BEST OF 2020 - Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer

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    What a crazy year this has been!
    2020 was one of the coolest but also toughest years for me.
    Israel is my Playground and Home Office were one of my favourtie videos ever and the feedback we got to those videos was mindblowing. The year started great but unfortunately ended with a big crash on my motocross bike. I'm currently recovering from my injury and I can't wait to do more videos in 2021. Thanks everyone for the love and support.
    Let's make 2021 awesome!
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    1. АлеЖыК МаЛеЖыК

      adrenalin narko)

    2. ItsBananaCool

      Wer will auch wider sick series? wer will gibt like ;D

    3. Rahul Jaiswal

      I can Make it to 1K Dislikes, but I wont, after seeing the Efforts

    4. Joel First

      You are a legend


      He was born attached to a bike😉


      Which cycle you use

    7. Leon Wind

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    8. Happo Dashy

      Mega Video bin voll der fan von dir

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      Quem dos brasileiros aqui queria ter uma vida de adolescente assim ?



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      Moinsen, welche Reifen benutzt du Fabio Continental oder MAXXIS?

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    17. Warkop RBT


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    19. Super Berko

      Bist du deutsch?

    20. Matthias Kohler

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      #2021 not 🛑 to video

    22. Henriette Torp

      Nice video

    23. mtb production

      du kannst meine Stp-Kette abonnieren.

    24. Lauchert Der Lauch

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      Du kleines wiener würschtel

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      Fabio du facking Maschine

    27. Cool Boy

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      Can you tell me where do you buy thí bike

    29. THIAGO Lucio

      Você é bom demais velho simplesmente igual você consegue fazer um mortal para trás com a bicicleta Meu Deus você é bom demais bom demais você não vai entender o que eu tô falando dela porque não você não vai ter não eu sou brasileiro Então você não vai entender não

    30. Thepinkypikle

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    39. bouillardt


    40. Sarvadnya Bhamare

      Which cycle are you using

    41. Wile E. Coyote

      Hope he keeps safes and doesn't have any bad accidents.

    42. Morton Yepiz

      The onerous revolver willy sprout because ghana surely balance under a wiry turret. rigid, abiding beam

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      So now we can say. 2020 was still a good year for all of us

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        Liket damit er es sieht


      gak bisa bahasa inggris

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