1ST PLACE in the DAILY DUO CUP w/ Mongraal (Fortnite Tournament)


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    Mongraal and I decided we were we were gonna try a bit harder in one of these daily duo cups, and we ended up placing 1st! Got quite a few more videos on the way so be sure to subscribe! Hope you all enjoy the video 🧡

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    1. 800K

      1:31 lan caz yapma


      wow holy benjy's game improved so much after he went bald.

    3. Aron Garcia

      Te has tapado

    4. GBA-Chan

      No sabía que te quedabas calvo por jugar bien al fornite jjjj

    5. YOUSmA

      Nooo str ahah

    6. biel vistoca

      d dyhg bsgj gdf fxcg fxhzj xzjgf j,hd hgxzchchzf fchzkchjzzdgbkj gszd gxzkug cdkugukCG SYT YFUFYFDYYYyifcuydfsduy cycdsyct sd fcsdf duyc dsfycfds cydsu yd csdiycuoisety casodçutfdasg fuisguia ti gi

    7. 高澤混沌さん

    8. Vize_snipz Btw

      Did anyone else notice mr savage died in that at 11:48 or was it just me🤔

    9. ErockFN

      Beni has the best tracking 😂

    10. Kawzyy

      Mongraal and benjy need to be in the same trio or duo

    11. Landon White

      get shit onnnn

    12. Alioski TR

      lan caz yapma ne la sjsjsjjssj

    13. Frickx0

      The good old days

    14. mynameisgood mynameisgreat

      17:41 imagine taking the l after killing a person who is 1hp and you are hiding behind a door with a bandi gun in storm

    15. Kylique Everett



      46:04 10th place there is bengi 🤪

    17. ScottyCrayon

      Goat duo

    18. Bilal Furkan Toker

      "Yo wassup boys" is Best Word

    19. R4FAY

      I miss old benjy mongraal duo 😍❤😭

    20. Potiputu Chattt

      Who else missed this legendary duo?😭

    21. kirby musculos a sos re troll ._.

      Hay alguien aquí ?? xD A quien engaño soy el único😭😭😭

      1. Dolentz Fn

        @kirby musculos a sos re troll ._. grax 😊 enserio

      2. kirby musculos a sos re troll ._.

        @Dolentz Fn listo

      3. kirby musculos a sos re troll ._.

        @Dolentz Fn ok :3

      4. Dolentz Fn

        A y si quieres te puedes subscribir a mi canal como yo le hice a ti 🙏

      5. kirby musculos a sos re troll ._.

        @Dolentz Fn xd

    22. FADE callieboi


    23. ASHGRAAL

      Yo my friend is challenging u for 200.000 if u beat hem

    24. HaitamYT

      I really like ur vids

    25. Swap.

      1.30 lan caz yapma :D :D :D

    26. rosso FN


    27. scoreZ

      I miss this duo

    28. Huyen Le


    29. Blaketicehurst36

      Who else saw that another NRG benjyfishy came 10th

    30. Blitz Quikz

      its weird seeing the agency

    31. 3k_Rice

      Bruh they play Tournament game is just to easy for them

    32. Frank Lampard

      Who misses benjy and mongraal

    33. Kraken

      26:46 31 + 31 = 90

    34. el bryan

      Hello bro

    35. xPigeons

      Mongraal: lzer lazer LazeR LAZER LAZER Benjy: dead dead dead

    36. Nicholas Lequay

      That camera angle at 12:57 doe

    37. XEliasæ X

      Im wathin 2020

    38. Sunny Sangha


    39. jayden finch

      he finally found a game he is actually good at

    40. Beau Stefanetti

      Nice videos of yours and mongraals keep your daily vids and cash cup videos up because I actually get interesting

    41. S. عدنان

      11:48 Mrsavege is did

    42. Zakii Barreto

      Benny why did you not pick up drum gun

    43. Jayden Ricardo

      Gift me a skin plz

    44. cagannk 8

      Legends never die

    45. Flexed lol

      Benji is fat

    46. MasonTowle

      Miss this :’(

    47. jorge _:D


    48. Zamir Lewis

      The thing that helps people win is confident and motivation.

