Sabrina Carpenter - Skin (Official Lyric Video)

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    Lyric Video Created By: Jessica Severn (@j3ssica7) & Chris Shelley (@create) for Deadhappy
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    1. Grace Armstrong

      oliveu be qwaqing

    2. piechart

      i don’t get why these two girls are fighting over a dollar store version of shawn mendes-

    3. Peyton Rose

      I love your song❤

    4. Eliza Beth

      Poor Olivia

      1. Ana C

        What do you mean? Sabrina has been receiving death threats because of Olivia.

    5. Daniaa Rodriguez Cilleruelo

      I love this song I will never get tired of hearing it like all your songs Thank you Sabrina from the heart

    6. Hxadxa xx

      I remember when this had 500k views

    7. Celestine Blue

      Sabrina be sayin' this ain't about Olivia when it's all over on the lyrics of the song I--- 😭 multiple lines and verse ain't a coincidence anymore yo 😭😭😭

      1. Ana C

        She said it wasn’t about Olivia it was to olivia’s toxic fans sending hate to Sabrina.

    8. Tony Goyena

      This arrogant Dwarf Sabrina is the new Flop queen, nobody is buying her Skin. All of 4'9" arrogance a Hobbit queen is flop. Her Skin is down and out. Flop! 🤔🤔🤫🤫🤥🤥😁😁😁

    9. Just A Miracle

      Honestly Sabrina might not even care about all this drama but she would have to be crazy to not wanna profit a bit off of it cause everyone is gonna watch to see her response so easy money lol

    10. A l a i s h a


    11. Shumukh Alghamdi

      yall talking bout the drama and me here realising how similar sabrina and sophia carson sound

    12. Salome peñaranda zapata


    13. J. Vam

      Well this is a pretty good song, I just wish sabrina and Olivia become friends haha and make good music together not doing song over a man😂😂not worth it

    14. Kago Sanya

      Idk y I feel cringe in a way...

    15. lilacxbreeze

      joshua boy bye-

    16. Nasimul Huq

      Olivia And Sabrina are gonna write a song together that is about realizing Joshua isnt worth any of this drama 😂 No just wait and watch seriously

    17. debjani sengupta

      Imagine all three of them writing a song "Shut up" (to the ppl spreading rumours without being sure)

    18. Urte Illene

      This drama needs to stop. Let them fix it with each other and stop hating. They are just artists trying to make music for people to enjoy and believe me it's really enjoyable.

    19. belle inbookland

      Only Sabrina knows how to make a reply song so romantic 😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞

    20. Ashley Moore

      Love this song!💓🎶

    21. Manas Prabhu

      Hey Sabrina if you ever read this. I saw you for the first time in THE GIRL MEETS WORLD andddd I've loved you since then. Its so good to see how far you`ve come! I am so proud of you!

    22. Vivianne Gonzalez

      this song is just so good!!😊

    23. Kristy Marsh

      I’m sorry I love both of them but- I kinda feel like if I made a song about something I felt deeply about and then a clap back came like this- I’d be mad- though a really really amazing songs both No offense but I would probably be upset- I hope all this drama can go away :) and you guys will become friends and do a song together and be like besties lol-

    24. Sonaiya Rodriguez

      who's song is better olivias or sabrinas

      1. Ana C

        Sabrinas in my opinion

    25. The Mrs PlayZ


    26. Hanna Horsman

      tbh this is a good song but nothing compared to drivers lisense.

    27. pilar pascual❤❤❤❤


      1. Ana C

        @tofu EXACTLY! like she was literally writing a love song to somebody who is in a relationship like your not supposed to do that - lmao

      2. tofu

        @pilar pascual❤❤❤❤ wrong answer if a person is your boyfriend, he's your boyfriend because he doesnt have a relationship with anyone else 😬

      3. pilar pascual❤❤❤❤

        @tofu i would feel fine bc she still loves him and that i probably got in the middle of their RELATIONSHIP or them two (theirs my answer)!!‼🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

      4. tofu

        huh- olivia and josh weren’t dating because she was underage but she turned 18 in february lol how would you feel if some girl wrote a song about how she was still in love with your boyfriend ???

