AX Armani Exchange Milan - Real Madrid Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, RS Round 4

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    AX Armani Exchange Milan stayed undefeated at home by downing Real Madrid 78-70 at Mediolanum Forum on Friday. Milan improved to 3-1 and broke a 14-game losing streak against Real, which dropped to 1-3.

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    1. nieooj gotoy

      Thank you Milan

    2. vbddfy euuyt

      As for meanness, Campazzo probably took Rudy teaching..

    3. Tarık Akan

      Hahahahah Loser Madrid is eurocup level team.

    4. kolim jone

      Thank you Milan

    5. beedsj roiue

      Armani will go to the final 4 this season

      1. nieooj gotoy

        2.19 NOT TRAVEL????

    6. foopyu nooui

      Armani will go to the final 4 this season

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        wow... im surprised by olimpia

    7. Christian Lanach

      Zalgris Atmosphere still WINS

    8. mijuo roui

      What a great play from sergio rodriguez

      1. kolim jone

        Rodriguez che giocatore.. Troppo forte

    9. mijuo roui

      Armani will go to the final 4 this season

      1. beedsj roiue

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    10. osman yazıcı

      Real left Rodriguez for Llull but everybody knows that Rodriguez is far better than Llull

      1. foopyu nooui

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    11. Kanan Jarrus

      Chacho is above

    12. repsol3

      #Campazzo vai a casa...

      1. mijuo roui

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    13. bssni touir

      Armani will go to the final 4 this season

      1. mijuo roui

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    14. abdullah mohamed

      0:53 What's wrong with it?

      1. dueeh nyyu

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    15. Mustafa Barış Tuncer

      Datome için geldim :/

      1. dueeh nyyu

        ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    16. sotuur aeei


    17. mitchel gisclair

      GooooooooooD Job

      1. bssni touir


    18. dueeh nyyu

      Thank you Milan

    19. Davide Preti

      2.19 NOT TRAVEL????

      1. sotuur aeei

        Sergio Rodriguez Campazzo Llull Teodosic ya da Mike James gibi bir oyunkurucumuz yok ne yazık ki Fb olarak...

    20. Mávros Gaming

      wow... im surprised by olimpia

      1. sotuur aeei

        Sergio Rodriguez Campazzo Llull Teodosic ya da Mike James gibi bir oyunkurucumuz yok ne yazık ki Fb olarak...

    21. Eugenio Andreose

      Grande Chacho numero 1

      1. sotuur aeei

        Chacho is a legend

    22. Loris Serra

      Rodriguez che giocatore.. Troppo forte

      1. dueeh nyyu

        We won without Delaney, micov and punter What a win guys

    23. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    24. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    25. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    26. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    27. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    28. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    29. Javier Estrada

      ohhhhhh!!! 😎😎😎😎😎

    30. Wonderlandian

      Sergio Rodrigues going CRAZY my godness

    31. Flaming Basketball Club


    32. Alvise Ravenna

      Partita pazzesca del Chacho, giocatore immenso.

      1. gilibertosasso

        @RICCARDO BALZANO no ma su qst non c'è dubbio... è una mia personalissima opinione... sull'importanza che può avere in una squadra quel ruolo...

      2. Leonardo Antoniazzi

        @gilibertosasso hines e datome sono finalizzatori, rodriguez fa giocare bene la squadra perché è il suo ruolo, ieri in particolare hines con i suoi 1500 blicchi smarcanti lontano canestro, ma anche datome con due canestri pazzeschi hanno dato il loro

      3. gilibertosasso

        bah.... ho la sensazione che i vari hines e datome senza i chacho sono fini a se stessi... di certo uno dei migliori degli ultimi anni... ho l'impressione che sposti gli equilibri.. che migliori i compagni in squadra... per qst credo sia uno dei migliori...fa la differenza...sempre

      4. gilibertosasso

        ma per caso è uno dei migliori giocatori che hanno giocato in italia?

    33. Jordi B.

      Chacho is a legend

    34. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo

      Sergio Rodriguez Campazzo Llull Teodosic ya da Mike James gibi bir oyunkurucumuz yok ne yazık ki Fb olarak...

    35. Jorge Pérez González

      Thank you Milan

    36. Vasiliad1s Dhmhtrhs

      What a player el chacho is guys for real though

    37. Osman Çakır

      What a great play from sergio rodriguez

    38. Sporto highlights

      I'm Real Madrid fan but wtf is wrong with them its 3rd lose, their game is horrible

    39. Christopher Amankwah


    40. Rh P

      Vaya odio o rencor que le ha quedado al Chacho del Madrid. Supongo que será porque no le quisieron repescar de la nba cuando abandonó al Madrid por un sueldo mayor allí

      1. Joseph Xavi Castillo

        Ley del ex?

    41. Aygün Atik

      Real Mardin

    42. Aic oN1k

      Where is real defence???? -What defence???

    43. Luka Mirkovic

      Armani will go to the final 4 this season

    44. Beyond God

      Real is shit whats so surprising about them losing?

    45. Mouad "MoeLL" El Bourahi

      It's dangerous to continue playing in the middle of that pandemic, they have to cancel Euroleague this season again 😂👀👀

      1. Lyja Lietus

        For a season without stops and technical loses, YES!

      2. Leonardo Antoniazzi

        @Lyja Lietus hopefully not

      3. Lyja Lietus

        "Bubble in Kaunas"

      4. KristupasGaming

        Hopefully not

    46. G F

      As for meanness, Campazzo probably took Rudy teaching..

    47. Uros Pilipovic

      And his former coach doesn't even congratulate for the performance...what an arrogant pig!

    48. horny grey

      What a play from Sergio Rodriguez

    49. Johnny Jackson

      Soy madridista pero q grande Chacho!!

    50. Ринат Вольнов


    51. Αναρχικός Φασίστας

      Mvp RODRIGUEZ Points 25 Rebounds 4

      1. Augustas V.

        7 assits

    52. jonny cage1990

      One of the best and strangest EL seasons so far. No more "easy wins" for nobody. I love it

    53. Niebuhr

      It's not surprising, RM is the worst managed team in the continent in the last 4 years. The imcompetence is mind blowing!

    54. Tommaso Aprigliano

      An Amazing come back from my Olimpia, in the third quarter we destroyed Real difensively. We showed so much charachter, I admit that at the half time I thought It was an easy win for Real. This year play-offs are obligatory. Forza Olimpia ⚪🔴

      1. Tommaso Aprigliano

        Chacho is a pure talented player, unfortunately he is not strong enough for the Nba, like Teodosic for example, but his class can't be argued

      2. Sahil Patel

        YESSIR WE LOVE IT!!! I live in the US n I'm a 76ers fan so we had Chacho for a yr love the man to death one of the best players I've ever seen he showed it 2nite

    55. Simone Buccafusca

      Grazie ragazzi.....REMUNTADA OLIMPIA 😉💪🏀💟

    56. Adem Öner

      Wonderful game, thanks Sergio Rodriguez...

    57. DimensionX Brokoviet

      Bravo Armani

    58. Prickas z

      Real Madrid lost to Milan Cska lost to Alba Fenerbahce lost to Bayern and Zalgiris is number 1 team what a strange start so far...

      1. andre martins

        Dont forget this euroleague Zenith won barca and anadolu . So weird ....

      2. Onur Doğan

        It is being defeated because it does not fans big teams.

      3. Elias Dran7

        And Olympiacos had a crazy game winner

      4. Ignas Pukas122

        Not strange Zalgiris will be the euroleague champions this season Idk but i hope so cuz i live in Kaunas

      5. Adam Leon

        armani is good this season Fener isn't as good as previous years

    59. elef9512

      Real is a tired team

    60. Fenerbahçe

      Wft Real Madrid lose Çska lose Fenerbahçe lose ??????

      1. Wonderlandian

        Putting Fener in the same conversation as CSKA and Real Madrid xD

      2. LeBron James

        @Fenerbahçe doğru söze ne denir? :D

      3. Fenerbahçe

        @Yunus Emre Gencer efes takımmı ya larkin yokken hiçbişi yapamıyolar onlar rakibimiz değil

      4. İsmail Nördal

        @Yunus Emre Gencer Zalgirise yenildi ama

      5. Yunus Emre Gencer

        Dünde efes yenildi

    61. Kan Kanenas

      Only Olympiacos managed to stop Armani so far. Good luck Italian brothers and i hope Delaney will recover soon.

      1. Lorenzo Bianchin

        Thank you bro

      2. samu- corra

        Thank you! Greetings from Italy! 🇮🇹❤️🇬🇷

    62. Grigoris Κ

      Real this year is eurocup team.

      1. Grigoris Κ

        @RICCARDO BALZANO yes is so early still we ll see soon want happened

      2. Grigoris Κ

        @RICCARDO BALZANO OK my friend but this year i don't like real

    63. omarcook cook

      Bravo Gigi, bravo Milan from a Fener fan. Real Madrid is a Eurocup team now.

      1. Niebuhr

        Fener is BCL, choked +20 points at home lol

      2. rober madrid

        Sure? This is so long... respect to the King of Europe . I hope your coments in April or May.

    64. Roberto Ruggio

      Milano ❤️ Chachismo night!

    65. Hüseyin Cebeci

      avrupa basketbolunda italyan hegomanyası yeniden başlıyo israil takımlarının boşluğunu italyanlar doldurcak gibi