Top 15 Craziest Concept Cars 2020

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    Future concept cars we may see over the next few years! Interesting designs and peculiar ideas. Stay tuned for a trip into the not too distant future.
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    Pubblicato il 11 mesi fa


    1. Puppeteer James

      God the Flying Car 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I'd rather Ride A Dumpster rather than Riding that Horrendous Garbage

    2. Puppeteer James

      God Futuristic Cars are going to look absolutely Ugly

    3. fenderstratguy

      Love that Renault

    4. Adam Cinelli

      AI what a load of brainwashing crap!

    5. Eileen Mueller


    6. Ashton Hawkins

      If someone hits one speedbump either he dead or he getting hurt in some way LOL

    7. Prince Reiko

      okay the audi with drones. Does anyone else feel like it's a great idea but isn't smart/safer to fully rely on them???

    8. Abhijith S

      I was like after seeing thumbnail=what the😶😶😶😶😶

    9. rune drejer

      Todays sportscar. . WROOOOOOOOOOOM. ..WROOOOOOOOOOOM. .. WROOOOOOOOOOOM! !! Electric sportscar. .. ....................... ................... .................. booooooooooooorrrring

    10. Bunny Squad Gaming

      Imagine of you break it-

    11. Kevin Reed

      I love how all of these vehicles won't be available to buy to those who are in low class economy. Thanks guys

    12. supernintendude64

      some of these are just kinda dumb. like the toyota or the flying one

    13. Jonathan la minghia


    14. EmptyLanternMedia

      The next person to design a batmobile take notes hahahaha

    15. Norbert Pecheq

      UFO has landed...Hope,that they came in peace ? Definitely love EX-T flying car(?)

    16. Chavacano

      These car designers are pracitcal skills whatsoever...I want a supercar with a private toilet......

    17. Diego Weissel

      every car is always is the "ever whatever created" you marketing guys are disgusting

    18. LJ.

      8:57 why? just why? useless garbage lol

    19. CrotalusHH

      BMW is never going to drop that ugly grill, even when it no longer needs a grill.

    20. Mathew Omolo

      Concept cars are like runway outfits. Impractical

    21. VashBugatti

      It's a futuristic concept car video and you click bait with a car not even in the countdown... why....

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    23. Liber 8

      Question : Why does Lamborghini's ELECTRIC car sound like its has an F1 Petrol engine as it drives around the race track??? 5:30

    24. Hello Youtube



      A waste of video these concepts are all talk no bite Tesla is doing it all they are not doing anyting there working for the oil in gasoline industry if people were smart they would only buy Tesla and nothing else

    26. TeslaFer

      Woah😱 cool cars

    27. Poison Empress

      all I keep thinking is, where's most of these cars' space for you know, shopping/pram/wheelchair?

    28. Gamer Boi

      11:54 THERES A FLYING CAR!!

    29. TV CHANNEL


    30. sergioreinert

      A lot of pipe dreams here!

    31. Tim 4130

      I hope i die before this gets reality

    32. Carlos Morales


    33. Sabbat

      They drive and choose the music for you ! They inject estrogen directly into your butt as they drive about noiselessly ! OMG YASSSS SISTAS NUMALES REJOICE FOR THE FUTUREEEE

    34. Justin Alterman

      thank you

    35. Mr Taff

      wow, these cars look beyond amazing, I want one! looking at my wallet: I guess any Opel or Ford will do just fine=D=P

    36. The Great One

      They may be futuristic, but many of them have a really ugly design.

      1. Puppeteer James

        I agree, Future Cars will look Ugly

    37. Warren Wagner

      Pass the puff and keep these cars coming eh

    38. Andres Lucero

      Another thing to with these vehicles. If you don't make your payment on time. They'll just shut down the car. And imagine how much it cost to buy one. These vehicles have to use GPS technology. In order to drive on the roads. If you ever use the GPS technology than you know that every now and then it tells you to make a wrong turn but doesn't know that traffic has been switched down to one lane because of construction. The computer is only as smart as the technology as men humans feeds information to the computer...!! Let's say you're somebody important. Maybe you're a scientist maybe your doctor maybe you're some kind of inventor....!! Let's say you work for Hillary Clinton. You used to work for her and now she doesn't like you anymore. She has somebody in the CIA, hack into the vehicle before you know it you're dead. Mysteriously the car drives itself off the road are off the cliff...???