    28. Veronica Gomez

      I’m on your side.

    29. Adiis World

      He isn't even worth 2 beautiful queens arguing over him

    30. Nagham Moussa

      so he cheated or he just moved on and olivia is mad because your girl doesn't get it

    31. Steffan King

      I heard what others were saying so I thought I'd see for my self. Everyone was right, I've been a fan of sabrina for a while but this seems a bit out of the blue. SUS

    32. Mucteba Gunes

      Next thing u know Joshua is gonna make a song

    33. Maite de la Paz Sánchez

      I already understood thank you but you are bad .

    34. florica Creciun

      all the drama aside this is a really good song

    35. Herson Cruz

      There just kids who cares

    36. Devika

      guys, can y'all just stop talking about the drama. its their life and they know how to handle it, they don't want others commenting on their life. they all are adults

    37. Erin TAYLOR

      UR SONG IS LIT TBH!!!!!


      𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘦 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭!

    39. Mia Herrera


    40. Jade Hernández

      Vayan a reproducir el vídeo oficial :3

    41. A

      I don't think I've heard the entire song lol

    42. MLPJBJ Formerly Reaper

      Gorl got a voice that can kick our 👂 's and 💖's assessssssss....luv it....tell him gorl😉😇🙏💪🎤🎵🎶💖

    43. _Mevi2808_

      Well then why would Sabrina write a whole song just for Olivia if she didn't really get under her skin.😂 People who get me 👇

      1. Devika

        @_Mevi2808_ you have what lmao

      2. _Mevi2808_

        @Devika lol I find that very funny😂😑

      3. _Mevi2808_

        @Devika well i have them you just dont know them

      4. Devika

        @_Mevi2808_ well you talk like a kid so just said that lol

      5. Devika

        @_Mevi2808_ haha they are not even facts

    44. yeehaw maties

      Y’all this song isn’t even actually only about olivia💀 love how quickly y’all jump on a scandal that doesn’t even exist honestly even if it was about Olivia it doesn’t matter because Sabrina’s the only one who’s been open about the situation while no one else is saying anything💀

      1. Rose

        i mean it could be... cause it does say "maybe blonde was the only rhyme" and in drivers license the lyrics are "you're probably with that blonde girl" and she released this right after olivia released her song (I love them both) oh welllll i mean it could just be a coincidence lol

    45. Grace Burns

      I'm doing schoolwork and just vibing to this song on repeat lol


      This is kinda childish don’t you think all of them Feuding

    47. Maite de la Paz Sánchez

      And your operations and they make you unreal, you make me a little ghost .

    48. Maite de la Paz Sánchez

      If you have yeshua, you are the worst thing you like about him.

    49. Maite de la Paz Sánchez

      I hate you, sabrina, how could you steal olivia's boyfriend?

      1. Ana C

        She didn’t steal her boyfriend. And imagine if somebody wrote a fricking love song to your boyfriend.

      2. Devika

        Sabrina didn't steal Olivia's boyfriend. stop hating on her

    50. Marley Belle Brewer

      It’s such a great song but the reason she’s singing it is sad.

    51. Hanien M_A

      Blond wasn’t the only rhyme in driver’s license first it was brown but then she changed it to blonde

    52. Kashish

      CAN'T THESE WOMAN JUST GET TOGETHER W EACH OTHER. Both of them are so talented and pretty❤️

    53. Caelin Smith

      Everyone keeps talking about the drama im just vibing to all the songs

    54. Xavier

      Im a fan of Disney I don't know who to support. Anyone. Can relate?

      1. Pj

        you don't need to take sides lol

    55. MARSVCo

      i legit stressed i luv them both.....

    56. Izy Sanddy

      They could be talking to each other without us knowing. Sabrina made this song for the public to hear is because it is for the public to hear. She's just informing the haters that whatever hate they are throwing at her, she will be ignoring it and move on. There's one thing that we should not be moving on from tho. THAT'S HOW SOOTHING HER VOICE IS IN THIS SONG!!! I demand an A capella or acoustic version!!

