Could this be my HIGHEST kill win?... | Bugha


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    In today's video, I have a high kill trio arena win from the other day on stream. I played with my trio Avery and Jamper, together we were able to get 46 kills and secure the win! If you want more high kill content like this, leave a like and comment below!
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    1. Bugha

      What is your highest kill win? Leave a comment below!

      1. Kenzi Adéléké

        I HAVE 351 in a tournament

      2. Mateo Monterde

        15 kills in solo vs duo

      3. Ursula The Sea Bitch

        1 😊

      4. Hope Wood


      5. RiSe _content

        Normal solos 27 and solo squad 42

    2. Silas Sommer

      My is kill rekord is 24

    3. Keyaan Choonara

      49 but not in arena

    4. ceifador tv

      Very good

    5. Yali Pisso

      very Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Jake The Dog

      I'm tired of getting clickbaited by little kids

    7. Banane , lecker

      You my favorite You Tuber Bugha 🥰

    8. Akshaj Madireddy

      mine is 306 alone

    9. oscar og adrian 1602

      will you add me on fortnite plss i am a big fan

    10. tjplayz

      The highest kill win I got was 34 with all my squads kills combined

    11. Paramvir Chauhan


    12. Damian Torres Abularach

      thise is the first video i wach from Bugha

    13. ITR TEAM

      uaoo, its incredible. you have been good, 😎😲✌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    14. adam hossam

      I had a glitch that I had 200 people I got 150

    15. Salolol

      Bruh mongraal do 39 solo vs trio with 30 k points and on Europe

    16. alex_ 10

      you sense?

    17. Rodrigo 47

      Nice 😃

    18. Radioactive

      29 kills

    19. quilly is cool

      🙃 your goated

    20. Andrew Colbert

      well I'm a bot so i think like 9 . I'm in division 5 and its hard to get kills lol.

    21. Dronzy

      Me 1 kill in arena

    22. MrAlphaGames



      You are to good

    24. Jack Clapped u

      sub to Jack clapped u

    25. Yusuf Gamer

      47 kills


      7 :(

    27. Westtyyy !

      he got more in arena than i can get in solo squads

    28. Daniel Marcos Jardón

      You are the best player in the world with ninja

    29. Brayden Ereaux

      * cough Mongraal

    30. Vita Martinova

      Bugha ad me pls my name is DailyBoat3 thx

    31. The_Visho

      King le gana

    32. Simon Pedersen

      Bugha i love you han tøj bliv frends

    33. Luis Lira Aportela

      Na que bot 1v1 sin camiseta

    34. Senix R8

      can you do a setup video bugha ?

    35. Fabio Giarratano

      Pls bugha pls gioin Minecraft pls

    36. Ilona K

      The Best

    37. Zain Ali

      I can't play fortnite cuz my pc and psr controller in not working I have order them and it took 1 moth to come litrely my games ruined

    38. D 0 R A YT

      7:13 true wut r u doing

    39. MintyClipZ

      34 kill solo squad win

    40. Easy ک


    41. Ali Hazime

      bugha i love youre videos youre the best keep it up and mine is 32

    42. Cryptic Ahmedyar

      Damn bugha sweaty sweaty

    43. mrcaleblopez

      my highest is 1 D:

    44. Mithil V

      omg he posted this vid on my bday

    45. #KENZOPRO

      50 is the best of mi in 1 party of arena

    46. I AM A GREAT

      Wow...just wow.... 😐

    47. Benjamin Galvez

      Myns is 20

    48. Benjamin Galvez

      My guy in crack mode

    49. Felipe Amadeo

      I did 21 kills in solo arena

    50. Brantley Mckimmey

      I 1 Time got 10 kills in solo duos my best kill streak ever I think is 16 In duos with my frd but for real you get 16 kills every game lol bugha Is this much better than me *the likes*

    51. BadkidDre

      Ryft vs buhgah

    52. Alarmed Clock


    53. Trice Daily

      It’s funny because this hole time Avery was like trying it trying it tried everything

    54. enry


    55. bob28429a

      Bro they’re so mean to each other I love it LOL

    56. LG Plazzy

      my highest kill win is 32

    57. pan chrupek

      bugha is god

    58. CREATIVE God

      My highest kill win in solo squads is 26

    59. xxxcantone


    60. Isaac Spears

      Is it just me or did that robot say (I’m gay)

    61. Dripply Slxzz


    62. BrodyIsAFK

      I wonder what their arena score is 😳

    63. nicolae popesco

      Bro you are so bad mongral is better

    64. Christine Cotrim Barboza Sargologos

      my highest kill ever is 29

    65. orestis pazas

      My highest is 30 kills

    66. Lucas Schroeder

      Kick that avery guy hes is annoying and doesnt shut up

    67. José Ignacio Calienes Laurie

      este amigo es demasiado bueno paar mi el mejor del mundi

    68. Pxychic

      Average fortnite players: Concentrating rlly hard to sweat Bugha: Having a conversation while doing the most CRACKED edits


      You are a best

    70. Joanne Accomando

      dang tho will buagah win the next world cup

    71. Joanne Accomando

      29 i geuss

    72. n

      can u give me the best senstivity for mouse ... plss

    73. Will, Ho Tat Li

      39 is mine solo v squads

    74. Guilherme Norisada Petrauskas

      Pro player bhuga

    75. DarkLynx87

      My victory with more kills is 32 kills in solo and in trio 23

    76. Chalupa Batman

      You f ing Virginia no pensilvania

    77. Sean Richards

      What is this skin called

    78. Cute Clips

      How is 18 the heist kill game 🤨

    79. andre perez


    80. mo_ c7

      Soriano 50 kill with his trio in arena with win

    81. juan gamer 1010

      Diario donest

    82. Sabrina B

      he reaching 45 kills my best record of 3 kills

    83. Fra Sole


    84. Yousaf Gaming

      R. I. P stark Also my highest kill game in a match was in solo squads 16kills

    85. Ahmed Elbessraoui

      Wow almost reached my highscore kills i have 48

    86. Fraser Smith

      30 bomb

    87. Laura Mjahdi

      36 kil solo spuad

    88. Alex Navarro Escriva

      Bugha is agregar plis id Alexeitor732

    89. Cillian Hussey

      how did this guy win the world cup lol

    90. Matixx To ziomal

      go Mongraal vs Bugha

    91. Veronica Contreras


    92. TRNX_

      34 in season 6

    93. Iron waffles

      25 kills and it was on arena too.

    94. Mirus

      He always times sing wrr

    95. Amanda Bullard

      16 kills in fortnight

    96. Amanda Bullard

      I’m a bot so about 16

    97. exzyy lol

      js realized i was never subbed to bugger. W