Mini Crewmate Kills UNDERTALE Characters | Among Us

Damn Seconds

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    Sans - Bad
    Red - Worse
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    1. Yum Hamster

      huh. all undertale in 40 seconds

    2. kio

      0:22 epic fights

    3. Артем Плотников

      0:28 10 часовую версию пажалуйста

    4. The Elliet Gamer Shake

      If flowey attacking you in undertale fight back! If flowey attacking you in Among us HES SUS

    5. shane.s gaming ROBLOX AND MINECRAFT

      Papyrus face tho when red said your spaghetti sucks

    6. Ayse Solak

      ha haaa

    7. Killer bunny339

      flowey sus

    8. ooyyyESSmile

      U TOUCH DA CHILD!!!1!1!!1!1

    9. epic troll gaming

      0:18 fnf

    10. Robert Cerda

      0:17 whitty in a nutshell

    11. Linda Rodriguez

      0:10 my happiness when my Friends yell at me

    12. GlitchyFox

      0:36 Mini Crewmate: does meeting Flowey: *Bruh moment*

    13. Bhelle Erese

      I love it when every soul shouts and votes for flowey

    14. DRAGN 458


    15. evando carvalho


    16. M1NEY

      00:21 ахахххаахахаха

    17. Michiru

      toby fox: among us is sucks!

    18. ISSI Pro

      all color of souls* DONT TOUCH THE CHILD DONT TOUCH THE CHILD *slap* flowery:AaaAaaAAaAaaAaAa!

    19. Diana Huaman

      End i said.,.

    20. Diana Huaman

      I like the Ene xD

    21. Exit Cell

      Flowey is cangey

    22. Red Sus

      The most funny one is the flowey one cuz WHO TOUCHA THE CHILD

    23. Nurul Hidayati


    24. bunny_ cuties2

      i love how when the mini crewmate just say your spaghetti sucks and papyrus just fade away

    25. Jakub Ci

      amogus bad ur sus

    26. Michał Czarnecki

      your spaghetti sucks-mini crewmate,ok then your video sucks-papyrus *mini crewmate crying noises*

    27. Schuyler Yancy Zeng

      Undertale speedrun be like:

    28. Golden Freddy. exe

      Sans mode Fight

    29. Fresh is the best you tuber And use code:fresh

      0:32 What’s the name of the character

      1. Linda Rodriguez

        Omega flowey aka photoshop flowey

    30. noobguy

      Omega Flowey : haha you're going to die Mini Crewmate : *emergency button* Omega Flowey : *surprised toby fox face*

    31. chewthet chal


    32. Hiroyuki KATO


    33. Amanirina sayonarah Farid

      0:30 is when i walk on a lego OHHHHHHHHHHH

    34. -Unicorns Fly on rainbows-

      Flowey:HI I'M FLOWEY FLOWEY DA FLOWER -mini crewmate kicks- Papyrus: IT IS I THE GREAT PAPYRUS Mini crewnate: Your spaghetti sucks -Papyrus fades away- -mini crewmate dances with that blue girl I forgot her name- -THE DANCI G GIRL COMES IN THAT I FORGOT HER NAME TOO- Sanz: Hi kid Mini crewnate: shows PAPYRUS sanz: I will kill u - he does hiss attacks- -mini crewmate shoots him- Sanz: AOO -mini crewmate sees flowey- - HE HITS BUTTON- ALL SOULS:DON'T TOUCH DA CHILD DSJSKAAJLXJDL -FLOWEY WAS DA IMPOSTOR.-

    35. Maksymilian Jaśkiewicz

      0:04 XD flower from cuphead

    36. CobakaSnoopak1

      0:09 Papyrus!! NOOOO!!!!

    37. SMOOK Топчик


    38. Ourkillerwolf 12

      When you've play Friday night funkin and you going to play undertail:

      1. Diego Higashikata

        @WepDie well this is a Bruh moment

      2. WepDie

        Undertail? You obviously don't play the game.

      3. Chairos Random Gaming


      4. Purple Power

        OH! Oh.. *oh no*

    39. Tam Thanh

      Red is imopstor in 10000000 iq

    40. Ink Gasterich


    41. - Gaming With Zahra MZA -

      Snas: im gonna sleeep mini crew:eh i can kill you snas:TROLL mini crew: GUN SHOT snas:BAAAHHHHHH

    42. Brick Man

      papyrus: HI- crewmate: sthu your spaghetti is garbage. papyrus: **proceeds to disintegrate into matter, time and space.**

    43. nightmare

      Sans try to kill amungus red Amungus red: lol I'm immortal

    44. Aiden Aguayo

      not gonna lie toby sus

    45. asquito404

      Sinseramente no creo que pueda matar a sans porque lo deja paralizado y le tira un gaster blaster

    46. asquito404

      Sinseramente no creo que pueda matar a sans porque lo deja paralizado y le tira un gaster blaster

    47. Aden Barnett

      what about asgore!!!!!!!

    48. CHELOVEK 3234

      emm wth?

    49. jas dunn

      Lol flowery is the imposter 0 imposter gone

    50. Camille Edmond

      0:03 Flowey: Hi I'm Flowey the flower! Mini crewmate: *YEET*

    51. 김김복태

      축하합니다 당신은 한글을 발견했습니다

    52. *Sad boyyo*

      Your sphaghetti sucks * papyrus died to asriels theme *

    53. Dire


    54. Random gacha ferret

      Red is on xgames mode XD

    55. Mandred III

      YoU ToUcHTed The ChIelD

    56. Aireen Cholula

      0:36 aww that’s cute

    57. Junon io funny videos

      0:13 what is the song

    58. Lanconroc

      Sans be chill until he brings out papyras

    59. Leizel Bea

      mini crewmate kill haha

    60. Lucas Purizaca


    61. Lucas Purizaca

      Pobre Sans

    62. FDR YUSUF

      Easy bad ending papyrus what your spagettis sucks

    63. balloony's animations

      0:37 smart people be like

    64. Blue Lad CKS

      Last one was really funny

    65. big chungo

      sans fight in a nutshell?

    66. Jose Michael Rosell

      0:36 funny part

    67. Glitch Emerald

      0:21 the bot THE BOT THE BOT!!!!! Thank you for letting me waste your time 😁 😂🤣😅🤣🤣😂😅😂

    68. iKnife2CU Aaron


    69. حسين الشريف

      noooooooo you kill papyrus and sans noooooooo

    70. Austin Han

      Undertale Among in nutshell

    71. Zachary Pendleton

      0:34 Mini Crewmate: nope time to emergency meeting

    72. Alice :3

      My speedruning doom ne like 0:22 lol

    73. Clashmeytz Gaming

      Can y ou play in roblox please

    74. GIaN89

      0:26 wtf the scream of sans

      1. Rafael Moya


    75. sash may

      0:26 photonegative sans

    76. sash may

      0:17 friday nigth funkin whitty be like:

    77. Pixe Tube

      Hahahahahaha 0:28

    78. guapisimopro

      0:39 Pelo? XD

    79. el mundo de melissa


    80. Efrén Antonio


    81. camili wells


    82. ꧁Cartoon Cat The Stickmin꧂

      F For Papyrus

    83. Sans


    84. HenryStick96

      0:22 sans battle in 10 seconds

    85. Ballistic Whitty

      insulting papyrus' spaghetti in front of him is like killing a froggit with true knife its too overkill

    86. ENTITY 404

      Professional friday night funkin Players: 0:20

    87. James Clelland

      Red in the top left be so proud

    88. de tudo Legal48

      0:13 NOOOO PAPYRU

    89. jose samuel resendiz

      Sr pelo referense

    90. CoolSkeleton 077

      0:18 This is how it looks in the third person

    91. Waleed games


    92. Cool Kirby

      Paparis: bla bla bla Mini crew mate: you spaghetti sucks Papiris😲😨😱😱😱😱😱(evaporates)

    93. Tomás Sousa

      0:22 Sans boss battle be like:

    94. Green gumball

      S P A G E T T I (Checks and spaghetti is gone) WHO TOUCHED MY SPAGHET

    95. Марина Жукова

      🤬 сансик😭