Dunkey's Best of 2016

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    Here's the best games I played last year.
    (bonus points to games that actually came out in 2016)
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    10. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 3:25
    9. Abzu 4:28
    8. Modern Warfare 2 5:08
    7. Ratchet and Clank 7:12
    6. Battlerite 8:05
    5. Halo : Combat Evolved 8:48
    4. Donkey Kong Country 9:32
    3. Ori and the Blind Forest 10:32
    2. Overwatch 11:05
    1. Inside 11:59

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    1. bruh gamer

      Goddamnit, 2020 is a repeat of 2016. Delays, dissapointing big games, and a big old shitty election.

    2. CatVar

      It's based on a true story

    3. David Acero

      So last year someone said it's super rewatchable. Still true this year, I had a really good time watching this again for the 12th time.

    4. Speedster Valley


    5. Nite Fort49

      "fuck you knack" -dunkey Im unsubscribing

    6. Dr. Tendo

      3:44 The voice clip that was in sonic mania

    7. ppom


    8. Dark Skon


    9. Rifat Rahman khan

      1:17 bangla❤😚( বাংলা)🇧🇩

    10. ThomasEyeThink

      i literally bought inside just so i could watch this video, i'm not disappointed, its in my top 10 games of this decade (if you still call it this decade)

    11. JS D

      Nuclear strike in MW2 is where the Warzone is based on before the Nuclear strike

    12. Chill Flamgo

      So apparently abzu,mw 2 and battlerite are better than doom

    13. Chill Flamgo

      I think it’s stupid how he puts games in not from 2016, pretty misleading tbh

      1. monojuice

        Are you new to this channel? Lmao

    14. Chill Flamgo

      I’m sorry but hitman is great, I definitely disagree with you there

    15. Ashmaker

      Overwatch? Da fuck?

    16. gerfy raider

      a game like this comes in a lifetime *SONIC MANIA*

    17. PaddyRoon7

      Something that doesn't get said a lot, MW2's campaign was sick. Spec Ops were really fun too.

    18. Owen Singleton

      Man i miss 2016

    19. SoullessCast

      I long for the peace of 2016... Just fucking kill me now 2020

    20. Shounak Kundu

      1:18 Why do you have a shot from a man reading a Bengali newspaper in Kolkata. I'm so confused.

    21. Shrek

      Great video but really disagree about the Hitman part. I don’t really see how the game is restrictive outside of the really bad Marrakesh and Colorado missions. Game gives you so many different options and things you can do it’s great. Hitman 2 then took that level structure of Hitman 2016 and amped it up to about 1000000 and Hitman 3 is looking great from what we’ve seen.

    22. IronyFalseLogical

      He forgot about dark souls 3

      1. The Snatcher

        That's in his 2017 video.

    23. poisonduck P

      R.I.P Michael Soft, creator of the Kinect. Got smushed to death by an arms and legs monster.

    24. Gavin Flood

      Color splash was better than sticker star

    25. ThisIsNecessary


    26. That One Youtuber

      I like how half of Dunkey's "Best of" videos are actually just "Let me list older, maybe even retro games that I like, none of which came out this year." But you know what? I don't mind, for some reason, I find it funny.

    27. Sweaty Samurai

      I miss battlerite

    28. K Jvmes

      00:53 Dunkey predicted Among Us.

    29. Ben Anderson


    30. The mongolian way

      Is that Leland 4:24?

    31. doo doo poop

      Whats that music called at 6:58

    32. the running man

      I found this randomly in my recommended

    33. MxMaker

      SMB2 Baby!

    34. nitai g

      Inside was really boring

    35. CoreyNeedsSleep

      I have literally never forgotten that Inside speech all these years

    36. Big Yoshi Weighs Over 9000 Lbs

      Dose any one remember the ratchet and clank movie

    37. Ultra Glender

      I thought Ratchet and Clank was Herman and Junk.

    38. El Toro Combo Meal

      Fable 1 and fable the lost chapters were awesome

    39. MrTimecrazy

      I've been chilling watching your older videos, I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you, so much. Thanks for the years of great entertainment!

    40. Talha Saqib

      0:45 was pretty realistic in retrospect

    41. Maxime Brosseau

      I love dunker. Who else are watching this video in 2022??

    42. Althric

      I’m just so happy that dunkey praised MW2 for its story over its multiplayer, which overshadows the campaign a lot.

    43. Jonathan Charron

      6:14 But turns out this was all part of Commander Shepard's true plan of starting ww3. You see, turns out Eeyore

    44. BADGER

      10:46 song name?

    45. Normal Blue Kangaroo

      What's the name of the CoD MW2 song?

    46. Chiken Morris

      8:53 ummmm dunkey you appear to have made an editing error and put knack in the bonk category

    47. PoopyScoopy124

      3:57 I have been searching for this song for a couple years now, so could someone please tell the name of it?

    48. Rishabh Parmar

      goddamn how many times supa mario brother 2 get da award brother?

