Opening The $1,000,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

Logan Paul

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    1. MineCraftO

      I think he stopped uploading because he ran out of money after this video and is now on the streets

    2. KOalTRas

      Will you upload a vlog

    3. مواطنه ليبيه

      شن هدا توا امتي بتنزل مقطع 😭😭😭😭😭

    4. MX125

      Bro wtf is that hair😭😭😭😭😭


      Mustn’t be very rare. Seems like they always pull one

    6. Cameron McNaughton

      Oh om ok

    7. Keyza Darra Maisha

      Hey Logan Paul, Comeback Please🙏🏻


      Chup re Bhadkhaw

    9. Aden Baisden

      I hate logan Paul 😒

    10. Erik Zavala

      That cohost (not mike) was a knob 😂😂.

    11. Conrad Picofsky

      I don't think you are a boxer you look weak af

    12. Jules bvgg

      lesgo break the pokemon economy

    13. Gillm0reFamily

      I remember my family were camping are we saw you and you and my brothers took a photo together..... they still have the photo me and my sister were in the tent when it happend tho

    14. aleric ang


    15. Batman2567

      I wouldn’t be able to open any of these card packs because I’d get nervous and my hands would start sweating and would ruin all the cards

    16. Batman2567

      So does pokapets keep the charizard?

    17. Rusty Potts

      I know who you are you are grandpa monster I saw on the The mask singer so Where they unmask people that are famous singers

    18. Leonardo Gonzalez


    19. Jb Jone

      Why’s her so happy getting Chansey three times such a rip off generic cards

    20. Lauforce_Sunflower

      Who is here after The Masked Singers and WWE Smackdown and Wrestlemania?

    21. Stuart The Minion

      Does anyone wish Logan stopped eating the mic

    22. Stephanie

      Was at the live but watching the replay

    23. Dragonflameryu

      Saw it on Snapchat today...

    24. Celio Perez

      Ayo dude Kevin Owens called you out on Wrestlemania you gonna fight him

    25. vtllc


    26. JayBayBay 0

      Bruh I’m still wondering whatever happened to the Antonio Brown fight?!?!

    27. Redmax 671

      I cant believe your about to ref on wrestle mania im watching live

    28. thorncracker

      Here waiting for the fight

      1. Faktor F

        Did the fight happen

    29. Nathan'el Maryuen

      i love ur vids i love ur vids love ur vids i love ur vidsi love ur vids

    30. Nathan'el Maryuen

      i love ur vids

    31. Nathan'el Maryuen

      i love ur vids

    32. Laksh Thakker

      Has he left IThomes ?

      1. Light of Daffa

        Yes,he join wwe

    33. Sara Nikolaisen

      so there will not be third movie ? ask netflix .. I want the thinning 3 out today..

    34. O5K4R

      Jem zupe

    35. Markey Wholebrook

      I wouldn't pay 50$ for one of them packs in real life not impaulsive fantasy world.

    36. Our Own Path

      I support Logan Paul's channel and am asking Logan's channel to support mine. Thank you for inspiring me to create my own channel and I hope we can potentially collaborate some day.

    37. Garett Anderson

      You're not just a sell out, you're a fake as poser, bought and sold to the highest bidder.

    38. Markey Wholebrook

      So many cards dropped out camera view happening. oh its just clutsy logan paul, or is it? sleight of hand?

    39. Shawn Kiger

      get the Logan Paul merch now

    40. Sports Bro

      We need a vlog logan please!!!!

    41. Yeet Yo

      When is airrak joining the crew

    42. giuliano_877 plays

      I have like 2 chizards

      1. giuliano_877 plays

        1st ones

    43. W4rt

      No u

    44. gio

      Logan happy late birthday when is the blog coming 🎈

    45. حليم المجد


    46. PRO PANDEY


    47. iEmir


    48. Moninade Moninade

      Can you pull the second pack to me

    49. Moninade Moninade

      I'm your biggest fan and can you pull me a pack and I hope you don't swear because I'm watching I'm a kid

    50. Moninade Moninade

      Can you pull me a pack

    51. Conspiracy Archive

      Logan, you have a important opportunity, seek it out, in the long run you will be glad that you did.