    39. Andres Lucero

      Can you imagine...!! How much it will cost to replace lithium batteries when it's time to replace them...!!!!! The lithium batteries that you use that are rechargeable. Were they using for your flashlight, are your video game. You only have so many charges on the lithium batteries before you have to replace them.

    40. Andres Lucero

      Oh by the way...! One of the dirty little secrets that I want to tell you when they sell you the vehicle. That is when the police are trying to pull you over. They can just flip the switch and their vehicle. And shut down your vehicle. I obey the law. But I don't like a car anybody can shut down if they hack into the system.

    41. Andres Lucero

      Number two the vehicle is a piece of crap for another reason. If you get in a car wreck and the lithium batteries are on fire. It could take the firefighters about hundreds of gallons of water to put out the fire. When there's a car wreck in there using the jaws of life to get you out. The firefighters have to be very careful where they cut due to the fact that there's high voltage because of the linthium batteries .

    42. Andres Lucero

      Been proven in the past. That they can manipulate our hack into the computer. What I'm trying to say is that they can hack into the computer take over the vehicle make you wreck and make it look like an accident... !!!

    43. Jimmy Brewer

      My question is why are most of these deleting a major safety feature.....a freaking door!!!

    44. Faded Blue Jeans

      How the heck do you get in the clamshell car if it's raining, without soaking you interior?

    45. Michele Fariello

      Panda is the best.

    46. aaliyah Del Rosario

      Sound like the guy from simple history


      I literally came to steal the thumbnail cuz I felt lazy to make my own

    48. dasparado

      300,000 surprisingly affordable! Maybe for you buddy.

    49. whitewolfcomings

      So if I’m being sad 😞 the car will play a sad song?😑🤣

    50. reynaldopichardo

      Oh! Great! But... We’re still waiting for the soon to had arrived concept cars of 2000? Car manufacturers should hire actual car designers and builders to put out models for the next year, not the next millennium. Complete waste of money and time. Chine will eat their lunch soon enough with fully customized cars built by order that clients can modify on their phones. Much like Japanese car buyers buy their Japan made brands at home.

    51. f1r3 hunt3rz

      Until companies could manufacture affordable electric cars, I have a feeling these concept cars will still remain concepts.

    52. Speed King

      Not one concept would survive a real drive out and return undamaged. These things won't even go up a road bump or survive a pothole and they are talking 0-62mph of 2s and 4s. 🤣🤣

    53. vincent wilson

      Although autonomous driving would be fantastic I would still prefer to drive the car myself. Don't feel safe knowing that I don't have full control of a car.

    54. dirtypolitics

      Drone goes down the mountain side damn it my headlight is out well I have to go spend $800 for the replacement

    55. SlyTheUberMan

      Man majority of these concepts are ugly as fuck

    56. Noah Goldman

      So Audi’s 390 mile range battery can be recharged in 15 mins huh? Someone call Thunderf00t...

    57. killer combo


    58. Rahmayani Nur

      Oh my good feedback on com good luck thank you verry muck please

    59. CTR

      Fake lame cars

    60. Baerchenization

      So boring... nobody realises that concept cars have basically looked like this since the 70s? And none are ever useable by anyone's standards.

    61. DJI Senord

      Renault, robbed Saab on that concept @ 0:30

    62. florkgagga probba

      Lol "you will be able to see the road speeding underneath the car..

    63. Jake McCormick

      Dude those were all mostly concept cars and number 4 the TFX that one was all digital not real so big waste of time

    64. jestemfajny jeden

      Jakie to szczęście, że nikt nie chce mi dać żadnego z tych aut. Nie chciałbym nawet z dopłatą żadnego z nich.

    65. SanatBasım Agency

      i can imagine future people laughing so hard when they see this vid

    66. fxp

      The Trezor "in theory can accel from 0 to 60mph in under 4s". Bwahahahaha... A Tesla Model 3 can do 0-60mph in 4.4s and a Performance Tesla Model 3 can do it in 3.2s and a souped up Tesla Model S can do it in 2.4s.

    67. vi2e

      8:54 wait.. what??!!!

    68. OneFastDash

      if these cars somehow become out future, im buying a 1990 Camry

    69. blairbushproject

      Finger Print 🧲 magnets

    70. Tabrez Alam

      How can anything else give you the thrill of downshifting and accelaration at will

    71. blue

      Turn on everything in your house including the misses the car duz everything looks great and can fly the future looks good but they used to say on a show inmthe 90s called beyond 2000 they reckoned we'd have flying cars by 2000 everything else they mentioned came about except those flying bloody cars but now they might be becoming more of a reality fingers crossed people droping out the sky drunk mad cop chases i cant wait

    72. tree beard

      meanwhile; whilst u drive in luxuory 1000nds die of hunger and thrist, home and roofless..

    73. Zion7

      "if there's any cracks in the panels, the carbon fiber tubes can repair themselves" [jazz music stops]

      1. Miami Blu


    74. Ali Civez

      AUDI E tron and Aston Martin 😍👏👍

    75. Reiga Ridotama

      Is there speed bump in the future?

    76. Sergio Diaz

      ¡Ojala este video sea real!; Solo asi compraria otro Toyota en mi vida... Porque en 1998 me toco el peor toyota del mundo.

    77. Chris Rogers

      None of these look beneficial to the user, it's all about restricting travel. You can't drive yourself, you can't go there, etc. Orwellian.

    78. Carroll Drebert

      The ugly rainbow markedly trace because crook dimensionally milk pace a frightened frightening full fumbling functional snowman. rustic, various asphalt

    79. Enollis

      "top 15 ugliest concept cars 2020"

    80. arthur morgan

      Tony stark when he watches this: Jarvis I want all of them

    81. LFOVCF

      I know that when you give boffins are reign to express themselves, they invent new technologies, but truth be told, this is all laughable, and will never been seen on roads.

    82. Bobby Thav1

      The quixotic wednesday experimentally tug because art concordantly hook until a supreme trout. simplistic, amusing dogsled

    83. Robert Kees

      Those individual bionic flaps creep me out, I think there's actually a name for such a phobia that involves lots of holes or something like that. And those spherical tires from Mercedes Benz are great until you park that bad boy in the hood for 6 minutes and when you come back out you find you're future car is up on stilts and doesn't have it's futuristic spherical tires anymore and they're already on display at the local futuristic pawn shop for $50. Yeah but the spherical tires are worth two hundred grand alone; in Philadelphia they're worth $50. I'm glad they're concept cars cause real life brings kids that throw up milk, and dogs that slobber all over, unknown types of messy food and spilled drinks, moms lingering farts, dads and their dirty asses, well you get the picture, and it isn't pretty.

    84. Harsh Parekh

      Wow. What about Mercedes Biome ???

    85. Lawrence Hooker

      I can honestly say that I wouldn't want and of these. I mean, who the f++k are the lunatics at the car companies thinking of these ideas? Nerdy Cretins, all of them. Any use of AI like in the Toyota makes me want to vomit! Guessing my mood to decide what ambient music to play??? F++k off. How much cheaper could our cars be to purchase if car companies didn't waste billions on looney tunes designers???

    86. Midnaighté

      I like how most of these "Futuristic" designs always appear to have no suspension

      1. Midnaighté

        @vincent wilson not very long

      2. vincent wilson

        With the roads the way they are now with pot holes and unevenness I don't know how long these cars would last without suspension

    87. LRz-_Sh0Ts-

      1 sit car how nice where tf your family gonnna sit stupid af lol

    88. Koji

      This dude saying 300k is "surprisingly affordable" makes me want to throw up and curl up crying

    89. John Teagle


    90. Cheez 101

      Yt channel name: Top Fives This video title: Top 15

    91. Trevor Parker

      No production vehicle has ever been even close to any previous 'concept' cars. By the time the accountants and 'reality' have their effect, the cars are only a shadow of what was promised.

    92. AJ BS

      Concept: Gyron Concepta Inpiration: Found in a game

    93. NaturalDivineGoddess

      Audi outdid themselves.. *"TWO DRONES??" PRESIDENTIAL*

    94. Baeden Dominik

      2:54 Shmee150 Cameo!

    95. Kenny Smith

      Some of them looked realistic enough to become a real auto , but others were to far out there, I would like to see what the future holds though !

    96. Baron Not Baron

      A lot of useless crap.

    97. Donnie Kim

      stupid cars.. they are all trying to make them different, not practical or better


      Some designs are a thing of beauty but yet some, wht fuck whr yall thinking 😭🤣💀

    99. Wynton25

      2 drones as the headlights.....are you kidding

    100. Garrett Barquero

      no affence that honda the second car is the most ully thing i ever saw