally throws down with Kaido! Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-OP972
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    1. Crunchyroll Collection

      Watch episode 972 here! got.cr/Watch-OP972

      1. Roon Taamiti

        @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh everyone has their own fav and choice every anime all good 👍 👌

      2. Roon Taamiti

        @Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad tbh i rather watch OP✅ than N ❌😂😂

      3. Shade Jackson

        Lol pathetic crunchyroll I watched this 18 hours ago

      4. xsailor85

        It was awesome.🍿🍿🍿

      5. Kakashi Sensei


    2. GoofyTomato

      it must feel like heaven to be caught up on one piece

    3. toxic acid69

      Oden is badass but good God is his design weird

    4. Peace Unreal

      Kaido is cocky towards every fighter because he believes no one can beat him he hates when people bring up oden because he's the one person to almost beat him

    5. Kobrabtw

      Nah when he say I can’t lose and all the people that was important to him started to show in his head I felt that

    6. Mugiwara no Tony D. Stark

      What's the name of the OST? (I know it's an old one but I can't remember the name)

      1. Chris Gomez

        @Mugiwara no Tony D. Stark yeah search it up

      2. Mugiwara no Tony D. Stark

        @Chris Gomez fr?

      3. Chris Gomez

        The very very very strongest

    7. justLuck

      The animation is great and all, but why does this scene have so much filler? They make Oden seem so underpowered in the anime.

    8. Jay!

      Best scene

    9. KeanB 17

      Now tell me why the Fxk can oden scar kaido, but not luffy

    10. Ant 1


    11. martin eduardo espinoza valdez

      solo imaginate si eso le hizo oden que no se le desmerita nada, que le haría un ataque de mihawk si le diera de lleno o.O

    12. Momo

      1M for the chad!🔥🔥🔥

    13. Perfyyy

      god it feels so out of place when they use DBZ sound effects

    14. Hashirama Senju

      Its so sad that the story pace is so slow... man Toei fix ur god damn anime or give it to a good Company like DavidPro.

    15. AGN

      this is one of the most unforgettable moments in all one piece

    16. Phun tsho

      I am not a Kaido fan or anything but I can already see how oda is going to write kaidos true character similar to bullet

    17. Nicane

      a Zoro aun le falta... bastante.

    18. حسن ابو علي


    19. i_khalid

      ryuma would cut kaido head with his shusi one slash

    20. Carlos Alberto Brasil

      WTH, where did Kaido hide that club !!!!!!

    21. Angel Echeverria

      Alv parece película la animación

    22. Egemen Kerem

      Oden is a Legend

    23. FlashXLR

      Everybody gangsta till they hear “Oden Nitoryu”

    24. Was isch 57

      Oden sama = Goat Status

    25. Requiem Empire

      Oden >Kaido back then but kaido now would beat him Luffy is prolly around the same level or a bit stronger then oden 20 years ago

      1. Requiem Empire

        @Markus s idk man zoro did scar kaido but even zoro said he couldnt even manage to knock him down so in actuality it didn’t hurt kaido that much i would say oden is low yonko/low admiral level like luffy is rn and zoro is high first commander but by the end of this arc zoro will surpass oden just not rn

      2. Markus s

        i think that luffy is stronger than oden and zoro is around odens level

    26. kingstraw hat

      I do same content

    27. Nani

      Easily top 10 best sword attacks in anime by far.

    28. J Maxx


    29. Whiskey

      "If it's 1 on 1, kaido will have a hostage"

    30. V


    31. Zeno 2020

      Oden Vs current kaido wouldn't win but if Oden wasn't done dirty here there would be no current kaido

    32. Vendalts

      Truly peak piece

    33. Fabrezz

      "If oden isn't boiled, it ain't oden."

    34. TrashBag

      Trash animation they made op so childish

      1. Hinata haitiana

        oh yea chiIdish the bIood and the animation of yong ce tu yeah yeah stupid

      2. VACKU

        Nah dude it looks sick

    35. Dmitriy Kluev

      Oden lose so stupidly:/

    36. Bensizerara Bouali

      The way oden lost the fight is the best birth control ad out there

    37. ShinkuOpticBlast

      This is a completely different anime now.

    38. Seth Ozera

      Idk what it is. I can’t stand the sound design.

    39. Vinicius Dias

      Mane mane no mi

    40. Iván Rafael Pérez Pérez

      es lo mas epico que he visto hasta ahora, solo espero elchoque de haki de luffy y kaido ademas del corte que le va a recetar zoro al final

    41. D rago

      The real title is "Oden max power vs young man kaido "

    42. Captain Roosevelt


    43. Juan Luis Eltit

      Legendary,Oden should have won this fight💙

    44. Beast X

      One Piece - Kings

    45. Rockbandicoot

      Oden pushing through Kaido's Hyper Beam-Fire-Blast Breath attack reminded me of the Armin vs Bertholdt finisher.

    46. Mr.Ruftex

      0:55 Pandaman is the real goat 😤

      1. LegCow RDR2

        No way really, I didnt notice it that. What an easteregg

    47. Marco P.

      One Piece animation production must love Oden. They give everything when he goes to battle.