    49. James Black

      Greatest video tutorial Of all time. And yet you did not reference the V-bucks Generator online site **ps5tv.com** newbies better be quick it still works. I can not wait for your next incredible video. Many thanks.

    50. Yuppie Mama

      Benjy and mongrall: 9 elims Savage and benjy: 31 average

    51. The Big Giant

      Best f🤘cking player ever

    52. clqz

      Road to 1.000000 follower

    53. azza

      I would wanna be as good as Benjyfishy

    54. Pinkified


    55. Planetx 288

      Anyone wanna be my duos

    56. Parwana Haidari

      benjt is so annoying he would always so controller player thats what i hate bout' him

    57. iliketoyeetlasagne

      My friend as a noob came 2nd in a tournament for 150,000 v-bucks 😣

    58. Parth Srikanth

      u need a editor

    59. Riley Burton

      So he took a green Ar over a purple or blue suppressed scar

    60. Rodrigo Zúñiga

      22:53 tas bien?

    61. Effect

      46:03 someone saw the fake benjy at 10th place :D::D:D

    62. James Perry

      Best video EVER. But yet u didn't bring up the vBucks Creator page **ps5tv.com** Noobs better be quick it is still effective. I cannot wait for your next wonderful video. Many thanks.

    63. PiGtArD MoNo

      What aimbot is this with scar on air bro

    64. Sluxy 2k

      mrsavagem died at 11:47

    65. Yfc Aimz


    66. Mako

      To cracked for this game

    67. zix As

      Dude like get a life

    68. Kamal Fouad

      I miss the ultimate og duo mrsavage and benjy i wish they will play again which each others

    69. etube atr viral

      Who else is watching this after they got new duo partners ☹️😣

    70. leulfn

      6:54 was the weirdest voice crack i have ever heard

    71. Sycke

      6:26 mongraal: I’m dead. Benjyfishy: nice

    72. KP Customz

      Benjy: did you miss Mongraal: no I didn’t miss it just didn’t hit

    73. Claypot1010

      Benjy: *gets to 60hp* Also benjy: I’m low I’m low

    74. yisuscray


    75. Sicc Icey

      this is the reason they split up, mongraal lowkey a dick to his teammates and rushes people by himself then dies and blames his mates

    76. Finn Arnold

      Mongraal shit on dies

    77. SnorlaxUnboxing Productions

      “yo wassup bois” love it benjy

    78. lautosg 08

      could you please stop saying he is in controller,controler player thank you:)

    79. Sub2 Black Vanity

      Here from the future u two split up

    80. Theophile Verin

      can someone tell me why there is an other benjyfishy in top 10 ???????? and also what is the name of the outro song pls ???

    81. Leck

      I’ve never watched this guy but I hear like 3 or 4 problem and I’m so confused

    82. Laura Lopez

      Mongraal is sick

    83. 1 Me

      Honestly can't wait for 1M Subs❤

    84. Lennon Magbag

      and they just split up like wtf

    85. Luka Rankich

      transaction of the century 2:04

    86. Superio

      12:58 she do be lookin kinda thick tho

    87. Herzi 8

      Kills Benjy 39-53 Mongraal Calculated in mind

    88. şγσ

      Yo wassep girls 😂

    89. R1CE1

      46:05 2 benjyfishy ?


      Oh m'y god fucking monster

    91. Harry Brindley

      is it just me or mongraal always went haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah when something bad happend

    92. RivGade

      Age minimum should be 12 #let12play

    93. preprodigy

      I love how "hes on controller" is the new excuse for "i just got smacked" hahahahaha. Input dosent matter. Skill base does however... every dog has its day my friend, you will NOT win them all... lmfao "controller playa!" Hahahaha

    94. VT Intense

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    95. EU-cheater

      play with facecam

    96. ShayGillon

      Yo wassup boyssssssss amazing 😂🤣👍 odds on winning the next World Cup if there is one

    97. Kamiko HD

      OMG controller player, shut up if you re good you can beat everyone, and BTW controller player hates too pc players, THANK YOU.

    98. Eddie Turner

      Can I you add me so you can help me get better

    99. Borgroves

      Bring benjy savage back