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    These high notes will blow you away. Which Blind Audition surprises you the most?😱
    00:00 1. Kelsie Watts sings 'I Dare You' (The Voice US):
    01:44 2. Johnny Manuel sings 'Home' (The Voice Australia):
    03:40 3. Sezina sings 'All By Myself' (The Voice of Holland):
    05:42 4. Lauren Drew sings 'Mamma Knows Best' (The Voice UK):
    07:22 5. Rocio Hernández sings 'Homeless' (The Voice of Spain):
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    1. The Voice Global

      Which Blind Audition surprises you the most?😱

      1. Quân Cao Anh

        The first and second one totally nailed it

      2. Rosemoon Glay

        Johnny Manuel!!

      3. Atasha Blonde TV

        @Ellen McGuckin ko

      4. Rizki Dwi Renega


      5. marta soler

        La chica de España es una pasada, y sólo tiene 18 años, beautiful voice 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Boobi

      All good for me

    3. Simpson Stephen


    4. Renato BLoodiddy

      eu tambem estou no the voiiiiice ..kkk so q nao .. kkk vao la gente, de uma moral paa miiim

    5. Ileanaeatrice Bubu

      Jonny Manuel! You are so good, Soo tallented!! Chill and tears from many emotions! 💕


      I came here for Anne👊😏

    7. George

      When the contestant is better than the judge

    8. David Niebla De Miguel

      White Morgan Freeman is hard to impress

    9. Delibes Lakme

      Ese muchacho de 33 años Johnny tiene una voz maravillosa, enorme agilidad, y registro agudo precioso.

    10. ᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴʏ ᴍᴀᴅᴅᴇʟᴀ

      fun fact: johnny manuel also stunned the americas got talent judges and im telling you simon cowell HAHAHAH

    11. Peta Ruchiranga

      Being able to block the other judges is such a silly stunt that hurts the contestants. It's really sad to see their reactions.

      1. hill jordy

        No it's not. Being a contestant that qualified for the blind audition, I'm still proud that I reached that staged and conversed with all coaches even someone is BLOCKED.

    12. irvan simbolon

      ansu fati

    13. Jeferson Conceição

      This guy never gives up...

    14. Qyiiees

      If you ask me to choose, i don't choose lol they all freaking insane love them all

    15. Hasaan Ali Awan

      why am I crying

    16. Sander Tørnby Høyer

      Thats the guy from America's got talent

    17. Mohammed Brah

      Im i the only person that think they are just yelling ?!

      1. Mysteriously Anonymous

        Yes youre the only one. Sad

      2. smileup

        Yup you're the only one but i dont know why i liked your comment but im gonna dislike later😑

    18. Julian Cobain

      The third is amazing !

    19. RO_Zee FC.

      Love you ANNA 😘😘😘😘

    20. Yoel de Fretes

      the second vid IS REALLY GOOD

    21. anggun rizka

      Maak aku nyasar

    22. MarieA vVal

      The girl from Holland definitely looks like Merida ( Brave movie)

    23. JÜole Üse

      How can you compare them to Charice Pempemgo

    24. JohnyB I will ask first What's the song name? When it was on The Voice or any similar competition for the time?

    25. yalla shahed EM-12


    26. Muhammad Rizky

      Judika from Indonesia 🔥

    27. Adriyan Atanasov

      01:11 jesus christ !!!!!!

    28. Zion Zion

      The Voice Australia 2020 got the best set of singers! Chris Sebastian, Johnny Manuel, Stellar Perry and etc.

    29. KHOO LAI

      Cause I saw Anne Marie in thumbnail so I watch this

    30. aisyah dwi

      Johhny manuel is the best i've been watched it 4x i thing 😂

    31. Dastan K.Hawrami

      🇦 🇳 🇳 🇪 ❤️ 🇲 🇦 🇷 🇮 🇪

    32. Sulistian Linda


    33. Vhea Joyce Gozun

      Wow! Amazing❤👏

    34. Rensy Gea

      buset, sangarrr ❤️

    35. jocelyn sinama

      Lauren drew ends it 💅

    36. Darwish Wan

      Absolutely Johnny👍

    37. 渋谷ブルドッグ

      There are lots of videos that have high notes of otherwise mediocre performances, but wow, the 5 performances here have to be the best average performance in general from a voice compilation video I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

    38. Wael Yousfi

      I love your channel so much and I love singing ♥ ️

    39. Tosaporn Woralak

      Oooooooppp. OMG

    40. Marjon Amor

      is she the bride who sang everytime we touch on her wedding??

    41. Fatima Buwembo

      Why does one of the judges look like harlequin

    42. Rizki Dwi Renega


    43. fatkhur•?

      singer number 5 please anyone ^^..

    44. ken geornie benavente

      kung sa pilipinas yan pindot agad yang mga judges na yan

    45. Prince Melmar

      Why there's no philippines? In philippines there's a lot of singer reaching high notes

      1. Jay Marolo

        Nothing original I guess

    46. Fajar Jati

      Keren anjimmm

    47. xxxtentacoin RIP

      00:51 her like a character from disneyyyyy 🥺🥺

    48. Agip Sofiandi


    49. Denicea Christina

      I hope that Johnny guy wins!