    48. Navy Star

      so im the only one who skipped this and really dont care if oden dies

      1. Anal1t1cal_Panda

        Just say you only watch onepiece for the fights and dont care about the story

      2. Joao Victor

        So why exatcly do you see one piece? If you only like to see Luffy's perspective idk how you got so far in this show, because one piece never was only about Luffy's journey

      3. Dolrich Thang

        Bro skipped one of the best flashbacks e ver

    49. DerJägerhalt

      the least epic build up that I have ever seen. The music didn't fit at all

    50. mira veta

      And zoro was the second to ever cut kaido

    51. AJ

      0:48 *double helix plays*

    52. Jameel Alom

      I mean, damn!!!!! This scene was just so cool

    53. Trizzy

      Most One Piece “fights” just be a few clashes or just a named move then that’s it.

      1. VoRTeX

        This is just a clip bro obviously they aren't gonna show the whole fight

    54. MAKSR


    55. Nightwing

      Dragon ball super needs to take notes on this god tier animation

      1. golden legend

        look at jiren vs goku, look at broly movie,nah i think they know

    56. フᄃムJonShadow

      I didn’t know Odin was strong like that. Like significantly Stronger than kaido.

    57. IzanagI -

      1:12 are we gonna ignore those screams? Omfgoooooood

    58. Housir死

      I totally can see zoro doing this soon

    59. No_ Excuses

      *Still can't win against Goku*

    60. Justin Time

      Is this real or just fan made stuff

      1. Aln Dlc

        It's real and it looks extremely good.

      2. VoRTeX


    61. Jude G

      This arc really gave us Kaido Vs Oden Oden Vs Whitebeard Whitebeard Vs Roger Whitebeard pirates vs Rogers Crew I am not disappointed

      1. 九重りん Rin Kokonoe

        Seeing the king of the pirates that's been a legend since the beginning of the anime in action after like 960 episodes alone was so good. Great fking arc this is.

    62. Kareem Parchment

      The Rooftop fights at Onigashima are gonna go so crazy if Toei keeps animating fights like this!

    63. 8cee

      Best Animation after a long long time, I really got an impression it was movie like, can't wait for the real fight :D

    64. ً

      0:18...just put it in slow motion and see that perfect effect

    65. hadii yaaa

      This ark is The best amazing absolutely gold

    66. Yuhanna Muhammad

      Oh y’all stepped it up

    67. xavier pringle


    68. Ibrahim ATJ

      What a nice video and seance show how Samurai Clutter interact with the story of one piece showing how the true Leader act and handle this mes , no way to go back .. the moment when enma aura explode was Epic to show how Oden was Ranked among these legendary characters as true leader who mange his force and power to protect his people like what the old man did in the Marine war

    69. Giacomo Asquini

      Nice fan fiction

    70. Corrosive blast

      Oden literally too angry to die

    71. The weeb Man

      A timemachine is created Women:hey lets go see our parents Men: whitebeard you need to go to wano

    72. Derek Dutra

      Wano: the arc where everyone and their mother knows Geppou

    73. Nikos Dimitriadis

      i want to see zoro fight him! And open his closed eye!!!!! Epic

    74. Kawamatsu El Kappa

      Oden has te soul of Koji Kabuto

    75. ReviewPirateUSARGH!

      Argh! KAIDO CHEATS! but yeah who expected a guy like kaido to play fair?

    76. Jawed BEN ASKAR 2NDE A

      Fun fact : since the flashback began, we all forget this anime main character is Luffy.

    77. AKuma 4z

      "La espada que logró cortar a kaido"

    78. Wyver


    79. Alstoyle

      Dude I CANT WAIT for asura

    80. سعودي شنب

      Oden: One of the Four Emperors


      Wow Luffy has a long way to go

    82. Moist Blue

      What episode is this?

      1. HP Preys


    83. Zork 98

      Final proof that Kaido is not the strongest Yonko and Wb could have defeated Kaido.

      1. Zork 98

        @Bill true, but for what i see Kaido seems like a musclehead that likes to use tricks, like he did distracting Oden while attacking him. I feel like he's kind of a coward somehow.

      2. Bill

        Strongest doesn’t mean you can’t take damage

    84. DinoMensch

      This scene make me crying in my Heart..

    85. Haris Bokhari


    86. Username Error

      One piece is king

    87. Joon Beh

      Who misses oden??? 😭😭😭😭

    88. tony i


    89. Zander Branti

      If only the cut was a Bit deeper.

    90. Stay Hydrated

      goat goat goat goat

    91. Dmitri Miner

      I wonder if the WG ever tried to look for the guy that scarred kaido after a few of their failed execution attempts or just assumed it was whitebeard or one of the other emperors.

    92. Hector V

      I feel like his dragon is very weak. Oden tanked a fire blast.

      1. D l

        Giannn only one attack power ,in durability it is strongest

      2. Giannn

        Its kaido weakest form

    93. Spych0

      Duuudududdudududududdude I cannot wait for the zoro moment

    94. Steven Nieves

      I don’t think people understand that kaido wasn’t as strong here as he is now fighting luffy. Not a take away from this fight at all but I definitely think that plays a role

    95. pema gyaltsen

      The more I watch it, the more I am able to understand about one piece.

    96. Lui Son

      They hoed him

    97. José Martínez

      I don't know how many times i've watched this clip, oden is the goat baby

    98. Sean Gallagher

      What was the purple aura? Haki?