Goodbye Donald Trump

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    Joe Biden was finally sworn in as President and there’s a feeling in the air of celebration and joy. So we say goodbye to Donald Trump, not with venom, not with scorn, but with optimism, jubilance and celebration.
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    1. Pawan J

      Even Abraham Lincoln is enjoying him leaving the white house 😂 😂

    2. Sándor Hegedűs

      I just say: 51% : 49%

    3. Sudipta Rajkumar

      Noo way.. Trump should have won Actually

      1. Sudipta Rajkumar

        @Raynald B I do believe

      2. Raynald B

        Do you really believe that? Do you have any proof?

    4. Γνώθι σ’αυτόν

      You’re trash Kimmel

    5. Adam the king

      Why is Jesus dancing😡😡😡😡😤😤

      1. Raynald B

        Maybe because Trump is fired!

    6. John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Politics, Gaming, Vlogs!

      Me and the other presidents are dancing to this song in Presidents Heaven

    7. James Bowman

      Clever and hilarious.

    8. Percil Enis

      I feel second-hand embarrassment.

    9. Alfian Dwi Prasetyo

      How make world wide version?!

    10. Austin Henry


      1. Raynald B

        After what he did on January 6, Trump doesn't deserve our respect.

    11. Daniella Irera

      Smokey bear twerking like he is cardi

    12. Daniella Irera

      George soul is happy trump picture isn't next to his.

    13. Paras Poudel

      Now put the painting back



    15. Daniel Ramirez

      what happens to him for culero

    16. Neon King

      If that’s what Washington sounds like

    17. Fe Km

      You and everybody will cry 😢 him !!! Just wait and see it

      1. Wicked Shades Productions

        still celebrating after two months

    18. Peter Nguyen

      I tell you now, because you dislike Trump, doesn’t mean you have to proceed with mocking him. I disagree with some of the things he does but I don’t hate him.

    19. Salty Sapper

      Hollywood is culturally irrelevant trash.

    20. azharafif afifyaacob

      I Live in Malaysian but I'M SO HAPPY THAT JOE BIDEN HAS WON, im so happy this song can be download

    21. Uncle Wong

      Who’s missing Trump now?

      1. Raynald B

        Uncle Wong: His worshipers.

    22. Harry Baker

      get lost trump

    23. Op3r8tor_Mako

      *the amount of shitposts that could be made*

    24. Jose Eliseo Gutierrez


    25. Ayden Silfa


    26. Pablo Dominguez De Juambelz

      Poor Donald 😭😭

      1. Pablo Dominguez De Juambelz

        But if the problem is with us Mexicans (I hate being Mexican) and you are from the United States then why do you care?


        @Pablo Dominguez De Juambelz no he's not 😆

      3. Pablo Dominguez De Juambelz

        Because Trump is a good person

    27. Joseph Pompa

      America is being destroyed and this idiog Kimmel is celebrating it. You'll change uh our tune soon

      1. Joseph Pompa

        @azharafif afifyaacob change for the worse and all the MORONS who voted for him will suffer too. He's a fraud and got in by fraud .

      2. azharafif afifyaacob

        Is donald fault of course we celebrating it, now joe biden will change America life

    28. The Cameraman

      Its all fun and games until trump comes out with extinction bombs. Yeah like thats ever gonna happen.

    29. Düşünen Muhalif

      Nice video

    30. Resha Harpina

      OMG is it legal to do this 😮😮😮


      I like that song Nice vid!

    32. Volanath Das


    33. charles comp

      1:30 "Washington is the blackest white american rapper"

    34. Tony Grossman

      Yet Trumps CPAC speech drew over 3 million watchers and blew the golden globes and the White House vaccine briefing out of the water.

    35. Rhinobot the magnificent

      Chapter 2 of animated statues, not only they do Baka Mitai, but they can do kiss him goodbye

    36. Nevan_Sadhwani 20301154

      0:30 is that Martin Luther king jr

    37. yo boi johney

      Well damn I wonder which side of the political spectrum your on

    38. asael_ 2020

      😅🤣 good one

    39. Jay2konoha !

      lache pouce blo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jay2konoha !

        @Raynald B nan🙃

      2. Raynald B

        Peux-tu me traduire ton commentaire en français, s'il te plait?

    40. Daniel Chang

      This should play when a tyrannical government gets overthrown and the whole country is now a free place.

      1. Deputyzen

        Trump is more of an incapable president, not a tyrant


      So many idiots in here

    42. Big Skywalka

      Congratulations americans, you had 4 years, but you still don't understand how Donald Trump won the elections This video is the arrogance, the mockery, the contempt of the upper class The Biden administration has a chance to heal the wounds of the society

    43. Ishaan Punetha

      Make this in 2024 when Biden will loose

      1. Vedant Mishra


      2. azharafif afifyaacob

        Joe Biden never loose im Joe supporter I'm mean President Joe Biden

      3. Trump Clearly Lost

        Trump supporter aren’t you

    44. Vien Viray

      this is creepy

    45. McFocker Gabriel

      It is a serious mistake to believe that the last four years have been an anomaly. Last fall’s victory is perhaps the last great historic opportunity for consolidation. Instead of provoking each other, it would be time to lend a hand.

    46. nite seekingsunrise

      a paid comic being a comedian ,,,

    47. Fraser G

      1:30 George Washington savage

    48. Attila Somodi

      That was just improper. Second hand embarrassment is all I could feel watching that. Why do people think this show is funny?

    49. BlackFalcon

      You missed Stalin. He is also very happy :)))))))))))))))))

    50. ••

      I have no more respect for you Jimmy FU

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        Fck you trump supporters

      2. Trump Clearly Lost

        FU Trump supporter

    51. ••


      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        Yesssss i like the video

    52. Kim F

      Kimmel you use the icons of our country to disparage our Greatest President Donald Trump in recent history. Next to him your Brand of Enlightened anti- americans are a disgrace . You could not come Close to doing what this man has done and attempted to do for America. The Blind shall not see because they don't want to see! You are counted by your works.

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        Do you know how many people died because of that trump?


        greatest president? what

    53. pawan Thakur

      Thts funny how this so called liberal r putting thr agenda in by jst doing comedy by the way i also dnt lke him

      1. pawan Thakur

        @SCP-079 gud thts wht i wntd 2 hear 😂😈

      2. SCP-079

        Maybe try to proof read your comment, or at lease spell over 50% of the words right. I have not a clue what you are saying.

    54. Rohan Datta

      What would you do with this video if biden lost? There's no way this video was made in a few hours lol.

      1. Rohan Datta

        @Vedant Mishra these animations definitely took days to make. So I seriously wonder what they would've done with it had trump won.

      2. Vedant Mishra

        LMFAO 😂😂

    55. Marco Carbajal

      My favorite song ever 😆💯

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        Me too

    56. Jason Slaneff

      I live in Canada and even we are celebrating

      1. Andreas Larsson

        @Austin Murphy me too

      2. Austin Murphy

        I found another Canadian here

    57. Front Row

      A message for 2020 goodbye

    58. Rocky Road

      You know jimmy kimball is going to move his studio to Texas when Biden taxes him real good and homeless start sleeping outside his house

      1. Vedant Mishra

        I'm waiting for that day 😂

    59. W.D Gaster

      Savage Washington can't hurt you, it's not real!

      1. Totally Definitely not Goldberg

        Savage washington:

    60. TwinGaming#1

      Woohoo!! I can’t express how happy and joyful to have trump out of office. I’m only 15 yrs old and I haven’t been happier

    61. ASMR Sound by DS

      he will be back

      1. ASMR Sound by DS

        @azharafif afifyaacob he will

      2. azharafif afifyaacob

        He not

    62. David Roy Roy

      Donald Trump - The political battle has only started. SEE YOU IN 2024

    63. r7008 sanchez

      Just watching this every day

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        @r7008 sanchez true

      2. r7008 sanchez

        When trump not president

    64. moha hisham

      The best thing about America is it’s diversity

      1. KingoBro's World

        @Agent 47 😀😌

      2. Agent 47

        @KingoBro's World 😉

      3. KingoBro's World

        @Agent 47 😉

      4. Agent 47

        india and gcc countries : , are you sure about that???

      5. KingoBro's World


    65. August

      Yuhuu ! Now comes the ingenious and incorruptible Joe Biden and the honest Kamala.

    66. Frost 95

      Night at the museum 4 teaser trailer

    67. Man male gaming

      Lol this is my fav IThomes video

    68. Nerie Demetrio

      Bastos nyo .

    69. random video

      Jesus the CHRIST

    70. Aileen Canoy


    71. DonaId Trump

      By by

    72. Soeun kimorn


    73. Matan Aziz


    74. Matan Aziz

      So stupid

      1. Raynald B

        Are you talking about Trump?

    75. Pat Fair

      Republican party freed the slaves lecon was a Republican trump is my hero

    76. LynxusKyantic


    77. Gertie Laine Turenne

      😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👑🤣🤣🤣🤣👑 PERIOD 1:30

    78. MADDAWG 1209

      trump 2024

      1. MADDAWG 1209

        @J. Rabbit ok man we have diffrences we good

      2. J. Rabbit

        @MADDAWG 1209 trump is a terrible president. But since you didn't explode at me for hating him I'll respect you for now.

      3. MADDAWG 1209

        @J. Rabbit whats wrong ? we have diffrences

      4. MADDAWG 1209

        @J. Rabbit ok srry

      5. MADDAWG 1209

        @Wicked Shades Productions ?

    79. Ellie MM

      Goodbye President Donald Trump. I sure did enjoy the low gas prices and you getting rid of the terrorists in Syria. I also enjoyed your spontaneous speeches and humor. Loud and proud, took no BS. Hello "President Not Donald Trump"

    80. Fred Ride

      Play these at my funeral or else the world is going with me

    81. Richard no mercy

      Bwisettt hahaha

    82. Josh

      Y’all will be crying again real soon. Get your Kleenex ready jimmy.

      1. Yani Ham And Cheese

        edi wow

      2. Alyssa Towle

        No I be happy

    83. Ahmed Ismaël


    84. ShadowDave

      Idk how did u edit but its like the funniest vid from this time btw u choose the perfect music 😂

    85. Earth

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DANCING TOO

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        Im dancing to and singing

    86. DaYk

      Se fosse Depender desta esquerda nojenta eles derrubariam e queimaria todos esses símbolos da América, assim como o fazem .

    87. DaYk

      Se fosse Depender desta esquerda nojenta eles derrubariam e queimaria todos esses símbolos da América, assim como o fazem .

    88. Hey Ho

      When satire and comedy show like this start political agendas then you must know that your country is starting to doom

    89. Jacob Martinez

      Lmao... y’all really believe in things that show hosts say or movie stars 🤣💀.. y’all are brain dead and it’s sad... keep believing the main stream media and keep getting fed the lies...

    90. Gamerboy Lang

      I hate Trump an I'm always watch this vid

    91. Eudy Camilo Cruz

      😐 ok

    92. CrozDeffildPro

      The entire class when teacher was gone

    93. Z32 Nissan

      🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 to this video

      1. Raynald B

        👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤞👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎to your comment!

    94. John Wick

      Trump 2024.

      1. azharafif afifyaacob

        @Raynald B yes

      2. Raynald B

        It will never happen cause he'll be in jail!

      3. Samuel McLennan

        @John Wick wouldn’t that be nice

    95. Omar

      La la la

    96. Nadjrs Jovanovic

      Cheesy and cheap just like leftists

    97. Wan Muaz Hurayth

      What amazing video. *Thinking about trump supporter* Something wrong. I can feel it

    98. Mr. Joshua

      Instead of being biased, why don't you be equal, and bash on both sides