Ariana Grande - 34+35 (official video)

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    The official “34+35” music video by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:
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    Directed by Director X
    Official “34+35” Lyrics:
    You might think I’m crazy
    The way I been craving
    If I put it quite plainly
    Just gimme them babies
    So what you doing tonight?
    Better say doing you right
    Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
    I don’t wanna keep you up
    But show me can you keep it up
    ‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
    Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
    I been drinking coffee
    And I been eating healthy
    You know I keep it squeaky
    Saving up my energy
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    You drink it just like water
    You say it taste like candy
    So what you doing tonight?
    Better say doing you right
    Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
    I don’t wanna keep you up
    But show me can you keep it up
    ‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
    Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
    I been drinking coffee
    And I been eating healthy
    You know I keep it squeaky
    Saving up my energy
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it
    I’mma leave it open like a door, come inside it
    Even though I’m wifey you can hit it like a side chick
    Don’t need no side dick, no
    Got the neighbors yelling earthquake
    4.5 when I make the bed shake
    Put it down heavy even though it’s lightweight
    Yeah we started at midnight
    Go til the sunrise
    Done at the same time
    But who’s counting the time when we got it for life
    I know all your favorite spots
    We can take it from the top
    You such a dream come true true
    Make a bitch wanna hit snooze ooh
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    Can you stay up all night
    Fuck me til the daylight
    34 35
    Means I wanna 69 witcha
    Aww shit
    #ArianaGrande #positions #34+35
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing 34+35. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. 000 watch

      日本のパチンコ屋って経営方針おかしいと思う。批判していいと思う さすがに額の大きいカジノは怖いかもしれないですが 日本の4 円パチンコ 一円より広げた方が パチンコ屋収益増えると思う。これはマジで。かといって一円締めると客いなくなる売り上げ下がる。実際下がってるんじゃん? ターゲ絞ってムキになってるとかと? 例↓。

    2. Tenzin lhakpa

      If m an actor or actress and I don't have a director like him.., then pack up !! 🙂

    3. Zul Iman

      69 style? Hehe... 😼

    4. Aiyu Angeles

      Ari songs saves me from my mental illness ♡

    5. Sirah

      Her and Jhene are probably the only few women in the industry that can sing the raunchiest lyrics, but still come off really innocent and surprise everyone else but their fans

    6. Jay M.

      my fav song

    7. Charlie Lagunday

      Not all of you forgetting Side to Side 💀

    8. Alex Ioana

      The bit is ok I like it, but the lyrics are just porn. I mean we become really desensitize of what sex should express, the love between two people . Now it is basically only about carnal pleasure which is really sad. This is showing how empty we are inside. As a woman I don't want someone to f**k me the whole night, I want to be loved my entire life by my man.

      1. Bob is great

        Everyone’s different

    9. set me on fye

      why do i like this song i’m alt

    10. Mehrun Humsiya

      Is this cat😢😢

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    12. Yuvraj gamer08

      Your mother plut

    13. andia mehreganfar

      i love the song

    14. Lamprey L

      When will pop singers stop using cheap beats and sexual lyrics...

    15. 000 watch

      わかりました 謝りますよ 🙇‍♀️🙇

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      💜💜i love you

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      54327895789342 time listening to this

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      مين هنا من العرب اذا انت من العرب حط لايك Is there are any Arabs here ? Like

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        go to hell

      2. Katherine 7890

        go to hell

    21. [Kim soyun] jinhit labels

      Her face brings comfort

    22. Kaizer Elena

      easy comprehension 34+35=69 which means......

    23. Lev Tolstoy

      my english isn't well and i didn't understand the part where director said ''spin and glow... you're changing'' and Ariana laughed. What was the joke? I hope someone can explain for me :)

    24. Noob

      My dumbass really didn't know what 69 meant...

    25. Ina Panci

      Imagine spending that much money for a video for a shit song

    26. Alex Link

      I Love You 😊😊😊😍😍😍😙😙😙😘😘😘

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      She whent from singing parts of songs to this :) my queen

    28. Laura Arbitraggio

      2.20 It's a bit stupid but very good song !

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      Ariana: *releases 34+35* 6ix9ine: 👁👅👁

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    45. ĐÄVÏĐ ŠŠJ

      Después de una buena investigacion llegamos a la conclusión que Ariana quiere hacer el 69 ananasheee

    46. Maeve-Darly Domond

      Omg this song is at 34 million views right now 🙈 let’s get 35 million more cause this song is a bop!!!

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      **reads title** 34+35 realises its equal to 69 Ariana: *you might think I'm crazy*

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      Ari, Twice wants to collaborate with you although I'm not sure if they can sing about things like this just yet. PLS BE THEIR TRIGGER 🥺💞

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      Me thinking “ this is the girl who played cat valentine” lol ( I love you Ariana ❤️❤️)

    57. KLAS

      *We been knew!!!* Ari who used to sing about the most innocent things now sings about these things explicitly. /proud mum energy/

    58. MEMER GUY

      When i first saw song title i thought it was -34+35

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      this is wap but make it ✨ c l a s s y ✨

    72. Anastasija Drinceanu

      Interesting. In the video she's creating a robot woman just like her lyrics tries to manipulate/brainwash girls/women into fucking around and lose morals. Same shit with all these wack big artists. At the end of the video: "you feel something inside of you. You're changing"

    73. eybee eybeeeybee

      I watched this for like, 10× without knowing the dang meaning.

    74. Caroline Xyng

      Ariana never fails 🥰

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      For the first time this year, after hearing this, I think everything is going to be just fine. 2021 is going to be a great year.

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    82. m o u d y e 〆


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    84. Tyrique Ross

      The way I didn’t even realize 34+35 was 69💀I ain’t know what until the end

    85. Marzena Marzena

      Wajne jest

    86. ๛WariOFøXヅ๛WariOFøXヅ

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    87. BTSLover191179

      At 1:20 IT KILLED ME LOL

    88. Ana Maria Escobedo


    89. Ana Maria Escobedo

      Uhhh i figured it out 34 plus 35 is 69 am i tight?

    90. X hoyle

      Ariana : Posts a video that's CLEARLY 18 + IThomes : What sexual explicit language like "Fuck me until daylight" I don't hear or see shit. Also IThomes sees a small content creator swear in his video and post 16 + mature audiences gameplay IThomes : This is not what we want on this site we need to remove it.

      1. X hoyle

        And get a load of her drones ya'll nothing but drones! This community is awful so, so much ego it's disgusting.

    91. Isaiah

      Omg all video thinking what does 34+35 means 😂

    92. Keith Runs

      this is my neighbours new favourite song, I made sure of that

      1. TurtleGamer

        your videos made me chuckle 🤣

    93. mpho lethola

      " It means I wanna six to nine with you. no shit!"

    94. Dont Read My channel Banner

      people can sing like this and i have the audacity to breathe

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      2. 〤

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