Jennifer Lopez performs at Joe Biden's inauguration

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    Singer Jennifer Lopez performs at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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    Pubblicato il Mese fa


    1. Wayne Brafford


    2. Tony Louis

      Gross as it can Ever Get to be honest, Yuck...

    3. LEWFROST2

      TRUMP took down ISIS..............BIDEN took down mister potatoe head and doctor suess # tsk tsk

    4. GIG

      For those people that say JLo can't sing and she always lip sing over other singers voices. Who voice did she lip-sync over now because I can't really tell. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was beautiful JLo Bravo!

    5. some bodyoncetoldme


    6. richlondonrich

      Black culture is finally played out

    7. E B

      Disney for a Cartoon inauguration!

    8. Keram Xela

      Wow. She actually really sings. And its good. Cool.

    9. Lee’Arra Love

      She is my sister in real life.


        Stop the cap😂

    10. allie kaye

      Trump 2024

    11. Brunhilda Pilares


    12. Apr Yogi

      The fake inauguration.

    13. miragexl007

      I didn't know she's staying at his inauguration. Course I didn't watch it or follow up on it. And you would be off love nice talk about let's get along.. Now.. that I in the Democrats won.. after concert he pushing and pulling for a few years. Anyway. I'm rambling. Elitist entertainers, go figure

    14. Ana Agosto

      Oh geeeezzz, she had to add the let's get loud.. 🙄🙄

    15. Ms Private!!!

      Beautiful Jennifer absolutely lovely:)

    16. Thomas Zürcher

      🇨🇭🙏 Thank you

    17. Youngboy

      It sounds like a disney film soundtrack

    18. Yannis Kamga Fotso

      wow love your voice

    19. Josiah Bower

      “This land is your land”...well only if you’re a government official now that they put a wall around the capitol

    20. Peace Tran

      Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo recently tweeted that Biden is so popular that every video of the White House IThomes channel about Biden is received 4 times more dislike 👎🏻 than LIKE 👍🏻. And comments are locked. 😂😂😂 ... what's wrong? 80 million people voted for Biden, right? 🤔

    21. True American

      The worst!!!!!!!!

    22. James Medina

      Biden is a disaster. J Lo 🙄

    23. lynkr0891

      Fake President

    24. chomp chomp

      wtf why would u have her singing there at all? she can't sing. 👀js

    25. Aaron Devine

      I hate this dude

    26. Overlord is Google

      The Obama's must be so proud of Biden bombing brown people in Syria. Just like Obama did in the middle east.

    27. Magick Princess

      We don’t have trust for your type anymore. None of you. Let’s just remind you: a month into Bidens presidency he send air strikes out. Keep singing for the old guy. He’s deluded.

    28. S W

      I bet the crowd of 20 people cheered so loudly

    29. Mona Hill

      No one there

    30. CALM

      J lo walking like a first lady for me

    31. Bernice Kpokpo


    32. why_do_game_

      This inauguration didn’t age well

    33. Lucifero II

      Canta che ti passa....😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    34. Trever Lawson vloge

      Got to love us a good Jennifer lopes moment

    35. Laura González

      Bravo 👏 para JLO

    36. DIYTFY

      Joe Biden’s math: $2000 = $1400 = $0 + Bomb Syria

    37. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    38. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    39. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    40. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    41. Miss Cinnamon Teal Jaalah DuPont

    42. TeslaTerminater

      I'm never listening to this fake bytch ever again... Must be nice to make all that money off white people...Trader....

    43. 2-24-20

      Fake president Sleepy Joe

    44. Karianne P

      Damn fool

    45. RainbowStar🌈 MCEd

      She should’ve sung her hit song “booty”! It would’ve fit perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of the event. Quite disappointed she didn’t 😔

      1. Conservativesunite

        Lol .

    46. John JLover

      Iconic ❤️❤️

    47. Dawon Lott

      You go Jennifer

    48. Laura Swihart

      But what about god in this? JOHN 15:7

    49. Nina Lindström

      Her confidence is crazy. I mean most people would never take their singing outside the shower if they had her voice, but she just goes on and on... i don’t care how rich she is, I would be embarrassed to death if that was me singing and the inauguration. Most IThomes singers have better voices than that

    50. E S


    51. no name needed

      Trash 🗑

    52. Larry Moore

      Who is paying for this? Oh yeah it is us the tax payers.

      1. Larry Moore

        @alana knox "I imagine" So you don't know. Thank you.

      2. alana knox

        @Larry Moore Also, in my original comment I was referencing Lopez herself, rather that the people who organised the celebration. My mistake.

      3. alana knox

        @Larry Moore Not necessarily. I imagine that those who organised the celebration were paid... By the sector of public relations (or something similar) in the democrat party. Also, you have completely ignored my previous point: that the celebrations were paid for by the democratic party. Don't let your political bias make you unreasonable.

      4. Larry Moore

        @alana knox Do you think that everyone who worked to provide services and goods for the celebration did it for charity? That is rich, go change your diaper kid.

      5. alana knox

        Um..... Someone gives off uninformed vibes. Do you really think she was paid? She did this as a celebration of Bidens election, not as a concert dummy.

    53. Sophie Ann Jensen

      Magnificent preforming,touching glorious voice❤️❤️❤️🤗

    54. pau

      She sang it so well

    55. Jose Cotolopez

      If democrats need Beyonce is to gather black votes; Jennifer is for Hispanic votes

      1. Jose Cotolopez

        @AliveNwell that makes two of us, biden is up to 50+ executive orders. Soon democrats will place kamala as President. God help us

      2. AliveNwell

        Welp, doesn't change my vote. Still don't like Biden.

    56. FUK Youtube

      Joe Biden's son is a crackhead.

    57. FUK Youtube

      The left are the party of hate a hypocrites.

    58. Baby girl

      This American land can't be for everybody come on why can't we make our own country's great again

    59. Chris2008

      Now we have a criminal in the White House. Very sad to see that this country is now a totalitarian communist country. Free speech? Gone!

    60. امیر قدمگاهی

      The lifting of sanctions in Iran makes the people of the world miserable.

    61. Ms. Xaadiya Prince's Chronicles

    62. zmzm kamal




    64. Yessenia Gutiérrez

      Jlo 🤗👏🙌

    65. charz pak

      Can u guess which country is equal to usa or better?

    66. charz pak

      Embarrassing California trash lol

    67. zinnia pervaiz

      What did she say in Spanish?

    68. Kelvin Hathcote

      I'm done with jlo

    69. Ayperi Cakı

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