Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It


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    Do you think you could have done all the levels?
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    1. MrBeast

      Do you think you could have done all the levels?

      1. 707 365

        @Rockk it’s rockk

      2. Emi Grapes


      3. LenaBestie


      4. ً


      5. Alan Orozco

        nope LOL

    2. Lazy Dylan

      Nolan would have lost

    3. Rafif abdulah


    4. Garret Reyerson


    5. Mike Gamer

      Nolan touched a laser at 4:44 i think

    6. Erryn Dundon

      Hi. It's TrendCrave here.

    7. No-cap-albino Yt

      I’m your biggest fan

    8. No-cap-albino Yt

      Hi there

    9. MrTwixplays

      what the fuck is nolens voice

    10. anthony canay

      9:59 karl activated his mangyekou sharingan

    11. Marco Villanueva

      I want Nolan to win always I mean he lost some challenges and I feel bad

    12. Bindawod Silongan

      Mr. Beast can i ask for an iphone 12? I am from Philippines eversince i haven't experienced having an iphone...

    13. Hi Hi


    14. John R


    15. Igneel


    16. buleface albert

      Nolan actually lost at the flicker stage because he touched the laser in the tramboline stage , then he lost one at the crawling stage , then he rushed to the end at the flicker stage.

    17. Apar JAUHARI

      john cena could have won this easily

    18. Arvind Goswami


    19. madhu R

      From India

    20. Just Some Dude

      Nolan hits the laser Jimmy:I'm just gonna pretend i didn't see that 4:38 slow it down

    21. Ben May

      Nolan hit it on the trampoline one

    22. mervin sister's

      nollan you rollan

    23. hieueueu

      He got hit by the laser at 4:40

    24. TheBeast 750


    25. Vanya Qi

      when Mr beast is gone his brother will take over his spot

    26. Simonas Mačiukas

      Chandler should have won, Nolan hit the laser at 4:43, 5:45 and 8:45

    27. OnlythisGameBoy 3000

      Yeet in chat for lazarbeam

    28. Cyborg gaming

      Hi i need a job plz

    29. Ginting Verril Manuel

      stealing the diamond

    30. Meme Tistic


    31. Arnoxis

      9:15 DONT trust Chris with any expensive stuff

    32. Finn Melchi

      nolan hit the lazer 4:43

    33. eswar sai


    34. play games Scott

      chanler cant make it through

    35. play games Scott


    36. Donny

      Karls jump before the beam disappeared was awesome

    37. Rasy Ibsen

      20m views huh you mean 40m

    38. Jayce Lopez

      he hit one

    39. MISS. GAM

      I hat Nolan

    40. Sharky

      4:42 he hit the lasar

    41. Gopi Nadh


    42. Lamya Zarshoy

      Nolan hit the bottom one

    43. Abomb Alexander 1

      Henry Stickmin would be proud

    44. Wyatt Scates

      0:44 40 Million people are watching

    45. kye trenchard

      9:16 running from hell

    46. deethedude

      Nolan hit a laser at 4:44

    47. R K

      Jesus Loves. U

    48. Joey Hawkins


    49. MP3R - Topic

      Meanwhile me wondering why they don’t just make the room filled up with Lasers and then make a controller to turn them off: 🤨

    50. Porter Roiger

      What’s up Lanan

    51. Big Smoke9271

      I think I seen them touch a laser


      oh my god laser beam :p

    53. yungdanny_ sauce

      When you put the diamond on the door didint chandler grab it?

    54. Horny Police

      Who else thought “you’re the best brother I could’ve ever asked for” sounded a little wierd

    55. Jakers776

      Sub to SotisPlays

    56. Franklin Salas


    57. Emir Isakovic

      40 307 500th


      4:43 Nolan touched the back one so he was sopposed to lose this round.

    59. ChillinAnKillin YT

      Nolan clearly hit the laser 4:42 Chan Chan WON

    60. mike wazowski

      This looks fun

    61. SLOtrack Gaming


    62. Fatima Patel

      0:46 actually you need to say 40 million people

    63. Simone Baum

      hi mr beast can you please respond to me

    64. Malak_salah

      Ok but we all know that nolan’s leg touched the lazers chan chan should’ve won :((

    65. Brazilknight3847

      4:22 you killed my ears ]

    66. Ilija Mrdjic

      I was wanting Chandler to win bc he never wins

    67. Mirnes Sabic


    68. NinJaaHaRRy1 Is good

      I would of probably got to the last one and fail

    69. Charlie Stewart


    70. nitin nitin


    71. Md Tahsin


    72. Tobias Ramsing

      Mr beast: “most advanced security system” My brain: “EPIC Light Rave”

    73. Natasha French

      Chandler didn’t win

    74. Croozy

      4:42 he hit the lazer

    75. 10k without any content challenge

      Read my name please :D

    76. Joao Pereira

      I will comment all videos until I have a shout out ahahha

    77. Esaias Squires

      This might be a reference from Henry Stickmin (Stealing The Diamond)

    78. kusuo-saiki simp

      Why was it so loud on 4:22 😭

    79. modgame playz

      am just crouch only to win LOL

    80. T.C tc


    81. tim Pelletier

      Chandlers sister is super gorgeous

    82. Rogamer 762

      Your the best brother i could ever have wonder where i heard that before😏


      plz tell me that diamond is real

    84. hello dude

      Jimmy: I'm gonna let landon pick the next ppl for the stage. Me: DID HE JUST SAY LANDON!?!?!?!

    85. Nikki Stewart


    86. Arise Gaming


    87. TheBrokenSkull

      4:30 That roll was pretty smooth though

    88. Tiffany Gores

      so nolin is a diffrint chandler jk candler is awsome

    89. Derin Kabasakal

      I mean 10th stage i forgot theres 11th

    90. Derin Kabasakal

      The last stage is easy peasy lemon squezzy for me

    91. H Wasim

      Wow wonderful

    92. H Wasim

      Wow wonderful

    93. Itachi uchiha Clan_Killer

      Trust me im soon almost EVERYWHERE ON YT

    94. Satyjeet Malviya

      This actually seems really fun

    95. rk kumar


    96. At 9:00 xd

    97. Jimmy: the lights flicker Lights flickering* Nolan : hahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha