Cesaro vs. Jey Uso: SmackDown, April 16, 2021


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    After being humiliated by Roman Reigns earlier in the night, The Swiss Superman is hellbent on proving he has what it takes to face the Universal Champion in a match against “Main Event” Jey Uso. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    Pubblicato il 24 giorni fa


    1. ETERNAL GOAT '95


    2. Cam Spinner

      Battle to the death

    3. Shawny Drummy


    4. King Higgins

      Michael Cole Needs to be quiet Roman reigns is the most dominant Champion in modern day history

    5. yourlocalFatima

      this was on my birhtday

    6. Ly BRO


    7. Pablo Peacock77

      The Universal title is in bank,switzerland bank,roman empire dominate for many time

    8. Pablo Peacock77

      Roman eat Cesaro as a milk chocolate

    9. xSMOKEx

      Ummm some dude should let Michael Cole "'Yelling Oh My Goodness" when stuff happens, is just sooooooo female sounding, I'm sorry but real men do not say "Oh My Goodness" when they are shocked by some act!

    10. عمر عمر محمد حماد


    11. عمر عمر محمد حماد

      seth rollins

    12. Cook, Eat, Live, Repeat !

      Cesaros deserves the big title so much. for so many years.

    13. 가브리엘


    14. Anthony F

      Cesaro needs to silence seth rollins

    15. Anthony F

      Cesaro needs a world title run

    16. Maximum Carnage

      2:05 Chris Hero's move

    17. Moussa Hassan


    18. Jasmine Williams

      Roman and selth saying same thing u got one lucky day and u think you on top of the world

    19. TV Dia Azul

      Seth incredibul performance

    20. renegadethedestroyer

      Reminds me of Batista and triple h rivalry in 2005. Triple h said the same thing to Batista on raw after 05 mania “you got lucky one time”

    21. i'm CaRNaG3

      Seth Rollins screaming sounds like a angry kid arguing on xbox live

    22. يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .

      مصارعه حماااااااااسيييييييه بس سيث تدخل حرامات ، 🔥🔥🔥 💪💪💪 .

    23. Loic Adiko

      The Messiah 🤣🤣🙌🏿🙌🏿

    24. Phalastino Nkgase

      😎Jey uso is a great warrior

    25. Sunshine State Coasters

      1:25 Loved that Brodie Lee tribute! Great man Cesaro!

    26. Isaac Willis

      Yooooo anyone notice how Seth used romans move with the neck breaker fake out into a forearm to the back of the head I like that very spicy

    27. car wilks

      They got to stop letting jey be a fall guy for people who want to fight roman. He a top guy too

    28. João Cunha

      Seeing this man winning the World Championship is the only reason I still watch wrestling today. Waited almost 8 years for this.

    29. RIP Malice

      1:24 HEY he did it! The Harper/ Discus Closeline! Bask in his Glory! 😇👍

    30. Ly Souzaramos

      Quero trio Roman urso é Seth ♥️♥️

    31. Ly Souzaramos


    32. Ly Souzaramos

      Urso ♥️

    33. Marcio Pereira

      shinsuke nakamura and cesaro vs Roman Reigns and seth rollins

    34. navone simone

      they did this video right at my birtday

    35. KingLikaBoss 3

      Seth sound like old dolph zigg

    36. Erold Zamora

      1:23 a tribute for Luke Harper

    37. Kamik

      Русские есть?

    38. Allyson Gaspard

      Cesaro!!! Cesaro!!! Cesaro!!!

    39. Veronique Guezennec


    40. Adam C. Mankind

      ^I want to see Cesaro swang Seth again never gets old ;)

    41. Kleyver Sánchez !!

      No sabia que carlos Muñoz tenía un feudo con Johnny sins


      WWE can you plz make the shield come back together

    43. xxfamousx951xx

      Cesaro amazing talent and strength give the man world title please come on Vince

    44. Seth Dripping Rollins


    45. Valentin Fey

      these uppercuts POG

    46. Lethal dxrk

      anyone else not notice how they ruined rollins, mans hasn't been champion since 2019 his best year

    47. Francisco Rivas

      The shield

    48. john

      Bet they gon have seth interfere in a fight btw cesaro and roman, roman spears seth creating a feud, jey beats seth, cesaro comes to his rescue, they become a double team and become tag team champs instead

    49. Rare Money Records

      Seth Rollins & Cesaro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. Young LionEL

      You ppl need to EMBRACE THE VISION 😉

    51. Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic

      Bring the 24/7 championship to Smackdown for a "wild card" gauntlet match; Truth vs Akira vs Kendrick vs Gulak vs SBenjamin vs Nese vs Xavier Woods - the whole thing could feature about 40 minutes of action being televised. Gulak vs Benjamin would be the "wrestling classic" that steals the show and runs about 12 minutes by itself. Tony Nese is who I would put the 24/7 title on and he would be able to defend it on random occasions across Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live and NXT and be positioned as the longest-reigning 24/7 Champion after 8-12 weeks of backstage escapes and occasional matches.