    49. Podgester

      Dunkey is the best youtube ever made

    50. Knight of Night

      4 years later and I just realised that Dunkey said he did the mocap for Smashy Brick

    51. Asif Ayon

      Can someone please explain Dunkey's footage from 1:18 with the guy reading a Bengali newspaper?

      1. ModyVision

        I think it's because the guy looks like Dunkey. I wasn't sure either but after seeing more footage of Jason, I think this is the reason!

    52. Daniel B.

      Damn MW2 takes me back! I used to replay the campaign just for the fuck of it. Such a great game and the multi-player was peak COD

    53. Mohammed elzanaty


    54. chunchun maru

      *NO. 10 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 well he's not fucking aroung

    55. Daniel El Kadi

      Donky Kong sound track is my all time favorite!

    56. Quacky

      11:52 oooh booooy this aged like milk

    57. peteM3rlin

      I dont even celebrate birthdays or new years anymore.

    58. Raya N

      seeing donkey kong country and hearing the soundtrack gave me so much flashbacks holy shit.

    59. L Doumo

      What's the name of the piano song on the (inside) game?

    60. trumbo

      Dude, i didnt even realize that it was a best of 2016 top ten when you talked about halo, i was like: "Oh, ok... its all normal here"

    61. Bernardo Rocha

      2016: overwatch! nice 2020: ahahahahah

    62. Sequel Hack

      Always act on what you feel.

    63. Oshabot 16

      3:43 Rip this easter egg in Sonic Mania

    64. So basically I suck

      And if you say it's not the best game ever made then you the worst guy ever made I guess donkey just called himself a bad person cuz it was a number 10

      1. little gamer

        Nah, it's cause other games got bonus points for coming out the same year

    65. Milquetoast Eugenicist

      Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing? You caught a winner.

    66. Duncan Dimnadome

      Titanfall 2 best 2016 FPS

    67. W.S. Harvey

      12:47 The use of Godzilla music is perfect to emphasize Dunkey's point of turning from a defenseless child to a hulking monster.

    68. Lifeless

      “Maybe we should act how we feel on the inside *sniff* which is why the actual game of the year is KNAK 2 BABY just Kidding guys FUCK YOU KNAK SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2 BABY”

    69. Paulo Vítor Ferreira


    70. Killh Joy

      Damn no dark souls 3

    71. The Joker

      Limbo : who are you Inside : I am you but pc version

    72. The Sparrow

      4:03 "You cant really fly to the end of the level in 10 seconds like in Mario" sounds like an insult for a game about going fast?

    73. Vitor Daltro

      “Hitman? More like shitman.” - Game Informer

    74. Lennin L Vercetti

      Does anybody knows the song playing at 13:43 ? im thinkin is from MJ but im not quite sure

    75. Mimikyu

      Rest in Peace Battlerite

    76. Hinata the Pikachu

      I feel like the only way to describe halo campaigns to someone who’s never played them, is to hand them the Xbox controller, pump that shit to heroic with your preferred skills, and chuck em a magnum. That’s the only way.

    77. Fiddlesticks

      Yakuza 0 deserved numba 1

    78. Ryuu Wu

      I just realized that the BGM in the beginning is from Zero Escape 999

    79. KaijuBoy 62

      Nice Godzilla music

    80. Zander Metrakos

      I love how in 2016 dunkey had a huge Halo and Donkey Kong phase

    81. Z B

      13:49 I don’t know why but the *UH OHHHHHH* in the background kills me every time

    82. Some guy

      1:18 sending love from Bangladesh babyyyyyy

    83. JNS Studios

      I love the description of Ori and the Blind Forest 😂

    84. Cuevas

      coming back to this video. I realize that dunkey knows the nonary games soundtracks I recognize that sad sad moment music

    85. peap 126

      Where the crap is enter the gungeon on this list

    86. The Great Fish

      The Zero Escape soundtrack makes me feel really melancholic

    87. Alfredo Peña

      The last part of this video fucking killed me, i havent laught so damn hard in this entire quarantine, thank you dunkey

    88. Charles Lassiter

      we all knew that dunky was a old black grandma and now its confirmed

    89. Margaretha Wihardja

      3:43 SEGA approved this

    90. Zornstein _-

      “Rebalancing overwatch”god that was a dream

    91. Dundume?


    92. potato bag27

      I've been watching dunkey since 2016, his vids are fkn awesome.

    93. Henry

      Thumper was the first strand-type rythm game

    94. zarkflappysheep

      When i played Abzù, i was heartbroken to not hear what dunkey promised: Morgan Freeman. Absolute terrible youtube. He just makes joke because he cant play the game! 9.5/10

    95. Gabriel Carrillo Valdez

      10:43 I heard a porno about that

    96. kumayl kuvawala

      Overwatch didn't age well :/

    97. yourmomismymom048

      one of the best videos on the internet

    98. RexRye

      0:00 don’t think I didn’t catch that White Acropolis from 06.

    99. name name

      Music in the Knack 2 pls?