    57. Aribah durani

      now all the hate will go to joshua

    58. Naomi Anderson

      Sabrina, if this is about u josh and Olivia, i really think that u and Olivia would be amazing friends, and if the rumors aren’t true, stand up for yourself, I know u have the, know that u r loved, just like everyone else in this world, and I am sorry for the crap everyone else is giving u

    59. The Spectacular sisters

      I love the song Not the drama *true fans wouldn’t worry bout the drama*

    60. SouthSideJit

      he not even this *cute* to be makin songs ab eachother . 😭 2:11 that whole ass other part hit .

    61. Megan Matthews

      Good song love it 😊

    62. Sara Abouchanab

      Im sorry but this is a awesome song I’m not on anyone’s side with drama i think that they both are very talented i love driver’s license and skin there both awesome.

    63. aesthxtii

      not olivia and sabrina fighting over a wallmart shawn mendes

      1. Pj

        not you with an unoriginal comment

    64. Thahaani Hashir

      honestly completely honestly. this is better than driver's license 100%

      1. Ana C

        Agreed 😬

    65. Dakshit Avnish

      Who else is here just to here the song

    66. Melanie Munguia

      Sabrina should’ve just said “maybe blonde just sounded right” cuz Olivia didn’t rhyme anything with blonde😭

    67. HeyItsKaylee O_o

      Ngl lol the beginning didn’t rhyme but the rest is actually good 🤪🤪🤪🌈even if this is a song against Olivia lol we don’t know so we have no sayy

      1. HeyItsKaylee O_o

        @Pj ur not disagreeing this is u trying to make me change my opinion on things lol dude I asked for u to stop not throw a tantrum bye!

      2. Pj

        @HeyItsKaylee O_o I'm not allowed to disagree?and yea I will lEaVe yOu aLone😩🙏

      3. HeyItsKaylee O_o

        @Devika yea people lie tho

      4. HeyItsKaylee O_o

        @Pj than why do u keep coming back to tell me stuff?😂dude just leave me alone already

      5. Pj

        @HeyItsKaylee O_o omg do you not know what a chorus of a song is?? I was taking about the "all on my skin" lines lmfao😭 and just because I disagree doesn't mean I don't respect your opinion

    68. Sapana Khawas

      Don't understand y wasting time for a boy who is not worth enough ...

      1. Pj

        I don't like that dude but imagine telling a person they're not "worth enough"

    69. ThatGuy OverThere

      Disney beef 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Tony Grant

      Maybe blonde was the only rhyme

    71. Bre Parker

      she did get under ur skin you made a wholeeeee song abt her.... anywayss

    72. Harpie Playz

      She should break up with him and they should both make a song called he’s not worth it🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Butera Lyrics

      i love this song

    74. Ayusha Rijal


    75. Vibe's with Kiki

      Dang she said " don't drive yourself insane"

    76. Jenna Jose

      Well tbh, driving license is the vibe for me.

    77. Anora Singh

      Love this song, but where is the DROP. WE NEED THE DROP!!! But seriously I love the song.

    78. kailey bell

      I mean ex boyfriend not experience

    79. kailey bell

      Bro WTF why the heck is there so much drama Bc of a boy my experience did the same thing that Joshua did to them and there was not that much drama.

      1. Pj

        see the difference is that you're not famous lol people just loove to interfere in famous people's personal lives

      2. sonia dabas

        You probably didn't get hated by million of people because everyone made you the villain

    80. Hailey Alden

      Honestly the dude doesn’t deserve either of them.

    81. grostaken`s Channel

      love you sabrina

    82. ᗷ ᑌ T T ᗴ ᖇ

      Literally everyone talkin 'bout da Drama.... me: Catchy song... :) ppl talking 'bout da Drama: .... ._.