    52. Thee Travis Miller

      Cesaro is the best wrestler today.

    53. Kevin’s daily vlogs

      If this isn’t screaming out a possible shield reunion I don’t know what is because there is a rumour spreading around the mr McMahon is resigning dean Ambrose aka Jon moxley to The wwe brand so Roman might lose his title at backlash and jey will possibly turn on Roman

    54. Eryciel Diaz

      RomanReigns is being so strong in Smackdown

    55. Argha Chowdhury

      Seth: I am the end all b all of this this industry. I thought Roman was.

    56. Richard Dillane

      2:39 seth really sounds like vaas here

    57. BestForBusiness

      Cesaro is finally getting the spotlight he deserves !

    58. Mr Noobie

      That was the *slowest* count of 3 🤦🏾‍♂️

    59. original joey mac

      This will be Cesaro's finest moment. Not only will he put crybaby Seth in his place but he's also going to take the gold from tablebaby Roman!

    60. Tom Foyll

      Logans little brother won but when he made a video flexing, hes flexing one dollar Bill's, all them washings baybeyyyy


      0:48 _It's Beautiful!_



    63. anonymous valle

      Grande cesaro

    64. The fast one Boy

      Come on Jay win this mach

    65. Lillian santana

      SETH deserves to get revenge on Cesaro

    66. David E

      I like that the rivalry between Cesaro and Rollins is still going on after Wrestlemania

    67. GamingwithAJ

      If he wins the championship I’m not watching wwe

    68. Unbelievabro

      these 2 are main event players....never a bad match from either

    69. blast from the past

      Be gone Rollins! You got beat. Cesaro's time.

    70. Phil’s Day


    71. Jessica Pettus

      Im a Seth fan so I’m glad he attacked cesaro

    72. Cryo_Lando

      The crowd is litterally virtual

    73. Thë Œnë

      Salute to the guy with the South African flag on his background 🇿🇦 0:44

    74. Eric Lozano

      I was expecting Reigns to come out and acknowledge Rollins.

    75. vertiz wood

      You can say whatever you want about Michael Cole, he carried the hell out of commentary

    76. vertiz wood

      Micheal Cole carrying the hell out of commentary rn 😂😂

    77. John Kennelly

      Jey Uso jobs to whoever Roman’s next victim is lol

    78. June The Rapper

      He should team up with Jey he Roman's cousin

    79. YouTube Kerccz

      Wwe got more subs than mr beast

    80. FFA Stop motion

      Maybe Seth Rollins vs Cesaro vs Roman at backlash for the title

    81. Sasuke Uchiha

      Here I thought Jimmy uso was returning on the bloodline show

    82. kenyajim


    83. Maximus Keene

      i'm so glad they've gone back to swiss superman over swiss cyborg

    84. avani valcin

      What has Seth Rollins become

    85. Mike Henderson

      Rollins has too much swag

    86. Emiliano Rios

      they should put roman riegns and bad bunny

    87. Saitama December

      As much as I love Cesaro, he doesn't have that champion persona

    88. Benard Charles

      Seth cannot accept that he is lose.. Pity

    89. TripletsVSBro

      Did you see those fake slaps from jey to cesaro when cesaro was on the ground but he acted like he hit him but look he didint that proof it fake

    90. Phil Mac’s Travel


    91. antwane claxton

      Seth vs Cesaro vs reigns at summerslam for wwe title

    92. Mufasa The1

      So they get to have real people in the audience at wrestlemania but will go back to having a bunch of tvs in the audience the following week?? Back to schedule programming. Why does Seth Rollins look like a gay magician in that attire?? I miss the shield seems like they are really not that great without each other

    93. Monet Simmons

      Seth Rollins screams like a baby😄

    94. Jacky Dang

      Seth Rollins ruined the match of Cesaro Jay uso one on one match not good

    95. ShadedPlays

      Jimmy Uso is like this guys has no change Cesaro: really? But Cesaro would of won if Seth Rollins didn’t attack him.

    96. ShadedPlays

      I’m exited for wrestlemania 38

    97. ShadedPlays

      Cesaro is the dizzy boy 😂😂😂😂

    98. ShadedPlays


    99. Official #TeamRevival

      "it's not over until I say it's over" - Looks like Seth is hinting towards an 'I Quit' match 🤔

    100. Bumers Stock