WE BROKE EU's RECORD || Duos Cash Cup Highlights w/ Benjyfishy [ROUND 2]


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    1. Wosie

      Benjy. Deadeadea

    2. K o Bros

      Savage the best he is the god of the goats in the field and I’m his biggest fan

    3. Tyta

      pl gurom

    4. Bwez Gaming

      This really helped me 'focus' in online school;)

    5. ניר מורד


    6. Roadsta

      benjy thats mean 0:54

    7. Mounir Dilekh


    8. RyZe FN

      gg¨s baby

    9. Ghost lukas

      where you landing spot

    10. Onix_Sofian BTW

      hei mrsavage im from norway

    11. LV Hotshot

      Mr savage is better than mongraal and bugha

    12. bobeyzz zl

      your'e the best player with benji for me

    13. Michael Bukambu

      Mr savage breaking records :Me breaking keyboards just to get to contender league

    14. the family of bosses

      19:00 blehblehbleh

    15. Yazid Mohammed

      Putting benjy and savage in the same team is like ronaldo messi playing in the same team

    16. Yazid Mohammed

      Savage is the smartest fortnite player and their duo is unstoppable even better than mongrall and mitro Like and comment if u agree.....

    17. Rayane Jamal

      you a best:}

    18. George Fortnite

      Omg the mythic scar

    19. Michał Pytlak

      18:06 u killed the top 2 guy

    20. Sweat -_-

      I don't have duo partner▪○▪

    21. DALAL Najeeb

      launch pads r back ????

    22. qt lynx

      mr savage : finds a slurp fish benjy : GOOD SHIIITTIITT SAVAGE

    23. Valentin Dumitrasc

      I was the one getting a hearth attack watching this.

    24. MasterLore 81

      Chi sta cercando un commento italiano metta like al commento

    25. StenFn

      This was the best season

    26. DigitalDixon

      It says first game 329 but now its 2 points

    27. Renginj MR

      Jeg er norsk

    28. Team LINKꪜ


    29. Henry To


    30. H A M A


    31. Hugo Olausson

      du är bäst

    32. Adam Kučera

      Best duo

    33. Adam Kučera

      Mr savege is big noob 😂

    34. HG ER KUL H

      han er norsk og heterMartin

    35. zoe kaiser

      ist keinem aufgefallen das er bei 15:52 gesagt hat wie spät ist ?

    36. TTV_ JOHN

      Mr savage's support a creator is helping go 200iq with his duo

    37. Bengames

      your so good

    38. Luka Krpan

      25:24 you ate flopper but in the same time when you got knocked and you lost flopper

    39. Sally 2.0

      Я не русский но говорю по русски И хочу сказать ты играешь очень круто 👍 хочу играть также как ты



    41. Nicolas Betti

      Quien más de acá que sea argentino o de España??

    42. Ofical _wille


    43. Not Neel

      War das @Issa in der letzten runde

    44. Alexander Tovar

      Benji & Savage 2021 World Cup ??

    45. george mnpc

      im making homework and watching you

    46. Anonymous

      use code (NML) come on give you The ghoul trooper Type in your account name

    47. Enzo Cabangal

      i love that the second clip hes loot its like the boxfite looy you get in creative

    48. christelle Galliot

      benjyfishy scream al the time xd

    49. Eliav Turgeman


    50. Ghxst devil

      I laughed so hard when he said I am pulling out the controller

    51. Ioanna Dimotsi

      best duo

    52. Oliwier

      polish 2nd

    53. Marcus Northcutt

      I've played with Benjyfishy before no lie

    54. TimeIsReal

      pfffffff I litterly got negative points XD

    55. Dixie Park

      Nobody: Benjyfishy: Dededead

    56. kanis haby

      20:26 : MrSavage takes the highground Benjy : OBI WAN, OBI WAN!!

    57. jakob gomez

      savage killing it

    58. Biz Griff

      Savage: Opens a chest Benji: GOOD SHIT SAVAGE

    59. link apii


    60. Maegan Newmon

      MR Savage: Posts Everyone: Rushes straight to the comments

    61. SHARKZ BTW

      You so gooood

    62. emmanouela _leb

      mrs savage!!you are the of my favourites pleyers with benjy good work nice i like your videos!

    63. Diego Rios

      jelty es mejor

    64. Rafa games 1910

      We are the best(control player)

    65. RM10

      alors je suis francais et je ne comprend rien sa mere xd

    66. Yago Ramirez


    67. Ismael Mendes Martins

      Mr Savage : breaks eu record Me : breaks my hands tryna do 90s on mobile

    68. ITS SPY

      Savage breaks records Me : breaks my controller when someone kills me in creative fill

    69. مبین عباسپور


    70. ツZiah

      26:35 benji sus

    71. عزيز R

      العربي لايك


      Your so go mrsavage

    73. ana 94

      hayou tu deyy evgtbndbhdn, cn nnjzgengd genydfd,uhg,dydgf055255dbnfdnvggzjhgdnbyetdbhgdjeteydjvzkgfuréo uét('téuiap(ghé_èph huegbebhge be g ynedehubrg'r nbe ghejy'hjkogfkj rcfhufl c y" .e

    74. viper smiley

      ands me and my freind are ten years old and in 2 games we go 200

    75. viper smiley

      you came 8th place

    76. Viljami Oikia

      Meen that round 2 final minuuteen were intense

    77. Njål Håvard Røkenes

      Kan du edee meg fus_natulig og fatee

    78. yo lukie

      4:24 silence (Players looking around👁👄👁) 4:43 noisy (Surge make players go crazy😂)

    79. Mikołaj Tarnowski

      how you realod with you have dit on r

    80. DM Silly

      imagine getting an average of 48.2 points in a cash cup

    81. F 13

      23:56 crrfanboy lol.

    82. Yigit Kıray

      mongraal and mitro the best dude :)

    83. yeet ace monster

      your insane

    84. Jack Lyman

      Best duo in the world? 200IQ

    85. Samir Khan 5B


    86. Wuzy EU

      Tacs are back

    87. Swish Gamer

      Savage: breaking records. Me:breaking controllers from rage quit. LOL

    88. Trumaine's Adventures

      hole jarvis

    89. liam jones

      Savage is free shit

    90. popcorn8027


    91. MewErTheFaZed_

      the best duos

    92. TheBread

      14:22 the best loot you can have

    93. flashyD

      Savage when they get a win : let’s go dude Benji when they get a win : WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YES

    94. flashyD

      Y is benjifishy so loud

    95. AlexGC_AFK


    96. Toni

      Does enenody remeber when the servers were good in this tournes

    97. TwT_Standoff -_-

      brawo polacy za 2 miejsce. POLSKA GÓRĄ haahha. Kto z Polski łapeke niech mnie da :-)

    98. link apii

      buena eres muy bueno bro