XXXTENTACION - CHASE / glass shards (Official Video) (feat. ikabodVEINS)



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    Listen to the album "Bad Vibes Forever". Out now!
    #XXXTENTACION #ikabodVEINS #BadVibesForever
    Official music video by XXXTENTACION ft. ikabodVEINS - CHASE / glass shards © 2020 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE

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    1. Luqk_

      this is a kind of thing that X would never do, let him rest in peace and stop ruining his legacy

    2. Xiroxu

      honestly sad on what they're doing to x

    3. SCrazL. exe

      1:51 ???

    4. Slininja 1223

      Alguien abla español o soy el unico

    5. Mister Sound

      this video kind of reminds me of

    6. Eric Nascimento

      ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? wtf music

    7. Chefão TV

      Q merda mano;---;

    8. Jessy maxwell

      🙏 rip

    9. Alejandro btte

      Que mal lo que estan haciendo

    10. Hudunchi

      It's so "SAD" to see how "BAD" people can ruin X's Legacy

    11. TTV_Clip_That

      I disliked this song only because u are using a legends account for fame

    12. Gb291_ Read

      Is x alive

    13. Héctor Genaro Álvarez Guerrero

      X mother is stupid or does she only care about money and this boy I hate because his mother and that boy are staining the career that he has only achieved

    14. hurj

      jah wouldn't like this.

    15. ꓯSTRO

      for those of you who don’t know :) let me inform you , this beat is an older one x produced n ikobad was his friend he did xs face tats so quit saying his legacy is ruined cus his friend used a beat that his friend made , yk what i mean

    16. markopolo 1332

      Cmon man we haven’t had a good song since x passed away either release songs by x for us to listen to his beautiful voice instead of THIS WORTHLESS RAPPER WE DONT CARE ABOUT.........pls stop ruining his legacy we need his name to live on LLJ . fly high

    17. Ho La

      Un poco de respeto al x por favor que descanse en paz😔

    18. Onbekend 2

      He said that he want to make 5 mil kids happy . Im 1 of them

    19. ADRIAN s

      Esto que essssss

    20. ADRIAN s

      Mejor es xxtentation

    21. ADRIAN s

      Que asco

    22. NINJA _007

      Gente eo x cantando 😲

      1. Hillary Potters

    23. 777xFxngz

      Stop using jah's talent for clout greedy bums! X was makin his way to the top and you people bringin him down... if you dont believe me check out the comments... LLJ

    24. Caden Klappe

      The feature is absolutely garbage yb and 69 are better then this garbage let x Rest In Peace please

    25. NahuGamer Yt 2do

      me decepciona el equipo de X por lucrar con el , el murrio y no entiendo como pueden tan desubicados , un poco de respeto a X . PAREN PORFAVOR

    26. Shelly Jelly

      Bro this is XXXTENTACION channel why is somone else singing

    27. آكتمار •

      ابلع 😂

    28. Mal

      Wtf is y’all doing

    29. Demetra Crutchfield


    30. HunterMelton

      His management is just smearing his legacy like a toddler with a Crayola box just so they can get a few more dollars. Just burning everything he built inn all honesty.

    31. Demetra Crutchfield


    32. Jorge emilio10x

      Me parece muy ofensivo que estén manchando el legado de XXXTENTACION ya que es algo por lo que el trabajo mucho y están manchando su honor y insultando sobre todo a los fans de x dejen de hacer eso porfa 😡😡😡

    33. Fox Pro

      Dollar tree look at me

    34. Fox Pro

      This is really bad tho

    35. Leopercio De Azevedo

      Wtass thu és no morrre

    36. Martin Avalos

      I think X’s is still alive and maybe his mom has him in a basement locked up and forcing him to sing to make all the money she can (theory bc I know X’s would never sing this crap 💩)

    37. nShade

      Stop ruining X legacy. It’s not cool. Go away from the channel. You aren’t Tent, create new, own channel. This is channel of the legend - XXXTENTACION, he was legendary person.

    38. Matt Fitts

      I hate this with a passion

    39. CHRIS FF

      Brasil ama x n esses bostinhas

    40. Seif mohamed

      عاشش استمر الله يرحمك ي زعيم

    41. Jesse Ogden

      First getting the car he was shot and killed in which was sadistic now ruining his reputation x was really good at making music and putting albums together but bad vibes forever was bad

    42. TTX


    43. love scars

      Dam rip x their destroying his legacy 😔

    44. Travis Broxterman

      His mom is a horrible person

    45. Yohan Beleno

      No me gusto

    46. Travis Broxterman

      Only fans do

    47. Travis Broxterman

      You people don’t understand X

    48. Travis Broxterman

      You are just using him like his mom did on Instagram to support another singer/artist/rapper

    49. Travis Broxterman

      And stop using him as game and money

    50. Travis Broxterman

      Stop it. This is not right x deserves better. Let him Rest In Peace. And he is a legend and nothing is going to stop that

    51. Não tem ninguém ,_,

      Estão fudendo o legado do mlk velho slk

    52. Law777 Op

      Kakakka wtf de xxxtentacion para ghostmane do Paraguai pqp kkk

    53. Sr.Barros

      This is horrible

    54. Guillem Gonzalez

      LLJ 🖤

    55. Julius-bostapost


    56. Bluvy

      This made x career worse

    57. PRϟNCϟPE

      As they are going to damage their reputation with this, that is not correct and all the followers of xxx are angry with this RD

    58. Fabian Medina Pacheco

      no que estaba muerto el hombre?