    50. siapa saya

      So cool

    51. Mark Andro Milan

      why the last one look like Number 7 from The Umbrella Academy?!?

      1. Jolimeau John Daniel

        Smh😂😂that’s true

      2. John Guisinga

        True hehe

    52. Tiffany


    53. Tiffany


    54. Groovinman Support


    55. Groovinman Support

      Look at my vdo

    56. madi smith

      Wow, The Voice Uk has blocked button on their chairs. This season.

    57. MarkAdrian Malong

      I don't think the last deserved the top 1

    58. Doc 255

      Love from srilanka ❤️

    59. Andyka Sari

      Global very well

    60. Rahma Kendall

      Ilove the new coach in united kingdom anne marie ❤❤❤❤

    61. Vozes extraordinárias

      Veja esse vídeo/ See this vídeo: “ The voice 2020- best 10

    62. Ryan

      Kelly nghỉ dịch lâu quá bị ngải heo nhập hả má? Lâu rồi ko thấy ra album gì hết trơn trọi zị??

    63. Gabi Helena

      To sing mamma know best is required a powerful voice

    64. Gabi Helena

      I just me or there are singers that have voices makes for runs



    66. Rowell John Valencia

      Anne Marie's reaction is so priceless.

    67. pipiriti pipirit

      johnny manuel in day lebron james in night

    68. Adam 78

      Johnny Manuel. was on AGT

    69. Jefferson Costa

      The Netherlands' girl nailed it.

      1. Yes it's me

        I think she sang What about us (or) love? (I dun know lul) in the voice kid

    70. Laibin Babbe

      3:40 You have to check that she's 16.

    71. Laibin Babbe

      3:40 Nederland laat je horen!

    72. Zaki Farhan Viyadi

      Yg belanda biasa aja menurut gw

    73. Oberstimmer

      Sezina is a dream !

    74. HammerBann

      These are fantastic singers. But why does The Voice need to use so much pitch correction? For example at 5:18...

    75. Funsho Akinwusi

      I couldn’t handle this compilation 😭😭😭😭

    76. Mae Mae

      For me there's no other than to Johnny manuel so powerful and so amazing

    77. Nadine Gorospe

      The first contestant's so good 🔥

      1. Nadine Gorospe

        Wait. The second one's so crazy!!!!

    78. Moses Martinez

      Where is Johnny singing Celine Dion?? He hits a high note on that song better than his audition

      1. Robby Clasher

        He sang on AGT I have nothing-Whitney Houston

      2. Richard Mitra Jr

        It's Whitney's song I guess?

      3. Moses Martinez

        @Rizki Amanda he’s the second singer. The one that sings home

      4. Rizki Amanda

        who is jhonny?

    79. BOY Lips sing TV

      Guys please support to my YT channel, dont forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE then click notification bell your always updated to my uploading videos :) thank you guys

    80. Qúy Gaming

      Did you forget " Wrecking Ball " presented by Christina Grimmie ?

    81. Octo Coco

      Just reading the title and I knew I'd find at least one blind audition from The Voice Australia

    82. Atha Channel

      Sezina Sings All By Myself (minus 1 key)

    83. Thanos Universe

      WOW. Number 4 it's like a sister of Jessie J. Amazing voice.

      1. Gabi Helena

        Jessie j is a AMAZING vocalist peaple underrated her

    84. Benimle Beraber ears my brain and every cells in my body... you won...

    85. Elsa Chinthya

      d Australian guy hits diff🔥

    86. Merrick Wei

      Why does kelsie watts look so much like Lexi hensler

      1. Leila HADDAD

        Her face is different

      2. idk said idk.


    87. kagemanden5 ps4

      Third was awful 🤦‍♂️

    88. Gustavo Perez

      I Love Johnny manuel ♥️🤩🤩👏🤩👏

    89. Dawn Arising

      Where is bella’s version of Praying?

    90. WILLY MELO

      the second is better!

    91. Sophie L

      The yielding epoxy hepatosplenomegaly crash because owl independently suspect pace a educated beggar. half, perpetual shampoo

    92. marta soler

      La chica de España es una pasada, y sólo tiene 18 años, beautiful voice 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    93. Conrad Felizario

      Push that button!!

    94. Justine Hock Lye Lee

      Why phillippenes is not here? HAHAHA


      Kelsie Watts is just stunning

    96. Johnny Manuel

      To those who truly suport me i am so thankful for that ...It means a lot to me

      1. Marcial Javier

        Your voice is incredible man!!😍😍

      2. Robby Clasher

        I'm so happy to see you again

      3. jun lucas

        @Casey Burke PERIODTTT

      4. Casey Burke

        Wow your voice is incredible 😍🙌🏽✨✨✨what lungs you have that performance was stunning !!💯

      5. peachychim

        @Richiel Tadle he sang “home” idk who it’s by tho originally.

    97. Magician

      I miss Celine Hämmerlimg from Germany... Her high Note in Big in Japan was insane!

      1. Hxnrik _wgb

        No BB Thomasz

    98. Tala Ahmad

      Anne marie with her shocked face

    99. Renato BLoodiddy

      oi , pessoal !! kk deixe seu LIKE e se INSCREVAM .. espero que vocês gostem , deem risadas que deus abençoe, bjs S2 S2 S2