Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts


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    Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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    Pubblicato il 20 giorni fa



      I actually never knew these things existed!

    2. محمد

      سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه

    3. Joseph Felice

      Those are sand crabs around my region(NC) The fleas are actual insects that bite.

    4. Keng Yang

      Can you even eat those?

    5. Rylan Green

      Here in the N.WT Canada. We call them in our native language, "Buddyuqsuns" Bud-ee-ook-sunes

    6. the finessing faction

      It looks like a cheese grader

    7. Tisha Parrillo

      I lived on indialantic beachfront and loved going out fishing early in the morning or late day with my daughter when she was little and use them as bait....gawd I miss it sooo very much....

    8. Carlos Alberto Teixeira

      Here in Brazil a sand flea is called tatuí, pronounced tah-too-EE.

    9. Ernest Tawiah Jr.

      Thanks for ruining my time at the beach

    10. Johnny Falk

      I think those are actually mole crabs.

    11. Vernon Zimmerman

      Those are sand crabs dude my dad would eat those things raw , og Venice boys back in the 70" ,

    12. DTrain

      We call those sand crabs on the west coast

    13. Official Rat Gaming

      Purple rain purple rain

    14. Gavin Matejcek

      Those are not jumbo bud

    15. Chesney Migl

      So... what do you do with them?

    16. el juaco

      Can you eat those? For the cuantity i would say in a day you got a pretty good meal tight there

    17. Дмитрий Грицай

      Это что за жуки?

    18. xavier skonseng

      We call em sand crabs

    19. GodLikeSho

      I was rooting for the ones running away.

    20. Toasterman

      I love catching these things!

    21. Yousif Naji

      حلو المكان

    22. Kyle Wright

      Sand crabs.... Who TF calls them sea fleas

    23. Jack

      Makes me happy seeing that.

    24. BraddLadd

      What the....

    25. Greg B

      Never have I heard of those things...

    26. Jeffrey Hopkins

      Why would people catch these things?

    27. Brian Stanfield

      When I worked on the pro-suveyor11 we would bring up crab pots were the sand fleas got in the bait bags and grew dio fast they couldn't get back outta the mess bag. That's where the stories of deckhands putting little ones in "unruly" deckhands ears and they gorge over a couple hours and the man, wel you can imagine what that man or men went through.

    28. whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole

      What's the point of catching them

    29. Ayden Cavanaugh

      Wait where is this

    30. Heather Taylor

      For bait?

    31. The Whisper

      👀😨I need to get over my yuck factor of bugs. How can he hold that much bugs🤢. 🤮

    32. John Karnaghon

      I've never seen anybody catch that many sand fleas at one time

    33. DropHammer77

      When I hear the word "Fleas" My first thought is terror °Damn Dog's brought Fleas inside the house again!°

    34. Preston Omaleki

      But....why tho? Why is this man catching sand fleas? I mean, I’ll buy you a sandwich if you’re that hungry, bro.

    35. BROWNandSLEEPY

      I unsubscribed as soon as i saw you wearing crocs, they weren’t okay 5 years ago and they never have been

    36. Mango Elephant


    37. Peter Bakič

      What the hell are those

    38. sam lux

      do you eat that thing?

    39. Reis 16


    40. stephen smart

      It's just crabs😒

    41. rx4pain

      They’re so cute

    42. 第六駆逐隊の面々


    43. 3rr03 404

      Oh yea I remember i put my hand into the sand anf after they got out from the sand i just uhhhhh, killed them..?

    44. Snailosaurus

      I think those were mole crabs

    45. ktv6868

      Em que local é? Qual país? Qual praia? Where is it? Which country? Which beach?

    46. Wael Bakr

      How we can use this pit for fishing and how we hock it ? Also which kind of fish can catch by using this pit ?

    47. 96ちゃ


    48. Golden 907

      Did you release them at the end ?

    49. Random Idiot

      He has the same enthusiasm catching 800 pound grouper and a handful of surf bait.

    50. vitobel flores

      Saben bien deliciosos en caldo con verdura, como si fuesen camarones.

    51. Perompak

      In my place that named penyon

    52. exotic frxstbit3

      their called sand turtles in hawaii

    53. Johannsis Peralta

      He's stupid those are crabs

    54. Ko Pyae Solo Boy


    55. Vqll3

      That's just one scoop of it.... imagine a whole coast

    56. Frozen Collective

      I think shorts have at least doubled the hours I spend on IThomes 😂.

    57. YouTube socialist Scambags

      Americans easily becoming the next Chinese.

    58. Phantom Abyss

      Every one Ik calls them sand crabs and they are great for fishing

    59. Trixie Brigitte Gläser

      Namjoon would love it

    60. Cody Robinson

      These things are cool till they run a long ass cut over your foot

    61. Raymond Maglaris

      do they make good bait?

    62. ForYouTube 1

      Why u don't leave them alone?!!! It's not Ur *********Ng business..

    63. Sunny Account

      Soup time 😋

    64. Jessica Clark

      Comments: they’re good for the ocean! Me: ew ew ew

    65. Celeste K.

      Sooo I’ll never go in the ocean again.

    66. A. R

      The beach made me dizzy

    67. VanniGio VanniGio

      I wonder what the impact will be to the beach's eco if/when every shore angler starts raking up large amounts of these to make bait...

    68. to to



      Vero Beach I’m guessing? There’s so many there. Go down there towards Pompano Beach & there’s hardly any.

    70. Edey Reyes

      Just imagine you’re minding your damn businesses and you see this guy get you and the boys in the beach for a IThomes video.

    71. hide


    72. goba souza

      In Brazil we toast it on butter and the taste is really good... it seems like shrimp. Hahahaha we call it as Tatuí

      1. minij hooi

        You're so beautiful! Great video?

    73. 。きゅうり


    74. synonym

      Can you eat

    75. Radio Gamer

      Get this fill a bucket with them then light it on fire

    76. Amerizoz

      I ised to catch these by the bucket load out at Dillons Beach here in Cali. Just mever knew what they were called so I just called them sand crabs

    77. Mohammad Farhan

      Why my beaches haven't got sand fleas? I live in malaysia

    78. Jayson McCullough

      Not sand fleas

    79. WK HAKIM

      Can eat ah?

    80. Carlos Aguilar

      Mui mui

    81. DAL_nug

      i love these little dudes so much

    82. joeldude1998

      As a kid I had one of those get stuck in my shorts pocket. Didn't notice until we got to the beach house we were staying at.

    83. Elise

      *Sand crabs*

    84. TheShadyShanty

      I wonder if you can popcorn like shrimp or maybe Flash fry them on a beach fire with some white wine, Sea salt and Basel?

    85. The Rhino 67

      Those are legit some of the best fish bait ever 💯💯

    86. Sphinx Davis

      Those sand flies are lucky he is american and not Asian 🤣🤣

    87. Sphinx Davis

      Wat the hell are they I've never seen them .wat country are they ?

    88. 407_rushikesh

      Never goin to the beach again ☠️

    89. Ace Of Spades

      Fun fact, they're actually atlantic mole crabs, not fleas

    90. Robert Velazquez

      I heard there yummy

    91. Edwin Taylor

      Great Sheephead bait

    92. Hud3x

      Fried whit garlic a delicious

    93. Dylan Pires

      “Why are you scared of the ocean? Its just water”

      1. a_noob

        And fome

    94. Felipe Fbg

      Essa isca no Brasil onde moro no litoral norte de São Paulo capital do surf na cidade de ubatuba 🌊 se chama Tatuí é execelente para pesca do peixe pampo 🐟

    95. YouTube TV


    96. mosherpac

      🤦‍♀️ they are sand crabs. They wash up inbthe tide because they breathe air. As the tide rises, the crabs come up and burrow back into the sand in seconds. My kids love to catch them but they are super fast. They dont come up to touch you because birds love to eat them.

    97. green green

      Its yummy,

    98. cozyharvest

      i’m never going swimming again AAA

    99. Ziontrain7

      Is there a recipe for cooking them? Inquiring mind wants to know