    59. Ivo Simeonov

      Man he died and you thought fuck man my money is gone o wait let we just buy a 18 year old bastard. Man he died he is gonna curs yo guys

    60. newscapepro 3

      You fake your death

    61. Prins lul


    62. newscapepro 3

      X your steall alive don't att

    63. Zak Lego

      Way? X? Feee

    64. ПРОЦЕСС

      *Dislike all*

    65. Jaydyn Patzer

      who’s the girl

    66. Kristian Villegas

      Puro legado xxx nada de glass shards respeten a x y su musica y estan promocionando a otros artisas con su nombre como trippie redd #LLJ

    67. GOD OF INFERNO 420666

      At this point they're only using X for his Fame r i p brother your True Legacy will always go on with your true friends like us aka your fans👌💯💘

    68. Gabriel Braga

      Stop ruinig x’s legacy

    69. Thomas _&

      Top music

    70. Ungureanu Liviu Alexandru

      wtf is this shet

    71. Millie bobbybrownismyqueen

      Stop. X wouldn't like this :((

    72. Andrew Gabriel de Jesus

      Mn desrespeito imenso com a imagem do xxxtentacion, certeza q ele nunca iria fazer um clipe merda desses.

    73. Juan Anderson Miranda Mendez

      da vergüenza para el canal de XXXTENTACIÓN 😡

    74. Damien Nash

      This sounds like x something x would never make stop ruining his legacy

    75. Juan Anderson Miranda Mendez

      pero q asco de música

    76. CosplayHeroUnite

      The likes had to have been bought, because the fans ain’t fucking with this shit

    77. Mustafa Kuba

      is it done, u got ur views just leave this mans amazing legacy please for fck sake

    78. froggyos

      they’re ruining his legacy



    80. PaulGamingYT

      “Don't cry because he died.” “Smile because he was born.” Copied

    81. Qzhj

      boy wtf

    82. Bruno Miguel

      PAREM TAo a estragar o lrgado do xxtentacion

    83. Alonso Caro

      Brou XXXtetasionxxx esta bibo

    84. Vyzurah

      Stop ruining X’s legacy. The fact that they used his account to promote this video is just way too far, they should really take notes from Juice WRLD instead and make animated videos.

    85. R8inz

      Delete this. It's horrendous.

    86. epic Jamie シ

      WTF IS THIS??? This just makes me cringe I'm a big fan of x but if this keep on idk if I'll still be 😕

    87. viewab1e

      Let him rest in peace. Don't ruin his legacy with a shitty promo song please

    88. talk to stoopid!!

      2017 calls they want x back

    89. el barto

      RIP: Michael Jackson RIP: Paul Walker RIP: Johan Cruyff RIP: Stan Lee RIP: George Michael RIP: Stephen Hawking RIP: Avicii RIP: XXXTENTACION RIP: Mac Miller RIP: Cameron Boyce RIP: Juice Wrld RIP: Kobe Bryant Gianna Bryant RIP: Dr APJ Abdul kalam RIP: Irrfan Khan RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput RIP: Rishi kapoor RIP: Pop Smoke RIP: Naya Rivera RIP: Chadwick Boseman RIP: John Lenon RIP: Tupac shakur RIP: Eazy E RIP: Freddie Mercury RIP: Whitney houston RIP: George harrison RIP: Bob marley RIP: Dona summer RIP: Elvis presley RIP: Marilyn Monroe RIP: Amy Winehouse RIP: kurt Cobain RIP: Audrey Hepburn RIP: Mohammed Ali RIP: Dolores O'Riordan RIP: Biggie small RIP: Rick May RIP: Heath ledger RIP: Selena Quintanilla RIP: Brad delp RIP: Chris Cornell RIP: Robin williams RIP: Chester Bennington RIP: Nipsey RIP: lil peep RIP

    90. トゥザ

      This is not X’s music. This is just like Metal Gear Survive. Good, but disrespectful. Stop using him to make money 💰 let the legend in peace ☮️...

    91. sebastian piñera

      Weaaa mala wn

    92. Карла Кабдиева

      Он вернулса

    93. Suave

      He (X) made this beat so why people saying it dont sound like something he would make ? Also he wanted to work with this dude so 🤷..

    94. Neroshy

      Nah this not x

    95. Keonde Quarterman

      Have you seen Emily Ratajkowski in this video? Or something?

    96. Ds Edits2

      I don’t care if y’all hate me for commenting because I’m a “Fortnite kid” or whatever but seriously get this off ax’s channel like I haven’t checked out his music after a year from his death (I stopped listening last year) and bro I came back today and this was not his style. Y’all basically stealing his money. This should be considered a crime. This is not right. He was my favorite rapper before and even after he died. He was such a legend so it breaks me to see that people are using him for money. Like it’s basically his mom’s fault too. Why she ain’t do anything about this? Is she a part of this? Does she let people upload this for money? Like I just don’t understand.

    97. shalesa chambers

      so your not dead

      1. Ds Edits2

        Xxxtentación is dead. People are using his channel

    98. Luis Caamaño

      Y donde sale x?

    99. MJ Charles

      Are you still alive now?

      1. Ds Edits2

        Xxxtentación is dead. People are using his channel