    52. Best NFL clips


    53. Tokyo

      please upload again

    54. Daniel Tauailotouili

      i saw logan paul on wwe

    55. Liam Ottosson


    56. Szymek P

      Karol Friz wizniewski im my haus Poland Karol Friz Wiśniewski

    57. Bang Sukay

      Nice 😍😍 I am a IThomesr from Indonesia

    58. ParisPlaysRoblox

      This is why Logan Paul is better then Jake Paul

    59. Kashi S

      Logan Paul vs Kevin

    60. Kade Gaming

      This is freaking the best

    61. vSleepzz

      We miss the old you😓

    62. Stephanie H

      The suspense is real when they open the cards

    63. Little Cat

      Alguien viene por wwe?

    64. SavRagon

      This man still uploaded

    65. hap py

      Jake Paul must challenge a real professional boxer otherwise he wont get respect from boxing fans, Logan Paul is fighting a real professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, so win or lose, boxing fans will respect him.

    66. Mehmet Atalay

      logan paul you mega mega mega mega mega nooooooooobbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!

    67. Mister Ben

      I dont why everybody hates logan paul

    68. Taz is me

      Is logan paul, a half decent person now?

      1. Taz is me

        xd only one hour that was quick

      2. Taz is me


      3. Taz is me

        No, surely not

    69. Mr Eagle

      I used to have a first edition psa 10 charizard but I lost it :(

    70. Mr Eagle

      Do another now

    71. ItzRose

      Yall really forgetting 💀

    72. Enrique perez

      hire airrack 2021 🤣

    73. TDS Gecko Gaming

      Your more Normal than someone I know *cough* Jake Paul *cough*

    74. Hafsa

      Logan paul: 🎩🌲 | 🤑 😵 _ | _ - | - /\ /\ 🌲 🌳 🌲 🌳

      1. Hafsa

        My brother told me to comment this sorry

    75. NoJuan Holmes

      Dude, not to late to line up to the ring against Floyd Mayweather, and then sit down on a foldable table and Pokémon battle when they say “let the fight begin”. Then you can be like “hey, I never said boxing fight” (hopefully you didn’t) That way you can still live

    76. Vvvv Cf


      1. football4you

        Maybe Participation

    77. Cameron turley

      Where are the volgs at

    78. sosasola es

      1month jus twuit youtube

    79. gurpratap smagh

      I got this card in a 15$ pack

    80. Pierre

      Instead of buying this, you could also buy a harley or a car for me 😜 By the way.. You changed so much and iam really impressed by that. Iam here since the beginning. I can still remember the gains bowl and Oh, Hi Mark! Really miss your Videos man. Keep it up for the logang brother.

    81. game Carlson


    82. BloxyFuny

      Logan how does it feel to be Sami Zayn’s special guest at Wrestlemania on Sunday? What’s your thoughts for being in an WWE Thunderdome for the first time on PPV?

    83. Krokan95

      What are they talking about $1Million, these cards go for a few hundred bucks on ebay?😂

      1. Krokan95

        @Spooder Man 😂😂

      2. Spooder Man

        Trust me bud they do not go for a few hundred bucks🤦‍♂️😂

    84. Kartik Arya

      Where r u gone sadhguru's ashram?

    85. Yasir Baycan

      Enes batur la video çek

    86. Mustafa Anıl Altun

      Greetings from turkey ❤

    87. Joshua Younger

      Can I come to your house Logan please

    88. Ben Parkison

      Remember when he made fun of the corpse

    89. shehatesaceson

      why does it say streamed one month ago when it’s been 2 months???

    90. gaming with sam pigman

      You should do long vids they good

    91. Levi Gonzalez

      I am re watching this for like the tenth time and I will watch it again

    92. Mung Hanghal

      Booooooring 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    93. kevin ibañes

      sabes hablar español

    94. Anny

      I find it very wholesome to see people getting excited about Pokémon cards, not gona pretend like I understand why people like these cards so much but i think it’s sweet.

    95. PikUpYourPantsPatrol

      Upload more pls, I miss this channel

    96. Jam Davis

      Hey you Handsome Devil do me a favor and kick some names and take some azz on fight night against Floyd Money Mayweather... Na but in all seriousness be the humble dude for this one fight trust me trash talking is not going to get any more viewers, we'll all be watching regardless. Now go and knock out a boxing legend and carve ya name in the history books 👍

    97. What ever I said was cap

      Can u smash more plates please

    98. Daggerbrax

      Do you still think of kong and maverick

    99. lexcollect12

      How much is one pack

    100. Wesson Pope

      Trade with iasiah