Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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    1. MLG Highlights

      Warriors players having fun pregame 🤪

      1. Joekism

        @The Lee Dude 0

      2. SedorikkuMigeru


      3. The Lee Dude

        @Not quite my tempo nba youngboy is better at saying shut the fck up

      4. Not quite my tempo

        @The Lee Dude Will you just shut the fck up? Quit spamming the comment section already

      5. The Lee Dude

        NBA youngboy has more fun

    2. Mr. Suave


    3. Kaue Delmondes

      This game was awesome! It looks like the playoffs

    4. Alhajie Swaray

      Chef Curry's range is unbelievable...on a side note...bring the mid basketball kicks back. Wearing lows will lead to more ankle injuries Just ask Curry not enough ankle support. If it wasnt for the ankle brace he would have had a more serious injury.

    5. GutharNBA

      Curry is a beast! Wtf was that step back corner 3? Wow!

    6. Astrokidxx

      imagine comparing curry to ray allen lmao

    7. 蘇信碩

      5:07 👀

    8. Wayne M

      Tatum got that Kobe in him, that energy resonating in him

    9. Harold Cluff

      pritchard's play = suave, swift and accurate

    10. samuel diribe

      Its hurtful watching how warriors lost that lead juat because Curry was out ...

    11. James Jefferson

      “They need a healthy, whole Kemba Walker at his best where he can take pressure off of.. my goodness”😂😂😂

    12. Will Jackson

      Unbelievable Steph

    13. Roderick Huang

      did Subway sponsor the post game data analysis? xd

    14. R Music

      That loss hurt

    15. Kay-Sea

      Curry literally works harder than the entire league to get open every single night and still has performances like this, dude is next level.

    16. Jose Osvaldo Matos Perez


    17. BB Breakdown

      Wow.... Curry True legend

    18. AR

      How did curry make that shot with his left hand that was unbelievable and saucy 🔥🔥🔥

    19. Juwan Rigby Highlights


    20. Perry Chester Oseas Q. Salcedo

      4:29 scared the hell out of me

    21. Bryan


    22. Bryan

      Two players destroyed this game, KD made those 7ft kids doing cross-over and jump shot and Chef made all the kids start shooting from mid lane

    23. prodjay beats


    24. Chingdxg

      yooooo 1080p games! LIT

    25. Xian Carl

      My feathers stand out with curry🔥👌🏻

    26. 90’s Leather Jacket


    27. 90’s Leather Jacket


    28. Hector Rivera

      As a Celtics fan, props to Curry. What a game.

    29. Braulio Montano

      Steph Curry is so exciting to watch

    30. seifullah bashir

      What a talented respectable competitive game. Curry and Tatum were awesome to watch.

    31. Saïbou Tine


    32. chi cho

      warriors so fun to watch. literally.

    33. Y.L. Chan

      curry always get hit when shooting threes and no whistle. Quite unfair imo

    34. Fiddy Mcdiddy

      Curry is a legend. One of a kind shooter.

    35. Quae McLevie

      No-one,: Curry: 5:18

    36. Zo Zo

      curry give it all 🤦

    37. The Final Trinity

      Im ngl, There is always a discussion between who is the GOAT-shooter between Ray Allen and Stephen Curry like there is a discussion between who is the got Mj or LeBron in General and i've never seen Allen play. But i do believe, there is no better Shooter then Curry.

    38. Manuel Cedillo

      Norwegians&IslaVista= resemblance420∆∆.

    39. Best of Music

      What curry does is out of a video game. No, actually you wont see this kind of scoring even in a video game.

    40. Neram Soltani


    41. Hoops Kevinski

      Can't stand The Mouth aka Draymond, but he was right @10:56, Tatum walked, easy call. Curry finally learned my #HopStepTrey @11:13... I don't need that lil pushoff tho, lol!

    42. rhea reyes

      What a game./

    43. You Got Rice ?

      Curry MVP

    44. RMCF41195

      Curry is averaging more 3s per game than his unanimous MVP season. Too bad he missed a few games and probably won't beat his record

    45. Sean Delaney

      The big winner is subway.

    46. Pablo Mota

      En warriors solo curry, los demás un cero a la izquierda ni Gréen está a la altura, por el se perdió el partido, curry ya no puede hacer más

    47. nba mix

      F you beazmour

    48. Ok Ay

      Future NBA classic game

    49. Darrien Perez

      When the refs over turned the 3point and one call..🤦‍♂️😐😐

    50. George Wang

      good game !

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    52. Conor Sloyan

      4:02 Smart and Kemba. In sync

    53. ItzPred

      golden state can’t rely on steph dropping 50 every game, get him some help

    54. Iderbat Gonchigsumlaa

      Tatum is becoming more and more like Kobe. Damn...

    55. ede38

      that's what i hate most about curry.. he cares more about hitting "sick 3s" than his team winning.. he would party and shimmey a deep 3 even if his team is down 20.. so stupid.. like in the end he could barely hold it in after hitting a difficult 3 even tho his team still down and losing smh.. such an arrogant dweeb really

    56. Manuel Gonzalez

      green a crying babbyy

    57. SA 826

      10:35 that fake was great

    58. Iron Dong


    59. Filipe Pereira


    60. 準備中

      Curry is insane

    61. MmAaRrCcUuSs

      @7:53 @9:09

    62. jeffrey leonard

      Announcer is lame

    63. V3rt1g0

      5:05 is why you are here

    64. Joe Smush

      Curry GOAT

    65. NCT

      I feel bad for my guy Steph man..

    66. roy boon

      i knew it they lost cuz of the ref

    67. Roi Claro

      Is Curry's ankle okay? Maybe he should be resting for the next game? .

    68. Alex Serrano

      Is Steph the most beloved NBA player in modern history?😂 unbelievable shots

    69. Yeontan연탄

      THE RIVALRY!!!

    70. Skwisgaar Skwigelf

      GSW and Bos matchups have been brilliant for the last several years and the trend continues! Best game if the season so far.

    71. Rayhan Zeb

      How can I watch the games I live in England and don’t wanna pay for nba live oass

    72. I'm Daydreaming Here

      It’s so easy to hate steph when he is against your team

    73. freshstylechile

      awesome game

    74. no copyright music


    75. Weihin Cheong

      You already done the great work steph

    76. Knock it Down

      Curry went off just to throw away the game at the end. Why shoot that reckless deep shot. Y’all had enough to play.

    77. Yee Miin

      22/19 assist? 😒

    78. Tbag Specialist

      With LeBron's absence, Curry is arguably the best player in the World

    79. Devin Leisinger

      Game of the year

    80. xin Huang

      I am the witness of greatness

    81. Max L

      Curry goated

    82. Draikanen Vuko

      What a game ! :D

    83. Escapist 247

      Ain't noone gonna talk about how comfortable Pritchard seems shooting those treys? Yeah , i get it, Curry is unguardable and he showed it tonight.

    84. Jaz Pacheco

      All Curry's 3 was wasted😟

    85. War Dog

      your starting center is your defensive identity. When Theis got a bad whistle, our whole team got a bad whistle. When Theis got traded, the Celtics defensive liabilities got lifted. Thus the bad whistle got lifted. The Celtics whole identity became a "bad whistle". This is the biggest difference in the team.

    86. Alexander Akara

      BRO WHY TF IS EVERY OTHER HIGHLIGHT IN THIS VIDEO SOMETHING AMAZING? This is one of the best games I ever watched and I’m half way thru it

    87. king kulit

      Curry man!! But smart and tatum is droppin bombs as well,

    88. CAT

      Curry already traveled before the and 1

    89. mdj74

      curry to the celtics would be great

    90. Kadaffi Bless

      Nobody Talking How Tatum Was Clutching Whole Game. They Even Had To Triple Team Him. Good Game From Both Teams👏.

    91. Mortimer Mon

      Find someone who looks at you like how Smart looks at Curry at the thumbnail.

    92. Ley Tse

      Curry is out of conscious seriously

    93. Hama Bazaz

      I’m a lebron fan but I honestly don’t get why steph isn’t in the mvp race

    94. LD70701

      Cherish Curry on the court, he will be all time Great when he retire.

    95. Ipang Atmojo


    96. LD70701

      Classic Game of all time ,Curry' s magnificent performance is so amazing to watch.

    97. Faycal RGAIBI

      Steph is awesome

    98. Tim Pas

      Curry is alien !!! impossible plays! tatum also fantastic player!! wow!

    99. Steve Oakes

      I wonder if curry is doing one of his stupid dances now...loser...and draymond prob still cryin to the refs

      1. zabir Icon

        Look at you emotional 🤣🤣🤣

    100. You're Breaking My Balls

      Celtics are on a roll right now! Let's go! Even though I like the Warriors more