Clarkson z'n Favoriete Rally Battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS. Lancia 037 | Amazon Prime Video NL

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    Een van onze favoriete momenten uit seizoen 2 van de Grand Tour. Een blik op de epische strijd tussen de machtige Audi Quattro en de underdog Lancia 037 in het wereldkampioenschap Rally van 1983. Een strijd tussen 2WD versus 4WD. Abonneer nu op het IThomes kanaal ⇨
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    1. Amazon Prime Video Nederland

      Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

      1. Jakub Wojtas

        @TheLogitech91 77

      2. Jakub Wojtas

        @TheLogitech91 7878

      3. Jakub Wojtas

        @TheLogitech91 7

      4. Jakub Wojtas

        @TheLogitech91 7

      5. Jakub Wojtas

        @TheLogitech91 77

    2. Mustang Medic

      Awesome guys love it.

    3. Zed Tamarit

      One of my favorite bed time stories.

    4. steven Harrison

      They cheated what a shame

    5. Marco Lorenzi - Personal Finance Videos

      Against all odds! Made me feel proud I must admit

    6. Chirag Sharma

      This video is just how lancia cheated.

    7. No Name

      He's being told what to say

    8. Monserrate Farah

      Walter Röhrl, the only man to become famous for trying not to be famous.

    9. thomas edelved

      i dont like to win i dont like jumps omfg what an idiot

    10. Ben Klein

      I'm actually really surprised Walter Rohrl didn't sign up to Audi back then.

    11. Christian Patzer

      What an absolutely awesome story, told to perfection!

    12. bob bob

      cheating . they nullify this champion

    13. Rob Kersten

      < Proud Lancia Beta Coupe 2000 owner.

    14. Diamantino Hélder Barbosa Mateus

      I dont know if everything in the video its true. For example jeremy say that they should build 400 cars, but its not true, they only need to build 200 cars. But the video its extremely fun to watch. More stories like this please. I imagine that there are other things in the video that are not real.

    15. jrbd oebd

      This was pure gold storytelling

    16. UK Rays

      Brilliant 👏🏿👏🏿

    17. Victor Mboya

      Do a story telling about group B

    18. denezrgMC

      Summoning Salt

    19. Garrett Black

      Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

    20. Home Stuff

      So they cheated.

    21. Andrea Romano

      Lancia really embraces the Italian spirit. The way they won the championship might be the most Italian thing ever.

    22. Adi K

      It's called LanCia not LanSia!

    23. Jonathan Faulkner

      There is only one Lancia and there is only one Jeremy Clarkson. Absolutely brilliant.

    24. Serai Resana

      Walter Röhrl might the most German man to ever live "The car might do pretty bad in crashes but I don't plan on crashing" "If I wanted to fly I would be a pilot"

    25. Gerald Hesse

      Me when i do my homework 16:53

    26. LeDocteurGonzo

      17:54 OMFG !

    27. FILNAT2011

      It not soft 😈😁

    28. Efw Ewfwef

      audi did ONLY win the constructors championship in 82!. Walter RÖHRL won the drivers titel in an opel ascona!

    29. PowerOf One

      Pause at 18:03 Spectators..... ffs!

    30. volgg

      Work Smarter, not Harder

    31. Mr. M5

      Can I get this on Amazon prime in the US and if so send link to the story thanx!

    32. Codax TheVulture

      There was one another time audi lost to 2wd non lancia :)

    33. Lucifer666

      There is only one Lancia and there is only one Jeremy Clarkson. Absolutely brilliant.

    34. Cory V

      They cheated to win the rally. Good times.

    35. Michele Bellodi

      Italian do it better !!!! 🤣🤣👍👍

    36. Sankaranunni Tharakkal


    37. Bobby Turner

      There is something special about a German driving an Italian Car.

    38. sas mad

      Audi the boss of bosses hands down

    39. Selvam Elangoven

      I never knew 2wd could perform in such conditions.

    40. Arthur J

      This is hands down my favorite bit from the Grand Tour. An amazing and gripping story coupled and an excellent storytelling by Clarkson. Pure gold.

    41. Jane Hunter

      Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

    42. sd fd

      Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

    43. Yuliyan Yul

      Why we don't have this legends new tech with old looking .

    44. St ZW

      Watched this video 3x in a row. Modern racing is boring.

    45. Christopher Jonasson

      Always like the underdog winning

    46. St ZW

      The best car show in the world. Thank you!.

    47. Bobby Turner

      Röhr after winning the championship: damnit.

    48. Spacecookie370

      Song on 5:20 ?

    49. tkcaingt Playz

      My favorite battle is the Pugeot 205 T16 vs the Lancia Delta S4. Two insane beasts battling it out in gnarly stages.

    50. TheRobweb

      a piece of great television, but as italian i'm very unhappy about the Italian flag repeatedly flipped.

    51. MrMarko302

      What Audi got: - 4 Wheel Drive monster - Determined drivers - Team boss that can also be a mechanic - Properly organized team - Not so reliable car What Lancia got: - 2 Wheel Drive exotic - Part time driver, picky on the tracks - Playboy team boss with big brain - Relaxed team - Miraculously reliable car

    52. wimmy d

      Probably one of best motorsport related publications on you tube. Lost count how many times I’ve watched this. On another note how good was Walter Rohl, what a legend

    53. ML - Maria Luiza

      I watching this documentary 4 times. Need more

    54. Ryan Thunderhammer

      Man people had balls of steel to stand in the road when a car was about to go through

    55. Maltfusion

      Walter Roehrl is great and was definitely in perfect harmony with his car in 1983 San Remo buuuuut he did come 2nd after Markku Alen. As a Finn cannot let that slide.