    83. Rida Ullah

      Wait i hate this song nowwww whyyyy

      1. Draco’s Apple

        @tofu I did see her lives like I said before and I said she sounds amazing! Just please I don’t wanna fight they are both really good I’m just liking Olivias song more please respect my opinion

      2. tofu

        @Draco’s Apple honestly she really doesn’t use much auto tune at all her voice just sounds that good naturally look at her singing live or on song association

      3. Draco’s Apple

        @Devika so does Liv I never hated sabrina, I just think that she should come out of her shell and not use autotune! ANd yes I have seen her lives and she sings amazing!

      4. Devika

        @Draco’s Apple she may use autotune but if you see her live, she still sings really well and she has a good voice.

      5. Draco’s Apple

        @Devika you dont have to agree with us its just Sabrina uses autotune lol-

    84. Drake Moon

      Before y'all start bashing Sabrina, you need to hear what thus song is about, she talks about it in an interview

    85. Emily Sangster

      I honestly don't know whose side I should be on like whose the jerk here?

      1. Devika

        you don't have to take anyone's side, its not a game where you have to choose sides lol

      2. Emily Sangster

        @Pj ok thanks for filling me in

      3. Pj

        no one is tbh the tiktok stans are just making a big deal out of the "drama" you don't need to take sides


      Wow that's strong gurl but Olivia is so inoccent whyd a beautiful girl like u do this to her gurl

      1. sonia dabas

        She didn't do anything. The song is for haters.

    87. Lilith Rosas Styles Tomlinson


    88. Monique Alfred

      People hating on Sabrina when Olivia has wrong for coming after the girl's bf. Being a homewrecker ain't cute Olivia

    89. Arrdun Decorators

      This song hits you differently the more you listen to it!

    90. Lumel2High

      Free Joshua

    91. Mariah Trevino

      I love this song

    92. Savannah Huff Skenandore

      Olivia deserved this

    93. Dione Cruse

      me looking at sarbina new song and she says blonde: shoking and looking back at drivers lisence

    94. Palakh Raja

      Team olivia

      1. Devika

        no one asked you to choose a team, are you a kid who chooses someones side when they didn't even ask you lol


      olivia onlyyyyyyyyyyyty

    96. Moonlight Dreamer

      Dude....i love olivia , i love joshua n i love sabrina....n i consumed Olivia's heartbreak cz it gave me drivers license but i cant take it if josh also breaks sabrinas thn theres no sense in anything....thn theres no sense in breaking my angel olivias heart for my fairy sabrina and hurting her too.....josh i love u so much n i will always do but dont u dare mess up now!!!!

    97. Nichole Davis

      well on the bright side shes trying to make peace when this is all over

    98. Nichole Davis

      o wow what happened to beauty b4 age

    99. • Autxmn •

      Sabrina is my FAVOURITE singer but she's 21 and she's writing songs about a 17 year old girl

      1. • Autxmn •

        @Devika oh oops sorry ok

      2. Devika

        @• Autxmn • it might be fake cause I have seen all her interviews and not even once she said the whole song was about olivia

      3. • Autxmn •

        @Devika but I watched a video on IThomes and it said she said it was about Olivia it sounded like her voice so like?

      4. Devika

        @• Autxmn • lol where on insta she said it's not about any particular person, and in all her interviews too she never said the whole song is about Olivia

      5. • Autxmn •

        @Devika actually it is Sabrina admitted it

    100. Emily Clark

      All Oliva said was that you made her insecure

      1. Emily Clark

        I said it as a joke my dudes. I've been a sabrina fan since I was little and I love her and her music so much

      2. Ana C

        Yeah and she also wrote a love song to her boyfriend... how would that make you feel lmao?

      3. tofu

        @I just Farted ikr people cherry pick what they want to hear out of skin and use it to make sabrina the villain

      4. I just Farted

        @Iqtada Yasin yeah people should be more focus on the part where she was saying she hoped they both look back and laugh

      5. Iqtada Yasin

        Yup but she is not talking bad about olivia like she hopes that they both laugh about it And if ur offended by the chorus part then that part is for haters who sent death threat just because olivia said sabrina made her insecure