    56. Onewhoknowswhatisgoo

      One of the most spectacular fight and one of the spectacular car in the world: Lancia 037

    57. RW163

      Check jezza out with his Canadian goose coat on

    58. Gianchi Caio

      Walter Röhrl 💪💪 il pilota più completo di sempre 🇮🇹

    59. Hugh Jaass

      Damn good video!! Very informative & entertaining. Bravo Clarkson!

    60. jason day

      About bloody time boys!! Can't wait!! 👌

    61. William Tech

      Well i think there can be a part 2. This is only the beginning :) When things progressed in the years a small french car company came in..

    62. Battlecruiser Plays

      Imagine my surprise, German engineering being fragile.

    63. Lucky Apple

      Gosh. What a wonderful documentary. Thanks BBC.

    64. sd fd

      What Audi got: - 4 Wheel Drive monster - Determined drivers - Team boss that can also be a mechanic - Properly organized team - Not so reliable car What Lancia got: - 2 Wheel Drive exotic - Part time driver, picky on the tracks - Playboy team boss with big brain - Relaxed team - Miraculously reliable car

    65. Monserrate Farah

      If walter röhrl wanted to win championships, he would now be a 10-time rally champion and he could have destroyed f1.

    66. Tuhin Mia

      Latin Grammys desde LA CAPITAL DEL REGUETÓN 🇵🇷 Gracias a todas las que hicieron de esta presentación una ÉPICA!! A las verdaderas diablas en las makinas🔥🔥 Y a las super talentosas, banda LAS ATÍPICAS en "Si Veo A Tu Mamá" 🤍!! Fue un gustazooo compartir con todas! 🤍🤍🤍🤍

    67. Pajik

      "With our speed it's just like holiday." -Walter Röhrl

      1. angelo salinitro

        aveva ragione differenza abissale tra la lancia 037 e l'audi quattro lancia 037 di un altro pianeta sotto tutti i punti di vista

    68. ITZGarikONE

      Music at 3:39? And 3:12

    69. Mat Bee

      Come on, 1080p!?

    70. Emilio Curbelo

      I'm in love with the Lancia 037 since childhood in late 80s, when I received my Scalextric model car in Martini livery. It's just soooo cool

    71. Rank S pilot, Tatenashi

      both of them would still be faster than the new Subaru WRX rallycar

    72. R GR

      This is pure driver skills and not 4wd vs. 2wd

    73. Leisurelee53

      3:05 to 3:26 I have never fallen in love with a car faster. It's like... A country girl in a cocktail dress. Fire and smolder. Smooth and rough. Thousand watt smile at dinner, killer right hook in a pub brawl. God what a machine.

    74. Piterdeveirs333

      Nothing in the rules says a dog can't drive a car

    75. Pure Evil

      My dream cars top of my todo list

    76. nealynealster

      the fact that they were able to get interviews with all the main people in the story makes it so much more engaging

    77. yunk9


    78. Stevo

      The 037 is my favorite story in motorsport.

    79. Guts

      We all miss you lancia..... :(

    80. Charles Pletzke

      Fun fact: the 037 was supercharged

    81. palwinder singh

      I never get boared of this, this is so awesome that I watched many times

    82. Jenny Åberg

      Worls fastest evo Mitsubishi accelerating 0`300 Worlls fastest Mitsubishi evoaccelerating

    83. tec738caf ;dik'fac

      Clarkson is like David Attenborough, but for cars, love them both

    84. Ajaxamsterry ajax

      Golden victorys of its, diamonds are for ever admired oldies

    85. Laney Holliday

      This is what a car show should be.

    86. the skead

      Amigine being so good you dont wanna win anymore Respect

    87. tec738caf ;dik'fac

      Walter Rörhl is simply the coolest guy on earth. Ever.

    88. Jonathan Faulkner

      Röhr after winning the championship: damnit.

    89. angelo salinitro

      alla Lancia 2 grandi piloti walter rorhl - marku allen

    90. Keith Marshall

      The Quattro was my dream car as a kid, that and the Opel Manta. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maserati you can keep the Audi and the Opel were my dream cars. 😊

    91. Janice Bing

      Walter Röhrl was such a gentlemen, letting the 2nd rate drivers win something once in a while :D.

    92. Jonathan T. Brown

      As of today, 959 Audi owners disapprove.

    93. last ride

      Top notch documentary.

    94. oscar salazar

      We miss an italian rally Car in the World Championship

    95. Roberto Chirco

      This is my favourite bedtime story

    96. musmus96

      the lancia driver sometimes sound like a clown

    97. musmus96

      always the same jokes...

    98. Robert IJ

      Does anyone know the title of the song starting at 3:40 ?

    99. raymond jones

      I had no idea🤭 I thought Audi took the world by storm, with the Quattro... evidently, I was wrong🤗 What an amazing car, driver, accomplishment, and story❤️

    100. Cristobal Appelgren

      Please make more cars stories like this